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Jul 10, 22:14 Nebel*Nebel cries about Mattias...
Jul 10, 22:13 SimarglOps, I forgot to pass a "hello" to Marina... [crying]
Jul 10, 22:13 AnivSo HE left us...
Jul 10, 22:13 YuliaBbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!! :-)))
Jul 10, 22:12 NebelSweet dreamsss...
Jul 10, 22:12 NebelMattias, right))0)
Jul 10, 22:12 LaKimtake care Mattias, we love you!
Jul 10, 22:11 eleganTMBye Mattias! Bye everybody!
Jul 10, 22:11 SimarglM. =))))))))))))))))))
Jul 10, 22:11 LaKimhehe, that's a good one Mattias
Jul 10, 22:11 MattiasI'm staaaaaaaaaaarting.......
Jul 10, 22:11 Helenehave a great vacation Mattias
Jul 10, 22:11 MikleBye
Jul 10, 22:11 SimarglM. Just do what you did before! Good luck. Tanx.
Jul 10, 22:10 MattiasDon't let the bedbugs bite
Jul 10, 22:10 Yuliahug everybody! Bye!
Jul 10, 22:10 NebelMattias, go to bed and write songs!!! good luck to you
Jul 10, 22:10 LaKim*wave our hands to Mattias*!
Jul 10, 22:10 MattiasHugs and love
Jul 10, 22:10 AnivThank everyone for great chatting!
Jul 10, 22:10 LaKimbye bye
Jul 10, 22:10 Olya MaximenkoOhh, thank not me, thank Mattias. Hugs everybody!!!
Jul 10, 22:10 Shadow:-) Thank you! :-)
Jul 10, 22:10 MattiasBye bye
Jul 10, 22:10 Helenebye Olya and thanks for setting this up! *hugs*
Jul 10, 22:09 LaKimand last: You really made my day Mattias!!!
Jul 10, 22:09 MattiasThanx LaKim, Aniv,.,Cherry, Helene, Olya, Mike, Nebel, Shadow, Yulia, Simargl, eleganTM
Jul 10, 22:09 SimarglAs you wish 'bout letters...
Jul 10, 22:09 NebelBye-bye Olya!!
Jul 10, 22:09 SimarglM, thanx. =)
Jul 10, 22:08 YuliaThank You for these happy moments!!! Bye!
Jul 10, 22:08 LaKimhave a wonderful summer Mattias! Do what you please! Do what you feel's right!
Jul 10, 22:08 MattiasS: I got it!!!! But I'm so awful with mail!
Jul 10, 22:08 Olya MaximenkoBye everybody, had a lovely time!!!
Jul 10, 22:08 AnivMattias, create new email, give it to everybody and never open it
Jul 10, 22:08 MattiasIt was in ninth grade. I don't remember much but I remember that I really enjoyed singing. I had never done that before
Jul 10, 22:08 Olya MaximenkoMy eyes hurt from this striped chat! I guess I gotta be going now!
Jul 10, 22:08 NebelMattias, Gute Nacht...
Jul 10, 22:08 HeleneYes, thanks so much !
Jul 10, 22:07 eleganTMMattias, thank you for chatting with us! It was great!
Jul 10, 22:07 SimarglYes/No
Jul 10, 22:07 LaKimyou mean a lot to me!
Jul 10, 22:07 SimarglM, i'm DON'T asking you for your e-mail. My letter was sent for you. Did you get it?
Jul 10, 22:07 LaKimok Mattias, I love you and your work!!
Jul 10, 22:07 Mattias3,2,1.......
Jul 10, 22:06 YuliaI asked about Your first appearance. How was it?
Jul 10, 22:06 NebelMattias, i wanted to give you a song in finnish... my friend sings it, it's great...
Jul 10, 22:06 MattiasSoooooooooooooo, I'm nearly leaving
Jul 10, 22:06 MattiasS: I can't give my email. I have to keep something:-)
Jul 10, 22:06 LaKime-mail! e-mail! e-mail! e-mail! just kidding
Jul 10, 22:05 MattiasAsk Yulia!
Jul 10, 22:05 SimarglM, quite happy. But you did not answered 'bout e-mail... =( Or it is a "closed theme"?
Jul 10, 22:05 MattiasHelene: I will, but now I'm of to vacation and will be back in august.
Jul 10, 22:05 YuliaAnb what about my question?!
Jul 10, 22:05 NebelMattias, nononon!! stay with us forever... u're immortal!!
Jul 10, 22:04 AnivYeah!!!
Jul 10, 22:04 LaKimI'm happy
Jul 10, 22:04 HeleneMattias, what about coming around more often for a chat?
Jul 10, 22:04 MattiasSo, is everybody happy?
Jul 10, 22:03 MattiaseleganTM: We did SAMA once. Maybe...hmmm, maybe.
Jul 10, 22:02 NebelMattias, "I have all the time in the world"... ;o))
Jul 10, 22:02 ShadowWish you all the best and a great vacation.
Jul 10, 22:02 Simargl2O: And no comments in chat from Mattias himself...
Jul 10, 22:02 YuliaWaiting for You not only in Kiev but in Donetsk too!
Jul 10, 22:02 MattiasNebel: Hahahahahaha, wait and see!
Jul 10, 22:01 Olya Maximenko2S: Yes
Jul 10, 22:01 NebelMattias, i wanted to give you a song in finnish... my friend sings it, it's great...
Jul 10, 22:01 eleganTMIs it possible, that one day Vacuum will take part in SAMA?
Jul 10, 22:00 MattiasWe have nothing planned for Kiev. We would love to go but I haven't heard anything. We will come back ASAP.
Jul 10, 22:00 YuliaOk, the last question. It will be about Your first appearance. How was it?
Jul 10, 21:59 Simargl2SpyInfo: From Sweeden????? =)
Jul 10, 21:59 Nebelsooo the question is... when will u release the song about rains in Peter? ;o)))))
Jul 10, 21:59 ShadowAre you really going to Kiev in some month? And when really if so?
Jul 10, 21:59 MattiasThanx Aniv!
Jul 10, 21:59 LaKimTake your time! I'll wait!
Jul 10, 21:59 Olya MaximenkoSpyinfo tells you: One of my friends from Sweden thinks that Mattias doesn't read his e-mail.
Jul 10, 21:58 MattiasWe will David. Give me a call!
Jul 10, 21:58 AnivHave a nice time, Mattias! Finish new album and come to SPb!
Jul 10, 21:58 Helenebyebye David !
Jul 10, 21:58 MattiasLaKim: Early next year. We will make the best Vacuumalbum ever so we will be careful and honest in our work and that takes time.
Jul 10, 21:58 NebelSee ya David, a friend of Mattias' ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:58 eleganTMGood luck, David!
Jul 10, 21:58 DavidBye all! Hugs and kisses! Mattias: Have a nice holiday, maybe we'll met up at Pride.
Jul 10, 21:57 SimarglMattias, did you recieve my e-mail?
Jul 10, 21:57 LaKimwhen can we expect a new Vacuum album?
Jul 10, 21:57 Nebel*Nebel hug Mattias while nobody sees
Jul 10, 21:57 MattiasOK, David doesn't get a question!:-)
Jul 10, 21:57 Olya MaximenkoBye David, hug hug! Enjoy the evening.
Jul 10, 21:56 MattiasSo people! One question each and I'll promise to answer. But just one more! I'm getting crossed eyed!
Jul 10, 21:56 Olya Maximenko2S: Yes, it sucks big time. No sun at all.
Jul 10, 21:56 DavidTwo hours went by quickly. But it's time to go watch Mordkommissionen on TV and spend some time with my girlfriend. It was nice chatting with you all! Join VacuumNet and talk there
Jul 10, 21:56 SimarglMattias, come to Peter as soon as possible. May be the city will stop crying...
Jul 10, 21:56 LaKimhihi, of course
Jul 10, 21:56 Simargl2Olya. It's a strange summer at all....
Jul 10, 21:55 MattiasKidding of course!
Jul 10, 21:55 Olya MaximenkoSimargl, it's raining cats'n'dogs in Moscow!
Jul 10, 21:55 LaKimoh no! believe me I'm not!! I'm very christian
Jul 10, 21:54 SimarglNebel, TWO WEEKS OF A RAIN in Peter. I think you should have a depression. Be careful. =)
Jul 10, 21:54 MattiasAre You a norwegian satanist:-) Just kidding. Saw this documentary on "greven"
Jul 10, 21:54 AnivThank You for the answer!
Jul 10, 21:54 MattiasWhen me and W write it's always together on everything
Jul 10, 21:53 LaKimand by the way Mattias: I've got the key for the great Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, I'll show you the organ!!:)
Jul 10, 21:53 Olya MaximenkoYulia, not just yet Thanks for the hugs guys, feelin better
Jul 10, 21:53 CherryShockAbout T-III...Nebel.
Jul 10, 21:53 MattiasI once picked clams from a fjord
Jul 10, 21:52 SimarglNebel, the condition of happiness and love is the only true condition of a human, as Don Juan said... =)))))
Jul 10, 21:52 YuliaHug Olya. Are You leaving us?
Jul 10, 21:52 CherryShockAnd I'm very glad! Friends??? MATTIAS.
Jul 10, 21:52 Nebel*Nebel hugs Olya
Jul 10, 21:52 MattiasWe could eat clams!!!!
Jul 10, 21:52 LaKimwell: my e-mail is and you are very welcome! Don't you be a stranger around here
Jul 10, 21:51 AnivMattias!!! You're ignoring my question: When You and Wollbeck writes a song, are You creating the main direction of music, or You mainly write the text while Wollbeck writes music?
Jul 10, 21:51 NebelCherry, about wht?..
Jul 10, 21:51 DavidHug hug! Everyone gets a hug!
Jul 10, 21:51 MattiasEverybody hug Olya!
Jul 10, 21:50 NebelSimargl, i like the rainy weather because i'm always sad at such times...
Jul 10, 21:50 MattiasLaKim, I might take You up on that. I would love to go to Trondheim! If I ever go I will call You:-)
Jul 10, 21:50 Olya MaximenkoI want a hug too
Jul 10, 21:50 DavidBye Nicuum! Maybe we'll meet at Pride too! I plan to see Alcazar!
Jul 10, 21:50 MattiasBut Cherry, I answer You all the time!
Jul 10, 21:50 Helenebye nicuum !
Jul 10, 21:49 nicuumbisous partout
Jul 10, 21:49 nicuumbye bye everybody!!!
Jul 10, 21:49 MattiasI was invited to the premiere of t3 but I will be in Italy and to be honest...Arnold...hmmm
Jul 10, 21:49 SimarglNebel, "ready to cry" is a very abstract term. I'm ready to cry when I read such as "... bring the chorus of a Starlight Orchestra...", for example... =)
Jul 10, 21:49 CherryShockAnd what do think about it, NEBEL?
Jul 10, 21:49 DavidNicuum left?
Jul 10, 21:49 ShadowIt happens... of reality...
Jul 10, 21:48 Olya MaximenkoHug hug Nicuum
Jul 10, 21:48 NebelMattias, did music ever make you cry?
Jul 10, 21:48 Yulialess than 2 hours
Jul 10, 21:48 LaKimMattias: What a bout a weekend in Trondheim in Norway? You can stay at my place, and we could listen to music and I could play my own pieces for you on the piano. And some wine???
Jul 10, 21:48 CherryShockIt's time to sleep, MATTIAS???
Jul 10, 21:48 MattiasEverybody hug Nicuum!!!
Jul 10, 21:47 MattiasSometimes it's good to cry!
Jul 10, 21:47 NebelCherry, i saw it... today))
Jul 10, 21:47 MattiasOh geez, we've been talking almost 2 hours now!
Jul 10, 21:47 NebelSimargl, i like the feeling when i'm ready to cry... such a masocist i am ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:47 Shadow:-)I never cry watching films. Just twice - "My own Idaho" and "Eclipce"(about Verlen&Rembaut - sorry I don't remember write spelling of names).
Jul 10, 21:47 nicuumYou're the best... Have a nice evening
Jul 10, 21:47 LaKim:) you have a big heart
Jul 10, 21:46 MattiasLaKim! The name makes You a friend!:-)
Jul 10, 21:46 CherryShockWhat about Terminator III? I'll see it tomorrow...
Jul 10, 21:46 NebelMattias, ohhh... one of the best days in my life!!! i thank God (if he exists) for inventing the Internet...
Jul 10, 21:46 AnivI'll ask it again, OK? When You and Wollbeck writes a song, are You creating the main direction of music, or You mainly write the text while Wollbeck writes music?
Jul 10, 21:46 MattiasHope Nicuum? I guess we will meet!
Jul 10, 21:46 SimarglI said 'bout balance, when you tell that you don't like happy endings...
Jul 10, 21:46 LaKimI wanna know you too! lol
Jul 10, 21:45 MattiasOhhh, that was for Cherry. I don't play the guitar!
Jul 10, 21:45 nicuumBye bye my friend... Hope to see at the Stockholm Pride!!
Jul 10, 21:45 NebelSimargl, oh, i'm very clever!))))
Jul 10, 21:45 MattiasYou know me now Nebel!
Jul 10, 21:45 NebelSimargl, what do u mean?
Jul 10, 21:44 CherryShockOlya, hehehe...T-H-A-N-X M-A-T-T-I-A-S! The lion king is great!!!!
Jul 10, 21:44 MattiasHmmm, my favorite, it's impossible to say. The Godfather II...maybe. If I HAD to pick one! "My offer is this...nothing"
Jul 10, 21:44 AnivMe from Peter too
Jul 10, 21:44 SimarglNebel, how did you guess??? =)))
Jul 10, 21:44 NebelMattias, wheee... i wanna know u too!! ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:44 SimarglNebel, it must be some balance if mankind created such terms as "black" and "white"...
Jul 10, 21:43 MattiasSimargl is from Peter! I know him!
Jul 10, 21:43 Olya MaximenkoI cried on The Lion King, that's even worse
Jul 10, 21:43 NebelSimargl, are y in Peter? hehe..))
Jul 10, 21:43 MattiasNope, that's one I didn't vry to! But hear this!!!! I cried in the end of Just Married! Beat that!
Jul 10, 21:42 Olya MaximenkoIt was a happy ending though! hahaha
Jul 10, 21:42 NebelMattias, i hate happy endings... brr...
Jul 10, 21:42 SimarglMay be it's 'bout mood. It is a late warm rainy night in Peter now... =) That the reason why that ideas appears... =)
Jul 10, 21:42 MattiasN O, I D O N T! :-) hihihihi
Jul 10, 21:42 NebelI adore agent Smith...
Jul 10, 21:41 Olya Maximenko-------> Mio Serniore, you didn't cry on Exorcist! hahaha
Jul 10, 21:41 MattiasAnd I always cry when people are happy on film. You know, happy endings and I'm a crybaby!
Jul 10, 21:41 NebelMattias, did u cry in the Matrix?! i see, when Neo killed agent Smith... I cried too ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:41 CherryShockHow kindly! I wat to know about that guitar ( i tiered to ask U!) do U play it by yourself??????MATTIAS!!!
Jul 10, 21:41 AnivWhen You and Wollbeck writes a song, are You creating the main direction of music, or You mainly write the text while Wollbeck writes music?
Jul 10, 21:41 LaKimwhat is your fave film Mattias???
Jul 10, 21:41 MattiasNonono, it's very interesting S!
Jul 10, 21:40 YuliaIt shouldn't be for Vacuum without fall! But it's interesting anyway!
Jul 10, 21:40 MattiasI'm kind of silly when it somes to films. I usually cry!
Jul 10, 21:40 MattiasI liked the first Matrix. Now, it's just to much. I sometimes like really deep films but I have to tell You people
Jul 10, 21:39 SimarglM, hope you don't think that we are pressing you with our crazy ideas??? Vacuum is You!
Jul 10, 21:39 NebelMattias, do u like the Matrix?.. (say u do ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:39 MattiasYes! S, it's great!!!
Jul 10, 21:38 MattiasAsk me something then CherryShock
Jul 10, 21:38 MattiasHmmm stupid internet
Jul 10, 21:37 CherryShockMattias, I want to talk to U but it impossssibble here! I see! MATTIAS!!!!!
Jul 10, 21:37 MattiasWe have lots of ideas
Jul 10, 21:37 MattiasWe have lots of ideas for songs. But we are very careful when we are doing vacuum.
Jul 10, 21:37 SimarglM, you do not see our spring's snow. Ain't great at all. But in the late autumn... You right!
Jul 10, 21:37 LaKimYes, she really is;)
Jul 10, 21:37 YuliaAlready have an idea about new song? Would You tell us?
Jul 10, 21:36 NebelSimargl, aha, a great idea)))
Jul 10, 21:36 AnivOr maybe a song about White Nights in SPb, eh?
Jul 10, 21:35 MattiasLaCamilla's one lady!
Jul 10, 21:35 NebelMattias, snow is cold... as a grave... romantic u call it? ;o))
Jul 10, 21:35 MattiasIt was a long time ago
Jul 10, 21:35 eleganTMI've just remembered one song about rainy city...It's called "Black Town":-) "Waking up on Monday morning another week infron of me, outside the rain is fallind...":-)
Jul 10, 21:35 MattiasNope, my sweet senorita
Jul 10, 21:35 LaKimHihihi, no. I "stole" the idea from La Camilla in Army of Lovers, but I'm a gay boy though....
Jul 10, 21:34 nicuumMattias... reply to me about Ulrich... the album is released?
Jul 10, 21:34 MattiasI remember this year when we were driving from a club in the morning and the snow was so great!
Jul 10, 21:34 NebelMattias, nothing to thank for, that's ME who has to thank you!! you don't even know how much you meant in my life... whrn I was small...
Jul 10, 21:34 DavidAbout Treble'n'Bass: you once said that was your first job as backingvocalist. Are you on the album? Maybe on "Jan Jam Jam"?
Jul 10, 21:34 SimarglM, It's a common theory. =) May be "It's deadly raining at the Vasil'yevsky" or "Nevsky's atomic kernel"?
Jul 10, 21:34 MattiasBut I love the snow!
Jul 10, 21:34 CherryShockHehehe...But U don't hear me!!!
Jul 10, 21:34 MattiasHmmm, I think I will write the song. It will be a memory from this chat
Jul 10, 21:33 NebelMattias, no, snow is no good... rain is much better. It's very typical for Peter
Jul 10, 21:33 MattiasYou'll have to wait and see LaKim. Any relations to Lill Kim?
Jul 10, 21:33 CherryShockIs it a morque?
Jul 10, 21:32 MattiasNonono, never alone!
Jul 10, 21:32 MattiasThanx Nebel!
Jul 10, 21:32 NebelSimargl, right! and also about yellow lights of street-lamps shining on the white perfect snow...
Jul 10, 21:32 MattiasIF I'm writing the song the title will be "It's only snowing in St Petersburg"
Jul 10, 21:31 CherryShockI'm just happy, Matt! I thought I'm alone here!
Jul 10, 21:31 NebelMattias, and I'd die to release your song!..
Jul 10, 21:31 MattiasThat's right David!
Jul 10, 21:31 LaKimMattias: Who plays the song called "Consequence of love"??
Jul 10, 21:31 SimarglM, Nebel's right. Song about night and rainy Petes. 'bout the blind lights and Dark and Dangerous Neva... =))))
Jul 10, 21:31 WAVEMattias! Have A Great Success And Good-Bye to everybody
Jul 10, 21:31 MattiasSo people, what else do You want to know?
Jul 10, 21:30 Olya MaximenkoTschuss Felix!
Jul 10, 21:30 NebelMattias, it IS romantic! :o)) the smell of dead bodies.. yuk))
Jul 10, 21:30 DavidDead lips kissing... Maybe HIM could do that song instead...
Jul 10, 21:30 MattiasAlex, luv ya!
Jul 10, 21:30 feliquesgood bye, auf wiedersehen adieu
Jul 10, 21:29 DavidByeee Alex
Jul 10, 21:29 MattiasMe to! That would be a song to die for...
Jul 10, 21:29 MattiasDead lips kissing...not to romantic:-)
Jul 10, 21:29 Iratack, he will be glad :D
Jul 10, 21:29 NebelMattias, oh, if You write it... oh... I'll die, i promise ;o))
Jul 10, 21:29 DavidFelix! take care! au revoir!
Jul 10, 21:29 Alex Tiuniaevwell, i think its time for me to log out. thanx everybody for the warm atmosphere and the great talk. Mattias, hope to get your reply, and take care. David: ill mail you. Farewell
Jul 10, 21:29 MattiasAdieu feliques
Jul 10, 21:28 NebelCherry, we're dead bodies in a grave.. how romantis ;o))
Jul 10, 21:28 MattiasHlsa tillbaks!
Jul 10, 21:28 MattiasI'm alive and kickin!
Jul 10, 21:28 MattiasI'll seriously think about it Nebel. Thanx for advise!
Jul 10, 21:28 Iraoj, glömt att hälsa från min man till Mattias! haha :)
Jul 10, 21:27 LaKimand who sings Consequense of love???
Jul 10, 21:27 feliquesthis has been fun. take care all, bye mattias & good look. we'll meet when i'm rich & famous. see you david.
Jul 10, 21:27 CherryShockY-y-yo-o-ou! Is anybody alive here????
Jul 10, 21:27 NebelMattias, YEAHH! it'll be our anthem!!! FOREVER!!
Jul 10, 21:27 MattiasIt's a song called consequense of love. It's about love you had NOT being the reason to be lonely
Jul 10, 21:27 YuliaMattias: You told You listen a lot of Ta-Tu. And what's Your favourite song?
Jul 10, 21:26 MattiasThat might be a good idea actually Nebel!!!! Not a bad idea at all! I'll think about that! A song to Peter!!!! Hmmm
Jul 10, 21:26 SimarglM, And there are rains now in Peter now. Two weeks - warm and rainy. The city is crying...
Jul 10, 21:26 NebelMattias, do u mean me? to Stockholm?! i'd like to, but exams... besides, i don't like warmth))
Jul 10, 21:26 nicuumwhat's the song you write for SCLUB?
Jul 10, 21:25 MattiasWell Alex, vacuum is to personal for me and Wollbeck. But I still love the fact that You do remixes!!!
Jul 10, 21:25 NebelMattias, write a song about the rain in St.-Pb...
Jul 10, 21:25 LaKimwhich song is on the billboard?
Jul 10, 21:24 MattiasYou should go to Stockholm S! It's very warm here now. Almost to warm. That's why I'm going to Italy. The snow:-)
Jul 10, 21:24 NebelMattias, ohh yeah, rain is fantastic!! especially thunderstorms!!!
Jul 10, 21:24 eleganTMBye, Ira
Jul 10, 21:24 MattiasHug Ira!
Jul 10, 21:24 Iranice to talk to you
Jul 10, 21:24 IraBye Mattias
Jul 10, 21:23 Olya MaximenkoCherryShock, yes
Jul 10, 21:23 Alex TiuniaevMattias, how about making a b-side out of my CON remix on one of the future singles? I would recommend the first one... :)
Jul 10, 21:23 YuliaBye Ira!
Jul 10, 21:23 MattiasI like rain sometimes. When I'm in that mood. Rain is beautiful don't You think?
Jul 10, 21:23 SimarglBTW, what is the weather in Stokholm now? I'm planning to come to Stokholm this summer... Want to take some rest...
Jul 10, 21:23 CherryShockI'm not sad, that's just funny!!! Really!!!
Jul 10, 21:23 LaKimWHich song is that??? WOW!!! You're fabulous!!
Jul 10, 21:23 Olya MaximenkoBye Ira!
Jul 10, 21:23 Irabye to everybody
Jul 10, 21:22 NebelMattias, is it rainy now in Stockholm? do u like rains?
Jul 10, 21:22 Olya MaximenkoCherryShock, I can't :)
Jul 10, 21:22 MattiasI had some good news this week actually. I wrote a song that is on the Billboard list in America and S-club 7 is singing one of my songs later this year! That's good news I think!
Jul 10, 21:22 Olya MaximenkoMATTIAS!!! Am I on ignore? hahahaha
Jul 10, 21:22 Alex TiuniaevNo, im always involved!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 10, 21:22 CherryShockO-o-oh, yeah????? And what U can answer me??
Jul 10, 21:22 Olya MaximenkoCherryShock, don't be sad
Jul 10, 21:21 MattiasI don't think Alex is involved and without Alex in Army there's not much creativity...oooops
Jul 10, 21:21 NebelMattias, btw, I have a coin with the year of your birth. they say it brings luck!! ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:21 MattiasI know. I feel Peter...tarian:-)
Jul 10, 21:21 LaKimso Mattias: Any great news you wanna tell us?? news about singles, album, videos, concerts or anything at all?????
Jul 10, 21:21 DavidWhat about Army of Lovers? they're up and moving again, so would you like to write for them? I'd love to hear J-P do maybe something along the lines of "Voodoo Daddy"!
Jul 10, 21:20 MattiasI am talking to You! All the time!
Jul 10, 21:20 SimarglIt's fun to read word "Peter" cause this is the term that Peter's sitizens use. =)
Jul 10, 21:20 feliquescool. ripples got some really awsome sounds in it. and i like when you get a new song as a b-side, and not some Antiloop remix.
Jul 10, 21:20 MattiasOK, enough money discussions. Money's booooring!
Jul 10, 21:19 CherryShockOOOO! Mattias!!!! Talk to us!!!
Jul 10, 21:19 MattiasVacuum doesn't generate much money I'm afraid. But I don't care. I make money other places.
Jul 10, 21:19 NebelMattias, give me your address ;o))) hehehe
Jul 10, 21:19 DavidMattias: I actually bought most of the CDs mysel. But if you want to make some money, maybe we could send along a lock of your hair and sell! Sell! Sell!
Jul 10, 21:19 MattiasI always plan to go to Peter! Very soon I hope. After summer I guess.
Jul 10, 21:18 MattiasSend it! hihihihihi
Jul 10, 21:18 LaKimMattias: are you rich after the Vacuum albums????
Jul 10, 21:18 SimarglAnd anyway when do you plan to come to Saint-Petersburg next time. (If you plan it)
Jul 10, 21:18 Alex TiuniaevMattias: just an inference, will Vacuum ever be a trio again?
Jul 10, 21:18 Elmïra LindblomOh,oh i've left my umbrella!!!KISSES
Jul 10, 21:18 Olya MaximenkoCherryShock, I'm sorry, but I guess I'm on ignore tonight too. haha
Jul 10, 21:18 NebelMattias, u need the money? i can give u a couple of roubles ;o))
Jul 10, 21:17 Mattiaswrote it. It was supposed to be right there and then
Jul 10, 21:17 MattiasI wrote that with Wollbeck in 5 minutes. We wanted to create something that was in the moment. You can actually hear my papaer in the background because I sang it right after we
Jul 10, 21:17 CherryShockThank U, Olya, my friend!
Jul 10, 21:17 Iraas you wish David
Jul 10, 21:17 NebelMattias, HIM sing in english, and i ask about finnish
Jul 10, 21:17 Alex Tiuniaevwhy always HIM?? its about vacuum, haven't You forgot?
Jul 10, 21:16 feliquesthis b-side "ripples on the surface", what was that about? did you write it, and if so, etc..?
Jul 10, 21:16 MattiasYes, HIM
Jul 10, 21:16 NebelOlya, bitte sehr ;o))
Jul 10, 21:16 DavidIra, I have all the CDs I need. Thanks.
Jul 10, 21:16 MattiasI need the money DAVID!!!!;-) hahahahaha
Jul 10, 21:15 YuliaBye Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:15 NebelMattias, do u like finnish rock? in finnish i mean?..
Jul 10, 21:15 Olya MaximenkoNebel, danke schon
Jul 10, 21:15 CherryShockBye, Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:15 Olya MaximenkoMattias, CherryShock want me to ask you if it's you who's playing the guitar in the demos?
Jul 10, 21:15 Elmïra LindblomI'll be back
Jul 10, 21:15 DavidBye Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:15 IraDavid, vad vill du för en skiva? :)
Jul 10, 21:15 MattiasTake care Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:15 MattiasI know S! I hated that too!
Jul 10, 21:14 NebelOlya M., the same to you :o))
Jul 10, 21:14 DavidHaven't found the time yet. BTW, I think the VacumNetters have all gotten what they wanted. Maybe I'll try Ebay too.
Jul 10, 21:14 CherryShockAbout that ...guitar! Playing????????????????????
Jul 10, 21:14 Olya MaximenkoBye Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:14 Elmïra Lindblomsay me something before i go!!!
Jul 10, 21:14 nicuumMy last question about Ulrich, is it released as single in Sweden and the album too?
Jul 10, 21:14 Alex Tiuniaevbye, Elmira
Jul 10, 21:14 MattiasTake care Elmira!
Jul 10, 21:14 SimarglMattias, whan will you come to Saint-Petersburg next time? It was so sad, that you did not come here to 300-years day. =(((
Jul 10, 21:14 MattiasThanx for the advise Feliques! I won't think about that one at all:-)
Jul 10, 21:13 Alex TiuniaevDavid: bless you, I'm tired of listening to that awful 30sec sample!
Jul 10, 21:13 Elmïra LindblomBut now I need to go! good bye everybody!!! thanx Matt! If somebody wants to conect with me write
Jul 10, 21:13 Olya MaximenkoIch wunsche alle einen schonen Abend.
Jul 10, 21:13 MattiasDAVID! Why haven't You sold them like we agreed! :-)
Jul 10, 21:13 feliquesmattias: this album of yours, make one hit, have some semi-nude dancers in the video, and you're on easy-street
Jul 10, 21:12 DavidAlex, I have millions of Starting singles around the place. You could have a few for free.
Jul 10, 21:12 Irabut do you speak german?
Jul 10, 21:12 MattiasHahaha, maybe not Nebel!
Jul 10, 21:12 Olya MaximenkoCherry, tell what?
Jul 10, 21:12 LaKimthat's cool Mattias! I'm studying music and I'm going to devote my life to writing religious choral music:)
Jul 10, 21:12 Iraare you? bu
Jul 10, 21:12 NebelMattias, really?!?! that's why u're so great! ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:12 MattiasSo, common! I'm here! Ask away!
Jul 10, 21:11 CherryShockOlya, tell him! Please! It's very important!
Jul 10, 21:11 Alex Tiuniaevthat was list,oc
Jul 10, 21:11 MattiasI'm a quarter german You know!
Jul 10, 21:11 Alex TiuniaevDavid, still mean to send me CDs, i got a huge lost of items?
Jul 10, 21:11 MattiasA little!
Jul 10, 21:11 Elmïra LindblomNot yet!! But since This Moment I will!!!
Jul 10, 21:11 NebelMattias, do u speak German?..
Jul 10, 21:11 MattiasBow to David!
Jul 10, 21:11 Olya MaximenkoDavid, gimme an offer! haha
Jul 10, 21:10 MattiasI like clasical! I'm a huge Stravinskij fan!
Jul 10, 21:10 nicuumwhat's the name of the Ulrich single?
Jul 10, 21:10 Simargl2M: Yes, hope I didn't bored you.. =)
Jul 10, 21:10 DavidI'm thinking on starting a new mailing list where we all talk about how great I am, who would like to join?
Jul 10, 21:10 Olya MaximenkoIt's a David-praise evening
Jul 10, 21:10 Alex TiuniaevMattias, Was that for me?
Jul 10, 21:10 Elmïra Lindblomoh, I'm very happy now!!! And I thank you for giving me name...
Jul 10, 21:10 LaKimdo you like classical music? if so, who is your fave??
Jul 10, 21:09 MattiasBut Elmira, You are already using it!
Jul 10, 21:09 CherryShockOh mY GOD!!! Are U plying the guitar by yourself or not!!?? DO U HEAR ME???
Jul 10, 21:09 feliquesyeah dave, you one in a million
Jul 10, 21:09 MattiasSure I remember You!!! We had a looong talk right?
Jul 10, 21:09 LaKimoooh
Jul 10, 21:08 MattiasI never learned.
Jul 10, 21:08 Alex Tiuniaevi think that under this nick i'll get more attention
Jul 10, 21:08 MattiasYou are very consistent Elmira! That's good!
Jul 10, 21:08 LaKimI asked: hihi, where can I by a voice like yours? Stupied question i know. What I really meant was, how did you learn to sing like that???
Jul 10, 21:08 Olya MaximenkoDavid, you're just great!
Jul 10, 21:07 Simargl2M: Do you remember me? We were talking in Saint-Petersburg in Plaza club several months ago. How are you?
Jul 10, 21:07 MattiasYeah, You need to give David stuff. Like presents!
Jul 10, 21:07 Helene2David : LOL !!
Jul 10, 21:07 Irahe meant Buy
Jul 10, 21:07 MattiasYou can use Lindblom as a nickname! Are You happy now? I want You to be happy!
Jul 10, 21:07 LaKimno no!
Jul 10, 21:07 Elmïra LindblomI'M NOT ANGRY! ANSWER,ANSWER,ANSWER!!!
Jul 10, 21:06 NebelDavid, Mattias' friend.. big respect... ;o))
Jul 10, 21:06 MattiasLaKim is leaving us?
Jul 10, 21:06 MattiasHahahahahahahaha! That's right David!
Jul 10, 21:06 LaKimI meant "bye"
Jul 10, 21:06 Elmïra Lindblomi'm here. Mat, u don't allow to me to go away because u don't understand my question about nickname. YES OR NO?
Jul 10, 21:06 Elmïra Lindblomi'm here. Mat, u don't allow to me to go away because u don't understand my question about nickname. YES OR NO?
Jul 10, 21:06 MattiasSure! You should call him. It's an album later.
Jul 10, 21:05 LaKimSO Mattias: WHere can I by a voice like yours??
Jul 10, 21:05 DavidI'm the guy who tells Mattias when his music sucks.
Jul 10, 21:05 MattiasThere You are!
Jul 10, 21:05 nicuumIs it a single or an album for Ulrich? It will be good to create a website for him as we talked about last year... No?
Jul 10, 21:05 MattiasSimargl!
Jul 10, 21:05 Olya MaximenkoHi Simargl
Jul 10, 21:05 feliques:-)
Jul 10, 21:05 MattiasNo. no. I only sing in the shower by myself:-)
Jul 10, 21:05 SimarglHi to all! =)
Jul 10, 21:05 feliquesdavid's a nobody.. ha
Jul 10, 21:05 MattiasDavid is a friend of mine. He's here now I think! DAAAAAVID!
Jul 10, 21:04 CherryShockPlaying by yourself?
Jul 10, 21:04 MattiasI don't like that. She seemed like a nice girl. I hope she wasn't sad.
Jul 10, 21:04 NebelMattias, sorry.. who's David? :o)) (everybody knows u're great, no doubt ;o)))
Jul 10, 21:04 MattiasUlrich is coming out now! There was an article about him. I wish him well!!!
Jul 10, 21:04 Olya MaximenkoMattias, yes I said something about Lindholm and I'm afraid she got angry
Jul 10, 21:03 MattiasDid Elmira leave?
Jul 10, 21:03 nicuumAnd how is Ulrich songs project?
Jul 10, 21:03 LaKimaaaah, so you like The Cure!!?? Robert Smith said in a new interview that their next album will be even darker than anything ever released yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 10, 21:03 MattiasWhat about guitar?
Jul 10, 21:02 MattiasOhhh, Nebel. I guess I was born that way. Then David came along and tought me,.)
Jul 10, 21:02 CherryShockTovarish' Lindblom, what about guitar?
Jul 10, 21:02 MattiasOne of the first albums I bought was Standing on a beach by the cure
Jul 10, 21:02 NebelMattias, wow, u're the best! :o))))
Jul 10, 21:02 alex tiuniaevMattias, how do you think, why does Swedish music appeal to Russian people? maybe, because our kings were of Swedish origin (i mean Rurik)?
Jul 10, 21:01 feliquesthat will be quite a challenge
Jul 10, 21:01 Olya MaximenkoElmira, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you angry. HONEST!
Jul 10, 21:01 LaKimCool, but may I ask you if you like The Cure??? I'm a big Cure fan you see....
Jul 10, 21:01 Elmïra Lindblomplease, i love everybody, i need to know one thing. could i be Lindblom? is it so difficult? i love everybody. peace Olga Maximenko!
Jul 10, 21:01 MattiasYeah sure. I like them
Jul 10, 21:01 CherryShockOlya, don't do that!
Jul 10, 21:01 MattiasWe will work with people but mainly it's about me and Wollbeck trying to do the best music we've done.
Jul 10, 21:00 NebelMattias, but u like them? some of their songs?..
Jul 10, 21:00 MattiasNot a big fan of
Jul 10, 21:00 feliquesMattias: on the new album, who do you work with? a band? studio musicians? some clues are in order, i think...
Jul 10, 21:00 Yuliacongratulate with what? A lot of question?
Jul 10, 20:59 MattiasAce of base is good sometimes. I like Ulf
Jul 10, 20:59 alex tiuniaevMattias, what d'u think of Enigma?
Jul 10, 20:59 MattiasI'm not a big fan of Rammstein!
Jul 10, 20:59 CherryShockhahaha...playing the guitar by yourself??? HEY!!!!!
Jul 10, 20:59 MattiasEverybody be nice to Elmira!
Jul 10, 20:58 LaKimI just asked if you like Ace of Base, and no hard feelings if you don't....?
Jul 10, 20:58 eleganTMMattias and do like the folloiwng bands: elegant machinery, covenant, de/vision, mesh etc?:-)
Jul 10, 20:58 NebelMattias, congratulations!! what with? :o))
Jul 10, 20:58 MattiasNo russian Elmira. I don't understand.
Jul 10, 20:58 NebelMattias, oh yeah, he is a great freak! ;o)))) and what about Rammstein?..
Jul 10, 20:58 Olya MaximenkoWhat's your problem Elmira Lindblom?
Jul 10, 20:58 alex tiuniaevMattias: why are u making for more pop-oriented glossy sound with lots of emotions. i think that singing opera-like stuff like TPC fits your voice completely...
Jul 10, 20:58 MattiasAsk again LaKim
Jul 10, 20:57 Elmïra Lindblom ,
Jul 10, 20:57 MattiasSo people. Today You need to congratulate me!
Jul 10, 20:57 LaKimMattias, couldn't see an answer on my Ace of Base question.......
Jul 10, 20:57 MattiasYou know I will Alex!
Jul 10, 20:57 Elmïra Lindblommattias, i don't ask u to make me your bride! :) i
Jul 10, 20:56 MattiasI have no idea Nebel! I like him though. He's a funny, funny guy!
Jul 10, 20:56 alex tiuniaevby the way, Mattias, if you ever decide to take music (im stubborn, but these days its crucial) email me, ok?
Jul 10, 20:56 MattiasMy funeral is a secret.
Jul 10, 20:56 Olya Maximenko*wink wink* Seniore Lindblom
Jul 10, 20:56 NebelMattias, u know... when I was listening to M.Manson, i realized that he sounds like u in one of the songs... why, do u know?))
Jul 10, 20:55 MattiasI'm kidding with Maximenko here!
Jul 10, 20:55 CherryShockA-a-a-a...DON'T DIE!
Jul 10, 20:55 MattiasI'm not good at playing the guitar. Wollbeck on the other hand is a genious guitarist!
Jul 10, 20:55 nicuumthis introduction is GREEEEAAAATTT!!!!! One of the best... I'm so impatient to hear the final version!!!
Jul 10, 20:55 ShadowBut it sounded PERFECT!
Jul 10, 20:55 AnivElmira? if you need a pseudonim just use your impression. (For example Aniv = Anatoly Ivanov)
Jul 10, 20:54 LaKimok!! What do you want for your funeral????
Jul 10, 20:54 MattiasYeah, but it has no name!
Jul 10, 20:54 Olya MaximenkoMattias, what?
Jul 10, 20:54 LaKimwhat is Maximenk?
Jul 10, 20:54 MattiasMaybe not a requiem. I already know what I want them to play at my funeral!
Jul 10, 20:54 CherryShockMattias, are U playing the guitar by yourself?
Jul 10, 20:54 IraWho is going to die?
Jul 10, 20:53 Elmïra LindblomMATTIAS, JUST SAY YES AND I WILL GO AWAY!
Jul 10, 20:53 nicuumIs it the song "It's Easier" that you're speaking about?
Jul 10, 20:53 MattiasMaximenko like?
Jul 10, 20:53 LaKimI love darkness Mattias! SO why don't write a Requiem????
Jul 10, 20:53 alex tiuniaevMattias: I think that some like Rise and Shine Olympia will be great. Moving forward is great, but moving to a popular sound is completely another stuff!!!!
Jul 10, 20:53 MattiasWe did a test on Chaika! Tried out a demo actually!
Jul 10, 20:53 feliquesthen again, what you did on CoN was great. some guitars, hard synths, and really good 80'ies sound. And i adore starting. songs like that could really become hits!
Jul 10, 20:52 olga y.Yes, Alex and Felix, I agree with you on the sound of Vacuum album
Jul 10, 20:52 Olya MaximenkoI am for Mattias' new style! It RULEZ!
Jul 10, 20:52 MattiasThe album will be darker
Jul 10, 20:52 ShadowI'd like new album to sound that same great as the first your song on Chaika in Kiev!
Jul 10, 20:52 DavidBut then, I would probably buy an album Vacuum performing the hits of Belgian folksingers...
Jul 10, 20:52 Elmïra Lindblomhmmm, i don't think that it would so huge problem
Jul 10, 20:52 MattiasOh, common Alex! Illuminati and songs like that are beautiful but also funny in a way!
Jul 10, 20:51 Svetlana ChernovaI would like to hear more songs in style of "Whst Kinf Of Fool". Really strong thing
Jul 10, 20:51 feliquesThe sound: i would like the orchestral sound filled with synth melodies, and your voice on top. depressing, but oh-so-catchy.
Jul 10, 20:51 LaKimMattias: What about writing a Requiem?????
Jul 10, 20:51 NebelMattias, do u have an ICQ? ;o)))
Jul 10, 20:51 MattiasThe next album will be....SURPRISE, very electronic and also acoustic.
Jul 10, 20:51 alex tiuniaevmore orchestrations, strings, scientific lyrics and opera sound!!! but why do u call it funny?
Jul 10, 20:51 olga y.But I like the old Vacuum sound more, like Plutonium Cathedral, but I guess you cannot stay the same all the time
Jul 10, 20:51 Elmïra Lindblompeople and Mattias! i'm a starting writer! i need pseudonym! i've chosen Lindblom! i want to be Lindblom! Do I ask a lot?
Jul 10, 20:50 LaKimonly YOU can do it...
Jul 10, 20:50 MattiasYeah, TPC is a great,funny album! It's very unique...still
Jul 10, 20:50 DavidMattias, you know what I want... Don't lose the electronic sound... Or the voice.
Jul 10, 20:50 LaKimjust make it beautiful, as beautiful as only can do it
Jul 10, 20:50 eleganTMAs for me, i would like new album to be synth!
Jul 10, 20:50 alex tiuniaevas PLUTONIUM CATHEDRAL!!!!! it's so unique!!!
Jul 10, 20:50 CherryShockHehe, Mattias! U're just lucky man!
Jul 10, 20:49 olga y.Mattias, I think your new album will be more acoustic and less synth, judging by your concetts
Jul 10, 20:49 MattiasNo, I don't chat
Jul 10, 20:49 alex tiuniaevhi, im back after an unpleasant accident!!!
Jul 10, 20:49 ShadowDear Elmira :-) Maybe it would be better to write something worth for publishing before chosing a pseudonim? ;-)))
Jul 10, 20:49 MattiasSo people. How would You like the new vacuumalbum to sound?
Jul 10, 20:49 feliquescant it be depressing making a good song just to let it be raped and brutally raped to death by some fame factory wannabe-star?
Jul 10, 20:49 LaKimMattias: Do you like Ace of Base? No hard feelings if you don't
Jul 10, 20:49 Svetlana ChernovaTo be honest, I don't really like their promote strategy. I mean, Universal. They did their best with Army Of Lovers, but not for Vacuum
Jul 10, 20:49 Olya MaximenkoElmira, why you do you want it to be Lindblom? Not say Lindholm?
Jul 10, 20:49 NebelMattias, do u go to a German chat of HIM?
Jul 10, 20:48 MattiasBut what has it to do with me????:-)
Jul 10, 20:48 Irai like this one too :)
Jul 10, 20:48 alex tiuniaevby the way, Ma
Jul 10, 20:48 Nebelolga y., right here ;o))) don't you feel him?..
Jul 10, 20:48 MattiasMy favorite song is right here in my arms
Jul 10, 20:48 LaKimElmira: Be yourself, that is enough!
Jul 10, 20:48 Elmïra Lindblomto be a writer with name Elmira Lindblom it's my stupid dream since my childhood. i can't work without name
Jul 10, 20:47 CherryShockThax! O-o-o-o HIM on the radio!!!
Jul 10, 20:47 MattiasI don't know who would be the recordcompany. I guess universal or sony. I'm on sony as a songwriter.
Jul 10, 20:47 MattiasBut Elmira! I don't understand why!
Jul 10, 20:46 olga y.Nebel, you can see Mattias now? Where?
Jul 10, 20:46 olga y.I would like Mattias to do telemarketing with me :)
Jul 10, 20:46 Svetlana ChernovaMattias, which compony will promote your new CDs in Russia? It was Universal Music before
Jul 10, 20:45 YuliaHihi poor Mattias! He'll listen a loooot of demos!
Jul 10, 20:45 MattiasOK, I try to answer all the questions but sometimes they don't appear on the screen after I press submit. Hmmmmm
Jul 10, 20:45 Elmïra Lindblomdo u allow to me take your surname as my pseudonum
Jul 10, 20:45 Olya MaximenkoMattias, I guess it's a bug, the same here I hope vacuum-music will fix it.
Jul 10, 20:45 NebelCherryRock, whipe your tears away, look at Mattias and see that ife is great!! ;o))
Jul 10, 20:45 olga y.You can't have enough of demos :)
Jul 10, 20:44 MattiasNot all my answers work...
Jul 10, 20:44 Elmïra Lindblomhey Mattias! answer me , please. it's very important for me
Jul 10, 20:44 LaKimI will have a demo soon with my band called Other Voices, could I send it to you?
Jul 10, 20:44 Olya MaximenkoCherryShock, cheer up
Jul 10, 20:44 MattiasHmmm
Jul 10, 20:43 AnivOh, I can provide You with my demo too...
Jul 10, 20:43 NebelMattias, yeah... I'll take my parrot with me because he screams like a pig being slaughtered..))
Jul 10, 20:43 MattiasOK Nicuum
Jul 10, 20:42 feliquestelemarketing, daycare, like that. i'm a snob , ya know. my silky hands cant me forced doing mere labour
Jul 10, 20:42 IraMattias, don't you that HIMs text are... a little distructive?
Jul 10, 20:42 nicuumAs you like to listen to demos... I'll make you listen to my Demo song from my band...ok?
Jul 10, 20:42 NebelA great song in Finnish... though too big. Who wants?..
Jul 10, 20:42 CherryShockI'm on ignore again! So many people!
Jul 10, 20:42 alex tiuniaevMattias: why?
Jul 10, 20:42 LaKimMattias: do you know the Berggren-family (aob)???
Jul 10, 20:42 MattiasI'm not a big fan of HIMs videos actually. But the heartagram's great!
Jul 10, 20:41 olga y.Yes, Mattias, we are waiting for you! :) Here you will feel better than in Sweden :)
Jul 10, 20:41 MattiasThanx Nebel!
Jul 10, 20:41 MattiasYou never know how big it gets untill the audience has decided for You:-)
Jul 10, 20:41 alex tiuniaeví've burned 32 CDs and am trying to get them on top... don't laugh...!
Jul 10, 20:40 MattiasOhhh, You can have enough of money I think!
Jul 10, 20:40 Irais it something like Vikingarna :)
Jul 10, 20:40 ShadowSo, about HIM :-) Don't you think their last video "Funeral of Hearts" is done in cool and amazing style?
Jul 10, 20:40 MattiasI love to listen to demos!
Jul 10, 20:40 NebelMattias, I'll give u my room and will sleep in the kitchen!!)))
Jul 10, 20:40 olga y.Felix, what do you mean by shitty jobs?
Jul 10, 20:40 AnivWill new Vacuum conserts be BIG or You will still provide us with several songs at festivals and clubs?
Jul 10, 20:40 Iramaybe it's just not my kind of music :)
Jul 10, 20:39 LaKimcouldn't agree more Mattias
Jul 10, 20:39 MattiasI work with music only
Jul 10, 20:39 feliquesthanks david. compliments from you is like divine nectar for my soul
Jul 10, 20:39 alex tiuniaevquestions are like money, u never get enough
Jul 10, 20:39 MattiasThere's a huuuuge difference between Alcazar and Barbados
Jul 10, 20:39 CherryShockThanx, Mattias! When U checked ASK last time? We're waiting for answers!
Jul 10, 20:39 MattiasNext time maybe I will move to Peter
Jul 10, 20:38 MattiasNo, I can program.
Jul 10, 20:38 Olya MaximenkoPeople, maybe it's better to wait before one question is answered before sending 10 more? Just a thought
Jul 10, 20:38 MattiasNo Nicuum! Sorry!
Jul 10, 20:38 olga y.Mattias, if you like SPb and want to stay, you can stay in my home! I invite you !
Jul 10, 20:38 feliquesi take these shitty jobs, i want a smoother way
Jul 10, 20:38 alex tiuniaevfor Mattias: do u accept demos? i'll send u one...
Jul 10, 20:38 Iraso why change to?
Jul 10, 20:38 MattiasHmmm, I'm a huge fan of Sugababes latest album when it somes to production but right now I must say I listen to an awful lot of HIM
Jul 10, 20:38 NebelMattias, what did u memorize most of all here?
Jul 10, 20:38 feliquesmattias, in all these years as (in sweden) a quite unknown musician, have you ever been forced to take shitty jobs on the side, or how have you managed? i ask you because i take
Jul 10, 20:38 Iraand Alcasar
Jul 10, 20:37 Iraas for me i don't see any difference between Barbados
Jul 10, 20:37 NebelMattias, so WHY didn't u stay?!?! ;o)))
Jul 10, 20:37 DavidFelix, early shades of Boney M!!! Cool!
Jul 10, 20:37 alex tiuniaevMattias, you are a programmer?
Jul 10, 20:37 Mattiasokey dokey
Jul 10, 20:37 olga y.Mattias, you have a good memory! Congratulations :)
Jul 10, 20:37 nicuumhave you finished your new single?
Jul 10, 20:37 eleganTMMattias, what bands or albums impressed you most of all lately?
Jul 10, 20:36 LaKimthat's good Mattias, it's good to be honest when you do music
Jul 10, 20:36 MattiasWell, let me tell You about St Peter. I really, really like it. When I was there this winter I just wanted to stay.
Jul 10, 20:36 feliquesnice.. well listen to casipara & joan of arc and be amazed.
Jul 10, 20:36 MattiasI only like singing when it's really me so I wouldn't do the same music no.
Jul 10, 20:35 MattiasI aswered that! I like Martins writing alot. He's a great inspiration.
Jul 10, 20:35 alex tiuniaevbroadband is cool, but i use net only several times a month (but extensively)
Jul 10, 20:35 NebelMattias, do u like St.-Pb?..
Jul 10, 20:35 LaKimMagnus left Barbados for singing in a disco-band, would you like to sing music like Alcazar or would that be wrong for you???
Jul 10, 20:35 alex tiuniaevi hope that sometime soon you'll change your mind and use my song for vacuum, cos i've been trying to promote them, and nothing came out of it...
Jul 10, 20:35 MattiasElmira! Honestly, I really don't understand.
Jul 10, 20:35 CherryShockOk! What do U think about Martin Gore sol?
Jul 10, 20:34 Olya MaximenkoAlex, get a broadband!
Jul 10, 20:34 olga y.Yes, Alex Tiuniaev, I understand you!
Jul 10, 20:34 MattiasThey are quite professional singers!
Jul 10, 20:34 MattiasWell, if You miss Alex, I will tell him:-)
Jul 10, 20:34 alex tiuniaevbasicaly its Russia, and i still use some old-fashioned dial-up connection!!!!!
Jul 10, 20:34 Elmïra LindblomI love Sweden, I love Vacuum, I love writing, & ....U ought to allow me to do it! u are my last& the only one hope!!!
Jul 10, 20:33 LaKimMattias, what do you think about Andreas Lundstedt and Magnus Carlsson as singers???
Jul 10, 20:33 NebelMattias, hehe, I understand him))) but I like old ones, not new
Jul 10, 20:33 olga y.So Bard is not writing music anymore ? And not performing, it's not fair WE miss him
Jul 10, 20:33 MattiasThat's what I'm here for cherry!
Jul 10, 20:33 DavidI'm listening to Jerusalem as we type, Felix! Cool!
Jul 10, 20:33 MattiasBut Alex! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!
Jul 10, 20:32 MattiasWollbeck drives a volvo
Jul 10, 20:32 CherryShockMATTIAS, may I ask U?
Jul 10, 20:32 MattiasI'm so sorry Alex but we took a decision on that. It has nothing to do with Your talent. Promise!
Jul 10, 20:32 alex tiuniaevi think i'll log out in 5 min... not so much time left...
Jul 10, 20:32 NebelMattias, but why not Volvo? my fav. cars...)))
Jul 10, 20:32 feliqueswell, poor you david. you must be on cultural starvation. but do not fear, it will come. check out. inthe meantime just so you can keep up for a few more days
Jul 10, 20:31 alex tiuniaevMattias, so what about samples? Maybe, you'll make an exception and send me one, that's so crucial in terms of making a good remix... please...
Jul 10, 20:30 MattiasHihihi, ok Nebel! I have a SMART car! I wouldn't change it for the world...ok, give me a McLaren and I'll consider it. It's red btw.
Jul 10, 20:30 CherryShockFor Nebel:hahahahaha...
Jul 10, 20:30 Elmïra LindblomPlease, I need your surname.
Jul 10, 20:30 olga y.Mattias, you are so popular among e-mail users :)
Jul 10, 20:29 NebelMattias, I did several times... what car do u have and what colour?.. (at least ;o))
Jul 10, 20:29 MattiasBut the world is free!!! I just think that You should be Your own person! It's a better hook:-)
Jul 10, 20:29 Davidnope Felix, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting...
Jul 10, 20:29 NebelCherryRock, so join me in ignore ;o))
Jul 10, 20:29 Elmïra LindblomBut you allowed me to do it? Don't U remember? U said:it's a free world!
Jul 10, 20:28 MattiasNebel, ask something!
Jul 10, 20:28 MattiasI don't share it. I get to much mail.
Jul 10, 20:28 CherryShockNebel, me too!
Jul 10, 20:28 nicuumfor Alex: I love your CON remix!!!
Jul 10, 20:28 NebelMattias, fooh... so tell me anything :o)
Jul 10, 20:28 ShadowI believe in your talent and strength. I hope (sure!) you'll have enough strength to overcome... Like never before... p.s. "Soundtracks" are excellent! :-)
Jul 10, 20:28 MattiasBetter then Lindblom! Promise!
Jul 10, 20:28 olga y.Mattias, we wish you success with your new album and songwriting/ Hope it will be a huge success that you deserve because your music is great!
Jul 10, 20:27 feliquesdavid frresten, har du ftt ett litet parfymerat paket nnu?
Jul 10, 20:27 MattiasNonono Nebel
Jul 10, 20:27 MattiasHmmm, I don't really know how to work this chat
Jul 10, 20:27 LaKimso you don't share your e-mail???
Jul 10, 20:27 alex tiuniaevMattias, what can u say about my CON mix, i've made it with my cheap casio synth... :)
Jul 10, 20:27 Elmïra LindblomElmira Sulejmanova. It sounds not so good as yours.
Jul 10, 20:26 feliquesit's ok.. just good ol' jealousy from my side
Jul 10, 20:26 NebelAm I in ignore?..
Jul 10, 20:26 nicuumHave you finished your new single?
Jul 10, 20:26 MattiasI use msn but it's very full
Jul 10, 20:25 MattiasNo, no, no. It's not about money. I've been using apple since 1984.
Jul 10, 20:25 olga y.Up to what? :)
Jul 10, 20:25 MattiasYou should use Your own name of course. What is it?
Jul 10, 20:25 LaKimMattias, do you have MSN?
Jul 10, 20:25 alex tiuniaevhoped you woulduse something of my stuff for vacuum, cos i't just fits in so perfectly...
Jul 10, 20:24 MattiasAlex has been writing books but I think he's up to something.
Jul 10, 20:24 CherryShockMattias, what about Gore?
Jul 10, 20:24 feliquesahh. an apple guy. I envy you. rich kid
Jul 10, 20:24 LaKimthat's ok Mattias
Jul 10, 20:24 Elmïra LindblomMattiaaaaaaaaaaaaS! Do you hear me? You allowed me to take your surname as my assumed for writing career!
Jul 10, 20:24 MattiasWell, my religion would be...private!
Jul 10, 20:24 olga y.Mattias, do you know what Alex Bard is busy with now?
Jul 10, 20:23 feliquesany personal favourites?
Jul 10, 20:23 MattiasNope Elmira! Tell me!
Jul 10, 20:23 AnivElmira, are you aMattias' relative
Jul 10, 20:22 MattiasComputerwise we use apple double processor stuff. I use the 17" powerbook.
Jul 10, 20:22 LaKimwhat is your religion Mattias?
Jul 10, 20:22 CherryShockO-o-o-ops!
Jul 10, 20:22 MattiasWe use loads of different stuff in the studio. But it's basically Logic, loads of plug-ins, Gibson Les Pauls, strats...
Jul 10, 20:21 NebelMattias, u like cars, don't u? so, what car do u have at the moment? and what colour?.. (if it's not a secret))
Jul 10, 20:21 CherryShockMattias, what do U think about Martin Gore solo-project?
Jul 10, 20:21 CherryShockMattias, what do U think about Martin Gore solo-project?
Jul 10, 20:21 MattiasWe were going to St Peter but a few days before they told us it had been cancelled because they didn't have security. Scorpions and Vacuum couldn't come. I was REALLY upset!
Jul 10, 20:21 Elmïra LindblomHey Mattias! Do you recognize me?
Jul 10, 20:21 AnivIt's my second favourite groop (after Vacuum of course)
Jul 10, 20:21 feliqueswhen do do your music, what computers do you use? what programmes? what synths? what guitars? what gota yashiki-samples and so on... i would really like to know
Jul 10, 20:20 olga y.Aniv, you like them?
Jul 10, 20:20 LaKimyou sing like a god
Jul 10, 20:20 MattiasYeah, Him's very cool! I'm a big fan of the CKY movies and they play alot of Him so...
Jul 10, 20:20 nicuumOh great!! I'll be here... An occasion to give you the cd I made for you with some really good Belgian artists!
Jul 10, 20:20 LaKimI adore your voice
Jul 10, 20:20 DavidNiccum, you're going to Pride? Me too! Let's meet this time!
Jul 10, 20:20 AnivWhat about russian groop Plazma? Did anybody in Sweden hear there songs?
Jul 10, 20:19 olga y.So, Mattias, can you tell us the real reason of your not coming to SPb to play in a festival? Or is it a secret?
Jul 10, 20:19 alex tiuniaevvacuum is special, that's why it evokes so much fans activity... but i'll do it not for profit, i promise...
Jul 10, 20:19 MattiasThank You Kimmie!
Jul 10, 20:19 MattiasI would love to do Pride but this year they haven't invited me. But I guess I will meet You there anyweay!
Jul 10, 20:18 MattiasI don't give out vocal samples. When it comes to vacuum it's so special...
Jul 10, 20:18 Olya MaximenkoLaKim, what?!
Jul 10, 20:18 NebelMattias, u like HIM?! wow, u're my friend! ;o))
Jul 10, 20:18 YuliaHope so!
Jul 10, 20:18 LaKimyou have a wonderful vibrato Mattias!
Jul 10, 20:18 nicuumDo you know if you'll sing at this year Stockholm Pride?
Jul 10, 20:18 MattiasYeah, Wollbeck is a good guy! He's my partner in everything music
Jul 10, 20:18 NebelMattias, can I ask a terrible question?
Jul 10, 20:17 alex tiuniaevby the way, Mattias, is it possible to get the vocal samples from your songs? I really need them to make some mixes...
Jul 10, 20:17 MattiasThe video is about me walking around with a film-screen and projecting myself. Really great!
Jul 10, 20:17 Olya MaximenkoFelix, no!!
Jul 10, 20:17 olga y.Mattias, give my regards to Wollbeck, he is great!
Jul 10, 20:17 feliqueshe used do be gorgeous, but he's tu muscular nowadays.. (morten, that is)
Jul 10, 20:17 MattiasI know Nightwish. Not a big fan. When it comes to Finland I'm a big fan of H.I.M
Jul 10, 20:16 YuliaWe'll be waiting for a new video! What will it be about?
Jul 10, 20:16 olga y.So, Mattias, you still give your e-mail to people ?:)
Jul 10, 20:16 Olya MaximenkoDavid, cheers! I agree !
Jul 10, 20:16 MattiasAlexander is not involved in the new album but I might do some work together with him again later.
Jul 10, 20:16 AnivHave You ever heard a finnish groop called Nightwish?
Jul 10, 20:16 DavidMorten is God!
Jul 10, 20:15 eleganTMI just adore bands which collaborate with SSC! They are great!
Jul 10, 20:15 LaKimMattias: YOu are the best singer in the world!!!
Jul 10, 20:15 olga y.I think Alcazar's new album will not be released in Russia. It's a shame for us fans of Vacuum and Wallbeck
Jul 10, 20:15 alex tiuniaevwhat about Alexander Bard? is he involved?
Jul 10, 20:15 MattiasYeah, Morten rules!
Jul 10, 20:15 Iraone of my friends just said a few years ago that you wouldn't keep together, but i wouldn't believe
Jul 10, 20:15 MattiasI listened to Your music. It's cool!
Jul 10, 20:15 Olya MaximenkoMorten Harket from A-Ha I guess
Jul 10, 20:14 MattiasWe made a cool video and it will be out later this year.
Jul 10, 20:14 LaKimMorten who???
Jul 10, 20:14 MattiasSSC will be involved absolutely. They are great people!
Jul 10, 20:14 alex tiuniaevMattias, could u please check up your inbox, i've sent a letter to u. by the way, did u download my music?
Jul 10, 20:14 Nebelolga y., well yes. actually it's the ONLY pop band I like)))
Jul 10, 20:14 MattiasI would love to go to Norway!!! Maybe! Morten lives there so I guess I would have to do some pilgrimage:-)
Jul 10, 20:14 feliquesthis video some students made for you some months ago, what happend with that one?
Jul 10, 20:13 eleganTMMattias, will your new albym be released on SSC?
Jul 10, 20:13 alex tiuniaevwell, thanx a lot, David!
Jul 10, 20:13 MattiasMarina will not be replaced by anyone. There is no "official" date David. It just happened!
Jul 10, 20:13 CherryShockMattias, tell us a funny anecdote!
Jul 10, 20:13 DavidAlex, email me privately and I'll see to it that you get all the singles you need...
Jul 10, 20:13 LaKimare you gonna promote yourself in Norway? (jeg er norsk skjønne du;)
Jul 10, 20:12 AnivSo, now Vacuum=Mattias.
Jul 10, 20:12 olga y.Yes, Nebel ARe you a Vacuum fan?
Jul 10, 20:12 Svetlana ChernovaShura has new front toothes now
Jul 10, 20:12 NebelMattias, oh yeah this Russia... hm, tell me about the weather in Stockholm! is it rainy? do u like rain?
Jul 10, 20:12 MattiasYeah I know. We tried to get it out but russia is such an album market so I guess we will have to wait for the new album.
Jul 10, 20:12 DavidI know Marina hasn't had much to do with the music for a while now, but when did she leave "officially"?
Jul 10, 20:12 Olya MaximenkoShura is XXXL nowadays
Jul 10, 20:12 olga y.Shura now has put on his teeth :)
Jul 10, 20:12 Irawho would replace marina? have you some plans about it?
Jul 10, 20:12 MattiasHahahaha
Jul 10, 20:12 MattiasShura fat???
Jul 10, 20:12 alex tiuniaevI haven't even bought starting yet... that's because there's none in Russia !!!
Jul 10, 20:12 MattiasIt will be new stuff...hmmm, hard to explain but it will be beautiful.
Jul 10, 20:11 CherryShockStill sings. He became so fat!
Jul 10, 20:11 MattiasMarina is not in the band anymore. She's busy with other stuff.
Jul 10, 20:11 LaKimany new sounds or will you keep the typical Vacuum style?
Jul 10, 20:11 Nebelyes olga y. and u?
Jul 10, 20:10 YuliaAnd what about Marina? Is she definitively lived tha band?
Jul 10, 20:10 MattiasWill will tour as much as possible after the summer but foremost after the new album. It's difficult to get stuff released in Russia You know!
Jul 10, 20:10 Olya MaximenkoMattias, the only thing Shura is doing now is sitting on a diet!
Jul 10, 20:10 olga y.O, Nebel, you are from SPb too?
Jul 10, 20:10 MattiasNope! Tell me, what is Shura doing now?
Jul 10, 20:09 MattiasI'm really bad with mail! I'm sorry!
Jul 10, 20:09 CherryShockMAttias, forgot Shura?
Jul 10, 20:09 NebelMattias, ohhh how great it is!! :o)))) and when r u going to have REAL concerts in St.-Pb?..
Jul 10, 20:09 feliquesoh you are? whoopie-doo. honestly, i had given up in vacuum. guitar-songs, or ye good ol' synths?
Jul 10, 20:09 MattiasWell, Julie would get upset maybe...
Jul 10, 20:09 alex tiuniaevMattias, it's sooo hard to get you by the email. how often do you check it up?
Jul 10, 20:09 LaKimwhat style will your next album be in?? typical Vacuum or something new???
Jul 10, 20:09 MattiasI like Alcazar! It's not my absolute favorite music but they are so kind and honestly amongst the most kind people I've met. Nicuum knows!
Jul 10, 20:09 AnivIt's pity we can't download full songs that You and Wollbeck wrote for Julie.
Jul 10, 20:08 MattiasYeah! Maurius!
Jul 10, 20:08 MattiasWell, I'm talking to You Nebel:-)
Jul 10, 20:08 Olya MaximenkoMattias is now a huge Alcazar fan! hihi
Jul 10, 20:08 Davidare they the guys credited as co-songwriters on Tin Soliders?
Jul 10, 20:07 MattiasWell, feliques! We are working on the new vacuum album at the moment but I admit we are not very fast:-)
Jul 10, 20:07 BulldozerinaWell, this chat doesn't really work well for me, too... so, just one question, ok?
Jul 10, 20:07 alex tiuniaevby the way, i'm listening to 'ICAROS' right now to get some scent...
Jul 10, 20:07 NebelMattias, what r u doing now?..)
Jul 10, 20:07 olga y.Hello Vacuum fans . It's a nice chance to see you all together
Jul 10, 20:07 nicuumMattias, you've been Alcazarized
Jul 10, 20:07 LaKimi really LOVE the songs you wrote for Alcazar MattiaS!
Jul 10, 20:07 DavidI would say so. Alcazar are playing all over Sweden, I'm seeing them on Sunday!
Jul 10, 20:07 MattiasLet's keep it in english people
Jul 10, 20:07 BulldozerinaHEEEEEEY!!!
Jul 10, 20:07 MattiasWell, Ceycamore Leaves didn't really amount to anything so there isn't really much to say about it
Jul 10, 20:07 feliqueswell, there isn't that much music now either... >)
Jul 10, 20:06 IraMattiaskan vi hoppas att det blir Vacuum-feber oxå?
Jul 10, 20:06 MattiasAlcazar are doing really well. I wrote a few songs for them and I love them!
Jul 10, 20:06 AnivThere's no information about Ceycamore Leaves in the Internet, so why woudln't provide your fans with some info and songs?
Jul 10, 20:06 AnivI suppose today there will be a lot of questions about new songs, album and your future plans. But I whant to ask You about Your old songs and the groop You've sung before Vacuum.
Jul 10, 20:06 MattiasWell, I know! But if I kept talking all the time there wouldn't be much music;-)
Jul 10, 20:05 LaKimIs it true that it is almost a Alcazar-feber in Stockholm this summer??
Jul 10, 20:05 olga y.Jad ar glad att se dig har Mattias Det ar inte ofta vi kan tala med dig
Jul 10, 20:05 NebelMattias, hellllo! ;o)))))
Jul 10, 20:05 MattiasI'm just fine!
Jul 10, 20:05 MattiasWell, it's really warm here in Stockholm so I'm just relaxing. Going to Italy next week so I'm doing a little shopping and stuff like that.
Jul 10, 20:05 CherryShockMattias, how R U?
Jul 10, 20:05 Iragreat that you are here Mattias!
Jul 10, 20:04 Davidoff to italy yet, Mattias?
Jul 10, 20:04 MattiasHahahaha, ledsen att jag inte svarat p ditt mail n! Det r FR varmt!
Jul 10, 20:04 LaKimso what are you doing for the moment Mattias??
Jul 10, 20:04 BulldozerinaHey, Mattias!
Jul 10, 20:04 YuliaHello to everybody!
Jul 10, 20:04 MattiasHello Anvid!
Jul 10, 20:04 Davidyeup, nice to see you man!
Jul 10, 20:03 olga y.Mattias? Are you here? ;)
Jul 10, 20:03 Olya MaximenkoHi dear Alex, David, CherryShock,
Jul 10, 20:03 feliqueshia mattias! this chat doesnt really work for me, so i just say hi & goodbye. hope you're doing well, looking forward to whatever music you will do. byee
Jul 10, 20:03 MattiasDavid?
Jul 10, 20:03 LaKimcool
Jul 10, 20:03 AnivHallo, Mattias! Hallo all the Vacuum fans!
Jul 10, 20:03 nicuumall your fans are here!!!
Jul 10, 20:03 MattiasSo, is everybody alright?
Jul 10, 20:03 MattiasThank You! It's good to be here!
Jul 10, 20:02 Olya MaximenkoSvetlana and me can assure you it's Mattias, by the IP address.
Jul 10, 20:02 WAVEHello
Jul 10, 20:02 MattiasJag vet!
Jul 10, 20:02 Svetlana ChernovaGlad to see you!
Jul 10, 20:02 eleganTMMattias, we are very glad to see you here!
Jul 10, 20:02 alex tiuniaevwell, im lucky to log on in time
Jul 10, 20:02 MattiasEeeeehhh, Nicuum!
Jul 10, 20:02 CherryShockHi, Olya! Hi, Mattias!
Jul 10, 20:02 Helenehi Mattias !!
Jul 10, 20:02 Irareal Mattias can swedish :)
Jul 10, 20:02 Mikle
Jul 10, 20:02 MattiasAlmost missed it! I'm really awful with remembering time!
Jul 10, 20:02 nicuumHello Mattias!!
Jul 10, 20:02 Irahej Mattias! trevligt att träffas!
Jul 10, 20:02 LaKimhi!!!! (but how do we know it is you?)
Jul 10, 20:01 MattiasHello everybody!