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Apr 22, 15:04 MattiasHello Everybody!
Apr 22, 15:04 nukleopatraThankyou..but really I have done nothing much... but don't forget if you need any help with translations ect for your club I am happy to do it..
Apr 22, 15:04 AnivHallo, Mattias!
Apr 22, 15:04 AnnHello, Mattias
Apr 22, 15:04 EvolutionKiev fan-club Evolution is happy to welcome you, Mattias, in this chat room today! Thank you very much for giving everyone a chance to talk to our favourite artist!
Apr 22, 15:04 nukleopatraHej Mattias
Apr 22, 15:04 Power !
Apr 22, 15:04 Sari -
Apr 22, 15:04 The GodLet's call him together: "MATTIAS! MATTIAS!!!"
Apr 22, 15:05 MattiasHeeeeey David!
Apr 22, 15:05 Power
Apr 22, 15:05 YuliaHello everybody!
Apr 22, 15:05 Evolutionnukleopatra>Thank you very much!!!
Apr 22, 15:05 Power To Mattias : hello
Apr 22, 15:05 KatiHej, mattias
Apr 22, 15:05 LionHi, Mattias!
Apr 22, 15:05 MattiasHow is everybody doing?
Apr 22, 15:05 AnnNice.
Apr 22, 15:05 PhoenixHello, Mattias from Stockholm.
Apr 22, 15:05 Yulia To Mattias : Helloooo!
Apr 22, 15:05 Sari To Mattias : Hello!!!
Apr 22, 15:05 nukleopatraI'm still laughing at that monkey Joke...
Apr 22, 15:06 Alex To Mattias : Hello from Belarus,Mattias!!!!
Apr 22, 15:06 MattiasIs everybody good?
Apr 22, 15:06 EvolutionMattias, how are you today?
Apr 22, 15:06 chrisHi Mattias, a big G'day mate from Australia
Apr 22, 15:06 Aniv To Mattias : Well enough
Apr 22, 15:06 ValenokWe're fine because you're here
Apr 22, 15:06 MattiasThe monkey joke is great!
Apr 22, 15:06 nukleopatraHave you recovered from your holiday yet... Easter in Greece must have been quite moving?
Apr 22, 15:06 Yulia To Mattias : OK! And You?
Apr 22, 15:06 MattiasThat's good to hear!
Apr 22, 15:06 ShadowHi Mattias and everybody
Apr 22, 15:06 oLya To nukleopatra : me too
Apr 22, 15:06 Katiwould you tell us about monkey joke?
Apr 22, 15:06 LionMattias, please tell me whether songs Starting and ripples on the surfacs will be include in new album?
Apr 22, 15:07 Alex To Mattias : Of course,that's OK
Apr 22, 15:07 MattiasAustralia! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie!!!!
Apr 22, 15:07 EvolutionWe love so much your Single Fools Like Me/Queen so could you, please, tell if there will be some more Singles?
Apr 22, 15:07 chrishaha
Apr 22, 15:07 MattiasNo, there's no room for those songs
Apr 22, 15:07 Helena RybakovaHello Mattias, Hello everybody!
Apr 22, 15:07 Ann To Shadow : Shadow, Happy Birthday. Best wishes to You.
Apr 22, 15:07 Kati
Apr 22, 15:07 MattiasThere will be more singles!
Apr 22, 15:08 Power To Mattias : do u remember me?
Apr 22, 15:08 The GodMattias, in one of your interviews you have said that you were fan of A-HA and DEPECHE MODE. Do you still like them? Do you plan some day to perform some of their songs (tribute)?
Apr 22, 15:08 chrisWill Queen be on the album?
Apr 22, 15:08 MattiasNot even David has heard it!;-)
Apr 22, 15:08 AnnThe best present to fan is a chance to hear New songs. Spasibo. Its easieeeeeeer O-h-h. Ive wanted to hear this world once more for almost a year.
Apr 22, 15:08 nukleopatra
Apr 22, 15:09 MattiasQueen will be there! Did a radio interview this morning and they told me they play Queen more than Fools!
Apr 22, 15:09 ValenokCan you say names of those songs on
Apr 22, 15:09 AnivIm listening to the samples of new songs. Great album it should be!
Apr 22, 15:09 Shadow To Ann : Thank you!
Apr 22, 15:09 oLya To Mattias : those are secret of course
Apr 22, 15:09 Yulia To Mattias : Please put names before answer!
Apr 22, 15:09 Alex To Mattias : The Song "Queen" is great. Is it dedicatad to anyone?
Apr 22, 15:09 EvolutionWe love extremely your songs had been written for Alcazar Chemistry, Celebrate The Night, for Julia, so could you be so kind to inform if there will be some Duet on the up-comi
Apr 22, 15:09 LionMattias, what songs will be include in your new album&
Apr 22, 15:09 Helena RybakovaFrom samples of the songs it seems that it really will be the best Vacuum's album!! To my mind each song there is Hit!
Apr 22, 15:09 MattiasThat song was a big questionmark! It's not called It's easier though, it's called "we're dead (it's beautiful)
Apr 22, 15:10 Evolutionon the up-coming album Your Whole Life Is Liding Up To This?
Apr 22, 15:10 nukleopatraI played one of those songs to my mother Mattias and she hs been singing it ALL week... she says to tell you it MUST be a single...
Apr 22, 15:10 chrisCool, Queen has a fantastic melody, it will be great to hear it with the new songs on the one cd
Apr 22, 15:11 MattiasThere will be , I think, 13 brand new songs on the album
Apr 22, 15:11 Helena RybakovaMattias, won't there be a video for any of these songs?
Apr 22, 15:11 Power To Mattias : 3 months ago I send u a record....dod u hear it or no?
Apr 22, 15:11 nukleopatraNo doubt this is the BEST vacuum album yet and in my eyes a sort of First vacuum album really..
Apr 22, 15:11 AnivWow ! 13!
Apr 22, 15:11 Power To Mattias : sorry..did
Apr 22, 15:11 MattiasGive Your mom a hug! And people, love Your mother!
Apr 22, 15:11 LionMattias, your songs become better and better. I cannot to sleep without "Culture of night"
Apr 22, 15:12 Ann To Mattias : Thank You and Anders for Your hard V//-work.
Apr 22, 15:12 EvolutionWe loved a lot all the sampls represented, and will be there some videos on these songs?
Apr 22, 15:12 The GodMattias, can you tell us now who is the guest star in this album? Which song?
Apr 22, 15:12 MattiasIt will definitly be the best Vacuum album. Wollbeck and I are putting in lots of love and devotion.
Apr 22, 15:12 KatiAnd how many new songs do you have in general?
Apr 22, 15:12 MattiasThe guest star will be a secret a little while longer. But it's someone who I have great love and respect for!
Apr 22, 15:13 Alex To Mattias : When we will hear the new album?
Apr 22, 15:13 MattiasHow do You mean Kati?
Apr 22, 15:13 ValenokI think this album is veeeery special but doesn't have anything common with old Vacuum
Apr 22, 15:13 nukleopatraAnders really is some unspoken hero and an electro genius
Apr 22, 15:13 Aniv To Kati : 13
Apr 22, 15:13 nukleopatraI think this album will rectify that
Apr 22, 15:13 chrisyou like Silverchair, ana's song, you should hear what the singers new band sounds like, " somewhere down the barrel" - dissociatives, hehe gotta support local talent
Apr 22, 15:13 chrishope that made sense
Apr 22, 15:13 LionMattias, why Bard and Marina left Vacuum?
Apr 22, 15:14 EvolutionAll Vacuum fans are waiting impatientely for your live performances, so could you tell, please, if there will be some tourings with a new album?
Apr 22, 15:14 MattiasWell Alex, I promise, ASAP! We are working around the clock. So much actually I'm in bed with NO VOICE left! Seriously, I can't even speak proporly
Apr 22, 15:14 PhoenixI guess, I've already heard those things about mothers from another guy.
Apr 22, 15:14 AnivAnders will answer our question in interview. Probably we could hope one day he will be in chat room?
Apr 22, 15:14 The Godplease tell us a song that a guest star performs with you...
Apr 22, 15:14 MattiasI love Silverchair! I actually think the last album is a mmilestone in talent!
Apr 22, 15:14 ValenokMattias, you didn't answer last time about your new or old songs for another musiciants? Please, write what songs you wrote for another artists - it will be very interesting
Apr 22, 15:14 nukleopatrawould be great for Anders to come and chat with you sometime
Apr 22, 15:15 KatiI mean how many songs do you have besides those you'll put to the album?
Apr 22, 15:15 PhoenixSmth: so-o, how are u?
Apr 22, 15:15 dello1we love vacuum in sweden,,,,,,,*L*
Apr 22, 15:15 chrisneon ballroom, yes its great, pity it isnt better known
Apr 22, 15:15 Shadow To Mattias : I've listened the today's preview, and it makes me too impatient for the album. The video "Fools..." is great! I like it very much.
Apr 22, 15:15 MattiasWell, Wollbeck is a bit shy!;-)
Apr 22, 15:15 nukleopatraand thanks for making the effort today as I know you have been sick
Apr 22, 15:15 Yulia To Mattias : How was Greece? :-)
Apr 22, 15:15 Power To Mattias : 3 months ago I send u a record....did u hear it or no?
Apr 22, 15:15 Alex To Mattias : Be careful about your great voice, Mattais
Apr 22, 15:16 Ann To Mattias : Mattias, please, wish Good Luck to Brute. He needs it right now.
Apr 22, 15:16 nukleopatralol if Vacuum tour then one of you guys is gonna have to let me sleep on your
Apr 22, 15:16 MattiasGreece was...ok! I slept like the whole time and spent time with my sisters kids!
Apr 22, 15:16 LionMattias, what you like to do in your free time?
Apr 22, 15:16 Smth To Phoenix :
Apr 22, 15:16 Helena RybakovaMattias, What does the date of album's release depend on? Do you look into the situation around showbusiness in order to pick up a special moment ?
Apr 22, 15:16 MattiasWhat has happened to Brute?
Apr 22, 15:16 EvolutionOh yeah Ann!!! Brute need the success!!!!
Apr 22, 15:17 KatiCOme on, Nuk! I'll let you sleep in a bed!
Apr 22, 15:17 nukleopatraok I'll be there...
Apr 22, 15:17 MattiasWell, in my free I ever have any;-) Of course I do. I like to play xbox live actually! I'm getting really good and we have a great team of people playing from all over th
Apr 22, 15:17 Power To Mattias : please.......answer on my question
Apr 22, 15:17 Mattiase world. That's how geeky I am;-)
Apr 22, 15:18 MattiasSeriously, I find it relaxing
Apr 22, 15:18 Alex To Mattias : Mattias, do you want to come to Belarus with concerts?
Apr 22, 15:18 MattiasWich record was that power?
Apr 22, 15:18 The Godso what about a-ha or depeche mode tribute?
Apr 22, 15:18 Leos To Mattias : Do you plan to go to Saint-Petersburg?(russia)
Apr 22, 15:18 dello1so you play XBOX??????
Apr 22, 15:19 Phoenix To Smth : he-he-he...
Apr 22, 15:19 MattiasHahahaha, yeah, but I do believe that both A-ha and Depeche are really good as they are.
Apr 22, 15:19 chrisMattias, whats the most embarrising cd you own? be honest
Apr 22, 15:19 MattiasDello1: Yeah, so Your a player to?
Apr 22, 15:19 AnivIs Vacuum going to be in Saint Petersburg?
Apr 22, 15:19 EvolutionYour music/lyrics help us to make step by step on the spiral of the Evolution, to change our hearts, and to lead the divine life!
Apr 22, 15:20 EvolutionThank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything, Mattias!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:20 Power To Mattias : ok.....u didnt hear Starting with my voice
Apr 22, 15:20 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): When your clip will be appeade on Russian TV?
Apr 22, 15:20 MattiasChris: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I really don't know.
Apr 22, 15:20 Ann To Mattias : Today Brute will become the president of youth organization, if he receive many voices.
Apr 22, 15:20 dello1mattias---- yes iam,, i haul ass
Apr 22, 15:20 MattiasLion: I hope so Power: NO! Where can I hear it? Evolution: No, thank You!
Apr 22, 15:21 oLya lotuseater hrrrrr! *s*
Apr 22, 15:21 EvolutionWe can hear a God speaking to us through your songs! Your music brings Light, pureness, peace, love and confession in the sins in our life!
Apr 22, 15:21 MattiasThat's so great! Brute seems to be a great person!
Apr 22, 15:21 Svetlana ChernovaI want to thank all the fans for interesting questions for Anders. Hope you already read it
Apr 22, 15:22 MattiasWollbeck really enjoyed doing that interview!
Apr 22, 15:22 Yulia To Svetlana Chernova : I did! Thank You too!!! ;-)
Apr 22, 15:22 EvolutionLet God help you to release many great albums in the future! We need Vacuum like the sunshine!
Apr 22, 15:22 Alex To Mattias : Mattias, what do you think about BWO and their song "Living in a fantasy"?
Apr 22, 15:22 AnivIs Vacuum going to be in Saint Petersburg?
Apr 22, 15:22 MattiasDello: I haul to!
Apr 22, 15:22 Ann To Mattias : Did You find an Ukrainian label that will release Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This in our country? Maybe we can help with something?
Apr 22, 15:22 EvolutionSvetlana >Thank you for this interview very much!!!
Apr 22, 15:23 chrismy computer is a dinosaur
Apr 22, 15:23 Helena RybakovaMattias, Say to Wollbeck our Thax for his cool answers to our questions!! Very interesting interview it was! He is really our guy!
Apr 22, 15:23 Power To Mattias : I can send u this file on your e-mai....if doesnt delete it......
Apr 22, 15:23 MattiasAlex: I'm in the process of making my mind up! But right now I'm so focused on the Vacuum album so I tend not to listen to much music right now.
Apr 22, 15:23 ValenokMattias, I live in Siberia and this summer I maybe will have a chance to come to Moscow. It depends on your coming on tour to Moscow. Don't you know yet if you'll come and when?
Apr 22, 15:23 EvolutionWalking in the animal world: how is Lionel feeling?
Apr 22, 15:24 dello1 to mattias(stockholm), do you think that i have ever played with you ???
Apr 22, 15:24 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): When will be appeade your new album?
Apr 22, 15:24 Yulia To Mattias : Yes, how is Lionel? ;-)
Apr 22, 15:24 eleganTMHi to all!
Apr 22, 15:24 MattiasWell, we signed with Soyuz and I guess they have a Ukrain departement?
Apr 22, 15:25 MattiasLionel is great! He's looking at me right now!
Apr 22, 15:25 ValenokDon't you think that Martin from BWO on the stage looks absolutely like you?
Apr 22, 15:25 Power To Mattias : it is really strange.....I send it many times///
Apr 22, 15:25 MattiasWell Dello, if You saw someone hauling it, You must have!
Apr 22, 15:25 EvolutionOh give Lionel our warm regards, please!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:25 chrisIt is very hard to get Vacuum stuff in Australia, I bought your cds in Singapore, I hope you sell the new one through vacuum site
Apr 22, 15:25 AnivWill there be any concerts in SPB
Apr 22, 15:25 Phoenix To Mattias : it seemes You still listened to a-ha a little before writing Mind Your Mind.
Apr 22, 15:25 KatiI don't know who's lionel. Is he a dog?
Apr 22, 15:26 nukleopatrawell I am doing my little bit in the UK lol this week I sent some copies of Foold to radio stations... well i live in hope
Apr 22, 15:26 MattiasHahahaha, Lionel is my sweet little salamander
Apr 22, 15:26 Yulia To Mattias : Say hi to Lionel from me!;-)
Apr 22, 15:26 Ann To Mattias : Frederik and Olof are still work with You? How are they?
Apr 22, 15:26 EvolutionKiev and other ukrainian cities are waiting for your live concerts so much!!!!! And this time we promise there will be a well-organised Army of Vacuum Fans there!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:26 MattiasWell David! You are a trooper!!!!
Apr 22, 15:26 Alex To Mattias : In Your new album there is songs more pop than pervios...Why?
Apr 22, 15:27 ValenokMattias, I live in Siberia and this summer I maybe will have a chance to come to Moscow. It depends on your coming on tour to Moscow. Don't you know yet if you'll come and when?
Apr 22, 15:27 nukleopatrahey Chris... any Vacuum stuff you want I could always get it for you ans then post it on to you...
Apr 22, 15:27 MattiasEvoluton: I miss You too!!!
Apr 22, 15:27 SariTo Marina:Hello!
Apr 22, 15:27 nukleopatrawell I wont rest until Vacuum are a household name
Apr 22, 15:27 AnivMattias, what can you say about the work of our dear David Bovie?
Apr 22, 15:27 dello1 MATTIAS my favorite car is the mini cooper,, and i think iam the best in the world
Apr 22, 15:28 Lena A.Hi Mattias! Your new songs are wonderfull!!! I'm waiting for your new album. When can we see you again in Moscow?
Apr 22, 15:28 MattiasAlex: Well, there is a little of everything I feel. We don't decide what style we should just happens.
Apr 22, 15:28 chrisnukleopatra, cool, (you must be a dead or alive fan right?)
Apr 22, 15:28 Marina To Sari : Hi!
Apr 22, 15:28 oLyaAnd I got my copies of Fools Like Me finally! Took a while...
Apr 22, 15:28 Evolution! We need Vacuum like the sunshine!
Apr 22, 15:28 MattiasDello: You truly are!
Apr 22, 15:28 Power To Mattias : what cars do u like?
Apr 22, 15:28 EvolutionWe spiritualy feed your sparkling melodies giving all our divine love back to you!!! You make our life so happy and so beautiful and we always thank the Creator for you!
Apr 22, 15:28 Marina To Mattias : Hello, Mattias!
Apr 22, 15:28 MattiasYou know, I have a surprise for You!
Apr 22, 15:28 nukleopatralol... you could say that... e.mail me private and we can discus if there is anything I can order for you
Apr 22, 15:29 ValenokSurprise for whom?
Apr 22, 15:29 dello1MATTIAS, and you are the best singer on earth,, you are on my HOLY LIST
Apr 22, 15:29 Ann To Mattias : How do You think? Do You have some talent for business?
Apr 22, 15:30 EvolutionAnd from our fan club we Thank you, Mattias, for your present! We love it so much!!!
Apr 22, 15:30 Yulia To Mattias : Adore surprises! And what is it???
Apr 22, 15:30 Yulia To Mattias">
Apr 22, 15:30 Alex To Mattias : These songs are very great and full of emotions!!!It's very nice!!!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:30 MattiasAren't we all on some sort of holy list;-)
Apr 22, 15:30 MattiasAlex: Thanx!!!
Apr 22, 15:30 AnivWill there be any concerts in SPB?
Apr 22, 15:30 nukleopatraI thnk we are all an extended family really
Apr 22, 15:30 MattiasAnd I find the fanclubs a source for love!
Apr 22, 15:31 MattiasHopefully there will be concerts all over!
Apr 22, 15:31 EvolutionMattias, how is your Father and Sister with her family?
Apr 22, 15:31 MattiasLOOK IT'S WOLLBECK!
Apr 22, 15:31 chriscome to Aus!!
Apr 22, 15:32 MattiasWell, my father is recouperating from a heart-attack but he is better!
Apr 22, 15:32 Ann To Mattias : Do You believe in fate?
Apr 22, 15:32 WollbeckHi everybody!
Apr 22, 15:32 EvolutionWollbeck>>>>Welcome here!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:32 oLyaHeeey Anders! halllu!
Apr 22, 15:32 nukleopatrawe bow to a master
Apr 22, 15:32 dello1MATTIAS,,, my LIST is the best one to be on,, you and me can rule the web
Apr 22, 15:32 YuliaA-a-a! Wollbeck's here!!!
Apr 22, 15:32 Power To Mattias : are u going wit concerts to Baltic countries?
Apr 22, 15:32 EvolutionThank you for the interesting interview!
Apr 22, 15:32 AnnHello, Anders.
Apr 22, 15:32 Yulia To Wollbeck : WELCOME!!!
Apr 22, 15:32 eleganTMWollbeck, glad to see you!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:33 Alex To Mattias : We are big fans of Vacuum from Belarus, me and Nika(admin o0d this site)!!!
Apr 22, 15:33 MattiasWe did a concert in Estonia once. Would love to go again!
Apr 22, 15:33 AnivHallo, Wollbek. I cant believe it's you
Apr 22, 15:33 oLyaWho is The God here?
Apr 22, 15:33 MattiasYeah, where is Nika?
Apr 22, 15:33 EvolutionIt was extremely interesting to find to know about the hiden part of VAcuum!
Apr 22, 15:33 KatiHej, Anders! hOW YOU DOING?
Apr 22, 15:33 eleganTMWollbeck, thank you for your answers! They were intetreting:-)
Apr 22, 15:33 Phoenix To Mattias : a source of love... hehe
Apr 22, 15:34 Alex To Wollbeck : Hello mr Wollbeck!
Apr 22, 15:34 ValenokHi, Anders! Maybe you'll tell about your new or old songs for another musiciants? Please, name some of them.
Apr 22, 15:34 MattiasNiiiiiiiika?
Apr 22, 15:34 Power To Mattias : would u like to come in Latvia with a concert?
Apr 22, 15:34 EvolutionWollbeck>We want to thank you for being a Real Friend for Mattias!!!
Apr 22, 15:34 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): What songs(lyrics) was written by you?
Apr 22, 15:34 WollbeckIt was great fun answering your questions
Apr 22, 15:34 Alex To Mattias : Unfortunatly, Nika at home now
Apr 22, 15:34 MattiasSuuuuuuuure!
Apr 22, 15:34 Katippl say that Nika is not here today. :/
Apr 22, 15:34 Aniv To Mattias : I guess Nika is not well enough to be here
Apr 22, 15:35 Shadow To Wollbeck : Welcome to Kiev! Would you please to visit us if any tour to Ukraine is planned?
Apr 22, 15:35 PhoenixSmth: a nice Co's gathered here.
Apr 22, 15:35 nukleopatraIts so nice to see you out of the shadows for a while Anders.. and I'd like to take the opportunity to thankyou for all your great work in the past
Apr 22, 15:35 Ann To Mattias : If Your good friends offend You, what You will do?
Apr 22, 15:35 MattiasLion: Where?
Apr 22, 15:35 oLyaIs it some sort of holy sect here, Evolution? ;)
Apr 22, 15:35 Yulia To Mattias (Stockholm), Wollbeck : Are You siting there together in one room?
Apr 22, 15:35 nukleopatraNika is at the hospital for tests today but she sends her love to mattias and Anders and all of you
Apr 22, 15:35 oLyaHail the mighty and glorious...
Apr 22, 15:36 MattiasAnn: I often find that people You think are Your friends offend me...but then, were they really friends?
Apr 22, 15:36 Power To Mattias : will u let me to send u a music sample on your e-mail?it s sooo important to me!!!
Apr 22, 15:36 EvolutionOlya>No sect
Apr 22, 15:36 LionTo Mattias I speak about new album
Apr 22, 15:36 The GodI am The God here, why do you ask? Never seen The God in chat before? :-)))
Apr 22, 15:36 MattiasNika should get some sort of special love-gift!
Apr 22, 15:37 MattiasWell, Wollbeck and me do everything together. Allthough...sometimes I'm a bit lazy...;-)
Apr 22, 15:37 nukleopatraI'm gonna send her a parcel full of love Mattias
Apr 22, 15:38 MattiasIsn't this great! Can You people feel the love in this room?
Apr 22, 15:38 ValenokWeeeeeeee looooooooove you Niiiiiiikaaaaaaa!!! It will be our mantra:-)))
Apr 22, 15:38 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): you are the most beautiful man on the Universe
Apr 22, 15:38 nukleopatrashe is a fantastic and very loyal friend to me
Apr 22, 15:38 Yulia To Mattias : You're not alone with being lazy. ;-)
Apr 22, 15:38 AlexTo Wollbeck: u are great composer! And why you don't work with Alexander Bard now?
Apr 22, 15:38 MattiasLove gifts for all the webmasters!!!! Common, for Svetlana, Nika, everybody. Right now. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Apr 22, 15:39 nukleopatraWill the album contain a lyric booklet mattias or is the art work not finalised yet?
Apr 22, 15:39 Power To Mattias : will u let me to send u a music sample on your e-mail?it s sooo important to me!!!
Apr 22, 15:39 Ann To Mattias : Good Luck, Nika, Sveta, Tanita.
Apr 22, 15:39 EvolutionOh thank you for your love! We send the divine Love in return to you!
Apr 22, 15:40 MattiasSure You can! Send it to
Apr 22, 15:40 ValenokMattias, you're too happy for ill man
Apr 22, 15:40 dello1MATTIAS,,, i think i have to go, mayby the LIVE is up again, keep up the good work and all the nice things you do for your fans over the world,, WE LOVE YOU
Apr 22, 15:40 Ann To Mattias : What were Your first thoughts about when You got up this morning?
Apr 22, 15:40 oLyatycker att lotuseater bliv lite tyst today
Apr 22, 15:40 MattiasThe album will have a big, fat old booklet!
Apr 22, 15:40 eleganTMRight now I'm listening to "Autoradio". Try to guess what song is on now on this radoi?:-)))
Apr 22, 15:40 EvolutionLet our love and energy heal you!
Apr 22, 15:41 MattiasVem ?r det?
Apr 22, 15:41 nukleopatraHURRAH... the bigger and fatter the better
Apr 22, 15:41 oLya To Mattias : T :D
Apr 22, 15:41 MattiasThank You Dello for those wonderful words!
Apr 22, 15:41 Aniv To Wollbeck : Anders, have Yoy ever been at ou Foruum?
Apr 22, 15:42 ValenokAnders, are you gonna perform with Mattias this year?
Apr 22, 15:42 Power To Mattias : thank u very much!!!and....dont delete my letter before u red it
Apr 22, 15:42 AlexTo Wollbeck:Anders!Please, answer for my question
Apr 22, 15:42 WollbeckTo Alex: Thanx. I worked with Bard for 9 years straight. Time to move on.
Apr 22, 15:42 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): In new album there will be your photos on not?
Apr 22, 15:42 nukleopatraI wWILL get the single played on UK radio if it kills me and I have to sit outside all day chained to the railings..
Apr 22, 15:42 MattiasThat's the spririt David!
Apr 22, 15:43 Alex To Mattias : Mattias, welcome tu belarus with concerts!
Apr 22, 15:43 MattiasLion: There wil be loads of pictures. We have a great concept
Apr 22, 15:43 ValenokMattias and Anders, is there any Swedish musiciant now that you communicate with or even work?
Apr 22, 15:43 dello1MATTIAS,,, no no no no THANK YOU ,, mayby i see you online some day,, if i do i will let you win a few races,
Apr 22, 15:43 WollbeckTo Aniv: Sure, but I'm a total Vacuum chat virgin
Apr 22, 15:43 MattiasI'll be there!
Apr 22, 15:44 MattiasSo Lotuseater! Heard You got a tatoo!
Apr 22, 15:44 chrissome vacuum posters for my wall would be nice too
Apr 22, 15:44 MattiasValenok: Sure! The good ones:-)
Apr 22, 15:44 Power To Mattias : I love your songs written to Alcazar///but the most beautifull and funny is Chemistry
Apr 22, 15:45 MattiasWe will get working on posters! That's a good idea!
Apr 22, 15:45 oLyaooppsss... now he'd know I was nagging to you about it!
Apr 22, 15:45 EvolutionWhat is the weather in Stockholm like today?
Apr 22, 15:45 Ann To Mattias : What about concerts in Kieeeeeev? When?
Apr 22, 15:45 KatiDo you often go out with Anders to drink smth?
Apr 22, 15:45 Alex To Wollbeck : Thank you And what do you think about new Bard's project BWO and their songs
Apr 22, 15:45 Leos To Mattias : What do you think about BWO?
Apr 22, 15:46 ValenokDo you feel yourself like a real rocker?
Apr 22, 15:46 Aniv To Wollbeck : Thank you for answering
Apr 22, 15:46 MattiasThere are no concerts planned at the moment since Wollbeck and I have to finiish the album. But ASAP
Apr 22, 15:46 Power To Mattias : what about new Vacuum clips?
Apr 22, 15:46 chrismaybe some vacuum beach towels too
Apr 22, 15:47 MattiasWell, we made so many videos but I'm sure there will be more!
Apr 22, 15:47 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm):
Apr 22, 15:47 MattiasA beach towel! That's a grrrrrreat idea!
Apr 22, 15:47 YuliaPpl, wish me good luck! I'm going to perform this evening!
Apr 22, 15:47 Evolutionfrom the interview we read that you and Wollbeck are Aquarius, so does it help you to keep together?
Apr 22, 15:47 nukleopatrathere is one song in particular that i would LOVE to see a video for
Apr 22, 15:48 WollbeckTo Alex: Just heard BWO song. The music style is totally differnt form Vacuum which is good.
Apr 22, 15:48 MattiasWhat are You performing Yulia?
Apr 22, 15:48 EvolutionYulia>We wish you a great performance tonight!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:48 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): what music groups would you like to listen to?
Apr 22, 15:48 Alex To Wollbeck : How do you think, Army Of Lovers will returns again?
Apr 22, 15:49 MattiasLion: well, at the moment I listen to old stuff like FGTH, my favorite band of all time I think. I actually had a mail conversation with Holly! What a guy!
Apr 22, 15:49 Aniv To Wollbeck : Don't you think the foruum is like a volcano: sometimes silent, sometimes filled with fire
Apr 22, 15:49 Ann To Mattias : Would You like do make next clip on the song Were Dead (Its beautiful)?
Apr 22, 15:49 Yulia To Mattias : I'm playing a part in our humorous show
Apr 22, 15:50 ValenokMattias, siberian white bears and deers say hello to you!!!
Apr 22, 15:50 oLyaMattias, see, he is rude today, must be my Russian influence! hihi
Apr 22, 15:50 WollbeckTo Mattias: Maybe whe should do a cover of "Aquarius"
Apr 22, 15:50 nukleopatrabut isnt that what makes it so great Aniv.. always full of passion
Apr 22, 15:50 MattiasAnn: I don't think so, but it's a special song.
Apr 22, 15:50 MattiasHahahaha, yeah!
Apr 22, 15:51 Ann To Mattias : I like this song.
Apr 22, 15:51 Power To Mattias : I m going to perfom next weekwism me a good luck too
Apr 22, 15:51 LionTo Mattias(Stockholm): Do you like rock music?
Apr 22, 15:51 nukleopatraI saw FGTH live so many times.. the first time I saw them mattias there were about 20 people in the crowd.. the next 10,000.. the power of a hit single
Apr 22, 15:51 MattiasYeah Lotus, why don't You answer? Plain rude I tell ya!
Apr 22, 15:51 MattiasEverybody who are about to perform, I salute You!
Apr 22, 15:52 Aniv To nukleopatra : That's exactly what I meant
Apr 22, 15:52 EvolutionMattias, are your paintings still a secret?
Apr 22, 15:52 Yulia To Evolution : Thanx!!!
Apr 22, 15:52 MattiasAre You serious David? I hope You realize You are talking about godly beings here!
Apr 22, 15:52 nukleopatraMattias I was a HUGE fan... Hollys rendition of the Power of love still makes my hair stand on end..
Apr 22, 15:52 ValenokWhat performance have you managed to visit recently? Or film?
Apr 22, 15:52 Alex To Mattias : Mattias, with him singers yuo want sings a duet?
Apr 22, 15:52 LotuseaterMattias: Yep, gotta join the crowd of rude swedes! For those about to rock, we salute you! ;)
Apr 22, 15:53 MattiasEvolution: Well, kind of! I gave one to Wollbeck! I heard rumours about a christies auction but...._:-)
Apr 22, 15:53 Yulia To Mattias : :-D Thanx!
Apr 22, 15:53 Aniv To Wollbeck : Do you listen to metal bands?
Apr 22, 15:53 MattiasI die a little everytime I hear it. That's the soundtrack to my youth!
Apr 22, 15:54 Power To Mattias : thanks! it will be my first serios perfomanse///Ill sing a french song
Apr 22, 15:54 nukleopatraOn your advice I went to see The passion of the Christ..NOT alone... just as well I can tell you.. the cinema was full of sobbing people
Apr 22, 15:54 oLyaDavid, let's get get on our knees and pray a bit!
Apr 22, 15:54 MattiasThere will be a duet on the album
Apr 22, 15:54 Shadow To Wollbeck : Maybe you should take this word as a band name, since too many people in foruum want you to change the band name... (Excuse me - it's not my advice...
Apr 22, 15:55 WollbeckThe first time i heard "Relax" I almost drove of the road in my car
Apr 22, 15:55 Ann To Mattias : The song Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This seems to me very-very perspective.
Apr 22, 15:55 MattiasWhen we recorded the song "In the dirt" I was thinking about Jesus the whole time!
Apr 22, 15:55 EvolutionMattias, so did you see Passions of Christ?
Apr 22, 15:55 Shadowjust a sort of thinking...
Apr 22, 15:55 oLyaDavid: So what's your opinion about the Passion Of The Christ? I am about to watch it soon! Do I need to take the pills?
Apr 22, 15:55 Alex To Mattias : duet with male vocalist?
Apr 22, 15:55 nukleopatraOlya.. we will get on our knees together
Apr 22, 15:55 MattiasThanx Ann
Apr 22, 15:56 MattiasAlex: That's a seeeeecret
Apr 22, 15:56 PhoenixGone out to have a 10 minutes' walk. The weather here's marvellous! And heart's broken... is that fair after all?
Apr 22, 15:56 MattiasThe film is very strong!
Apr 22, 15:56 nukleopatraYou can almost HEAR the hairs standing on your neck when you listen to In the Dirt... the vocals are electrifying
Apr 22, 15:56 EvolutionOur fan club watched it we loved a lot
Apr 22, 15:56 Alex To Mattias :
Apr 22, 15:56 satellitehia all.. i'm first time here :)
Apr 22, 15:56 Valenok To Mattias : Whose that voice in "Queen"on the backvocal?
Apr 22, 15:56 MattiasWhere are You at Phoenix?
Apr 22, 15:56 Svetlanapeole
Apr 22, 15:56 oLya To Wollbeck : Anders, so how is Mattias in business, hard-working? Tell us the truth! *s*
Apr 22, 15:56 Power To Mattias : ohh.....I wish to sing a perfect song with u
Apr 22, 15:57 MattiasValentok: An african child
Apr 22, 15:57 Aniv To Wollbeck : I don't know Relax. I like Nightwish
Apr 22, 15:57 Ann To satellite : Hello
Apr 22, 15:57 nukleopatrabelieve me Olya..take the pills and a hand to hold
Apr 22, 15:57 Evolutionsatellite>how are you today?
Apr 22, 15:57 PhoenixYou know that grey-clouded city, a museum under the sky.
Apr 22, 15:58 SvetlanaIt is not good...when Mattias there///everybody is there is a...hypocrisy
Apr 22, 15:58 MattiasYeah Lotuseater, go with her! Haul that tatooed body to the cinema!
Apr 22, 15:58 Phoenixthe weather's good. Yesterday it was as usual.
Apr 22, 15:58 Alex To Wollbeck : I was risi on your and Bard's music(AOL,Vacuum, Alcazar)I say thank you fore this music!!!!!
Apr 22, 15:58 nukleopatrawelcolm satellite hope we see you a lot more..welcolm to our happy family
Apr 22, 15:58 Ann To Mattias : What are Your favourite flowers?
Apr 22, 15:58 MattiasWhat do You mean Svetlana?
Apr 22, 15:59 MattiasAnn: Tulips
Apr 22, 15:59 Phoenixtulips, aren't they.
Apr 22, 15:59 satellite To Evolution : dying at work....
Apr 22, 15:59 Svetlana To Phoenix : oooh yes but tomorrow it will be bad///again=((((((
Apr 22, 15:59 Aniv To Wollbeck I'm making a site for Beto Vazquez Infinity - an Argentinean metal band
Apr 22, 15:59 nukleopatraspooky...mine to but I love WHITE tulips
Apr 22, 15:59 KatiMine too! Wht
Apr 22, 15:59 Valenok To Mattias : Would you like to make tatoos? Or you already have it?
Apr 22, 16:00 KatiWhat color do you like?
Apr 22, 16:00 MattiasWell, not now. Maybe some day!
Apr 22, 16:00 WollbeckTo Olya: He is like a puppy. Works like a maniac and then falls asleep...
Apr 22, 16:00 satellite To nukleopatra : i'm glad 2 c u all here
Apr 22, 16:00 Phoenixnuk: white mean you hope for understanding when you present 'em to the one you love.
Apr 22, 16:00 eleganTMMattias and Wollbeck, did other musicians from SSC take part in creating your album?
Apr 22, 16:01 LotuseaterMattias: well, we over-tattoed junkies could take her to the cinemas together sum day! ;)
Apr 22, 16:01 WollbeckTo Aniv: I will check them out
Apr 22, 16:01 nukleopatrawell I would like to present them to the crazy world we live in then
Apr 22, 16:01 Phoenix To Svetlana : hey!
Apr 22, 16:01 nukleopatrawhite tulips for the world
Apr 22, 16:01 Ann To Mattias : Do Frederik and Olof work with Vacuum still?
Apr 22, 16:01 Svetlana To Mattias : I mean...that when you will come...everybody will come too but if people respect and love you,they are with you forever, Why do they make so mistake
Apr 22, 16:02 Evolutionsatellite>our member Sveta Pleskachova is at work too now
Apr 22, 16:02 satellite To Wollbeck : you seem to have finally showed up from behind the shadow :)
Apr 22, 16:02 Valenok To Mattias : What is the name of that brasilian group that you wrote song for?
Apr 22, 16:02 MattiasAnn: They might be with me on tour
Apr 22, 16:02 SvetlanaMaybe,I am not right...but I thik is insincerely
Apr 22, 16:03 MattiasWho is being incencere?
Apr 22, 16:03 Alex To Mattias : In the new album are some live instruments???
Apr 22, 16:03 WollbeckTo eleganTM: No, but an extraordinary talanted cello player played on a track this week
Apr 22, 16:03 MattiasValenok: How do You know that?
Apr 22, 16:03 Phoenix To Mattias : coming back to the friendship theme: hey, how do the people around u know you consider them to be your friends? a special invitation for friendship,
Apr 22, 16:04 nukleopatraI dont think people are insincer here Svetlana.. its great that everybody feels free to speak their mind even if its not what we want to hear at times
Apr 22, 16:04 chrismattias, did you know that there is a sims character of you
Apr 22, 16:04 MattiasChris: Seriously? Where can I see it?
Apr 22, 16:04 oLya To Wollbeck : Anders, why have you stayed "behind the scenes" so long? What made you change your attitude towards it now?
Apr 22, 16:04 Phoenix To Mattias : maybe?
Apr 22, 16:05 Power To Mattias : do u like the film the Lord of The Rings?
Apr 22, 16:05 Valenok To Mattias : I know everything
Apr 22, 16:05 chrisi will find out, my brother downloaded it a while ago, i will get back to you on that
Apr 22, 16:05 MattiasSorry Phoenix, I don't quite understand
Apr 22, 16:05 MattiasThat sounds funny Chris
Apr 22, 16:05 Phoenix To Mattias : THE SIMS is a copmputer game, buy one.
Apr 22, 16:06 MattiasPower: Yes, although I'm not a big fan of fantasy
Apr 22, 16:06 Power To Mattias : Marina wants to many flats did u change in your lfe?
Apr 22, 16:06 Valenok To Mattias : What would be best home for you island paradise, gothic castle, flat in the middle of the city or small house in country?
Apr 22, 16:06 Aniv To Wollbeck : It's great that you decided to come here today.
Apr 22, 16:06 Power To Mattias : I m too///but this film is special.....
Apr 22, 16:06 chrisyes its pretty cool, if he still has it i will get the file off him
Apr 22, 16:07 WollbeckTo Olya: Maybe I just got bored...
Apr 22, 16:07 MattiasMy agent just called. He said he wanted me to do some shows. Maybe I will go to a town near YOU!
Apr 22, 16:07 nukleopatraI like fantasy when its done well... for me Dracula is the greatest Love story of all time.. sad and not horror at all.. Gary Oldmans rendition of Dracula reigns supreme .
Apr 22, 16:07 Alex To Wollbeck : Anders,please tell a little about your work with Army Of Lovers
Apr 22, 16:08 nukleopatrabut then I',m a hopeless
Apr 22, 16:08 oLya To Wollbeck : That's a good reason ;P hihi
Apr 22, 16:08 Phoenix To Mattias : I meant, it seems that You are being unclear in defining the friends of yours. That is what it seems to me.
Apr 22, 16:08 oLyaDavid, but the book is BORING, Dracula I mean. Only the movie with Oldman is exciting!!!
Apr 22, 16:08 Power To Mattias : Sari is asking:do u LIKE THE FILM Star Wars?
Apr 22, 16:08 WollbeckTo Alex: It's all in the interview...
Apr 22, 16:08 MattiasOK, people. I have to go! Wollbeck will stay a while longer? Remember this. I love You all and I really, really aprichiate Your support! I will see You soon again and
Apr 22, 16:08 Ann To Mattias : What were Your first thoughts about when You got up this morning?
Apr 22, 16:09 EvolutionIt was a pleasure to chat with you, Mattias! Fan-club Evolution wish you Divine Love, Peace, Light, Inspiration, Success!
Apr 22, 16:09 AnnGood Luck, Mattias.
Apr 22, 16:09 EvolutionThank you and Wollbeck for giving everyone a beautiful music healing hearts and souls! Let God grand you a spiritual strenght to go on your path of the Evolution!
Apr 22, 16:09 MattiasI hope You like the sample of the new album! So, take care everybody. Be good and love Your parents! Hugs!!!!!!!!
Apr 22, 16:09 Power To Mattias : wait for my letter!!!!!!!!bye dear!
Apr 22, 16:09 EvolutionWe are always with you!!!!!
Apr 22, 16:09 Phoenix To Mattias : last question: why Stockholm?
Apr 22, 16:09 nukleopatraMattias you and Anders are kind like a modern day Sparks,, dunno your thoughts n them but I almost came to Stockholm to see the recnt shows..
Apr 22, 16:09 AnivYour whole life is leadin' up to this Na-na-na
Apr 22, 16:09 Katigood luck to you, Mattias!
Apr 22, 16:09 WollbeckAm I alone ? Help!
Apr 22, 16:10 Phoenixanyways, bye.
Apr 22, 16:10 Alex To Wollbeck : Sorry...were is this interview&
Apr 22, 16:10 Shadow To Mattias : Good Luck! Thank you for this chat. Nice gift for my today's birthday
Apr 22, 16:10 eleganTMGood luck, Mattias!
Apr 22, 16:10 Aniv To Wollbeck : You are not alone
Apr 22, 16:10 MattiasDavid, yes we are! Shadow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everybody, send her love. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Apr 22, 16:10 chris
Apr 22, 16:11 Valenok To Anders : I'm almost dying from impatience say name of artists that you produced last time. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase
Apr 22, 16:11 Svetlana
Apr 22, 16:11 chrisi just found this link you might be on there somewhere
Apr 22, 16:11 nukleopatraHAPPY BIRTHDAY SHADOW XX
Apr 22, 16:11 Aniv To Alex : at
Apr 22, 16:11 MattiasWollbeck, You are in the open. Over and out. Crackle, beep, whiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....
Apr 22, 16:11 Alex To Wollbeck : Absolutly not alone!!!We love You!!!!
Apr 22, 16:11 WollbeckTo Alex: At
Apr 22, 16:11 EvolutionShadow>HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Apr 22, 16:11 Shadow To Mattias : Thank YOU very much!
Apr 22, 16:12 WollbeckTo Aniv: I know , just kidding
Apr 22, 16:12 Power To Mattias : I hope to see u here again! dont forget us!
Apr 22, 16:12 Alex To Aniv : Thanx
Apr 22, 16:12 chrisseeya mattias, thanks for chatting have a great day
Apr 22, 16:12 SvetlanaBye-bye!!!=)
Apr 22, 16:13 nukleopatraHave you heard Sparks Anders... a little known electronic now togther almost 30 years... vacuum of the future??
Apr 22, 16:13 PhoenixSmth: well-well, this is what I thought about...
Apr 22, 16:13 Aniv To Wollbeck : You are not alone since we all love Vacuum. And Vacuum is Anders + Mattias
Apr 22, 16:13 Alex To Wollbeck : I was tell you I rise on your great music!
Apr 22, 16:13 Shadow To nukleopatra : Thank you, dear friend!
Apr 22, 16:14 PhoenixSmth: mmm... ehm... I'm out.
Apr 22, 16:14 chrisim a very big sparks fan, got everything, they are great
Apr 22, 16:14 nukleopatraoh WELL SAID Aniv...
Apr 22, 16:14 WollbeckTo Nukleopatra: Sure. Love the keyboard playing
Apr 22, 16:14 nukleopatraSaw them in London Chris about 5 weeks ago... the new album is a masterpiece
Apr 22, 16:15 Smth To Phoenix : nice chat
Apr 22, 16:15 Shadow To Wollbeck :I'm sorry for repeating my question. Are you going to take part on tours if they are planned?
Apr 22, 16:15 Ann To Wollbeck : How many people work with Vacuum, about which we dont know?
Apr 22, 16:15 Phoenix To Wollbeck : well, now we know at least something about you. Thanx for the interview. :)
Apr 22, 16:16 chrisnukleopatra, very different isnt it, russel has so much energy live
Apr 22, 16:16 nukleopatraFor me the masterpiece from the forthcoming album so far is Evil I love Anders... stunning and incedible sounds... almost a touch Marc Almondish??
Apr 22, 16:16 nukleopatraChris.. what all that jumping up and down and spinning around and
Apr 22, 16:17 AnnEvolution: Could I call You after chat?
Apr 22, 16:17 chrislike marcs russian album, we have similar tastes nuke
Apr 22, 16:17 EvolutionAnn>Yes!!!
Apr 22, 16:17 nukleopatraMarcs Russian album is swoonsome...
Apr 22, 16:17 WollbeckTo Shadow: i will probably appear on some gigs
Apr 22, 16:18 Alex To Wollbeck : Anders! Are you steel here?
Apr 22, 16:18 Shadow To Wollbeck : It would be nice and great to see you in Kiev! Welcome here!
Apr 22, 16:18 WollbeckTo Nukleopatra: Love Marc Almond. Jackie is fantastic
Apr 22, 16:18 nukleopatraI'm sure you would love the touring experience Anders
Apr 22, 16:19 Aniv To Wollbeck : on some gigs in Sweden or even outside?
Apr 22, 16:19 Valenok To Wollbeck : You're ignoring me
Apr 22, 16:19 nukleopatraNow a cover of Jackie by vacuum... THAT I would LOVE to hear
Apr 22, 16:19 chrisI will email you nukleopatra, love to hear what other music you like, where can i find your email addy?
Apr 22, 16:19 Phoenix To Wollbeck : sorry for Russian anyway, people are discussing some things. =)
Apr 22, 16:19 chrisyes jackie is so over the top and excellent
Apr 22, 16:20 Yulia To Wollbeck : What's Your favorite web-site? Do You have Your own homepage?
Apr 22, 16:20 oLyaAnders, David and others, was nice chatting to you! See ya round! .... Lotuseater: MSN is better!
Apr 22, 16:20 WollbeckSorry Valenok: I have produced Julie, Alcazar, Midi Maxi&Efti, Nuzak, E-type, etc
Apr 22, 16:21 chriswollbeck , what is your fave keyboard?
Apr 22, 16:21 WollbeckTo Aniv: Don't know yet
Apr 22, 16:21 nukleopatraI hope you liked my small Bio Anders... I tried to tone down the
Apr 22, 16:21 nukleopatratake care Olya.. chat soon xx
Apr 22, 16:21 Phoenix To Wollbeck : oh, E-Type? love 'em!
Apr 22, 16:22 WollbeckTo chris: I like soft synths like Reaktor, Absynth, Moog Modular
Apr 22, 16:22 WollbeckLoved the bio!
Apr 22, 16:22 oLya To nukleopatra : hug hug ;)
Apr 22, 16:23 EvolutionWollbeck>Do you believe in God?
Apr 22, 16:23 ValenokYeah, it's a big surprise for me that you produced E-Type
Apr 22, 16:23 PhoenixTO EVERYBODY: guys, I'm off. See ya next time.
Apr 22, 16:23 WollbeckYes but not necessary the church's view of God
Apr 22, 16:24 chrisWollbeck, i picked up a krummar stratus keyboard for $12 it has some great sound, i dont know much about it, are you familair with the brand
Apr 22, 16:24 Svetlana To Valenok :
Apr 22, 16:24 nukleopatraBye Phoenix
Apr 22, 16:24 PhoenixMr. Wollbeck, it was nice to meet you.
Apr 22, 16:24 WollbeckTo chris: Sorry no
Apr 22, 16:24 Phoenixnuk, bye!
Apr 22, 16:25 Phoenixpower: cheer up, girl!
Apr 22, 16:25 Ann To Wollbeck : Is it easy to work with Mattias?
Apr 22, 16:25 WollbeckI only produced one E-type single at the time he was working with Stakka Bo
Apr 22, 16:25 SvetlanaBye!!!
Apr 22, 16:25 SvetlanaMy ICQ-326695125
Apr 22, 16:25 WollbeckTo Ann: Sure
Apr 22, 16:26 Valenok To Svetlana : You wanna tell something?
Apr 22, 16:26 Phoenix To Wollbeck : E-Type is a remarkable band anyway. You were lucky.
Apr 22, 16:26 SvetlanaI love you people! But only...if people loves VACUUM
Apr 22, 16:26 chrisI better be off now, its 11:30pm, thanks for coming Wollbeck, it was a pleasure to meet you. Everybody take care xxx
Apr 22, 16:26 WollbeckTo everybody: It has been nice meeting you. See you next time. Back to the music.
Apr 22, 16:26 Yulia To Wollbeck : Anders, how did You meet Mattias?
Apr 22, 16:27 nukleopatraslep well Chris and speak soon x
Apr 22, 16:27 EvolutionWollbeck>Have you studied some eastern religion?
Apr 22, 16:27 nukleopatraTHANKYOU for your time Anders the pleasure was all ours..
Apr 22, 16:27 EvolutionWollbeck>BIG thank you for the chatting!!!
Apr 22, 16:27 Yulia To Wollbeck : Was nice meeting you too! Come back! ;-)
Apr 22, 16:28 PhoenixWell, good-bye. All for the time being.
Apr 22, 16:28 nukleopatraThat was a great chat everybody.. you are all stars..
Apr 22, 16:28 Anivuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa!!! Wolbeck went away!