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Oct 17, 19:00MattiasHey Everybody!
Oct 17, 19:00~Power~ To Unexisted :
Oct 17, 19:00leoshello everybody
Oct 17, 19:00nukleopatraHiMattias
Oct 17, 19:00UnexistedKatinkA>>>HELLO!!!!
Oct 17, 19:00KsushaHej
Oct 17, 19:00Marina To Mattias : Hello Mattias!
Oct 17, 19:00UnexistedGood evening Mattias
Oct 17, 19:00BlissHi!!
Oct 17, 19:00MattiasHow are You all doing this evening?
Oct 17, 19:00~Power~ To Mattias : good evening!!
Oct 17, 19:01AllaCherryShockHello, Mattias!
Oct 17, 19:01KsushaHow are you?
Oct 17, 19:01Olympia To Mattias : Hi!
Oct 17, 19:01LionHej? Mattias! How are you and how is Lionel?
Oct 17, 19:01KatinkAHi !
Oct 17, 19:01Paul KlensiHi
Oct 17, 19:01Brute(EV/OLUTION)Greetings to u, Mattias, from Kiev!
Oct 17, 19:01alternativa To Mattias : Hello ! Im fan of KoRn but Im here
Oct 17, 19:01UnexistedI guess we are HAPPY tonight!!!!
Oct 17, 19:01OlegHi, Mattias!!! Hi, Evolutioh! Hi everibody!
Oct 17, 19:01MattiasLionel is sleaping but I am fine. I just got back from the videostore. It's raining here in Stockholm
Oct 17, 19:01~Power~ To Mattias : yes, how is your pet?
Oct 17, 19:02MattiasHi Oleg!
Oct 17, 19:02Unexisted To KatinkA : Good to see You here tonight
Oct 17, 19:02leosHi, Mattias!!!
Oct 17, 19:02Valenok To alternativa : Mattias loves Korn too!
Oct 17, 19:02KatinkAHey Unexisted! Good to see you too!!
Oct 17, 19:02Brute(EV/OLUTION)It's rain in Kiev to, btw...
Oct 17, 19:02Paul KlensiCool this is Mattias !!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:02MattiasI like Korn! Especially a few years ago.
Oct 17, 19:02Brute(EV/OLUTION)raining*
Oct 17, 19:02Valenok To Mattias : What video did you get?
Oct 17, 19:02MattiasIt's so nice Paul!
Oct 17, 19:02V/ov/A To Mattias : Hello!
Oct 17, 19:03UnexistedTonight it's raining even in the Unexistance
Oct 17, 19:03MizeryHi Mattias!
Oct 17, 19:03nukleopatraRaining in the UK also... soaked as just ben outon the bike...I'm in the lake district but logged on in the internet tonight
Oct 17, 19:03alternativa To Mattias : do u haer they new song Word Up
Oct 17, 19:03Angelto Mattias: Good evening, Mattias! Tell me, please, what is your favourite season and weather? and why?
Oct 17, 19:03MattiasI returned some videos. Starsky & Hutch (kind of funny) and one other...hmmm, don't recall the title. It wasn't so good though.
Oct 17, 19:03Brute(EV/OLUTION)What about K, will he join us today, or not, M ?
Oct 17, 19:03OlegBrute, thank you, as you know to me
Oct 17, 19:04Paul KlensiMattias cool
Oct 17, 19:04MattiasWell Angel, all seasons are good but I do like snow! I like to dress warm.
Oct 17, 19:04MattiasNo, K won't be joining in today. It's just me, I hope that's OK;-)
Oct 17, 19:04Olympia To Mattias : Mattias, I know what u are good friends with alcazar......
Oct 17, 19:04~Power~ To Mattias : have you any pet at home, ĺxcept for Lionel?
Oct 17, 19:04MizeryBig hi from Freya, too! It is really cold in Syktyvkar. How ru?
Oct 17, 19:05Angelto Mattias:
Oct 17, 19:05alternativa To Mattias : hey!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:05MattiasI have to ask, why is some text red?
Oct 17, 19:05Brute(EV/OLUTION)People, I think that we should not turn Chat into "Ask Mattias on-line", ok?
Oct 17, 19:05MattiasHey Alternativa!
Oct 17, 19:05YuliaHello everybody!
Oct 17, 19:05AllaCherryShock To Mattias : it's warm in Italy! Do you dress warm there too?
Oct 17, 19:05UnexistedMattias, tell us please what technique did You use painting the Picture?
Oct 17, 19:05MizeryWe like red)))
Oct 17, 19:05LionTo Mattias: When your new album will be released in Russia? Your song They do it is something wonderfull!!!
Oct 17, 19:06~Power~ To Mattias : sorry, I m writing by red
Oct 17, 19:06alternativa To Mattias : Do you hear new song of Korn Word Up?
Oct 17, 19:06AllaCherryShock To Mattias : You should have red text!
Oct 17, 19:06MattiasOhhhh, the painting! I wasn't really sure that I wanted people to see that but Svetlana and Nika was bugging me so in the end I gave up;-)
Oct 17, 19:06MizeryYes, what about your album?
Oct 17, 19:06UnexistedWe love it! Thank You
Oct 17, 19:06MattiasAhhhhm OK Power
Oct 17, 19:06MattiasThe technique, well, it's oil and I prepare the canvas some.
Oct 17, 19:07MattiasWhat about it Mizary?;-)
Oct 17, 19:07ShadowHi Mattias! Hi everybody! Sorry for being late :-)
Oct 17, 19:07Marina To Mattias : On song They do it there will be only one mix?
Oct 17, 19:07~Power~ To Mattias : can I write the red?
Oct 17, 19:07~Power~
Oct 17, 19:07Yulia To Mattias : I've seen Your painting. Impressive! What did You want to say by this?
Oct 17, 19:07Unexisted To Shadow : Hello dear Shadow!! Good to see You
Oct 17, 19:07nukleopatraThe painting is fabulous shouldn't always be so modest.. you should look in the London galleries when you are here
Oct 17, 19:07Brute(EV/OLUTION)to Mattias, Your picture is real masterpiece! I'm sure that we all want to see more!
Oct 17, 19:07AllaCherryShock To Mattias : your painting is GREAT! It reminds me Chemiakin!
Oct 17, 19:07Brute(EV/OLUTION)Hi Shadow!!!!
Oct 17, 19:08Valenok To Mattias : please, tell us about singing that hymn!!! it must've been fabulous
Oct 17, 19:08MizeryMattias, it is me! Mizery is me! We haven't seen it yet in Russia, really. HELP!!!
Oct 17, 19:08~Power~ To Mattias : have you any pet at home expect Lionel?
Oct 17, 19:08MattiasWell Marina, it looks like They Do It works quite well so I hope there will be more mixes. Maybe K will do one. We put lots of effort into finding good remixers (when Wollbeck does
Oct 17, 19:08Mattiasn't do it for fun)
Oct 17, 19:08alternativaMattias How old is Kris?
Oct 17, 19:09MattiasNo Power. I wish I had a dog but I don't have the time to take care of one.
Oct 17, 19:09MattiasK is 34 I think.
Oct 17, 19:09MattiasBut he has an ancient soul;-)
Oct 17, 19:09~Power~ To Mattias : do you like cats?
Oct 17, 19:09AnnetteHi Mattias!!!
Oct 17, 19:10Olympia To Mattias : Let`s talk about Magnus from Alcazar
Oct 17, 19:10Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : You promised a video about casting They Do It.... will it be published ?
Oct 17, 19:10KatinkAMattias, I sent you a mail a couple of days ago. Have you read my poem?
Oct 17, 19:10Mizery To Mattias : and maybe, birds?fishs?
Oct 17, 19:10MattiasI love all animals Power! Seriously, I'm a sucker for animals. I saw a beautiful show today abour marsupials from Australia.
Oct 17, 19:10UnexistedYeah, I was impressed by the interview with K!
Oct 17, 19:10MattiasI had a fish...but he died and it broke my heart. Zi, r.i.p
Oct 17, 19:10MattiasK is very, very cool.
Oct 17, 19:11alternativawhot? in one interview you say whot hear Dive when u wass little... how it can was?
Oct 17, 19:11MattiasI read all the poems I get. Thank You!
Oct 17, 19:11Mizery To Mattias : what a pity...sorry...
Oct 17, 19:11Ksushado you like travell in Sweden?
Oct 17, 19:11LionTo Mattias: Your are realy like SLIPKNOT?
Oct 17, 19:11MattiasWell, K was quite young when he released albums.
Oct 17, 19:11Valenok To Mattias : I've got a good news for you. Florence Joy with your song is already on our radio. Ain't it wonderfull?
Oct 17, 19:11Angelto Mattias: What book are You reading now?
Oct 17, 19:12MattiasEnough with Slipknot;-) Yes, I like some of their suff.
Oct 17, 19:12~Power~ To Mattias : oh! u must be a kind person! and how about exotic wild animals? for example, anteaters?
Oct 17, 19:12~Power~ To Mattias : oh! u must be a kind person! and how about exotic wild animals? for example, anties.
Oct 17, 19:12AllaCherryShock To Mattias : Oh! Have you received the mail from Ne@v//Denis? He asked me to ask you. He wants you tto come with concerts to small town not only cities.
Oct 17, 19:12Mizery To Mattias : Have you read any poems in Russian?
Oct 17, 19:12YuliaMattias, what do ou think about parrots? They can sing along with You! ;-)
Oct 17, 19:12MattiasI just bought "How to make love like a porn-star". Jenna Jamesons biography. I read a book called "The Dirt" by the same author and I was amused by it.
Oct 17, 19:13AnnetteAre you going to make a new video?
Oct 17, 19:13MattiasHehehehe, YES! A parrot! What a duet!
Oct 17, 19:13UnexistedI wish my best Friend P* was here right now but she feels sick...So, I'm with You in thoughts
Oct 17, 19:13LionTo Mattias: Do you like they song BEFORE I FOGET?
Oct 17, 19:13MattiasYes Anette, but not right now. We just made They Do It.
Oct 17, 19:13Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : Ukraine is really waiting for your visit... How long should we wait for it? And can we do something to make it closer, somehow.
Oct 17, 19:13nukleopatraTalking of touring...are there any further plans for live dates this year?
Oct 17, 19:13MattiasWich song is that Lion?
Oct 17, 19:13alternativawow its cool!!! my friend Olympia whrite and why u dont say it something?
Oct 17, 19:14MattiasI would love to do shows in small towns as well.
Oct 17, 19:14Mizery To Mattias : parrot and Mattias...yeah, it looks pretty
Oct 17, 19:14MattiasI don't know alternativa.
Oct 17, 19:14Mizery To Mattias : Will you come in Russia? ? ? ? ?
Oct 17, 19:14KatinkA To Mattias : what`s your favourite colour(s)?
Oct 17, 19:14MattiasWe have no concerts planned at the moment but there is a plan for touring soon.
Oct 17, 19:14Marina To Mattias : What sense bears in itself INTRO?
Oct 17, 19:14Valenok To Mattias : Consequence of love
Oct 17, 19:15MattiasYes Mizery. A soon as I can!
Oct 17, 19:15alternativaîę!!! do u hear new album of KoRn?
Oct 17, 19:15AllaCherryShock To Mattias : i promised him to say it to you, so i kept my word!
Oct 17, 19:15Brute(EV/OLUTION)As I'm ignored...?
Oct 17, 19:15Mizery To Mattias : what plan? Where are you going to?
Oct 17, 19:15Yulia To Mattias : What do You think about little exhibition of Your paintings ? ;-)
Oct 17, 19:15MattiasOK Cherry!
Oct 17, 19:15lenaMattias well come in Nigny Novgorod
Oct 17, 19:15Oleg To Mattias : Dear Mattias, I congratulate You with perfect new Album, it’s the best of Vacuum!
Oct 17, 19:15MattiasNo Brute! There are just to many quesions at once!
Oct 17, 19:16LionTo Mattias: I am waiting your new album YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS LEADING UP TO THIS/ When it will be released in Russia?
Oct 17, 19:16Brute(EV/OLUTION)Thanks :-)
Oct 17, 19:16MattiasThank You Oleg. I think so too!
Oct 17, 19:16Angelto Mattias: What do You like more - rain or sun?
Oct 17, 19:16OlegTell me, please, whether realized Your commercial suppositions for this project “YWLILUTT”? Thank You.
Oct 17, 19:16Annette To Mattias : And what about ukrainian TV? do you try to promote "They do it" here?
Oct 17, 19:16KatinkA
Oct 17, 19:16UnexistedHow is Your Dad?
Oct 17, 19:16MattiasSoon Lion. The album will be released all over. Deals ar being made with different companies all over. This week Italy, Greece and Poland was ready.
Oct 17, 19:17MattiasMy dad is good. Thanx for asking!
Oct 17, 19:17AllaCherryShock To Mattias : he also said that he cries every time he hears "fools like me", he's great guy! He loves you!
Oct 17, 19:17nukleopatraas there are 2 duets on the album... IF you could duest with any person at all..whoi wopuld it be?
Oct 17, 19:17Mizery To Mattias : Mattias, what is your favorite name?
Oct 17, 19:17MattiasAre You sad KatinkaA?
Oct 17, 19:17KsushaWhat could you say about new concerts in Russia?
Oct 17, 19:17MattiasMy favorite name???? I have no idea.
Oct 17, 19:17alternativaMattias it so cool!!! and remix on freak on a leash it so wow!!!!
Oct 17, 19:18KatinkAYou overlooked already two of my questions!
Oct 17, 19:18MattiasNothing right now Ksicha.
Oct 17, 19:18MattiasI haven't heard that remix.
Oct 17, 19:18Mizery To Mattias : Really? Do you like your name? I do!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:18MattiasSorry. Ask again!!!
Oct 17, 19:18lenaMattias! Will you come in N/N?
Oct 17, 19:18Brute(EV/OLUTION)Do we have a right to spread "They Do It" single to Ukr. radiostaions?
Oct 17, 19:18MattiasThank You! Yes, I'm happy with Mattias
Oct 17, 19:19MattiasOf course Brute! But, I do believe it's the recordcompanys job.
Oct 17, 19:19KatinkAdid you get my mail with the poem?
Oct 17, 19:19Valenok To Mattias : I've just read review of YWLILUTT - they compared you with TATU
Oct 17, 19:19alternativait strange... hmmm// ou!!!! u are brother of Jonathan Davis!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:19AnnetteWhat is your favourite season of the year?
Oct 17, 19:19~Power~ To Mattias : do u listen to the Russian music?
Oct 17, 19:19MattiasI want to lena but here has not been any requests for us to come yet.
Oct 17, 19:19Mizery To Mattias : I will write your name everywhere!
Oct 17, 19:19MattiasNot right now Power. I used to listen to Shura.
Oct 17, 19:20nukleopatraTATU? sorry I don't se any comparisons.. they must have been
Oct 17, 19:20AllaCherryShock To Mattias : have you read questions on the site? Wish me luck!
Oct 17, 19:20LionTo Mattias: I am glad to read that. I hope that your new album will be better then before.
Oct 17, 19:20MattiasBut wait. I listen to tAtU
Oct 17, 19:20MattiasI think it is Lion!
Oct 17, 19:20MattiasGood luck Cherry!
Oct 17, 19:20lena What can we do? how can i Help?!
Oct 17, 19:20KsushaDo you like tatu?
Oct 17, 19:20alternativaMattias How is Alcazar?
Oct 17, 19:21MattiasAlcazar is fine! I missed Annickas wedding two weeks ago. I had to stay in the studio with Rachel Stevens.
Oct 17, 19:21Valenok To nukleopatra : I think think they meant quantaty of sadness in the music
Oct 17, 19:21LionTo Mattias: What rock groops would you like to listen to&
Oct 17, 19:21~Power~ To Mattias : TATU....their first album was great, but now it s something awful
Oct 17, 19:21MattiasYes, I love tatu! It's Trevor Horn You know!
Oct 17, 19:21David HJust a short hi to you all! Making macaroni!
Oct 17, 19:21Annette To Mattias : Ukraine is waiting for you!!!
Oct 17, 19:21Mizery To Mattias : Love is fantastic! Freja is the goddess of love and she is sitting next to me, looking on the monitor and waiting for your hi to her.Please! In Swedish!
Oct 17, 19:21marina_km To Mattias : Hi Mattias! I`m late, but I am so happy, what can talk with u today!
Oct 17, 19:21AllaCherryShock To Mattias : Ha-ha! Do you know for what?
Oct 17, 19:21MattiasI haven't heard anything new
Oct 17, 19:22Yulia To Mattias : Mattias, what was in Globen? Tell as a bit!
Oct 17, 19:22MattiasYou are welcome marina!
Oct 17, 19:22David HQuote of the monent from a friend: "They Do It is the first thing I listen to every morning!" Great for someone who never listened before!
Oct 17, 19:22KatinkA To Mattias : what`s your favourite colour(s)?
Oct 17, 19:22David Hnow..macaroni!
Oct 17, 19:22MattiasGloben was great. So exciting! They want me to come back so I'll probably do it again.
Oct 17, 19:22alternativaMattias whot you hear right now?
Oct 17, 19:22Marina To Mattias : I know at you there is niece Matilda. She listens to your songs?
Oct 17, 19:23MattiasThat's great David!!!
Oct 17, 19:23Paul Klensiyou love tatu?????
Oct 17, 19:23marina_km To Mattias : thanx? do u remember me?
Oct 17, 19:23MattiasDon't forget the ketchup!
Oct 17, 19:23MattiasYes Marina! It was a great club!
Oct 17, 19:23Annette To Mattias : Do you think that "Mind your Mind" is a sad song?
Oct 17, 19:23~Power~ To Mattias : whats your opinion about new age style in music?
Oct 17, 19:23MattiasGreat evening and early morning!!! Wow, first time I danced in years!
Oct 17, 19:23Mizery To Mattias : So...
Oct 17, 19:23Yulia To Mattias : Is there any records from there?
Oct 17, 19:24LionTo Mattias: Mattias, you are wonderfull man!!!!
Oct 17, 19:24MattiasGive me some examples Poewer.
Oct 17, 19:24MattiasThank You Lion!
Oct 17, 19:24Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : It's the job for real fan! We, Evolutioners, will spread that masterpiece as much as our physical abilities alow to us! "Music to the masses!!!"
Oct 17, 19:24Valenok To ~Power~ : I like the only new TATU's song Belochka - it's great - very sad
Oct 17, 19:24BagiraHello. Mattias. Hi everybody!
Oct 17, 19:24MattiasWhat Mizery???
Oct 17, 19:24Mizery To Bagira : Hi!
Oct 17, 19:24~Power~ To Valenok : Belochka?
Oct 17, 19:24MattiasThank You Brute! We really are grateful!!!
Oct 17, 19:25Paul Klensi To Bagira : hi Baqira
Oct 17, 19:25Unexisted To Bagira : Good evening!
Oct 17, 19:25BagiraMizery:
Oct 17, 19:25KatinkA
Oct 17, 19:25alternativa To Mattias : How is Magnus from A?
Oct 17, 19:25Mizery To Mattias : Please tell hi to my friend Freja, she is waiting for it, please!!!
Oct 17, 19:25marina_km To Mattias : What clab?
Oct 17, 19:25~Power~ To Mattias : ok. there is one modern group named DELERIUM
Oct 17, 19:25AllaCherryShock To Mattias : when will i get my CD?
Oct 17, 19:25Yulia To Svetlana Chernova : Hi!!!
Oct 17, 19:25MattiasMagnus is one of the kindest people I have ever met! He is very, very kind!
Oct 17, 19:25AllaCherryShock
Oct 17, 19:25BagiraUnexisted, Paul: my pleasure 2 meet ya.
Oct 17, 19:26Paul Klensi
Oct 17, 19:26UnexistedTell us please about the female singer in the duet "Love Earth"
Oct 17, 19:26MattiasThe CD's are on the way!!!!!! Promise. Sorry about the long wait!
Oct 17, 19:26UnexistedIt's so romantic and magical SONG
Oct 17, 19:26alternativaMattias I Love Magnus!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:27MattiasHer name is Jessica but I call her Isa. She is lovely. She usually sings demos for me and Wollbeck when we work with other artists. She is a dear frind and one of my favorite singe
Oct 17, 19:27Mattiasrs
Oct 17, 19:27~Power~ To Mattias : have ever heard about DELERIUM?
Oct 17, 19:27LionTo Mattias: Why there is no songs from your concert in Malto in new Vacuum's album?
Oct 17, 19:27Valenok To Mattias : do you continue new songs writing? or you have a rest?
Oct 17, 19:27Mizery To Bagira : good evening! But today in my town rain cannot stop....
Oct 17, 19:27MattiasHe deserves to be loved!
Oct 17, 19:27Brute(EV/OLUTION)Mattias, "Shallow heart" is very beautiful song! Exactly song, not just instrumental track :-) But what are the lyrics of it?
Oct 17, 19:27Angel What do You like more - rain or sun?
Oct 17, 19:27AllaCherryShock To Mattias : that's OK! Did you chose the winners yourself?
Oct 17, 19:27MattiasWell Valenok, right now we are writing lots.
Oct 17, 19:27Svetlana Chernova To Yulia : Hi! Call me today or tomorrow I have something to you
Oct 17, 19:27KatinkAdo you easily forgive things to people?
Oct 17, 19:27MattiasYes Cherry
Oct 17, 19:27lenahow is yuor niec?
Oct 17, 19:27alternativaIts Joke...
Oct 17, 19:28Mizery To Mattias : You are so far from us...
Oct 17, 19:28leos To Mattias : what about concerts in Pussia?
Oct 17, 19:28KatinkAdo you believe in meaningful dreams?
Oct 17, 19:28BagiraGood evening, Mizery. Sorry about the rain. Yeah, I just called in for a cpl of mins, guys.
Oct 17, 19:28Yulia To Mattias : Mattias, today I saw Mind Your Mind on pirate CD!!!
Oct 17, 19:28MattiasOoooops, got disconnected
Oct 17, 19:28Mizery To Mattias : and we are so far from you...
Oct 17, 19:28KatinkAwhat`s youe favourite colour(s)?
Oct 17, 19:28MattiasThat's sad Yulia.
Oct 17, 19:29Unexisted To Mizery : There is no distance in the world of Love and Spirit
Oct 17, 19:29Angel To Mattias : what do You like more - rain or sun?
Oct 17, 19:29Mizery To Mattias : it is not fair-to diskonnect such a cool Swedish guy!
Oct 17, 19:29Yulia To Svetlana Chernova : I will! Hope to have something for you in days!
Oct 17, 19:29MattiasKatinkA. Well, it depends on my mood but when it comes t clothes I would say black. But I kind of like green right now because I miss nature.
Oct 17, 19:29Yulia To Mattias : VERY sad!!!
Oct 17, 19:29LionTo Mattias: I like so much your song MIND YOUR MIND. I listen to this song every evening because I can't sleep without it!
Oct 17, 19:29alternativa To Mattias : Mayyias where is Anders?
Oct 17, 19:29OlgaHello everybody
Oct 17, 19:30UnexistedDear Mattias, tell us please about the lyrics in "Shallow Heart" song?
Oct 17, 19:30MattiasTHAT'S RIGHT MIZERY;-)
Oct 17, 19:30Oleg To Mattias : Tell me, please, whether realized Your commercial suppositions for this project “YWLILUTT”? Thank You!
Oct 17, 19:30MattiasThey are secret Unexisted;-)
Oct 17, 19:30Valenok To Mattias : can you tell some artists' names and songs that you write for them&
Oct 17, 19:30AllaCherryShock To Mattias : your answers so short. Do you angry with me for yesterday madness?
Oct 17, 19:30~Power~ To Olga : hello!
Oct 17, 19:30Mizery To Mattias : it is unfair!
Oct 17, 19:30KatinkAdo you believe in meaningful dreams?
Oct 17, 19:30Brute(EV/OLUTION)hi Olga :-)
Oct 17, 19:30UnexistedMattias, You got us hipnotised
Oct 17, 19:31Valenok To Mattias : I'm glad that you're growing in producing
Oct 17, 19:31marina_km To Olga : Hi!
Oct 17, 19:31KsushaMattias where are you going to travel nearest time?
Oct 17, 19:31MattiasWell, the latest thing we wrote for was Rachel Stevens. But soon a new french artist called Marilou will come out. That is going to be amazing. We just sold gold with Julies new al
Oct 17, 19:31Annette To Mattias : Do you think that "Mind your Mind" is sad song?
Oct 17, 19:31Mizery To Unexisted : right.......
Oct 17, 19:31Mattiasbum. We have written one song for her new album.
Oct 17, 19:31alternativai feel yourself fool.....
Oct 17, 19:31AllaCherryShockOlya?
Oct 17, 19:31lenaHow you struggle whit sad?
Oct 17, 19:31MattiasNo Anette. It's more info.
Oct 17, 19:32KatinkA To Mattias : Mattias, did you get my mail with the poem???
Oct 17, 19:32Mizery To Mattias : hi from all fans from Syktyvkar!
Oct 17, 19:32MattiasHmmm, lena. That changes from time to time. Are You sad???
Oct 17, 19:32MattiasSay hi to all of them!!!
Oct 17, 19:32alternativa To Mattias : Im sorry....
Oct 17, 19:32MattiasI think so KatinkA
Oct 17, 19:32AllaCherryShock To Mattias : i'm sad!
Oct 17, 19:32Annette To Mattias : Thanks! I absolutely agree with you!!!
Oct 17, 19:32MattiasI read it all but I don't have the time to answer all.
Oct 17, 19:33~Power~ To Mattias : I see, u never heard about DELERIUM
Oct 17, 19:33Mizery To Mattias : we like to annoy the sellers of cd's - we want your album!
Oct 17, 19:33MattiasDon't be Cherry! You are here with us now! It's a happy time!
Oct 17, 19:33Unexisted To KatinkA : Can You send the poem to me too?
Oct 17, 19:33LionTo Mattias: Unfortunatly, I can't to speak with you more. In my city is midnight. Good luck,HERR LINDBLOM!
Oct 17, 19:33MattiasNo Power. What is that?
Oct 17, 19:33OlgaHi Mattias and everyone!
Oct 17, 19:33lenaGive me advice PLS?
Oct 17, 19:33MattiasThank You Lion!!!
Oct 17, 19:33marina_km To Mattias : No Mattias, I`m from Peter, do u remember my latter?
Oct 17, 19:33MattiasHey Olga!
Oct 17, 19:33Mizery let's dance! Mattias is here!
Oct 17, 19:33BagiraAny Power around? :-) Hello, hun! and sorry about the PM
Oct 17, 19:33KatinkA To Unexisted : ok!
Oct 17, 19:34MattiasAdvise on not being sad?
Oct 17, 19:34UnexistedThank You, Mattias, for Your warm words and kind attention to all Vacuum People
Oct 17, 19:34Mizery To Olga : hi dear Olga!
Oct 17, 19:34AllaCherryShock To Mattias : i think it's the only good thing in my life now!
Oct 17, 19:34MattiasDaam dam dam dara dam da (dancing)
Oct 17, 19:34Yulia To Mattias : Why Anders didn't come?
Oct 17, 19:34Unexisted To KatinkA : Thank You!!!!
Oct 17, 19:34alternativa To Mattias : why in your nick name is SHTML?
Oct 17, 19:34MattiasBut that is one thing Cherry!!!
Oct 17, 19:34MattiasStockholm
Oct 17, 19:34Brute(EV/OLUTION)Yeah we know about new album of Julia and we have already ordered it, exactly 'cos of one your song
Oct 17, 19:34Mizery To Mattias : dam dara dara dam!
Oct 17, 19:34MattiasSorry, I mis-spelled it
Oct 17, 19:35~Power~ To Mattias : to understand what is that u should listen
Oct 17, 19:35Yulia To Mattias : Pity I can't see You dancing! ;-)
Oct 17, 19:35Paul Klensi
Oct 17, 19:35lena You ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:35KsushaMattias where are you going to travel nearest time?
Oct 17, 19:35OlgaI'm also from St.Petersburg. Is it true that you will soon come to Russia?
Oct 17, 19:35~Power~ To Bagira : it was little massage for me?
Oct 17, 19:35MattiasI'm so sorry Brute. The album is so, so. NOT as good as Home. We didn't get to produce our song. SOme other person did it;-(
Oct 17, 19:35AllaCherryShock To Mattias : as i have already said you fill me with your optimism!
Oct 17, 19:35MattiasThere is nothing planned right now Olga.
Oct 17, 19:36MizeryStocholm is great!I want to go there someday... When I got my wings back;)
Oct 17, 19:36KatinkA To Mattias : how was the weather today in Stockholm
Oct 17, 19:36MattiasHehehehe, they will grow back. I promise!
Oct 17, 19:36AllaCherryShockwhere is Olya Maximenko?
Oct 17, 19:36KatinkA?
Oct 17, 19:36alternativa To Mattias : i want say it one more time: u are brother of Jon Davis!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:36MattiasIt's raining. But that's nice! I like that sometimes
Oct 17, 19:36AllaCherryShockHey....are you here?
Oct 17, 19:36Olgawhich characteristics must your ideal woman have?
Oct 17, 19:37Mizery To Mattias : yeah! I think she's here.
Oct 17, 19:37BagiraYeah, Power.
Oct 17, 19:37Brute(EV/OLUTION) Those songs which were written for Home are brilliants..!
Oct 17, 19:37MattiasHere we go again! I have a new computer...
Oct 17, 19:37MattiasI love those songs too!
Oct 17, 19:37~Power~ To Mattias : I will send u DELERIUM song
Oct 17, 19:37AllaCherryShockwhat was that????
Oct 17, 19:37MattiasOlga, I don't know.
Oct 17, 19:37Mizery To Mattias : wow! Pentium?
Oct 17, 19:37alternativaRam Body boo ram bady doon!!!
Oct 17, 19:38BagiraHmmmm... Wanted to ask you, Mattias... What places have you visited in Spb so far?
Oct 17, 19:38Yulia To Mattias : "Apple" again?
Oct 17, 19:38Annette To Mattias : Do you read foruum or fan's verses on
Oct 17, 19:38Mizery To Mattias : I love computers!
Oct 17, 19:38MattiasOf course Yulia!
Oct 17, 19:38AllaCherryShock To Mattias : new? What is it?Apple?
Oct 17, 19:38KatinkAMattias, do you believe that some dreams are meaningful?
Oct 17, 19:38Mizery To Annette : right question!
Oct 17, 19:38AllaCherryShock To Mattias : Apple-liker!!!
Oct 17, 19:39Mizery To Mattias : hi from Freja!
Oct 17, 19:39MattiasNot all the time Annette. Sometimes it's nice to check it out. But as it's mostly in russian I don't understand.
Oct 17, 19:39~Power~ To Mattias : but when you date the woman of your dream, U WIIL Know her
Oct 17, 19:39MattiasHey Freja!
Oct 17, 19:39Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : Is it possible for fans to work as promoters of Vacuum, here in Kiev's clubs and casinos, if yes what should we do?
Oct 17, 19:39MattiasApple-lover!
Oct 17, 19:39OlgaMattias, what do you think about BWO?
Oct 17, 19:40AllaCherryShock To Mattias : hrum-hrum!
Oct 17, 19:40MattiasI think the best thing fans can do is to request Vacuum on radio and TV. I have my promoters.
Oct 17, 19:40Mizery To Olga : BWO is cool.
Oct 17, 19:40MattiasBut You can always ask;-)
Oct 17, 19:40lena What mobilephone better Sony or Nokia? Whet can you say?
Oct 17, 19:40BagiraShall I repeat my question now?
Oct 17, 19:40MizeryFantasy....
Oct 17, 19:40Annette To Mizery : Freja writes real beautiful poems, doesn't she?
Oct 17, 19:40Yulia To Mattias : Do You collect something except easter-eggs?
Oct 17, 19:41MattiasI haven't heard much of BWO. But it's not my kind of music. But I wish them luck!!! I hope it's a success.
Oct 17, 19:41AllaCherryShock To Mattias : do you like blond or dark haired girls?
Oct 17, 19:41Brute(EV/OLUTION)Mizery, you were frozen to wake up in time?
Oct 17, 19:41BagiraPower: your PM message is out here and I promise to answer that really soon.
Oct 17, 19:41OlgaMizery, I like them too. They are coming to Moscow soon, I want to go, but I was told that there will actually be no concert. Only promotion.
Oct 17, 19:41MattiasI collect dvd's. But I'm not a big collector.
Oct 17, 19:41AllaCherryShock To Mattias : what's model of your Apple?
Oct 17, 19:41marina_kmI`m here again, my stuped computer, hate it!
Oct 17, 19:42nukleopatraAs away from home my time in the internet islimited today so I have to say goodby mattais and friends.. speak soon hugs David
Oct 17, 19:42MattiasHehehe, maybe Brute!
Oct 17, 19:42Oleg To Mattias : Well, Mattias, I'm understood Yours silence. Perhaps,
Oct 17, 19:42Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : And what about egg-present? Where is it?
Oct 17, 19:42Mizery To Annette : yes, you are right! She is the best poet in the world! She writes about Stocholm! and my poems ... nobody likes them....
Oct 17, 19:42OlgaBrute, in St.Petersburg wewere also thinking about it :)
Oct 17, 19:42satelliteHello there! I am amazed. What a surprise! I've just dropped by and what I See!!!! Hello all my friends!!!!! )))
Oct 17, 19:42MattiasHug David!!!!
Oct 17, 19:42BagiraBye-bye, Nukleopatra
Oct 17, 19:42Yulia To Mattias : What's the last movie You've seen?
Oct 17, 19:43satellitehia! nice 2 c u in particular!
Oct 17, 19:43MattiasOh Brute! I have it in my collection. It's no 1!!!!
Oct 17, 19:43Brute(EV/OLUTION)HI Sat!
Oct 17, 19:43Unexisted To satellite : HELLO!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:43marina_km To Mattias : Do u like movies?
Oct 17, 19:43AllaCherryShock To Mattias : what's with girls?
Oct 17, 19:43Valenok To satellite : Hi we're glad to see you too
Oct 17, 19:43KatinkAMattias, do you believe that some dreams are meaningful?
Oct 17, 19:43~Power~ To Mattias : what do u like paint the most?
Oct 17, 19:43MattiasHello satellite!
Oct 17, 19:43satellite To Shadow : hia! nice 2 c u in particular!
Oct 17, 19:43Marina To satellite : Hello!
Oct 17, 19:43Mizery To Mattias : do you like Freja's poems? Have you seen them?
Oct 17, 19:43ShadowHi Satellite!
Oct 17, 19:43MattiasWell, right now I don't paint much. I tend to paint when I'm a bit low...
Oct 17, 19:43Alternativa To Mattias : ou!!!! i fly!! Ha!
Oct 17, 19:43MattiasI like all the poems I get!
Oct 17, 19:44Mizery To satellite : hi!
Oct 17, 19:44OlegPerhaps, you have some plans in future?
Oct 17, 19:44Mizery To Mattias : and mine?
Oct 17, 19:44OlgaMattias, so nowyou are happy? :)
Oct 17, 19:44satellite To Mattias : Just saw your painting. It is very interesting.. Pretty abstract though, but I liked it!
Oct 17, 19:44MattiasLike I said! I like to read them all.
Oct 17, 19:44AllaCherryShock To Mattias : am i in ignore? People! Hello!
Oct 17, 19:44Mizery To Mattias : and how do you get them?
Oct 17, 19:44Annette To Mattias : I join to YuLia. What about movie?
Oct 17, 19:44MattiasHehehehe, everything is relative Olga!!!
Oct 17, 19:44lenaWhat will you do with your painting?
Oct 17, 19:44Yulia To Mattias : Sooo much people!!! Cool! ;-)
Oct 17, 19:45satellite To Unexisted : hia. you seem to be new. where are you from?
Oct 17, 19:45BagiraSoooo... again down and out.
Oct 17, 19:45Valenok To Mattias : Will next video be high-budget like They Do It or low-budget like Fools?
Oct 17, 19:45Mizery To AllaCherryShock : hello, we are here! Let's talk!
Oct 17, 19:45MattiasWhat movie???
Oct 17, 19:45~Power~ To Mattias : i would like to say u THANK U for presenting me CD
Oct 17, 19:45Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : That's great! And I want to tell you that we have more presents in store for u! Just come and get them
Oct 17, 19:45AllaCherryShock To Mizery : are you alive too?
Oct 17, 19:45Unexisted To satellite : From Unexistance
Oct 17, 19:45OlgaOh, yes :))
Oct 17, 19:45MattiasThey Do It is definitly a low-budget video. The next one...hmmm, I don't care about budgets. It's not a matter of money.
Oct 17, 19:45Oleg To Mattias : Perhaps, you have some plans in future?
Oct 17, 19:46BagiraBTW, Mattias, my friend could not come as she is a little bit ill. Will you send her your regards?
Oct 17, 19:46AllaCherryShockone guy can't see me! sad again!
Oct 17, 19:46MattiasHahahaha Brute! Well, I'm still waiting for that Ferrari!
Oct 17, 19:46satellite To Mattias : Hey, I wonder if a song for the new single is chosen yet?
Oct 17, 19:46MattiasChery, we seee You!
Oct 17, 19:46Annette To Mattias : What was the last movie you have seen?
Oct 17, 19:46Mizery To Mattias : Mattias, how do you find the northern places - snow, ice, wind.... Do you like it?
Oct 17, 19:47MattiasNot yet satellite. We are still promoting They Do It. What, are You bored of it already;-)?
Oct 17, 19:47satellite To Brute : Hi my friend
Oct 17, 19:47Yulia To Mattias : What's the last movie You've seen?
Oct 17, 19:47MattiasI love it Mizery!
Oct 17, 19:47Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : may be and may be not
Oct 17, 19:47OlgaTo Mattias: do you have a girlfriend?
Oct 17, 19:47Annette To Mattias : They do it is great!
Oct 17, 19:47satellite To Mattias : Oh no, not at all! Lol... It's just that I'm too much fond of the title song! ;-))
Oct 17, 19:47KatinkAMattias, do you believe that some dreams are meaningful?
Oct 17, 19:47ShadowTo Mattias: Concerning your paintings. That one is great. But it's too little to understand you as a painter. Please, send more to Nika or place them on the official site.
Oct 17, 19:48MattiasHmmm, the last movie was a french movie about a beast. Hmmm, can't recall the title. I saw 5 movies this week-end;-)
Oct 17, 19:48Mizery To Mattias : yes? really? fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:48AllaCherryShock To Mattias : once I was asked wht girls do You like? Blond or dark haired, but i don't know! So...
Oct 17, 19:48MattiasMaybe some day Shadow.
Oct 17, 19:48MattiasWell, I don't choose based on haircolour.
Oct 17, 19:48MattiasI don't choose. Love comes by sometimes.
Oct 17, 19:48AlternativaOu im sorry!!! Mattias Do u love Linkin Park or Evanescence?
Oct 17, 19:48Natashahello, Mattias!!!!!!
Oct 17, 19:49ShadowI'll be waiting! :-)
Oct 17, 19:49satellite To Shadow : Nice to see you, Shadow :)
Oct 17, 19:49AllaCherryShock To Mattias : Olga want to know!
Oct 17, 19:49Mizery To AllaCherryShock : i'm alive, cause Mattias is here! If he will go, i will die!
Oct 17, 19:49Bagira***GONE***
Oct 17, 19:49Brute(EV/OLUTION) To satellite : It's Better later than never ;-) BTW, there are some topics to disscuss with you, how about next weekend?
Oct 17, 19:49MattiasNO Mizery! I promise You will live;-)
Oct 17, 19:49AllaCherryShock To Mattias : then based on what?
Oct 17, 19:49Unexisted To Bagira : Bye bye
Oct 17, 19:49OlgaGive my regards to Anders :) He is a great composer
Oct 17, 19:49lenaWhen can i see <They do it >on MTV RUs !!!????
Oct 17, 19:49satellite To Brute(EV/OLUTION) : You've got my number. Talk to me anytime
Oct 17, 19:50KatinkAMattias, do you believe that some dreams are meaningful?
Oct 17, 19:50MattiasNext week-nd?
Oct 17, 19:50BagiraMaybe I'll read the script of the chat later and now I should go back to my translation.
Oct 17, 19:50Mizery To Bagira : no!
Oct 17, 19:50Bagiraeh, Mizery???
Oct 17, 19:50AllaCherryShock To Mizery : Oh, you shouldn't! He
Oct 17, 19:50MattiasThank You Olga. Yes he is! He has lots of heart!
Oct 17, 19:50ShadowSat, I'm happy to see you too. Make a call to me after chat.
Oct 17, 19:50AllaCherryShockwill come back
Oct 17, 19:50Mizery To Mattias : thanx! i love you!
Oct 17, 19:51satellite To Shadow : I'm at Ura's. Maybe later tonight, ok?
Oct 17, 19:51MattiasHrmmm, I get disconnected all the time
Oct 17, 19:51BagiraUnexisted: was really nice to meet ya. Hey, it seems to me, I know you. ;-)
Oct 17, 19:51Brute(EV/OLUTION) To Mattias : Would you like to join us?
Oct 17, 19:51Mizery To Bagira : yes....
Oct 17, 19:51~Power~ To Unexisted : talk to me
Oct 17, 19:51Bagiralol
Oct 17, 19:51satellite To Mattias : Any tour plans made yet?
Oct 17, 19:51AllaCherryShock To AllaCherryShock : what? and what about me?
Oct 17, 19:51Mizery To AllaCherryShock : thank you!
Oct 17, 19:51~Power~ To Unexisted : I m soo lonely!
Oct 17, 19:51MattiasI wouldn't want to disturb;-)
Oct 17, 19:51BagiraOkay, I am gone.
Oct 17, 19:51AllaCherryShockwho loves me? I don't know!
Oct 17, 19:52MattiasNo satellite. Not right now
Oct 17, 19:52Unexisted To ~Power~ : Oh a thought about You has crossed my mind two minutes ago
Oct 17, 19:52satellite To Mattias : I'm afraid we're way too much far away ;-))
Oct 17, 19:52lena What will you do after Chat??
Oct 17, 19:52MattiasWe all love You Cherry!
Oct 17, 19:52Mizery To Bagira : Why do you leave us?
Oct 17, 19:52BagiraPower: don't be, please. We all are
Oct 17, 19:52Unexisted To ~Power~ : I'm always with You!!! You know that
Oct 17, 19:52AllaCherryShock To Mizery : then I'll die with You!
Oct 17, 19:52satellite To Mattias : Well, keep in mind that we're always eager to see you here in Kiev! We missed you!!!
Oct 17, 19:52Annette To Mattias : Not only Swedish Internet is terrible!
Oct 17, 19:52~Power~ To Unexisted : I know.
Oct 17, 19:52AllaCherryShock To Mattias : And everybody loves YOU
Oct 17, 19:53MattiasSo my friends! My dear, dear friends! I havve to go! Making a salad. Hungry now! Have a great evening
Oct 17, 19:53Unexisted To Unexisted : We'll talk about Your performance tomorrow?
Oct 17, 19:53Bagirabyyeeeeeeeeeeee, have a nice chat while Mattias lets ya.
Oct 17, 19:53Mizery To AllaCherryShock : dying together-no, Mattias will be sad! Really, Mattias?
Oct 17, 19:53Mattiasand I will see You online or live soon again!!!
Oct 17, 19:53NatashaWhat Lionel's health?
Oct 17, 19:53Valenok To Mattias : Have you already write something for the next album(after this one)? Don't you wanna make Culture Of Night-3?
Oct 17, 19:53Mizery To Bagira : ....
Oct 17, 19:53Yulia To AllaCherryShock : Indeed!!! :-)))
Oct 17, 19:53Unexisted To ~Power~ : That was for You
Oct 17, 19:53~Power~ To Mattias : have a good dinner!
Oct 17, 19:53AllaCherryShock To Mattias : bon apetite! Friend!
Oct 17, 19:53MattiasLove You all!!!!! Big hugs!