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Dec 23, 15:56View profileMattiasHi Everybody!
Dec 23, 15:56View profileUnexistedMattias, good evening!
Dec 23, 15:56View profilejurgenTo Ksusha:Hello(reminds me of a beautiful Cue-song)
Dec 23, 15:56View profileMattiasI'm here now! A few minutes early but anyways;-)
Dec 23, 15:57View profileMattiasWow, there's 13 of us I hink!
Dec 23, 15:57View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How are You?
Dec 23, 15:57View profileIreneTo Mattias: Hi Mattias! Merry Christmas!
Dec 23, 15:57View profileMattiasthink that is!
Dec 23, 15:57View profile~Power~To jurgen: Alcazar is something special and very
Dec 23, 15:57View profilejurgenhello,i guess you are never too early
Dec 23, 15:57View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Hi, dear Mattias! How are you? On your concert in Saratov I was exalted and after it I've become one of your greatest fan!
Dec 23, 15:57View profileMattiasHi Ksusha! Life is...well, it's christmas isn't it!:-)
Dec 23, 15:57View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: helloooo!!!
Dec 23, 15:58Stranger-7156Hi everebody!!!!
Dec 23, 15:58View profileMattiasHi Lifeline! Oh, I still remember Saratov with much love! It was an amazing evening!
Dec 23, 15:58View profileMattiasSo, who is here??
Dec 23, 15:58View profilejurgenTo Stranger-7156:hello
Dec 23, 15:59View profileMattiasHello Jurgen! Where are You from?
Dec 23, 15:59View profileYuliaTo Mattias: I'm here!!! :-)))
Dec 23, 15:59View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias:I'm here!!!
Dec 23, 15:59View profileMattiasAnd Power, hello!!!
Dec 23, 15:59View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Will you performe in Saratov one more time? It might be the best day in my life!
Dec 23, 15:59View profileLionTo Mattias Hi! Today I bought your album. It's something fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 15:59View profileMattiasHey Alla!
Dec 23, 15:59Stranger-7211.
Dec 23, 15:59View profileLionTo Mattias Hi! Today I bought your album. It's something fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 15:59View profileMattiasThanx Lion! We are very proud of it!
Dec 23, 15:59View profilejurgenTo Mattias:i am from Holland,exactly the middle called Amersfoort,still Vacuumless
Dec 23, 15:59View profileMattiasNo, Power! You shouldn't!
Dec 23, 16:00View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:The booklet of the album is in black and white. Why did You choose these colors? You said once that the musical mood of the new album could be expressed in black and red colors.
Dec 23, 16:00View profileTo Mattias: Hello smile
Dec 23, 16:00View profileValenokTo Mattias: Hi, Mattias! How are you? 2 weeks ago I've got the album and it's SUPER!!!
Dec 23, 16:00View profileMattiasAhhhh, well Jurgen, lets hope we can change that in the new year.
Dec 23, 16:00View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: happy to hear my name from You!!! grin
Dec 23, 16:00View profileToaddy!!! Hello Mattias! Hello Teddy, Unexisted and Everybody!!!
Dec 23, 16:00View profilejurgenTo Mattias:You MUST change!But it must be weird because your album is shocking good
Dec 23, 16:00View profileLionTo Mattias Your voice have cange but it's still beautifull and strong
Dec 23, 16:01Stranger-7590Hello, Mattias. How are you doing? smile
Dec 23, 16:01View profileMattiasHmmmm, did I get disconnected?
Dec 23, 16:01Stranger-7156My name is Zhenya am frjm Siberia
Dec 23, 16:01View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Are You going somewhere for holidays?
Dec 23, 16:01View profileMattiasHmmm, I got disconnected
Dec 23, 16:01View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: oh yes!!! me too! very often!
Dec 23, 16:02View profileMattiasI'm so sorry, I keep getting disconnected
Dec 23, 16:02View profileMattiasI think it's a bad interetline!
Dec 23, 16:02View profileValenokTo Mattias:Siberia is still waiting for you. Our bears cries all the time missing you. unhappy
Dec 23, 16:02View profileKsushaMattias, do you have plans about concerts in Russia?
Dec 23, 16:02View profileMattiasIf I miss some questions just ask them again!
Dec 23, 16:02View profileLionTo Mattias What are you doing now? when your album relising
Dec 23, 16:02View profileToaddyMerry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!
Dec 23, 16:03View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:The booklet of the album is in black and white. Why did You choose these colors? You said once that the musical mood of the new album could be expressed in black and red colors.
Dec 23, 16:03View profileTeddyTo Toaddy: Hello from CooLLeR=) (it's I)
Dec 23, 16:03View profileMattiasHehehehe, I would love to go to Siberia! Actually there has been plans many times but thy never came o truition.
Dec 23, 16:03View profileYuliaTo Mattias:Are You going somewhere for holidays?
Dec 23, 16:03View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Will you performe in Saratov one more time? It might be the best day in my life!
Dec 23, 16:03View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: where are you going to spend holidays?
Dec 23, 16:03View profileMattiasSo, about the booklet. Black and white was the natural choice.
Dec 23, 16:03View profileIreneTo Mattias: why I sliced from video-report about concerto in Saratov? ;)
Dec 23, 16:04View profileMattiasRight now I'm in the very south of Sweden spending christmas as we havee i on the 24th i.e tomorrow.
Dec 23, 16:04View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: i used to live in Suberia! i was born there!
Dec 23, 16:04View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:What is Your favourite classical composer and musical composition? What do You think about Bethoveens Moon Sonate?
Dec 23, 16:04View profileLifelineTo Irene: do you remember the concert in Saratov?
Dec 23, 16:05View profileMattiasI don't understand Irene.
Dec 23, 16:05View profileIreneTo Lifeline:certainly
Dec 23, 16:05View profileYuliaTo Mattias: How's Your sister?
Dec 23, 16:05View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How is Your father and sister doing on? Will You come to visit them? Please, give them our Christmas greetings!
Dec 23, 16:05View profileIreneTo Mattias: i'm sorry
Dec 23, 16:05View profileMattiasIt's such a bad line
Dec 23, 16:05View profileMattiasI am at my sisters house right now
Dec 23, 16:06View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: what does those words in your messenger mean?
Dec 23, 16:06View profileTo Mattias:What do you think of idea to open a museum Vacuum?
Dec 23, 16:06View profileMattiasTell me again Irene
Dec 23, 16:06View profileLionTo Mattias: Have you ever think about acoustic versions of all songs/ I think it will be very interesting for fans
Dec 23, 16:06View profileMattiasMy messanger?
Dec 23, 16:06View profileAnnetteHi everybody! Hi Mattias!!!
Dec 23, 16:06View profileIreneTo Mattias: why I was cut from video-report about concert in Saratov?
Dec 23, 16:06View profileMattiasWell, that's something we try to do live Lion.
Dec 23, 16:06View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Say Hi to her from all of us! :-)
Dec 23, 16:06View profileMattiasWhere You cut???
Dec 23, 16:07View profileMattiasI will Yulia
Dec 23, 16:07Stranger-7885Hello, Mattias! Hello to everybody I'm Olga. How are you?
Dec 23, 16:07View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: MSN i meant
Dec 23, 16:07View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:7How is Julie, what is she up to now?
Dec 23, 16:07View profileMattiasOK Alla. It just means that it's christmas time
Dec 23, 16:07View profileAllaCherryBTW sorry for disturbing you there
Dec 23, 16:07View profileAnnetteThis new version of chat is so difficult!
Dec 23, 16:07View profileMattiasYes Power
Dec 23, 16:07View profileMattiasNow I do
Dec 23, 16:07View profileIreneTo Mattias: excuse me for bad english
Dec 23, 16:07View profileLegolasHello to everyone as well
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasYou know, about msn, sometimes I answer and sometimes I don't. I have toooo many people on the msn.
Dec 23, 16:08View profileValenokMattias, in last chat I forgot to tell you that I'm very thankful ...
Dec 23, 16:08View profileValenokfor all kind words that you wrote about Singing Fans Show.
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasI usually just use if for work and friends I rarely see
Dec 23, 16:08View profilejurgeni wa sdisconnected,so if someone was talking to me,try again
Dec 23, 16:08View profileYuliaTo Mattias: :-))) I wonder what's Your favourite Christmas greeting?
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasIt was an amazing competition
Dec 23, 16:08View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: anyway don't be angry with me...
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasI am always very flattered when people do things like that
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasGreat idea NIka!
Dec 23, 16:08View profileMattiasOf course I am not angry!
Dec 23, 16:09View profileAnnetteNew Album is unbelieveable!!! I"m in the heaven when I listen to it!
Dec 23, 16:09View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Do You produce the other bands on the label SubSpace (like S.P.O.C.K for example)?
Dec 23, 16:09View profileKsushaTo Mattias:Then are you invite Saint-Peterburg?
Dec 23, 16:09View profileMattiasThank You Anette!
Dec 23, 16:09View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: happy thanx! i see you're in a good mood!
Dec 23, 16:09View profileValenokThese words mean much for me. I will keep them in my heart always.
Dec 23, 16:09View profileAnnaPrivet! Thats Impossible!I dont know how could have happend!
Dec 23, 16:10View profileTeddyTo Mattias: What the most unexpected present has been given to you on this holiday?
Dec 23, 16:10View profilejurgenTo Mattias:Is there someone on the net a list of productions you made besides Vacuum!
Dec 23, 16:10View profileLifelineTo Mattias:There's one song that makes me a little crazy. It's "Mind your mind". The most beautiful song that I ever heard. The most affecting. Can you say some words about it?
Dec 23, 16:10View profileMattiasYou know unexisted! I want to produce the next SPOCK single but that is because they are good friends of mine
Dec 23, 16:10View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: Marry Christmas to your family!
Dec 23, 16:10View profileAnnaI am sorry !I am late!
Dec 23, 16:10View profileMattiasBut not other artists on SubSpace
Dec 23, 16:10View profileMattiasThank You Alla
Dec 23, 16:10View profileMattiasThen You should try it Power
Dec 23, 16:10View profileMattiasIt's OK Anna! Where are You then?
Dec 23, 16:11View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Vacuum has performed new: sound, musical instruments, vocals, design, image, record company, lyrics style. But it still feels Vacuum. What has been the cornerstone of the band during
Dec 23, 16:11View profileUnexistedall its history
Dec 23, 16:11View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Do you believe in magic? Have you ever had some unusual events or feelings?
Dec 23, 16:11View profileShadowHi Mattias and Hi everybody!
Dec 23, 16:11View profileMattiasWell, there are 2 cornerstones in 2 different ways.
Dec 23, 16:11View profileMattiasThe first two are me ad Wollbeck
Dec 23, 16:12View profileAnnetteTo Shadow:Hi!
Dec 23, 16:12View profilejurgenTo Shadow:hello
Dec 23, 16:12View profileShadowSo nice to see Nika here at last grin grin
Dec 23, 16:12View profileMattiasThe other two are heart and honesty towards music
Dec 23, 16:12View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: my mother liked YWLILUTT very much!
Dec 23, 16:12View profileMattiasYES NIKA! The genious!
Dec 23, 16:12View profileMattiasThat's great Alla! Be nnice to Your mother! Mothers are the best!
Dec 23, 16:12View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:What is Your favourite classical composer and musical composition? What do You think about Bethoveens Moon Sonate?
Dec 23, 16:12View profileNikaoops!
Dec 23, 16:13View profileMattiasHehehehe! Don't be shy Nika!
Dec 23, 16:13View profileLionTo Mattias: Unfortunatly I have an exem tomorroy, so I want to say to you Merry Christmas and a Harry New Year! Hope, the next year will bring you luck and happiness.
Dec 23, 16:13View profileMattiasSo people, tell me what You are doing on christmas!
Dec 23, 16:13View profileAnnaCool music in thes club now.Do you like drum n bass?
Dec 23, 16:13View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: i'm listening for it right now!
Dec 23, 16:14View profilejurgenTo Nika:hello,i am sorry that i did not write you.I have found that Vacuumpictures from Russia...i wil send it to you in 2005
Dec 23, 16:14View profileLegolasOnly one question to Mattias. Once i've ask it on the What about singing in Swedish? Just thougth it would sound interesting.
Dec 23, 16:14View profileMattiasThank You Lion and havve a great exam! I will send all my well-wishes!!!
Dec 23, 16:14View profileYuliaI have a session now. Instead preparing for exams I'm siting here and feel happy! :-)))
Dec 23, 16:14View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Christmas is about spending time in Family with close ones smile
Dec 23, 16:14View profileMattiasSort of Anna! I like th new Chemical Brothers
Dec 23, 16:14View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:we'll celebrate it two weeks later
Dec 23, 16:14View profileAnnaI want to dance now!Real djs.
Dec 23, 16:14View profileNikaTo jurgen: Thank you, Jurgen, I will wait for you and pictures
Dec 23, 16:15View profileIreneTo Mattias: do you remember mcDonalds in Saratov? I stand there near by you!
Dec 23, 16:15View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: hey! i'm going to Moscow for my vocation in Jenuary!
Dec 23, 16:15View profileAnnaBut drum n bass?
Dec 23, 16:15View profileMattiasWell Legolas! It's not something I have planed. Maybe one day. I just feel more free expressing myself in english.
Dec 23, 16:15View profileShadowOn Christmas... Yeah! We here will be preparing to Re-Voting! If you know what I'm talking about...
Dec 23, 16:15View profileMattiasYes I know Anette. But how?
Dec 23, 16:15View profileLifelineTo Mattias: Do you know the band A-ha? What do you think about their music?
Dec 23, 16:16View profileMattiasYES IRENE! I do remember it! It was amazing! I remember my manager told me not to go in.
Dec 23, 16:16View profileMattiasI said, of course I can go in and buy a hamburger.
Dec 23, 16:16View profileMattiasIt was chaos but very much love!
Dec 23, 16:16View profileMattiasIt made me very happy!
Dec 23, 16:16View profileKsushaVery intresting duets in new albom. Do you have plans another duets?
Dec 23, 16:16View profilejurgenTo Mattias:i was planning to help the poor homeless,but the organisation involved need someone who helps children who will dye shortly,so i am talking about it and starts hopefully very soon.
Dec 23, 16:16View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: we'll be dancing on the street around the New Year Tree
Dec 23, 16:16View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How is Julie, what is she up to now?
Dec 23, 16:16View profileMattiasI love A-ha! They are one of my absolute favorite bands. Morten is a genious and so are the two other guys.
Dec 23, 16:17View profileLifelineTo Mattias: You remember Saratov so well! It's colossaly!
Dec 23, 16:17View profileLegolasto Mattias: Well may be. But... you're swedish, so swedish is your home language. Well that's a pitty it is out of your plans, but let us see, i hope so smile
Dec 23, 16:17View profileLifelineTo Mattias: smile
Dec 23, 16:17View profileMattiasWell, Julie has just released a new album. Me and Anders has written one song for her. It just went gold. Check out
Dec 23, 16:17View profileValenokMattias, it would be interesting to know your opinion about all of these TV-shows where young talanted people perform with big stars and then become famous themselves. The name of yours is Popstars.
Dec 23, 16:17View profileMattiasI loved Saratov.
Dec 23, 16:17View profilejurgenTo Nika:I have had a very buzy year,and i have moved recently so that was the reason.Now i am trying to answer everyone back and that is a BIg thing
Dec 23, 16:17View profileMattiasIt was so cool. And Volga...Wow!
Dec 23, 16:17View profileTeddyTo Mattias:What do you want to see in ?
Dec 23, 16:17View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:I'll spend it with my boyfriend and I'll listen your new album with him. I hope he'll enjoy it!
Dec 23, 16:18View profileValenokWhat is your opinion about them?
Dec 23, 16:18View profileMattiasAhhhh, PopIdol!
Dec 23, 16:18View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Her new album is my favourite one! So romantic songs!
Dec 23, 16:18View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: i live on Volga too!
Dec 23, 16:18View profileLifelineTo Mattias: Don't you want to live in Saratov?
Dec 23, 16:18View profileMattiasI wrote the single for the winner of pop-stars in Germany and right now me and Wollbeck are having a big hit in Switzerland with a popstar winner called Baschi
Dec 23, 16:19View's good for Mattias:-)
Dec 23, 16:19View profileShadowJulie's first album is Great. Your songs for her are amazing! But the second album is not of my taste at all. Unfortunately.
Dec 23, 16:19View profileMattiasIn general I don't like those shows. Mainly because they don't promote individuality.
Dec 23, 16:19View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How would You say Life is a comedy or Life is a tragedy?
Dec 23, 16:19View profileIreneTo Lifeline: grin
Dec 23, 16:19View profileYuliaMattias, what are You involved in now?
Dec 23, 16:19View profileAnnaMattias how are you going to celebrate Christmas?I cannt choose nightclub for New Year night.Its problem to find good music in Moscow>
Dec 23, 16:19View profileMattiasThe second album is not so good no. We were really disapointed. We didn't get to produce our song...:-(
Dec 23, 16:20View profileMattiasLife is a comic tragedy!
Dec 23, 16:20View profileMattiasI'm spending christmas here at my sisters house.
Dec 23, 16:20View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Perfect combination cool
Dec 23, 16:20View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Do you know, that many people who heard your last album said that its style reminds a little style of A-ha. What can you say about it?
Dec 23, 16:20View profileYuliaTo Mattias Why??????!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:20View profileValenokTo Mattias:Did you like guys on our Stars Factory? What do swedish people think about it? Ours consider it as a bad taste.
Dec 23, 16:21View profileBruteHi all!!!!!!!!!!! grin grin
Dec 23, 16:21View profilejurgenTo Brute:hello
Dec 23, 16:21View profileMattiasWell lifeline, it would be difficult for me to live there because of communications and stuf. But lets say I left a piece of my heart there. Mainly because of the great people!
Dec 23, 16:21View profileAllaCherryTo Brute: HI! grin
Dec 23, 16:21View profileMattiasWould love to Power. Still waiting for an offer;-)
Dec 23, 16:21Stranger-8789Hello Mattias,hello to everyone.
Dec 23, 16:21View profileIreneTo Mattias: probably you has not turned your attention on me...
Dec 23, 16:21View profileMattiasIs brute here?
Dec 23, 16:21View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:In which movie and what character would You like to play if You had a chance?
Dec 23, 16:22View profileMattiasHey Stranger-8789
Dec 23, 16:22View profileShadowI think it's bad for Julie that you couldn't take much part in her creativity. You might make her brilliant grin
Dec 23, 16:22View profileMattiasWhat Irene????
Dec 23, 16:22View profileMattiasI agree Shadow!
Dec 23, 16:22View profileLegolasAnd another question. Do you know the auther Erlend Lou and if yes, what do you think about his books?
Dec 23, 16:22View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: Still riding your bycicle? even in winter?
Dec 23, 16:22View profileBruteTo Mattias: oops! Sorry, i'm late today...
Dec 23, 16:22View profileLegolasStranger-8789 smile
Dec 23, 16:22View profileZhenyaIn this night i'll not sleep!
Dec 23, 16:22View profileShadowBrutik! grin Hi, dear!
Dec 23, 16:23View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:It would be interesting to see some your old photos where you are a child or teenager... Could you show them on the site?(if it's not too personal oops! )
Dec 23, 16:23View profileBruteTo Shadow: grin How do you do?
Dec 23, 16:23View profileMattiasIf You like the song Home You will be glad to hear that it has been recorded by the french/canadian artist Marilou. She is amazing. Only 14 years old and part of the Celine Dion camp. Release: Early 2
Dec 23, 16:23View profileMattias005
Dec 23, 16:23View profileUnexistedTo Annette:Is there any information on V/ touring in 2005? Which countries (You havent been to yet) would You like to visit with a concert?
Dec 23, 16:23View profileKsushaMattias, what countres you plans visit in next year?
Dec 23, 16:23View profileLifelineTo Mattias: I have no words... You concert was magnificient and now you say these affecting words...
Dec 23, 16:23View profileMattiasWell Anette. I don' have any on the computer actually. Also, it's a bit privete;-)
Dec 23, 16:24View profileMattiasI will check Power. Later ok?
Dec 23, 16:24View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Agree with Annette!!!
Dec 23, 16:24View profilejurgenGreat question,hopefully Mattias gave THE RIGHT ANSWER for us haha
Dec 23, 16:24View profileShadowTo Brute:as always (unfortunately) Rest in private. Sorry people...
Dec 23, 16:24View profileMattiasThank You Lifeline
Dec 23, 16:24View profileAnnetteTo Brute:Hi!
Dec 23, 16:24View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Do You believe in miracles? Or everything mysterious that cant be fully understood happen by a chance?
Dec 23, 16:24View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: bycicle rider!
Dec 23, 16:24Stranger-8789Mattias, do you have skype - program?
Dec 23, 16:25View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Have You seen "Shall We Dance"?
Dec 23, 16:25View profileMattiasWell, 2005 will be very exciting for us. First of all there will be a release of the album in Italy. So we are very excited about that. Also other countries like Greece, Australia and Poland.
Dec 23, 16:25View profileMattiasThey are all new countries for Vacuum
Dec 23, 16:25View profileValenokTo Mattias:I've got a serious sickness - I'm constantly hungry for the singing after Singing Fans Show. Please, prescribe me some medicine, because I want to sing even at night when everybody's
Dec 23, 16:25View profileValenoksleeping.
Dec 23, 16:25View profileMattiasWe are planning some touring in Russia and Ukraine
Dec 23, 16:26View profileMattiasBut I have no dates as ususal:-(
Dec 23, 16:26View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Really? grin
Dec 23, 16:26View profileLifelineTo Mattias:oh, please, come to Saratov again!!!
Dec 23, 16:26View profileMattiasHehehe, that's a nice illnes Valenok!
Dec 23, 16:26View profileShadowTo Valenok: grin grin grin
Dec 23, 16:26View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:What about Kiev???
Dec 23, 16:26View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: common! come to Samara! cheerful
Dec 23, 16:26View profileMattiasI would LOVE to Lifeline!
Dec 23, 16:26View profileMattiasSome day!
Dec 23, 16:27View profileMattiasSamara would be cool as well but as You understand it's all about the bookings of the shows and I am terrible at busines:-)
Dec 23, 16:27View profilejurgenTo Mattias:What is your biggest musical wish?
Dec 23, 16:27View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: sooner the better! happy
Dec 23, 16:27View profileYuliaTo Mattias:I'd say, touring Ukraine is quite dangerous now!
Dec 23, 16:27View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Do You wear any amulets? Like a ring, a christ, a bracelet Do You believe in Symbols power over a human?
Dec 23, 16:27View profileMattiasHow do You mean Anna?
Dec 23, 16:28View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: You are welcome here!
Dec 23, 16:28View profileMattiasI used to Unexisted! I used to. Weird...I don't anymore. Except for one thing I carry whn I travel. Its a small plastic golden pig I got from my mother.
Dec 23, 16:28View profileMattiasThank You Alla!
Dec 23, 16:28View profileLifelineTo Mattias:What music means for you? Is it a reason for life? Is it something more?
Dec 23, 16:29View profileMattiasWell, I must say In The Dirt. Why? Because it's extremely personal.
Dec 23, 16:29View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Which three things would You take to the unihabited island that You cant live withought? grin
Dec 23, 16:29View profileMattiasI wn't Power! I never forget anything;-) NOT
Dec 23, 16:29View profileAnnetteTo Mattias: But if you would receive amulet as a present would you wear it?
Dec 23, 16:29View profileMattiasWell Unexisted...hmmmmm, my i-pod, coffee and love!
Dec 23, 16:30View profileMattiasIf I liked it Annette!
Dec 23, 16:30View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Wow! Great answer
Dec 23, 16:30View profileMattiasThank You Power
Dec 23, 16:30Stranger-8789Please, give some concert in Moscow.We will wait you here.
Dec 23, 16:30View profileBruteMattias, Im very sorry but were having some problems with radio stations and spreading They Do It Weve had a conversation with radio STOLICA (Capital) They liked it, but it isnt their format
Dec 23, 16:30View profileAnnaI dont understand,are you OK now?I am laughing like I am crazy
Dec 23, 16:30View profileMattiasI will next year! That's a promise! I hope You understand though that it's not up to me.
Dec 23, 16:31View profileLegolasIn the Dirt - really strong song. It's remind me The cranberies once. But may be the meaning is different
Dec 23, 16:31View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How is Anders? What is he up to now? Please, give him our Christmas greetings!
Dec 23, 16:31View profileBrutetheir format of music. We are planning to give them an entire album, when itll be released in Ukraine. Radio GALA, sayed that they will receive it from New York later. And radio Kiss FM is waiting fo
Dec 23, 16:31View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: haha....even my mother forget how i look like without my mp3-player!
Dec 23, 16:31View profileMattiasThey Do It is a difficult song for radio. But I don't care. I love the song and as long as vacuum-people like it, I'm good!
Dec 23, 16:31View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:I love In The Dirt very much! Amazing song. Listened it recently
Dec 23, 16:31View profileBrutefor the CD, I hope this weekend well deliver it to them ( Kiss FM is dance radio)
Dec 23, 16:31View profileAnna -
Dec 23, 16:31View profileMattiasBut thanx for the help Brute!
Dec 23, 16:32View profileMattiasCool Alla!
Dec 23, 16:32View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: i haven't receved my present yet... unhappy unhappy unhappy
Dec 23, 16:32View profileMattiasAnna???
Dec 23, 16:32View profileAnnetteTo Anna: ...
Dec 23, 16:32View profileMattiasWhat present Alla???
Dec 23, 16:32View profileMattiasThanx Annette!
Dec 23, 16:32View profileAllaCherryTo Anna: , - ? laughing
Dec 23, 16:32View profileValenokWill you choose next single as a better one for radios? Or you satisfied of popularity of Fools and The Do It?
Dec 23, 16:32View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:If You had a chance to travel to the past which country/epoch would You choose to live in just for a while?
Dec 23, 16:33View profileAnnaSorry!!!!!!Sorry!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:33View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: single....i won it... hmm
Dec 23, 16:33View profilejurgenTo AllaCherry:Are you talking about that compatition of Vacuumpeople?I also do not have had the price.I have mailed twice but i am still waiting
Dec 23, 16:33View profileShadowTo Mattias:Duets... Your duets are excellent! And what about more? How do you like BitterSweet by ApocalypticaVilleValo&Lauri? There's lack of your Voice grin
Dec 23, 16:33View profileMattiasYou know Valenok. We always choose the songs we like. We don't ask radio. If radio likes it then it's great but we have to be happy first!
Dec 23, 16:33View profileLifelineTo Mattias:My friend Irene feels bad now, so she pleased me to ask you some culinary prescription. She will be better if you'll right it! smile smile
Dec 23, 16:33View profileAnnaBut what about DRUM N BASS????????????
Dec 23, 16:34View profileYuliaTo Mattias: smile
Dec 23, 16:34View profileAllaCherryTo Anna: laughing
Dec 23, 16:34View profileMattiasLast week I went up to the recordcompany in person and I saw them put all the records in the mail!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:34View profileShadowTo Valenok:I'm happy to see you too. Will write to you soon grin I promise.
Dec 23, 16:34View profileMattiasI saw it in person so You should recieve it any day!
Dec 23, 16:34View profileMattiasI signes all of them as well.!
Dec 23, 16:34View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: Hurray! grin laughing smile
Dec 23, 16:35View profileMattiasYes Anna, what about d&B????
Dec 23, 16:35View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:What would be the most precious gift received by You on the Earth? blink
Dec 23, 16:35View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: thanx!thanx!thanx!!! kissing
Dec 23, 16:35View profileAnna , !
Dec 23, 16:35View profilejurgenTo Alla/Mattias:Great that i hear this news in this way,because i was really afraid it was stole...because everyone wants it!!HAHA
Dec 23, 16:35View profileMattiasSKsusha, maybe one day. But we hav 2 on the album and that's quite enough!
Dec 23, 16:35View profileShadowTo Nika:I don't know how to read privates here. Tell me, please.
Dec 23, 16:35Stranger-8789Mattias, will you sing a song in your mother language?
Dec 23, 16:36View profileMattiasOhhh, Unexisted, I don't know. Maybe my god-daughter?
Dec 23, 16:36View profileMattiasShe is SCREAMING right now downstairs. She is angry!
Dec 23, 16:36View profileAnnetteTo Anna:It's good, but let's write in English
Dec 23, 16:36View profileAllaCherryTo Anna: ...
Dec 23, 16:36View profileYuliasomething strange is going on with this chat!
Dec 23, 16:36View profileMattiasNo Jurgen! This time I saw thm put it in the mail!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:36View profilejurgenTo Annette:or in dutch?I guess i can do it the best
Dec 23, 16:37View profileAnnaDont you know Drum n bass?Dont you listen to HARDCORE?
Dec 23, 16:37View profileBruteTo Mattias: What are your NY plans?
Dec 23, 16:37View profileMattiasWell, stranger-8789. Maybe some day. But not in the near future. I would never close that door though!
Dec 23, 16:37View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Do You believe in miracles? Or everything mysterious that cant be fully understood happen by a chance?
Dec 23, 16:37View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: love kids? it's time for you to have your own, don't you think? happy
Dec 23, 16:37View profileMattiasWell Brute, I don't know actually. I have been invited som a couple of parties but maybe, just maybe this year I need to sit and take it easy and contemplate on the last years events.
Dec 23, 16:38View profileMattiasWell Alla, I love kids.
Dec 23, 16:38View profilejurgenTo Mattias:Really great!Are you satisfied if i frame it next to alcazar signed receords...or do you know a better place:-)
Dec 23, 16:38View profileLifelineTo Mattias:have you read my last question?
Dec 23, 16:38View profileMattiasI wish for miracles every day. I I believe in them...I don't know!
Dec 23, 16:38View profileMattiasAsk again Lifeline!
Dec 23, 16:39View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:And in my life miracle happen almost every day! Like Vacuum for example grin
Dec 23, 16:39View profileMattiasPower: Yes, of course. Some thing are hard but I can't change them so I don't think about them so much. I try to stay in the Now. DIFICULT!
Dec 23, 16:39View profileYuliaTo Mattias:How's Lionel?
Dec 23, 16:39View profilejurgenTo Mattias:a perfect friendship is a miracle and i can tell you that excists so miracles excist believe me
Dec 23, 16:39View profileShadowTo Nika:And I can't read private from you to me. What should I do?
Dec 23, 16:39Stranger-8789Mattias, Do you have skype?
Dec 23, 16:39View profileTeddyTo Mattias:Hello! Hello!What do you want to see in ?
Dec 23, 16:39View profileLifelineTo Mattias:My friend Irene feels bad now, so she pleased me to ask you some culinary prescription. She will be better if you'll right it!
Dec 23, 16:39View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Have you ever had some unusual, strange "magic" events or feelings?
Dec 23, 16:39View profileValenokTo Mattias:What about your next video? Did you choose a song for it? How much of them you want to make for this album? What do you want them to be like? What is your favourite video ever?
Dec 23, 16:40View profileMattiasMaybe that is it Unexisted. Maybe I am part of a miracle. Maybe we all are in here! Lets decide so!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:40View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:We do! smile
Dec 23, 16:40View profileMattiasThe next video will probably be The Void. But we haveen't decided yet. We have a great idea for a video though.
Dec 23, 16:41View profileMattiasYes Power. That's the way it works!
Dec 23, 16:41View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:How about the Video for "Temporary Solution"? This is the best song ever!
Dec 23, 16:41View profileMIRRAdu you have girlfreind now?
Dec 23, 16:41View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: and what about In The Dirt? I just LOVE it!!! happy
Dec 23, 16:41View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:You are a miracle! Without any doubt
Dec 23, 16:41View profileMattiasIt's to hard to make a video for that personal
Dec 23, 16:41View profileMattiasThank You Anette!
Dec 23, 16:41View profileShadowTo Mattias:It would be cool video for SomethingEvil...
Dec 23, 16:41View profileAllaCherryTo MIRRA: direct question???? grin
Dec 23, 16:41View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Am I in ignore?!
Dec 23, 16:42View profileMattiasI would love to do a video for that one. I have a videoidea all ready for in the irt
Dec 23, 16:42View profileMattiasd
Dec 23, 16:42View profilejurgenTo Annette:it is a miracle that someone has that high lever singing quality,it is unbelievable
Dec 23, 16:42View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:I imagine this video somewhere in ancient Egypt grin
Dec 23, 16:42View profileMattiasNononono Yulia!!!!
Dec 23, 16:42View profileShadowAnd for InTheDirt (I see it inside)...
Dec 23, 16:42View profileLifelineMattias!!.. =(
Dec 23, 16:42View profileMattiasHahahahahahaha! Unexisted! K had an idea about a caravan in Egypt!!!
Dec 23, 16:42View profileAllaCherryTo Shadow: yeah!!! me too!
Dec 23, 16:43View profileBruteTo Mattias: Album isn't for the Ukrainian masses yet, but all those people who have heard new album are very surprised and all are admiring by it.
Dec 23, 16:43View profileMattiasWhy are You sad Lifeline?
Dec 23, 16:43View profileTeddyTo Mattias:Am I in ignore too?!:)
Dec 23, 16:43View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Well, Your music of that song tells it all smile
Dec 23, 16:43View profileMattiasUkraine is busy right now with politics! But it's all for good right????
Dec 23, 16:43View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: do you have a nephew ?
Dec 23, 16:43View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Thank's God! So, how's Lionel?
Dec 23, 16:43View profileMattiasI follow thee politics in Ukraine closely!
Dec 23, 16:43View profileLifelineTo Mattias:you didn't answer me... =(
Dec 23, 16:44View profileMattiasLionel is ow an angel. He passed away. He was a very special friend of mie. I was very sad.
Dec 23, 16:44View profileShadowTo AllaCherry: grinVacuum fans are the most creative fans all over the world cool grin grin
Dec 23, 16:44View profileYuliaTo Mattias:And what do You think about the situation in Ukraine?
Dec 23, 16:44View profileMattiasYes Shadow!
Dec 23, 16:44View profileUnexistedTo Mattias: unhappy
Dec 23, 16:44View profileAllaCherryTo Lifeline: let's cry together! unhappy
Dec 23, 16:44View profileAnnetteTo Mattias: There was a topic on the forum...When the next album will be released. What do you think about it? You see, we are insatiable fans...:=))
Dec 23, 16:44View profileMattiasI don't see the quesion Lifeline!
Dec 23, 16:45View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Pity about Lionel!!!
Dec 23, 16:45Stranger-8789Mattias, your new album is very, very nice and it is deep. I like it . I listen it every day.
Dec 23, 16:45View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Are there things of which You never tire? grin
Dec 23, 16:45View profileBruteTo Mattias: speaking about the video, we also have few interesting ideas
Dec 23, 16:45View profileLifelineTo Mattias:oh, it's a bad connection...
Dec 23, 16:45View profileMattiasWell Yulia, far from me to haee an opinion but when people react on bad things as a collective, I think it's good
Dec 23, 16:45View profileAllaCherryTo Shadow: let's make the video for them! and let Mattias have a good rest!
Dec 23, 16:45View profileMattiasOK Lifeline
Dec 23, 16:46View profileShadowYes, Mattias! All what is going here now is for Good. You are right!
Dec 23, 16:46View profileMattiasThatnk You Stranger!!!
Dec 23, 16:46View profileValenokTo Mattias:We all are very sorry about Lionel!!! Do you want to get new pet-friend now? What would you want it to be?
Dec 23, 16:46View profileMattiasYes Power. I went to the doctor all th time but he was very sick.
Dec 23, 16:46View profileLifelineYou're a miracle confined...
Dec 23, 16:46View profileMattiasHe was very brave thogh the little thing.
Dec 23, 16:46View profileYuliaTo Mattias: It depends on what's good fot people!
Dec 23, 16:46Stranger-8789You are wellcome, dear Mattias!!!
Dec 23, 16:46View profileAnnaStrangechat ,You dont answer,miracle,miracle
Dec 23, 16:46View profileMattiasIn times like these it's important to have love for small creatures don't You think?
Dec 23, 16:46View profileShadowTo AllaCherry: grin OK! Let's try when I'll be free finally grin
Dec 23, 16:47View profileLifelineI sing now mind your mind. Let's sing together! smile
Dec 23, 16:47View profileMattiasYes Yulia!
Dec 23, 16:47View profileTeddyTo Mattias: unhappy Where are you? Why you don't answer?
Dec 23, 16:47View profileAlexTo Mattias: Hi Mattias!
Dec 23, 16:47View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: so sad about Lionel! unhappy
Dec 23, 16:47View profileMattiasHehehehe! One to kill your tiiiiiiiiiiime
Dec 23, 16:47View profileMattiaslaughing
Dec 23, 16:47View profileValenokTo Mattias:To have love for small creatures is good all the time.
Dec 23, 16:47View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:In which movie and what character would You like to play if You had a chance? cool
Dec 23, 16:47View profileMattiasYes Alla! Lionel was very cool! He didn't deserve to be sick
Dec 23, 16:47View profileLegolasSo many question. I know< Mattias, your eyes rolled around :-))) I loved the last alboum too, but first i was a little confused and may be... a little scared lost
Dec 23, 16:48View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:I'm so sorry about Lionel! My dog also died some times before so I understand you very well! unhappy
Dec 23, 16:48View profileBruteHow do you think, what are the main details of the New Vacuum Video?
Dec 23, 16:48View profileMIRRAMattias you dream in my head. I pray for you oops!
Dec 23, 16:48View profileMattiasWell Unexisted. I wuld make my own movie! I am actually, together with a friennd, working on a script.
Dec 23, 16:48View profileSofiaHello everybody! smile smile
Dec 23, 16:48View profileMattiasThank You MIRRA. I need it!
Dec 23, 16:48View profileLifelineTo Mattias:excellent!! smile
Dec 23, 16:48View profileMattiasHey Sofia!
Dec 23, 16:48View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: we love our pets! once i saved my cat's life!
Dec 23, 16:48View profileMattiasI don't know quite yet Brute.
Dec 23, 16:49View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Whould You like to have another animal?
Dec 23, 16:49View profileBruteTo Sofia: Hi there!
Dec 23, 16:49View profileAlexTo Mattias:Tell please something about song Sea Of Silense.Is it song about lonelyness?
Dec 23, 16:49View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Then looking forward to seeing the movie!
Dec 23, 16:49View profileLegolas...and what happened with Lionel? unhappy
Dec 23, 16:49View profileValenokTo Mattias: Do you go to movies now? Or you're too busy? Maybe you'll advise some film?
Dec 23, 16:49View profileMattiasPets are very important. They enhance our emotions.
Dec 23, 16:49View profileAnnaI want to invite you to our party bat you will not
Dec 23, 16:49View profileShadowTo AllaCherry:My cat saved my life once...
Dec 23, 16:49View profileAllaCherryTo Legolas:he's gone! unhappy
Dec 23, 16:50View profileAllaCherryTo Shadow: they love us as well!
Dec 23, 16:50View profileValenokTo Shadow:How?
Dec 23, 16:50View profileMattiasWell Valenok....I watch los of movies. Especially when I'm free. The last one I saw was Bridget Jones 2. I liked if. It made me feel good.
Dec 23, 16:50View profileIreneTo Mattias: do you like to cook?
Dec 23, 16:50View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Could You, please, reccomand some good literature that has made a positive influence on You? Itd be very interesting to get close to Your mental world.
Dec 23, 16:50View profileShadowTo Valenok:It's long story. Not for chat.
Dec 23, 16:50View profileYuliaTo Mattias: But their life is so sort! And it's so sad every time!
Dec 23, 16:50View profileMattiasIf I could, I would Ana!!!!;-)
Dec 23, 16:50View profileYuliasort=short
Dec 23, 16:51View profileMattiasYES Yulia! That's why I'm hesitant in getting another pet.
Dec 23, 16:51View profileMattiasBut I know I will, sooner or later!
Dec 23, 16:51View profileValenokTo Shadow:Ok, if you'll have time then, please, write me. It's very interesting
Dec 23, 16:51View profileAllaCherryTo Yulia: Syres Johns lived forever....
Dec 23, 16:51View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Bridget Jones is nice movie! What is the weather in the Stockholm?
Dec 23, 16:52View profileShadowTo Mattias:Mattias, you've missed my question about duets and BitterSweet... Can you tell just something? Sorry, if I'm too boring oops!
Dec 23, 16:52View profileMattiasGravedigger, when You dig my grave, will You make it shallow, so that I can feel the rain
Dec 23, 16:52View profileAlexTo Mattias:One of songs in the new album called Sea Of Silence. Why?Is it song about lonelyness?
Dec 23, 16:52View profileAllaCherryTo Shadow: hey! cheer up!
Dec 23, 16:52View profileAnnaWell, serious questions:where will you celebrate New Year? Will you go anywhere these holidays?
Dec 23, 16:52View profileYuliaTo Mattias: I don't have any pets since my parrot died.
Dec 23, 16:53View profileMattiasI'm not in Stockholm. I'm in a small village called Skanr
Dec 23, 16:53View profileShadowTo Valenok:I'll describe it in e-mail once. Or will tell you when you'll come to Kiev grin
Dec 23, 16:53View profileMIRRAYour sonds help me live. You my Angel!!!!!! cool
Dec 23, 16:53View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: the saddest verses i have ever heard!!!
Dec 23, 16:53View profileMattiasOhhhhh, a parrot. I love parrots. They found Churchills old parrot! It's still alive!
Dec 23, 16:53View profileLifelineTo Mattias:what is your favourite song from your last album?
Dec 23, 16:53View profileMattiasNo Alla! It's lyrics of hope I think. I love those lyrics!
Dec 23, 16:53View profileLegolasAbout pets... we have to use to they lives are much shorter than our ones
Dec 23, 16:54View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: this song made a great impression on me!!
Dec 23, 16:54View profileMattiasWell Lifeline, In the dirrt i think
Dec 23, 16:54View profileValenokTo Shadow:Ok, I'll be waiting impatiently smile
Dec 23, 16:54View profileYuliaTo Mattias: He must be sooooo old!!!
Dec 23, 16:54View profileMattiasIt should Alla. If You feel but at all, that song moves!
Dec 23, 16:54View profileMattiasYes Yulia!
Dec 23, 16:54View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Do You believe that everyone has his/her Half? smile
Dec 23, 16:54View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Do you like this winter? Is it good for you?
Dec 23, 16:54View profileLifelineTo Mattias:good choice =))
Dec 23, 16:55View profileTeddyTo Mattias: I love this song.!!!!
Dec 23, 16:55View profileAllaCherryhey! guys, don't ask the same questions! Mattias is not a parrot!
Dec 23, 16:55View profileMattiasSo, who in here hasn't said anything at all?????
Dec 23, 16:55View profilejurgenTo Mattias:Which person do you really really really want to work with?
Dec 23, 16:55View profileMattiasRuleta? Zhenya?
Dec 23, 16:55View profileYuliaTo Mattias:Do You play poker? ;-)
Dec 23, 16:55View profileIreneTo Mattias: I'm
Dec 23, 16:55View profileMattiasYes, sometimes! I love yakiniku
Dec 23, 16:55View profileTeddyTo Mattias:! Did you like the picture showing some people in a toilet?
Dec 23, 16:55View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Irene asks, do you like to cook?
Dec 23, 16:56View profileAnnaPleesss for us!Do you like vinyl?
Dec 23, 16:56View profileAnnaWhat?
Dec 23, 16:56View profileMattiasIrene!!!!!
Dec 23, 16:56View profileMattiasOhhhh Teddy! You are sooooo talented!
Dec 23, 16:56View profileSofiaTo Mattias: What will you do at the hollidays?
Dec 23, 16:56View profileRuletaI am here Sorry, You have so nice discussion...
Dec 23, 16:56View profileTeddyTo Mattias:Thanx!!!!
Dec 23, 16:56View profileMattiasYes, but i don't have a vinyl-player any more unhappy
Dec 23, 16:56View profileShadowTo Mattias:TemporarySolution is my favorite right now. As well as InTheDirt and Evil...
Dec 23, 16:57View profileAlexTo Mattias:In the Dirt is good song you use some instrumentse there. Pseudo-rock. Do you like rock music??
Dec 23, 16:57View profileZhenyaYes!
Dec 23, 16:57View profileLifelineTo Mattias:her english is bad so she is afraid to ask you something. She is from Saratov too!
Dec 23, 16:57View profilejurgenTo Mattias:a musician who has not a vinyl-player?That is CNN NEWS haha
Dec 23, 16:57View profileIreneTo Mattias: what? i'm ill
Dec 23, 16:57View profileAnnaAnd same words about Djs.
Dec 23, 16:57View profileMattiasSorry, got disconnected
Dec 23, 16:57View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: Still riding your bycicle? even in winter?
Dec 23, 16:58View profileMattiasYou are ill Irene???
Dec 23, 16:58View profileAllaCherryTo Irene: cheer up! smile
Dec 23, 16:58View profileAlexIn the Dirt is good song you use some instrumentse there. Pseudo-rock. Do you like rock music??
Dec 23, 16:58View profileMattiasNo Alla! Now I take the bus or I go by taxi
Dec 23, 16:58View profileLegolasLifeline, do i know you? You wrote so nice review of the consert in Saratov! Really nice!
Dec 23, 16:58View profileMattiasNo more cars for me for a while
Dec 23, 16:58View profileTeddyTo Mattias:Really They do it is fascinating and touching!
Dec 23, 16:58View profileMattiasBored of cars!
Dec 23, 16:58View profileIreneTo Mattias: i feel VERY VERY bad today
Dec 23, 16:58View profileMattiasThank You Teddy!
Dec 23, 16:59View profileMattiasAs are Your paintings!
Dec 23, 16:59View profileIreneTo AllaCherry: 5 ...
Dec 23, 16:59View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Irene is very ill! And you didn't answer her! She is from Saratov too. We are friends.
Dec 23, 16:59View profileYuliaTo Mattias: What's up to You car?
Dec 23, 16:59View profileMattiasNooooo Irene! You shouldn't! You are here with all o us!
Dec 23, 16:59View profileSofiaTo Mattias: why do u dislike cars? blink
Dec 23, 16:59View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: that was just a joke! are you going to buy a car? why did you sell it!
Dec 23, 16:59View profileMattiasI don't have a car any more Yulia! I need to move my body instead!
Dec 23, 16:59View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Do you like this winter? Is it good for you?
Dec 23, 17:00View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: why didn't you tell me? i would buy it! grin
Dec 23, 17:00View profileMattiasI sold it because I just felt it was time to walk and cycle instead.
Dec 23, 17:00Stranger-1160hi ROOM! How r u all doing?
Dec 23, 17:00Stranger-8789grin
Dec 23, 17:00View profileTeddyTo Mattias:What do you want to see in ?
Dec 23, 17:00View profilejurgenTo Mattias:and it looks great on a cover of a GREAT CD
Dec 23, 17:00View profileMattiasIt was a cool car Alla!:-)
Dec 23, 17:00View profileRuletaPeople happy to see You in at the Bus!
Dec 23, 17:00View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Why?! Don't tell me it was an accisent???!!!
Dec 23, 17:00View profileMattiasThanx Jurgen!!!
Dec 23, 17:00View profileValenokTo Mattias:Are you gonna organize some new contests? They're interesting and I'm waiting impatiently to try mu creativity.
Dec 23, 17:01View profileMattiasWell Teddy! I think You are very good at deciding!!!
Dec 23, 17:01View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: yup! good for you!
Dec 23, 17:01View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Do you like Formula-1 racings?
Dec 23, 17:01View profileMattiasI would love to see a painting of Wollbeck!!!
Dec 23, 17:01View profileMattiasYes Anette!
Dec 23, 17:01View profileTeddyTo Mattias:ok
Dec 23, 17:01View profileIreneTo Mattias: Mattias, do you like to cook?
Dec 23, 17:01View profileShadowTo Valenok: Listen, God lends His ear to your prayers concerning ;-)something;-)
Dec 23, 17:01View profileMattiasWell, it's actually Nika who comes up with the competitions!
Dec 23, 17:01View profileSofiaTo Mattias:do you like soccer? Or any another sports?
Dec 23, 17:01View profileAnnaWill move at our party in our club
Dec 23, 17:02View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: who do you support?
Dec 23, 17:02View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Me too! Who is your favourite driver?
Dec 23, 17:02View profileYuliaYulia To Mattias: Why?! Don't tell me it was an accisent???!!!
Dec 23, 17:02View profileMattiasYes Irene! I make a mean tomatoesoup with bacon and lots o stuff! It's veeeeeery good if I may say so myself!
Dec 23, 17:02Stranger-8789Do you like footboll?
Dec 23, 17:02View profileMattiasWhat Yulia?
Dec 23, 17:02View profileMIRRAdu you like vampire
Dec 23, 17:02View profileTeddyTo Mattias: Thank you for all!!! For songs and clips!!! Thank you!!!
Dec 23, 17:03View profileIreneTo Mattias: give recipe, please
Dec 23, 17:03View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: wish me luck in my exams! please! happy
Dec 23, 17:03View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Do you like films about magic?
Dec 23, 17:03View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Mattias, how long you'll be here? How long will last this wonder? smile
Dec 23, 17:03View profileMattiasI'm not a big fan of football, but I enjoy it. I have an old frien who is a huge footballplayer today. Patrik Andersson
Dec 23, 17:04View profileAlexTo Mattias:Love it song about ecology and ecologic problems?
Dec 23, 17:04View profileMattiasI lov the idea of Vampires. Very romantic!
Dec 23, 17:04View profileMattiasThank You Teddy!
Dec 23, 17:04View profileAnnaDo you know Neophyte were in Moscow?
Dec 23, 17:04Stranger-1352To Mattias:What is your most favourite song in your new albom?
Dec 23, 17:04View profileMattiasMore like my mom I think Power
Dec 23, 17:04View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Your car! Don't tell me it was an accident!!!
Dec 23, 17:04View profileValenokTo Mattias:Let's open new site's department Mattias's Recipes.
Dec 23, 17:04View profileLegolasTo Mattias:Do you renmember the old movie " Interniew with the Vimpire"?
Dec 23, 17:04View profileShadowgrin People, please don't remind about food grin We have a risk to loose our conversation since somebody will leave us for a kitchen grin grin
Dec 23, 17:04View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Have you seen "Interview with vampire"?
Dec 23, 17:05View profileMattiasNo Anna, I didn't know. But I don't know what Neophyte is blink
Dec 23, 17:05View profileMattiasHahahaha, Valenok. That's a bad idea!
Dec 23, 17:05View profileMattiasI LOVE THAT MOVIE LEGOLAS!
Dec 23, 17:05View profileIreneTo Mattias: Mattias!
Dec 23, 17:05View profileMattiasYes Annete!
Dec 23, 17:05View profileMattiasYes Power, she has
Dec 23, 17:06View profileLifelineTo Mattias:I forgot to tell you that you has an unreal voice! It's so beautiful!!!
Dec 23, 17:06View profileMattiasYes Irene?
Dec 23, 17:06View profileSofiaTo Sofia: I just want to say the one thing for you... I became a Vaccum fan in 1998. You came to Russia then and I was sick, when you dave a concert... I was wery sad unhappy
Dec 23, 17:06View profileMattiasThank You Lifeline!
Dec 23, 17:06View profileMattiasShe really was Power
Dec 23, 17:06View profileLegolasTo Mattias: Tom Crouse and B. Pitt duett and Kirsten Dunst were exiting wasnt't they????
Dec 23, 17:06View profileMattiasWell everybody! I have to go now!
Dec 23, 17:06View profileSofiaTo Mattias:that message was to you oops!
Dec 23, 17:06View profileMattiasIt's been so great talking with all of You!
Dec 23, 17:06View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Ok, let's live cars.
Dec 23, 17:06View profileAllaCherryTo Shadow: time for some salad! laughing
Dec 23, 17:06View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:Thank You for this Christmas Gift!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileShadowTo Mattias:To make salad? grin grin
Dec 23, 17:07View profileMattiasAt christmas You know, it's a time of joy but also a time of rememberance! And that sometimes hurt!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileAnnaNeophyte is Dj ,1 in Holland,Hardcore Dj
Dec 23, 17:07View profileLegolasTo Mattias and everyone: It was nice talk! Thank you all!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileUnexistedTo Mattias:You will get a Present tonight! grin
Dec 23, 17:07View profileMattiasSo speaking with all of You has made me happier!
Dec 23, 17:07View profilejurgenWish you all the ebst and hope to see you in 2005 often.Greetings to the sweet people of alcazar
Dec 23, 17:07Stranger-8789Marry Chrismas!!!!Mattias
Dec 23, 17:07View profileValenokTo Mattias:Didn't you have an idea to take some young artist and write music for him. Only you. It will be your project.
Dec 23, 17:07View profileLifelineTo Mattias:but it's true. The most beautiful voice that I ever heard!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Will be waiting for the next time! smile
Dec 23, 17:07View profileAnnetteTo Mattias: unhappy unhappy But if you have to go... Album ends, this chat ends...
Dec 23, 17:07View profileBruteTo Mattias: we can see the element of fire in FLM, and element of water in TDI, what will be the next element of nature in the video? Air or earth?
Dec 23, 17:07View profileMattiasMarry Christmas to all of You and I know Wollbeck sends his love as well!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: MARRY CHRISTMAS!
Dec 23, 17:07View profileLifelineTo Mattias:Thank you for your music and for your existence in this world! Merry Christmas! Don't forget about Saratov!!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileLegolasMarry Christmas!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileMattiasStay on the chaat everybody!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Have a great holidays!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileMIRRAbay my Darling
Dec 23, 17:08View profile~Power~bye-bye!!!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileTeddyTo Mattias:Marry Chrismas!!!!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileValenokTo Mattias:Please, wish me luck on my exams. Then I'll pass everything well.
Dec 23, 17:08Stranger-8789Bye, thank you.Mattias
Dec 23, 17:08View profileMattiasThatnx for all of You. You are special and unique people!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileIreneTo Mattias: Merry Christmas
Dec 23, 17:08View profileMattiasLots of love! I'll see You soon OK?
Dec 23, 17:08View profileBruteTo Mattias: Have a nice holidays!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileRuletaLOVE,LOVE,LOVBE to everybody!!!!!!
Dec 23, 17:08Stranger-8789You too grin
Dec 23, 17:08View profileSofiaTo Mattias: Bye, Matty! Hope to chat to you again!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileBruteok!
Dec 23, 17:08View profileShadowTo Mattias:Until you've left, please, wish me good luck for my personal freedom. And wish Ukraine a real independence. Please!
Dec 23, 17:08View profilejurgenfTHAT IS A PROMISE
Dec 23, 17:08View profileYuliaTo Mattias: OK!!! smile
Dec 23, 17:09Stranger-1352bye Mattias
Dec 23, 17:09View profileMattiasAnd also, thanx to You all for this year! Lets hope next year will be eve more interesting!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileLifelineTo Mattias:We'll wait for you!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileMattiasAnd I love You all!!!!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileMattiasHugs!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileZhenyaif concert of Vacuum will be on boarder of world i come to
Dec 23, 17:09View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:Thank you too! You are more special and unique I think!
Dec 23, 17:09View profile~Power~will be waiting for your coming again!!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileMattiasLove!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: happy HUGS!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileMattiasPeace!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileShadowTo ~Power~:
Dec 23, 17:09View profilejurgenBye
Dec 23, 17:09Stranger-8789Kisses
Dec 23, 17:09View profileAnnetteTo Mattias:We love you too!!!
Dec 23, 17:09View profileYuliaTo Mattias: Sending love to You too! smile
Dec 23, 17:10View profileValenokTo Mattias: Bye, come again!!!
Dec 23, 17:10View profileIreneTo Mattias: i hope i see you in Saratov again
Dec 23, 17:10View profileShadowTo Mattias:Thank you for chat. Merry Christmas! Be happy and creative!