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Aug 27, 16:56View profileMattias!Hello!
Aug 27, 16:56View profileWonderTo Brute_SS:хаюшки
Aug 27, 16:57View profileJapaneseoh/hy
Aug 27, 16:57View profilestarlightTo Wonder:ну да :) а это проблема? :))
Aug 27, 16:57View profilemilady777To Estella:я из Нижнего!!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileBrute_SSHi M!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileWonderTo Stranger-7425:Is
Aug 27, 16:57View profileKsushaTo Brute_SS:Hi!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileaquariuzhej mattias!!!
Aug 27, 16:57View profilenightingalTo Brute_SS:привет!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileMattias!Hey there Brute and everyone!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileIceQueenHello dear Mattias!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileMythTo OlgaKh:hi!!! smile
Aug 27, 16:57View profileSatyriconHi
Aug 27, 16:57View profileOut!а почему с восклицательным знаком?
Aug 27, 16:57View profileMattias!How many vacuum-people are here?
Aug 27, 16:57View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:hejsen, Mattias! how are you? :))
Aug 27, 16:57View profileIceQueenHow are you?
Aug 27, 16:57View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Good Evening!
Aug 27, 16:57View profileBrute_SScool cool
Aug 27, 16:57View profileToaddyHi, Dear Mattias!!!! Hi to all Dear Friends!!!!
Aug 27, 16:57View profilejuliahello Mattias! smile
Aug 27, 16:57View profileМаринавы охренели это не он
Aug 27, 16:58View profileNEOV//Mr fire-fly closed the dark
Aug 27, 16:58View profileMattias!Hello and good evening!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:hi Mattias
Aug 27, 16:58View profileMattias!How is everyone?
Aug 27, 16:58View profileJapaneseHi,everybody,hej Mattias!Nice to be with you!!!!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileVardaHello!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileBrute_SSThere is Silent Pems & Evolution ONLINE!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Many many
Aug 27, 16:58View profileIceQueenOk!!!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileMythTo julia: smile
Aug 27, 16:58View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:doing well! how about you? :))
Aug 27, 16:58View profileMattias!Ok! Cool!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileSatyriconGood evening for chating
Aug 27, 16:58View profileDarknessВсем привет, hello everybody! Good evening, Mattias!!!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileKsushaHej
Aug 27, 16:58View profileJapaneseI am well and You?
Aug 27, 16:58View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:pleased to see you here!!
Aug 27, 16:58View profileWonderTo Марина:Я почему то тоже так думаю
Aug 27, 16:58View profileSphagnumHi
Aug 27, 16:58View profileMattias!Well, lets all speak in public here!
Aug 27, 16:59View profileMattias!Happy to see You all as well!
Aug 27, 16:59View profileluciiahi Mattias!
Aug 27, 16:59View profileOlgaKhTo Wonder: smile ну ждем продолжения
Aug 27, 16:59View profileMattias!It's a warm post-summer evening here in Stockholm!
Aug 27, 16:59View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:how was your weakend?
Aug 27, 16:59View profileNEOV//What song from your life is identified?
Aug 27, 16:59View profileMattias!The weekend was good!
Aug 27, 16:59View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:How are you?
Aug 27, 16:59View profileluciiahow are you? good to see you
Aug 27, 16:59View profileМаринагоните его в шею grin
Aug 27, 16:59View profileWonderTo OlgaKh:может по-шведски спросим?
Aug 27, 17:00View profileBrute_SSIt's the end of summer, M, how are you feeling about it?
Aug 27, 17:00View profileLiveFlameHello there
Aug 27, 17:00View profileMattias!Had a dinnerparty at my publishers! That was pleasant!
Aug 27, 17:00View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:in stockholm else heat?
Aug 27, 17:00View profileOlgaKhTo Wonder:давай
Aug 27, 17:00View profilenightingalTo Wonder:а вы умеете?
Aug 27, 17:00View profileMattias!I welcome the winter!
Aug 27, 17:00View profileMattias!Need some fresh air now! It's been so hot!
Aug 27, 17:00View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:interesting,what's your favourite season in a year?
Aug 27, 17:00View profileMattias!Stockhom is still warm!
Aug 27, 17:00View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:hur ar det Mattias?
Aug 27, 17:01View profileMattias!I like all seasons! I need them all!
Aug 27, 17:01View profileSvetlanaGood evening, Vacuum people!
Aug 27, 17:01View profileWonderTo OlgaKh:я вот знаю только утвердительные предложения
Aug 27, 17:01View profileaquariuzcan winters in scandinavia be depressing because days are so short?
Aug 27, 17:01View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:are you in Stockholm right now?
Aug 27, 17:01View profileNEOV//winter...Lycia day (13 december)
Aug 27, 17:01View profileDarknessThe day was good, but we were working today!
Aug 27, 17:01View profileBrute_SS"...winter came to soon?.." ;-)
Aug 27, 17:01View profileMattias!It would be boring to just have one season all year round!
Aug 27, 17:01View profileIceQueenMattias how do you prefere to relax?
Aug 27, 17:01View profileWonderTo OlgaKh:молодец Удивила
Aug 27, 17:01View profileKsushaTo Darkness:hi
Aug 27, 17:01View profileMattias!That's a methaphor Brite;-)
Aug 27, 17:01View profileBrute_SSHi Sveta, Toaddy, Ann!
Aug 27, 17:01View profileluciiaTo Mattias!: come to Moscow, there is many fresh air
Aug 27, 17:01View profileOlgaKhTo Wonder:главное знать как?:)
Aug 27, 17:01View profileToaddyTo Svetlana:Hi!!! smile
Aug 27, 17:01View profileMattias!I like to relax just doing nothing at home!
Aug 27, 17:02View profileBrute_SSBrIte? Hmmm.. i like it )))
Aug 27, 17:02View profileLiveFlameTo luciia:I rwally don't think so =)
Aug 27, 17:02View profilejuliasoon winter...this terribly((
Aug 27, 17:02View profileMattias!Or go to the japanese spa just outside of Stockholm!
Aug 27, 17:02View profileDarknessTo Ksusha:Hello grin grin grin
Aug 27, 17:02View profilestarlightTo Mattias!: I agree with you!!
Aug 27, 17:02View profileSphagnumHi, Br
Aug 27, 17:02View profileLiveFlame*really
Aug 27, 17:02View profileMattias!I miss Moscow!
Aug 27, 17:02View profileMattias!Hope to go there soon!
Aug 27, 17:02View profilemilady777To Mattias!:just checking=))You're punctual grin
Aug 27, 17:02View profileSkylinesHI!! grin grin
Aug 27, 17:02View profileJapaneseI have heard the works of Ryuichi SAkamoto!It is fantastick!!!Have you heardthe works of his wive?
Aug 27, 17:02View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:
Aug 27, 17:02View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:doing nothing is so boring
Aug 27, 17:02View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:and what about seaside? :))
Aug 27, 17:03View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:And do You miss Peter?
Aug 27, 17:03View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:How much time you conduct in inet? And what are you doing
Aug 27, 17:03View profileluciiaTo Mattias!: and what's a problem? come, you have my inventation
Aug 27, 17:03View profileWonderTo Mattias!:how about Siberia?
Aug 27, 17:03View profileDarknessTo milady777:HI!
Aug 27, 17:03View profileMattias!Big fan of Sakamoto! You know, he wrote one of the most beautiful songs ever! Haven't heard his wife!
Aug 27, 17:03View profileLiveFlameTo Mattias!: waiting for u ehe in Moscow ;)
Aug 27, 17:03View profileLiveFlamedamn =)
Aug 27, 17:03View profileIceQueenMattias Which russian dishes did you like?
Aug 27, 17:03View profileBrute_SSGyus, where are Alex and Nika?
Aug 27, 17:03View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:we too much hope that soon you wake in moscow!!))
Aug 27, 17:03View profileLiveFlame*here
Aug 27, 17:03View profileSpitzHi, Mattias! Hot Hello from Volgograd! City where do You live is best city of world! Thank You.
Aug 27, 17:03View profileSatyriconTo Brute_SS:нету
Aug 27, 17:03View profileMattias!You know, I'm really trying to get together a tour in Siberia! Seems difficult!
Aug 27, 17:04View profileNEOV//You it is necessary to ride on moscow metro with camera here is and subject for video SBV
Aug 27, 17:04View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:UKRAINE IS STILL WAITING FOR YOUUU!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:04View profileJapaneseTo M" listen to them,sure you'll like it
Aug 27, 17:04View profileMattias!Hey Spitz! We were supposed to go to Volgograd this summer but they said it was to hot!
Aug 27, 17:04View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:mattias came to kazan, we will celebrate 1001 years old
Aug 27, 17:04View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Oh we so wait u here in Siberia!
Aug 27, 17:04View profileIceQueenMattias Which russian dishes did you like?
Aug 27, 17:04View profileMattias!I don't think so Neov! I don't ride the subway. Don't like being underground!
Aug 27, 17:05View profileDarknessTo Mattias!: Are You happy now? Or maybe You have any pain and fear?
Aug 27, 17:05View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: HI MATTIAS!!!!! I SO HAPPY!!!!! I'M CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unhappy
Aug 27, 17:05View profilehuginTo Mattias!:How did you spend this summer? Did something interesting happen to you?
Aug 27, 17:05View profileBrute_SS2Starlight, you are absolutly right! Where are you from?
Aug 27, 17:05View profileMattias!Oh, lots! Pelmeni! And lots and lots!
Aug 27, 17:05View profileSkylinesTo Mattias!:We are waiting you in Siberia!!What's difficult?
Aug 27, 17:05View profileJapaneseTo Mattias"Hur monga hundar har du?Har du an katt?Yag har an katt,den heter Kotaska
Aug 27, 17:05View profileVardaTOO MATTIAS: When to expect in Odessa with a new album? There is a hope this year?
Aug 27, 17:05View profileMattias!This summer was spent down south! I only had 2 weeks of so I ate a lot of seafood and enjoyed the beach!
Aug 27, 17:06View profilemilady777To Mattias!:yep. Sakamoto's "forbidden colours" is really amazing...
Aug 27, 17:06View profileSpitzAnd sad and good. You now I not know English
Aug 27, 17:06View profileDoraHello,Mattias and everybody!It's so exciting to be here! grin
Aug 27, 17:06View profileMattias!Hopefully there will be a new album this year!
Aug 27, 17:06View profileMattias!We are working on it!
Aug 27, 17:06View profileIceQueenMattias can you cook? What is you favorite dish?
Aug 27, 17:06View profilemilady777To Mattias!:<<< As I understood You spent vacations in Greece or I'm wrong??? Anyway, how was it all? Did You manage to relax enough? >>>
Aug 27, 17:06View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DO YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PREPARE PELMENI? :))
Aug 27, 17:06View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: UKRAINE AND KHMELNYTSKY is WAITING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laughing
Aug 27, 17:06View profileMattias!It's exciting to see You Dora!
Aug 27, 17:06View profileSphagnumУра
Aug 27, 17:06View profileSpitzHow Agusarova and other?
Aug 27, 17:06View profileBrute_SSREALLY???
Aug 27, 17:06View profileDarknessTo Mattias!: Are You happy? Or maybe You have any pain and fear?
Aug 27, 17:06View profileKsushaMattias? and what about ice-cream? grin
Aug 27, 17:06View profileWonderTo Mattias!:We waiting for new album!
Aug 27, 17:06View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:when?
Aug 27, 17:06View profileaquariuzis there any news on a new single?
Aug 27, 17:06View profileDoraHow are You doing?
Aug 27, 17:07View profileMattias!I am waiting for You too;-)
Aug 27, 17:07View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Can You say: which style the future album will be closer to? Maybe to the style of "YWLILUTT", or of earlier albums? Or it will be completely new mood?..
Aug 27, 17:07View profileLiveFlameРазыскивается смачная блондинка по имени Юля =)
Aug 27, 17:07View profileNEOV//You this summer has visitted much idea... happy
Aug 27, 17:07View profileMattias!The new single is...hmmm, in progress! We have done the vocals and we are now in production and arranging! It ill sound...different!!!
Aug 27, 17:07View profileDoraWhat's the weather in Stockholm?
Aug 27, 17:07View profileMattias!I am happy! No pain;-)
Aug 27, 17:08View profilemilady777<<< And how are Your family? Is everybody fine? >>>
Aug 27, 17:08View profileaquariuzi'm anxious to hear it!!!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileSvetlanaMattias, what is Your new V single about?
Aug 27, 17:08Stranger-7425redrum redrum redrum redrum redrum redrum
Aug 27, 17:08View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:we will waiting for it!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileBrute_SSI hope u remember about out ethic drums... ))))
Aug 27, 17:08View profilemilady777To Mattias!:
Aug 27, 17:08View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:So I'm happy too.
Aug 27, 17:08View profileMattias!Well, the new album will be a continuation of YWLILUTT...but very different!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileJapaneseto Mattias" why dont you unswer our guestions in people? A lot of us cannot breathe without them!!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileWonderTo Mattias!:It seens u are allways happy oops!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileBrute_SSabout our gift, i mean...
Aug 27, 17:08View profileLiveFlameTo Mattias!: How much different it will sound? Can u describe, please?
Aug 27, 17:08View profileDoraHow is Your dad and sister with nieces?
Aug 27, 17:08View profileIceQueenMattias can you cook? What is you favorite dish?
Aug 27, 17:08View profileMattias!We don't want to get bored so we need to progress!
Aug 27, 17:08View profilehuginTo Mattias!:What is making you happy?
Aug 27, 17:08View profileJapanesedo not kill us!
Aug 27, 17:08View profileMattias!And we certainly don't want to bore YOU!
Aug 27, 17:09View profileMattias!The drum will be there! Somewhere!!!
Aug 27, 17:09View profileALYSSAmindHAVE YOU ALREDY MEET YOUR LOVE ???
Aug 27, 17:09View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:we won't bore with You laughing laughing
Aug 27, 17:09View profileSvetlanaAre You planing to shot some video clip for Your new single?
Aug 27, 17:09View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:you never bored us
Aug 27, 17:09View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:YOU WILL NEVER BORE US!! :))
Aug 27, 17:09View profileMattias!Well, it's so overwhelming with the questions! It's simply too much! But I try! Ok?
Aug 27, 17:09View profilemilady777To Mattias!: "And how are Your family? Is everybody fine?" my comp glithches,sorry=)...
Aug 27, 17:09View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:Hi!!! Where Do Tou Go TO Ukraine??? I Want To See You!!! I Love You!!!
Aug 27, 17:09View profileKsushaMattias are you plan to make vidioclip from new album?
Aug 27, 17:09View profileMattias!I cook! And I love it! Italian!
Aug 27, 17:10View profileVardaMattias, in what musical direction now you work?
Aug 27, 17:10View profileDoraDo You remember the contest in Komsomolskaya Pravda?They promised You to find a bride.What about the results? smile
Aug 27, 17:10View profileMattias!About videos, it's very expensive! If there is budget we'll do it!
Aug 27, 17:10View profileIceQueenPizza?
Aug 27, 17:10View profileSvetlanaMattias, will be there some duets on the new album?
Aug 27, 17:10View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:you love the italian wine?)
Aug 27, 17:10View profileMattias!We won't shoot a video just for the sake of having a video! We want to do videos that actually means something!
Aug 27, 17:10View profileNastjenkaHello everybody!! Glad to talk to you!!
Aug 27, 17:10View profileLiveFlameWell, sorry people, I'm leaving =) wish u all luck
Aug 27, 17:11View profileJapanesei have heard that you do like Depech mode,so what is your favourite song?hm///most of all i like little 15,how do you like it?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileMattias!My familly is great!
Aug 27, 17:11View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: DID YOU WRITE "SIX BILLION VOICES '' FOR SOMEBODY???
Aug 27, 17:11View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:i"ii give you all my money!
Aug 27, 17:11View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:What do you want to see in this video?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileOut!To Mattias!:It's interesting to know about your work with Jasmine.What's it like?By the way new single for Lindstrom sounds nice, more complicated!And tell about new Julie's album,please
Aug 27, 17:11View profileNEOV//No beside you fights between Mattias-person and Mattias-artist
Aug 27, 17:11View profileBrute_SSAre you going to include some backvocals to new album's sound?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileMattias!Like I said Varda, it will be new but Vacuum...
Aug 27, 17:11View profileDoraWhen do You plan the next concerts and where?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Who the creator of idea of video?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileSatyriconAll Vacuum videos meens something!
Aug 27, 17:11View profileSvetlanaAnd please, can You tell a bit about Your part in Julie's new album?
Aug 27, 17:11View profileMattias!See You LiveFlame!!!
Aug 27, 17:11View profilemilady777To Mattias!:pleasant to hear it!=) What's the new song you've recently recorded about? How is it called? cool
Aug 27, 17:11View profileJapaneseIs your sister older than you?
Aug 27, 17:12View profileJennyHi all smile
Aug 27, 17:12View profileLiveFlameTo Mattias!: Guess, someday =) maybe when u pay a visit to Moscow =)
Aug 27, 17:12View profileMattias!Jasmine is a co-writer of music. She is very talented!
Aug 27, 17:12View profileDoraWhere does Your father live?
Aug 27, 17:12View profileAllaCherryhi everybody!!! smile
Aug 27, 17:12View profileBrute_SSBackfire is giving a "hi" to everybody!
Aug 27, 17:12View profileWonderTo Mattias!:It is only a bit of your flame!
Aug 27, 17:12View profileJennyhi Mattias how are you?
Aug 27, 17:12View profilenightingalTo Jenny:hi jenny!
Aug 27, 17:12View profileMattias!Julies album will include 3 new Wollbeck/Lindblom songs that we have produced. It will be very good!!!
Aug 27, 17:12View profilestarlightTo Mattias!: DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS AT HOME? grin grin
Aug 27, 17:12View profileMattias!I'm very proud of the work with Julie!
Aug 27, 17:12View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:i"ve heard you are from samara
Aug 27, 17:13View profileaquariuzcan you reveal the title of your new album to us already...? blink
Aug 27, 17:13View profileGalinaMattias, har du det bra?
Aug 27, 17:13View profileMattias!No pets now unhappy
Aug 27, 17:13View profileJapaneseWhen will you wisit Odessa?it misses you with us tooooooo!!!
Aug 27, 17:13View profileAllaCherryTo nightingal:yep! smile
Aug 27, 17:13View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:finns det ett hopp om att vi kan traffa dig i vеr stad? oops!
Aug 27, 17:13View profileDoraDo You still ride the bike?A'int going bye a car?
Aug 27, 17:13View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: DID YOU WRITE "SIX BILLION VOICES '' FOR SOMEBODY??? oops!
Aug 27, 17:13View profileNEOV//You write can to for alcazar
Aug 27, 17:13View profileBrute_SSand Mia is trying to take a control over a keyboard... but i'm holding! ;-)
Aug 27, 17:13View profileIceQueenMattias which musical instruments you play?
Aug 27, 17:13View profileMattias!There is no title yet! But I'm sure it will come!
Aug 27, 17:13View profileSvetlanaWow! Great news about Julie's album cause all Your songs for her are just beyond compare! She's amazing vocalist! Any duets with her?
Aug 27, 17:13View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:no time, or wish?
Aug 27, 17:14View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:What Relationships Do You Have With Alexander & Marina???
Aug 27, 17:14View profileMattias!Six Billion was written with someone in mind but it's open for interpetation!
Aug 27, 17:14View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:and I know what do you want have a french buldog?
Aug 27, 17:14View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:я из тольятти
Aug 27, 17:14View profileBrute_SSWhat are you expecting from Vacuumvision?
Aug 27, 17:14View profileVardaTo Mattias: Whether music becomes heavier? Now in fact all musical directions become with heavier sounding.
Aug 27, 17:14View profileMattias!I'm going a lot by cab oops!
Aug 27, 17:14View profilemilady777To Mattias!:ok=) <<< Will You continue writing songs in the style similar to the album "YourWholeLife…" or try smth. new? >>>
Aug 27, 17:14View profileJapaneseTo mattias:Of course you wiill,of i'd like to say, well COME!!!!!!everytime!!!
Aug 27, 17:14View profileKsushaAnd what is about dog from S-Petersburg concert?
Aug 27, 17:14View profileMattias!I think our work with Julie is very seperate from the rest of her stuff!
Aug 27, 17:14View profileIceQueenI remember that you like Kittis? i can present to you
Aug 27, 17:14View profilestarlightTo Mattias!: IT'S TO BED unhappy WHAT KIND OF DOGS DO YOU LIKE?
Aug 27, 17:14View profileDoraWill You change Your style in a new album or it will be the same?
Aug 27, 17:14View profileAllaCherryTo nightingal:pleased to meet You! smile
Aug 27, 17:15View profileMattias!I don't see Alex and Marina nowadays! They are busy and I am busy!
Aug 27, 17:15View profilemilady777To Ksusha: laughing
Aug 27, 17:15View profileMattias!Vacuumvision is Nikas idea right?
Aug 27, 17:15View profileDoraAre you gonna to sing with other artists?
Aug 27, 17:15View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:yes, i would wish!
Aug 27, 17:15View profileMattias!I think it's fun and it's going to be fun listening!!!
Aug 27, 17:15View profileSvetlanaMattias, are You planing some concerts in the nearest future? Where would You like to come to perform?
Aug 27, 17:15View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: HAVE YOU ALREADY MEET YOUR LOVE??
Aug 27, 17:15View profileNEOV//But you want to work at radio-DJ (sverige radio)
Aug 27, 17:15View profileMattias!Kittis?
Aug 27, 17:15View profileaquariuzlast time we chatted you said you had written lots of songs for nouveau riche. afterwards dominika left the band and was replaced by another girl. do you know if their album is gonna come soon?
Aug 27, 17:16View profileIceQueenCats
Aug 27, 17:16View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Have u a prize?
Aug 27, 17:16View profileIceQueenoops!
Aug 27, 17:16View profileMattias!There will be guestartists on the new Vacuumalbum!
Aug 27, 17:16View profileJapaneseTo M it is not our bisunes,But,do you like bwo?
Aug 27, 17:16View profileBrute_SSWe hope So!
Aug 27, 17:16View profileOut!To Mattias!:Can you describe what your new songs for Julie are like?Her first single sounds very...acoustic! Special...
Aug 27, 17:16View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS WITH MARINA AND ALEX?
Aug 27, 17:16View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:but how soon we can listen to new songs?
Aug 27, 17:16View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:this year will else be a concerts? smile oops!
Aug 27, 17:16View profileMattias!No concerts are planned right now but You never know!!!
Aug 27, 17:16View profileAllaCherryTo ALYSSAmind:your capslock.....
Aug 27, 17:16View profileDoraDidn't You change Your iPod and Nokia for new models?
Aug 27, 17:16View profilemilady777To IceQueen:every of us can present M a pet. but it's a big responsibility and demands mch time for, may be he doesn't have enough time for pets now.didn't you think about it?
Aug 27, 17:17View profileMattias!I think it's great it's going well for BWO but it's not my kind of music no.
Aug 27, 17:17View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:Do You Have Some Close People In Ukraine???
Aug 27, 17:17View profileALYSSAmindTo AllaCherry: sorry oops!
Aug 27, 17:17View profileMattias!Of course we are friends!
Aug 27, 17:17View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:but we would like to know
Aug 27, 17:17View profileDoraWhat are You reading?
Aug 27, 17:17View profileJapaneseWho is the creature of your vidio?
Aug 27, 17:17View profileSvetlanaMattias, all Evolutioners are telling You: "Ukraine is always waiting for You!!!" grin
Aug 27, 17:17View profileMattias!No new models yet;-)
Aug 27, 17:17View profileBrute_SS2Sveta grin grin
Aug 27, 17:17View profileKsushaDid you see DVD video from S-Petersburg concert?
Aug 27, 17:18View profileDoraWhat was the last film You liked the most?
Aug 27, 17:18View profileNEOV//You have not invited on Russia Music Award 2006
Aug 27, 17:18View profileSvetlanaTo Brute_SS:Say HI to Mia!
Aug 27, 17:18View profileMattias!I don't have a pet because I simply can't take care of one at the moment!
Aug 27, 17:18View profileVardaTO MATTIAS: And you it is casual in animated cartoons were not removed???
Aug 27, 17:18View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Do you know sinthpop band De/vision?
Aug 27, 17:18View profileAllaCherrymy gosh, guys, you had a whole week to think about your questions... lost
Aug 27, 17:18View profileMattias!I have friends in Ukraina!
Aug 27, 17:18View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:What Mobile Phone Do You Use???
Aug 27, 17:18View profileaquariuzlast time we chatted you said you had written lots of songs for nouveau riche. afterwards dominika left the band and was replaced by another girl. do you know if their album is gonna come soon?
Aug 27, 17:18Stranger-7425Russia Music Award 2006 SUCKS
Aug 27, 17:18View profileNastjenkaIs there somebody who loves Vacuum so strong as to read novels of F.Kafka (remember "Ulysses") or to have a few albums of D.Sylvian? I did it! By the way, Sylvian's lyrics are very curious...
Aug 27, 17:18View profileMattias!Right now I'm not reading! Resting my brain after the studio!
Aug 27, 17:18View profileIceQueenTo milady777:Извини, плохо понимаю инглиш
Aug 27, 17:18View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:you liked the new album "LIVE"?)
Aug 27, 17:18View profileDoraWhat kind of plants do You have at home?
Aug 27, 17:18View profileMattias!We are still working on the cartoon but nothing solid yet!
Aug 27, 17:18View profileJennyhave You been somewhere interesting this summer, or were You too busy for travel?
Aug 27, 17:19View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:YOU SAID, YOU ARE RIDE BY CAB. WHAT HEPPEND TO YOUR CAR? smile smile
Aug 27, 17:19View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: DO you like Depeche Mode song ''John The Revelator"?
Aug 27, 17:19View profileSkylinesTo Mattias!:By the way, how's Anders?
Aug 27, 17:19View profileBrute_SSTo Mattias!: REALLY?? And who are they? ;-) BTW, where are Olof and Kalle?
Aug 27, 17:19View profileMattias!I still have my 8910i. It's titanium! It will live longer then me;-)
Aug 27, 17:19View profileAntoniogrin
Aug 27, 17:19View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:Who Is Your Friends In Ukraine???
Aug 27, 17:19View profileSvetlanaWhat about writing? You said once that one day You might write a book. That would be LOVELY
Aug 27, 17:19View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:Mattias, many singers gave their voices to cartoon characters, do you want to try it?
Aug 27, 17:19View profileMattias!I really like Live! But, mostly their earlier work.
Aug 27, 17:19View profilemilady777To Mattias!:that's I mean=)pets like children.they constantly need care and attention=)
Aug 27, 17:19View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:don"t say such words!
Aug 27, 17:20View profileShadowgrin Buenas tardes compañeros! grin Hi Mattias and all people smile
Aug 27, 17:20View profileALYSSAmindWHAT car Do you have now?????????
Aug 27, 17:20View profileAnivwow!!!!! sO MANY PERSONS!!!!!! blink
Aug 27, 17:20View profileMattias!I love DM. Saw them in Stockholm. Not a huge fan of the last album though!
Aug 27, 17:20View profilenightingalTo Shadow:hi, Shadow!
Aug 27, 17:20View profileKsushaTo Shadow:Hi!
Aug 27, 17:20View profileNEOV//When will be a joint canto with other artists
Aug 27, 17:20View profileBrute_SS2Shadow! Buenos evening! ;-)
Aug 27, 17:20View profileDoraHave You ever played Heroes? The last V are just great!Recommend,though You don't like stradegies. smile
Aug 27, 17:20View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:yes,early LIVE I too more like))
Aug 27, 17:20View profileOut!To Mattias!:Lakini's Juice and Dolphin's Cry and that work with Tricky are great! Don't you think?
Aug 27, 17:20View profileСнытьTo Mattias!: Hello!
Aug 27, 17:20View profileMattias!Maybe one day I will write a book. But now, there's just no time!
Aug 27, 17:20View profilemilady777To Mattias!: <<< Btw, remember, You promised us to add sounds of that tom-tom, which was presented to You by f/c "Evolution", in new songs? Will You keep Your word?=) We'll be extremely glad to
Aug 27, 17:20View profileСнытьhello everybody smile
Aug 27, 17:21View profileMythTo Shadow:hi smile
Aug 27, 17:21View profileMattias!We onlu do features Neov!
Aug 27, 17:21View profileToaddyTo Shadow:Hi!!!
Aug 27, 17:21View profilemilady777To Mattias!:listen to smth. like "Rasta Jungle" or "Dirty Salsa" on drums in Your performing, hehe!=)) >>>
Aug 27, 17:21View profilejuliaTo Сныть:привет))\
Aug 27, 17:21View profileSvetlanaMattias, if You write a book, I'm sure it will be our favourite book grin
Aug 27, 17:21View profileMattias!only that is...
Aug 27, 17:21View profileAllaCherryTo Сныть:hellooooo, Ann!!! happy
Aug 27, 17:21View profileСнытьTo julia: smile
Aug 27, 17:21View profileDoraWhat is Your favourite season?
Aug 27, 17:21View profileOlgaKhTo Myth:приветик
Aug 27, 17:21View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:What Is Your Favourite Song Of "VACUUM"???
Aug 27, 17:21View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:Mattias ,du ar vacker manen och jattebra musikman!!!!!vi mycket uppskattar du och Anders!!!!Tack sa mycket,sweetest!!! grin
Aug 27, 17:21View profileMattias!I will keep my word!
Aug 27, 17:21View profileBrute_SS2milady777 Sister! kissing
Aug 27, 17:21View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!:WHAT car do you have????
Aug 27, 17:21View profileСнытьTo AllaCherry:привет! smile
Aug 27, 17:22View profileKsusha37 vacuum-people
Aug 27, 17:22View profileMattias!Thanx Japanese!
Aug 27, 17:22View profileSkylinesTo Mattias!: What songs from DM new album is your favorite?
Aug 27, 17:22View profileMattias!I don't have a car!
Aug 27, 17:22View profilemilady777To Mattias!:coool !!!grin waiting impatiently!!!
Aug 27, 17:22View profileMythTo Сныть:Hi, dear smile
Aug 27, 17:22View profilestarlightTo Mattias!: I'D LOVE TO READ YOU BOOK!!
Aug 27, 17:22View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Do you like spend you time in pc games?
Aug 27, 17:22View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:What is the meaning of Your name?
Aug 27, 17:22View profileMattias! the moment
Aug 27, 17:22View profileJapanesei do not lyke the lust DM albom to lost
Aug 27, 17:22View profileSvetlanaMattias, what was the inspiration for Your new Vacuum song that You have recently recorded?
Aug 27, 17:22View profilemilady777To Brute_SS: kissing smile
Aug 27, 17:22View profileKsushaТоля огромный привет
Aug 27, 17:22View profileNEOV//How are you beside Andreas Wollbeck
Aug 27, 17:22View profileBrute_SSTo Сныть: Hi! How is your new flat?
Aug 27, 17:22View profileMattias!I play some xbox, but only now and then!
Aug 27, 17:22View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:WHAT HAPPEND TO YOUR CAR? DID YOU BROACK IT? unhappy
Aug 27, 17:23View profileDoraThere's a mistake on in Your info.I mean Your astrological sigh.Why didn't You correct it? blink
Aug 27, 17:23View profileMattias!Well, it was really tricky to get back into writing-mode this time! BUT, You fans have been an inspiration!
Aug 27, 17:23View profileaquariuzany news on NOUVEAU RICHE's new album? you wrote a lot of songs for that album, right?
Aug 27, 17:23View profileJapaneseHow do you like t.a.t.u
Aug 27, 17:23View profileIceQueenMattias Which languages do you speak except English and Sweden?
Aug 27, 17:23View profileAllaCherryTo starlight:capslock...
Aug 27, 17:23View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:Whom Do You Like More In Eurovision???
Aug 27, 17:23View profileOut!To ALYSSAmind:Заело клавишу CAPS LOCK? Какая жалость hmm
Aug 27, 17:23View profilemilady777people, we have a new record right now, don't we?there's an avalanche of ppl!! smile
Aug 27, 17:23View profileDarknessTo Ksusha:Толя здесь?..
Aug 27, 17:23View profileСнытьTo Brute_SS:hi! everything is fine thank you smile
Aug 27, 17:23View profileDoraWhat kind of cofee do You like?
Aug 27, 17:23View profileBrute_SSMattias, pls, next time invite Olof and Kalle to chat, deal?
Aug 27, 17:23View profilenightingalTo starlight:no i think hersold it
Aug 27, 17:23View profileMattias!I don't really like Eurovision. But this time...hmmm, honestly, I don't remember! But I think Elena Paparizou was good!
Aug 27, 17:23View profileVardaTo Mattias: What favourite xbox game?
Aug 27, 17:24View profileSvetlanaWhat was the strongest impression from Vitebsk concert this summer for You?
Aug 27, 17:24View profilestarlightTo AllaCherry:YES, SO?
Aug 27, 17:24View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:What is the meaning of Your name?
Aug 27, 17:24View profileMattias!No news on NR! But I know they are still finishing the album!
Aug 27, 17:24View profileDoraHow is Anders? smile
Aug 27, 17:24View profilemilady777To Mattias!:<<< Oh, and how does our Eiffel-bottle works? Did You have a time to use it properly?=))) >>>
Aug 27, 17:24View profileJapaneseto Mattias:How do you like my Swedish!!!
Aug 27, 17:24View profileMattias!I like macciato!
Aug 27, 17:24View profileDoraDo You visit Falsterbo sometimes?
Aug 27, 17:25View profileALYSSAmindTo Mattias!: WILL you take me in Vacuum???
Aug 27, 17:25View profileMattias!Splinter Cell!!!
Aug 27, 17:25View profileNEOV//Mattias! Beside you are well got acoustic songs cheerful cheerful
Aug 27, 17:25View profileAllaCherryTo starlight:ПЕРЕКЛЮЧИ!!!!
Aug 27, 17:25View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Stock is beautifull like u!!!! oops!
Aug 27, 17:25View profileaquariuzthe meaning of 'mattias' is: gift from god. mattias is my second name, so that's why i know
Aug 27, 17:25View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DID YOU SOLD YOUR CAR?
Aug 27, 17:25View profileALYSSAmindI love to sing kissing
Aug 27, 17:25View profileSvetlanaMattias, how is Your father and Your sister with family?
Aug 27, 17:25View profilemilady777To Mattias!:I llike Paparizou. U're number oonne, and so on. =))
Aug 27, 17:25View profileMattias!Anders is fine! He is in the archepelago right now and sends his hello to all of You!!!
Aug 27, 17:25Stranger-9415Опять толпа lost
Aug 27, 17:25View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Splinter cell - 1 - 2 ore 3 ?)
Aug 27, 17:25View profileALYSSAmindBUY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:25View profileDoraDid You go anywhere this summer except Belarus?
Aug 27, 17:25View profileDarknessTo aquariuz:thanx
Aug 27, 17:25View profileMattias!Neov! I don't understand Your question!
Aug 27, 17:26View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:How do you like to spend your free-time?
Aug 27, 17:26View profileMattias!My familly is good!
Aug 27, 17:26View profilemilady777To Svetlana:he's already said they're great=))
Aug 27, 17:26Stranger-9415Вы неисправимы, поклоннечги grin
Aug 27, 17:26View profileBrute_SS2Shadow, i hope there is a good reason for us meet soon...
Aug 27, 17:26View profileMattias!Take care Alyssa!!!!
Aug 27, 17:26View profileJULIAmindTo Mattias!:Good Bye!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Aug 27, 17:26View profileSvetlanaPlease, tell Anders our warmest regards!!!
Aug 27, 17:26View profileOlgaKhTo Stranger-9415:а вы? grin
Aug 27, 17:26View profileKsushaWhere are you liking have a holiday?
Aug 27, 17:26View profileNEOV//Goes fishing...AW//
Aug 27, 17:26View profileMattias!I went down south to visit my familly.
Aug 27, 17:26View profilenightingalTo Mattias!WHEN WE WILL LISTEN TO NEW SONGS?
Aug 27, 17:26View profileGalinaMattias, jag är tacksam för allt du har gjort.
Aug 27, 17:26View profileDoraHello back to Anders!Hope he'll join us to chat oneday! smile
Aug 27, 17:26View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:What is your favourite name?
Aug 27, 17:27View profileFeuxHELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:27View profileAllaCherryребята, зачем вы прросите чата, если задаёте одни и те же вопросы?
Aug 27, 17:27View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:SEND ANDERS HELLO FROM UKRAINE!! WE ARE WIATING FOR YOU!!
Aug 27, 17:27View profileMattias!, I like Italy the most I think! But I haven't been everywhere yet!
Aug 27, 17:27View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it?
Aug 27, 17:27View profileMattias!Thanx Galina! Dito!
Aug 27, 17:27View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry: ДА ТУПО КОГДА ТОЛПА
Aug 27, 17:27View profileBrute_SSGreeting to freu Lindblom ;-)
Aug 27, 17:27View profileSvetlanaHow is Matilda? smile She seems to be a nice girl
Aug 27, 17:27View profileDoraWhat did myspace give You?
Aug 27, 17:27View profileShadowTo Brute_SS:I'll try to meet you. But... A very hot time is starting for me from the next week oops!
Aug 27, 17:27View profilemilady777To Mattias!:so What about our bottle???=))didn't You brake it while transporting,huh?=)
Aug 27, 17:27View profileAntonioА как вы хотели? Чат с Мотей - ясен пень толпа
Aug 27, 17:27View profileJennyI'm from Italy, when You what I can host you happy happy
Aug 27, 17:27View profileMattias!I will give Anders all Your wellwishes!!! Promise!
Aug 27, 17:28View profileAntoniogrin
Aug 27, 17:28View profileSkylinesTo Mattias!: Go to Rome and Venezia!Amazing!
Aug 27, 17:28View profileAllaCherryTo nightingal:caplslockвоспринимается как крик....мы же не на базаре, в конце-то концов....
Aug 27, 17:28View profileDoraHow old are Your nieces?
Aug 27, 17:28View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it?
Aug 27, 17:28View profileMattias!Myspace is important for me to keep in touch with the people I work with and to make contacts! I like it a lot!
Aug 27, 17:28View profilenightingalTo Antonio:Я вот толькл читать успеваю
Aug 27, 17:28View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:Who is your fav. aktris?
Aug 27, 17:28View profileBrute_SS2M, and not only to Anders, ok? Don't forget about Kalle and Olof ))
Aug 27, 17:28View profileFeuxTo Mattias!: Hej Mattias! smile Hope you're doing fine! smile
Aug 27, 17:28View profileaquariuzdid you enjoy the guiness in ireland?
Aug 27, 17:28View profileСнытьTo Antonio:ясен пень? где-то я этоже слышала laughing
Aug 27, 17:28View profileMattias!No breaking! cool
Aug 27, 17:28View profileМаринаTo Mattias!:What name at your favourite place in Italy?
Aug 27, 17:28View profileMattias!They are 5 and 7
Aug 27, 17:29View profileIceQueenMattias which country or city would you like to visit?
Aug 27, 17:29View profileSvetlanaMySpace is truly magical
Aug 27, 17:29View profileNEOV//Mattias you met anyone from old group Vacuum
Aug 27, 17:29View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:а я про capslock ниче не говорила
Aug 27, 17:29View profileaquariuzdid you try the guiness stew which i recommended to you last time?
Aug 27, 17:29View profileVardaTO MATTIAS: How concern to creativity of Italian group " Rhapsody "?
Aug 27, 17:29View profileDoraDo You still in love with french bulldog?Or there is one more favoutite?
Aug 27, 17:29View profileMattias!Favorite actors! I really like Woody Allen!
Aug 27, 17:29View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it?
Aug 27, 17:29View profileAllaCherryTo nightingal:просто говорю, что это невежливо по отношению к остальным
Aug 27, 17:29View profileMattias!I actually did enjoy guiness on Ireland!!!
Aug 27, 17:30View profileMattias!I even bought a guiness cup!
Aug 27, 17:30View profilemilady777To Mattias!:aaaand? what about it's using?did you manage to fill it with right beverage,hehe,and drink it then with friends as promised?=)) smile
Aug 27, 17:30View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I HAVE MYSPACE TOO :)) MY NIKENAME-STARRYLIGHT!!
Aug 27, 17:30View profileMattias!Atrani!
Aug 27, 17:30View profileDoraWhat languages would You like to learn?
Aug 27, 17:30View profileNastjenkaWhat about love? Loneliness teaches to love everybody for what they are, without compensation. I love people and it doesn't matter where they are and what they do. smile
Aug 27, 17:30View profileNEOV//You love to go on Sweden museum
Aug 27, 17:30View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:
Aug 27, 17:30View profileMattias!French Bulldogs are still my favorite! There is one puppy on my street! I cuddle it everytime I see it!
Aug 27, 17:30View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:If you have a time, would you like to spend it in UA?Where?
Aug 27, 17:31View profileMattias!I haven't filled it with anything yet! I don't drink a lot of alcohol!
Aug 27, 17:31View profileKsushaok Mattias! I want to ask you do you want go to Far East of Russia again?
Aug 27, 17:31View profileMattias!But it's nice to look at too!
Aug 27, 17:31View profileMattias!Russian!
Aug 27, 17:31View profileFeuxTo Mattias!: You'd better visit the chat every day for this chat is usually empty! oops!
Aug 27, 17:31View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:i think this dog love you
Aug 27, 17:31View profileAntoniogrin
Aug 27, 17:31View profileDoraI don't understand this Your favorite word DITO! What does it mean? hmm
Aug 27, 17:32View profileOut!To Mattias!: Can you say something about your work with Wayne Hector? Who did you wrote for? Some boys band?
Aug 27, 17:32View profileNEOV//Listen to your hearts oops!
Aug 27, 17:32View profileMattias!I love museums!!!! In Stockholm we have quite a few! I will visit the hermitage next time in Peter!
Aug 27, 17:32View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it? I'm very interested about Your opinion!! blink unhappy
Aug 27, 17:32View profileJennyMattias are you interested in politics?
Aug 27, 17:32View profileЖулиКi am going to visit stokholm. What place do you reccommend to see?
Aug 27, 17:32View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:Thanxxxxxx a lot for adding me as a friend at MySpace!!! some days ago... cool
Aug 27, 17:32View profileNEOV//Try to teach russian language cool
Aug 27, 17:32View profilemilady777To Mattias!: grin a little glass of wine isn't unhealthy=))so,cheers!hehe=)
Aug 27, 17:32View profileShadowTo Antonio:lack of emoticons here... right? blink
Aug 27, 17:32View profileMattias!I would love to revisit Siberia! I truly think it was beautiful and magical! To me, it's like...holy ground!
Aug 27, 17:32View profileWonderHome What is it for you?
Aug 27, 17:32View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:What are your favorite museum in S-Peterburg?
Aug 27, 17:32View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:Oh,forgot to tell you,if you write a book,what it will tell about?
Aug 27, 17:32View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DO YOU KNOW SOME RUSSIAN WORDS? cool cool
Aug 27, 17:33View profileMattias!How did You know about Wayne Hector?
Aug 27, 17:33View profileNastjenkaJust one question: when will we see your performance in MOSCOW??? cheerful
Aug 27, 17:33View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Tyumen waiting!
Aug 27, 17:33View profileDarknessTo starlight:"Spasibo" laughing
Aug 27, 17:33View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:Or japanese?
Aug 27, 17:33View profileOut!To Mattias!:I know everything)
Aug 27, 17:33View profileMattias!I'm very interested in politics! It makes me so sad though!
Aug 27, 17:33Stranger-9874вроде весь состав Vacuum-Music в сборе smile
Aug 27, 17:33View profileMattias!Home is where the heart is!
Aug 27, 17:33View profileDoraAre You completely happy,Matti?Or something is still not found? lost
Aug 27, 17:34View profileNEOV//Time to draw new picture/cool last picture stolen/
Aug 27, 17:34View profileMattias!I hope to go to Moscow soon!
Aug 27, 17:34View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Where is Your heart?
Aug 27, 17:34View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:and whtre is you heart?
Aug 27, 17:34View profilemilady777To Mattias!:
Aug 27, 17:34View profileSatyriconTo Stranger-9874:нифига Алекса и Ники нету
Aug 27, 17:34View profileMythTo Stranger-9874: а весь это сколько? ;)
Aug 27, 17:34View profileMattias!Write to Icon Management and DEMAND concerts;-)
Aug 27, 17:34View profileOut!To Mattias!:So what's about Wayne, Mattias? It's very interesting to know about your projects
Aug 27, 17:34View profileWonderNo go to Siberia grin
Aug 27, 17:34Stranger-9874.....даже гости приблудились smile
Aug 27, 17:34View profileJapaneseSakay no hito de watashi va anata wo ichiban aishimas!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:34View profileMattias!Japanese would be cool!
Aug 27, 17:34View profileSvetlanaMattias, You said that this 2006 year You'd try something new like sculpture.. Have You?
Aug 27, 17:34View profilemilady777To Mattias!:ooops..<<< Are you planning tour over Russia soon? >>>
Aug 27, 17:34View profileDoraHow many pictures have You drawn?
Aug 27, 17:34View profilenightingalTo Darkness:we are in ignore
Aug 27, 17:34View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:I hope it too! Moscow city - not Moscow club )
Aug 27, 17:34View profilehuginTo Mattias!:So where is your heart?
Aug 27, 17:35View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I AGREE!! THAT'S WHY I WANT TO GO TO SWEDEN! MAYBE THERE IS MY HEART!! grin
Aug 27, 17:35View profileSvetlanaAnd what/whom would You like to make the image of?
Aug 27, 17:35View profileMattias!I cn't say anything about my writing trips more then that they are truly inspirational!
Aug 27, 17:35View profileAllaCherryTo Japanese: blink
Aug 27, 17:35View profileDarknessTo nightingal:Yesss unhappy unhappy
Aug 27, 17:35View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:what your favorite country to rest?
Aug 27, 17:35View profileDoraDid You try to make any sculpture?
Aug 27, 17:35View profileIceQueenMattias what is the most extraordinary gift which you have ever recevd from your fans?
Aug 27, 17:35View profileBrute_SSMattias, if it's possible pls answer my last question at Vacuum-people. It's imprortaint to know it a.s.a.p.
Aug 27, 17:35View profileMattias!See Svetlana! This is why I apreciate You guys so much! You remind me to be creative!
Aug 27, 17:35View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:
Aug 27, 17:35View profileJapaneseHay,nihongo wa totemo omoshiroi
Aug 27, 17:35View profilemilady777To OlgaKh:I suppose smth like Greece=)))
Aug 27, 17:36Stranger-9874To Myth:энто много grin
Aug 27, 17:36View profileMattias!My heart is where my home is;-)
Aug 27, 17:36View profileMattias!No sculpture yet!
Aug 27, 17:36View profileVardaAnd how about Ukraine? Only visits to Russia? You do not respect Ukraine??? Odessa??? unhappy
Aug 27, 17:36View profileMythTo Stranger-9874: laughing
Aug 27, 17:36View profileNEOV//To you gravely to approach through guard in club...face control
Aug 27, 17:36View profileЖулиКi am going to visit stokholm this autumn. What place do you reccommend me to see?
Aug 27, 17:36View profilehuginTo Mattias!:hihi
Aug 27, 17:36View profileMattias!All gifts are just as great! It's the thought that counts!
Aug 27, 17:36View profileDoraDo You wanna sing with Depeche Mode?
Aug 27, 17:36View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Where is Your home? grin grin grin
Aug 27, 17:36View profileWonderWhat is your heart wish?
Aug 27, 17:37View profileMattias!I want to go to the Ukraine! I have asked a million times but it seems there are no requests yet unhappy
Aug 27, 17:37View profileDoraDo You wanna visit Tibet?
Aug 27, 17:37View profilenightingalTo Darkness:ask him his address
Aug 27, 17:37View profileMattias!No face control!
Aug 27, 17:37View profileSvetlanaAnd what about Your paintings? Will we see some in the nearest future? Have You painted something?
Aug 27, 17:37View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:What's your favourite anymal?
Aug 27, 17:37View profileMattias!Not really Dora! I want them to stay my idols!
Aug 27, 17:37View profileIceQueenWhat the craziest deeds of your fans?
Aug 27, 17:37View profileOut!To Mattias!:Ok, so maybe you can open for us some future realeses of yuor songs?Do you get new releases for swedish artists? Did you write with Hanne Sorvaag for swedish artist?
Aug 27, 17:38View profileMattias!Enough with the home questions;-)
Aug 27, 17:38View profileBrute_SSoh c'mon Best gift are from Evolution team! (joke) ;0)
Aug 27, 17:38View profileDarknessTo nightingal:and the number of telephone happy
Aug 27, 17:38View profileJennyMattias wich is the craziest thing you ever did for love? happy
Aug 27, 17:38View profileMattias!I love all animals!
Aug 27, 17:38View profileDoraWhat's Your favourite smell at the moment? kissing
Aug 27, 17:38View profileSvetlanaMattias, come to Kiev! Just for a visit cool
Aug 27, 17:38View profileAllaCherryжжоте, ребя!!!! паццтулом
Aug 27, 17:38View profilenightingalTo Darkness:it wiil be great!
Aug 27, 17:38View profileNEOV//It is necessary to make web-concert oops!
Aug 27, 17:38View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DO YOU STILL LIVE AT SODERMALM IN STOCKHOLM? smile smile
Aug 27, 17:38View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:even cats???
Aug 27, 17:38View profileMattias!I have done a million crazy things for love!
Aug 27, 17:38View profileJapaneseTo M'ME to
Aug 27, 17:38View profileMattias!Yes, still! I like it here!
Aug 27, 17:38View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:where are you took imagination for songs?
Aug 27, 17:39View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:for example?
Aug 27, 17:39View profileMattias!I love cats and all animals! Cats are so sweet!
Aug 27, 17:39View profileWonderTo Mattias!: 6 million kissing
Aug 27, 17:39View profileNEOV//golden fish
Aug 27, 17:39View profileMattias!Maybe Milady!
Aug 27, 17:39View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:You told it at last! oops!
Aug 27, 17:39View profileDoraWhat do Your relatieves think about Your fame?
Aug 27, 17:39View profileJapaneseTo Mattias" cat is the best of tham!!!ARE NOT YOU AGREE? lost
Aug 27, 17:39View profileMattias!But it's also important that we release new songs!
Aug 27, 17:40View profileAllaCherryguys! ask in the open!!! grin
Aug 27, 17:40View profileMattias!I don't discuss fame with my relatives! But I guess they are a bit proud...I hope;-)
Aug 27, 17:40View profileaquariuzit's important that you feel good. then the album will come by itself
Aug 27, 17:40View profileDoraAre You proud in Your success in songwriting?
Aug 27, 17:40View profileNEOV//When you emerge to stage you forget on all
Aug 27, 17:40View profileGalinaMattias. gratulerar till förlovningen! (det var bara på skoj) unhappy
Aug 27, 17:40View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:do You believe in God? grin grin
Aug 27, 17:40View profilemilady777To Mattias!:<<< What do You like most in musical field - writing, producing or performing Yourself? >>>
Aug 27, 17:40View profileMattias!True Aq!
Aug 27, 17:41View profileIceQueenYou have a very nice voice!!! Do you sing before concerts?
Aug 27, 17:41View profileBrute_SSof course it is! Evolution is going to do the best to spread new Vacuum songs to the Kiev's radiostations!
Aug 27, 17:41View profileNEOV//With you only mind
Aug 27, 17:41View profilemilady777To Mattias!:I'm sure they're proud of You, as much as we're all=))
Aug 27, 17:41View profileMattias!Well, it's the combination! But everytime we tour and I meet all You amazing people, it's a feeling so warm it's overwhelming!
Aug 27, 17:41View profileDoraDo You plan to sing in Swedish in near future for Vacuum?
Aug 27, 17:41View profileMattias!Without You guys...there's no point really right?
Aug 27, 17:42View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I'M SURE THEY PROUD OF YOU!!! WE PROUD OF YOU TOOO! grin grin
Aug 27, 17:42View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:do you like to sing in shower? smile
Aug 27, 17:42View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:If you didn't stay wonderful singer band of Vacuum, what will you do in this life?
Aug 27, 17:42View profileMattias!I never sing before concerts! Maybe I should;-)
Aug 27, 17:42View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias!:right! grin
Aug 27, 17:42View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it? I'm very interested about Your opinion!!
Aug 27, 17:42View profileMattias!Thank You Brute!
Aug 27, 17:42View profileDoraHow do You choose a singer for whom You write for?
Aug 27, 17:43View profileNEOV//New album must consist on swedish culture laughing happy happy happy
Aug 27, 17:43View profileMattias!You know, in these days of music industry, artists and fans work together! Like we have always done with Vacuum!
Aug 27, 17:43View profilemilady777To Mattias!:You've never sung even in a shower before concerts???=))
Aug 27, 17:43View profileIceQueenAre you nervous before you perfomens?
Aug 27, 17:43View profileNEOV//and melody
Aug 27, 17:43View profileBrute_SSHey! You're not only singing before the concert, but you're dancing too! We saw that in Vitebsk's soundcheck! grin grin
Aug 27, 17:43View profileAllaCherryTo milady777:пЕкло!!! laughing
Aug 27, 17:43View profileMattias!We really apreciate the fanclubs, webpages etc! It's sooooo much fun!
Aug 27, 17:43View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:will You work with us? cool
Aug 27, 17:43View profileDoraDo You think You've had Your big love or it'll be ahead?
Aug 27, 17:44View profileFeuxit's so noisy here.... lost
Aug 27, 17:44View profileJapaneseTo Mattias: I gave your Cd to my Japanese teacher!!!!He told that you have a beautiful voice///He's japanese,i mean really japanese from KAKAGVA
Aug 27, 17:44View profileMattias!Well, most of the time we write songs and our publisher send them to different projects around the world.
Aug 27, 17:44View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:MAYBE YOU CAN TRY TO ASK US WHAT MUSIC DO WE WANT TO HEAR FROM VACUUM grin
Aug 27, 17:44Stranger-7425would you like to get back the success of the old Vacuum? how does it feel to live after such a big fame, when you are not on tv and radio anymore?
Aug 27, 17:44View profileaquariuzwithout the internet it would not be possible to be vacuum fan in the netherlands
Aug 27, 17:44View profileDoraid You watch Worldcup 2006 in Germany?
Aug 27, 17:44View profilenightingalблин, аж в глазах рябит!
Aug 27, 17:45View profileMattias!I am not so much nervous as being excited! But if I'm nervous, I always find a few faces I recognize and that makes me calm!
Aug 27, 17:45Stranger-7425sorry if it's a bit rude question but I'm just kindly curious
Aug 27, 17:45View profilemilady777To AllaCherry: laughing давай присоединяйся! laughing
Aug 27, 17:45View profileNEOV//The New album...must blast 6 billion heart cool
Aug 27, 17:45View profileDoraAre You a fan of any's football club?
Aug 27, 17:45View profileAllaCherryTo milady777: laughing
Aug 27, 17:45View profileKsushaIf you didn't stay wonderful singer band of Vacuum, what you will what to do in this life?
Aug 27, 17:45View profileMattias!It's amazing my friends, but right now, there's a rolling thunder over Stockholm!
Aug 27, 17:46View profilestarlightTo nightingal:ЭТО ТОЧНО! У МЕНЯ БУКВЫ НА КЛАВИАТУРЕ ПЛЫВУТ ПЕРЕД ГЛАЗАМИ
Aug 27, 17:46View profileDarknessMattias, in our souvenir gallery we listen to "Vacuum" unstead of balalaika:) Vacuum forever!!!
Aug 27, 17:46View profileSvetlanaIt's raining in Kiev right now.. Seems like autumn is coming
Aug 27, 17:46View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:it should be beautiful!
Aug 27, 17:46View profileMattias!Well, when it comes to the music we make, it has to come from us. I can't create something that other people want. It's art, not Ikea!
Aug 27, 17:46View profilemilady777To Mattias!: hehe, bring ain and thunder to Stockhooolm, I'll do it alll aloooone=))
Aug 27, 17:47View profileFeuxpeople, it's a thunderstorm now in Sweden! laughing
Aug 27, 17:47View profileDoraOh,it should be great! laughing Do You like it?
Aug 27, 17:47View profilenightingalTo starlight:клавиатуру я уже не вижу, тока мышку
Aug 27, 17:47View profileBrute_SSAnd the same wheteher is in the Kiev, now. "Hear the sound of a rolling thunder rain.." )))
Aug 27, 17:47View profileJennyMattias, sometimes i'm so sad that there is no possibility to see Vacuum in Italy, Internet is the only resource for italian fans, you are just great to take the time to chat with us kissing
Aug 27, 17:47View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias!:well said!!! cool
Aug 27, 17:47View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:DO you have some instrumental music of you songs? Can you give it for Vacuumvision?
Aug 27, 17:47View profileaquariuzan ikea album: one that you have to make yourself and always parts missing ;)
Aug 27, 17:47View profileFeux& everybody starts to sing... grin
Aug 27, 17:47View profileBrute_SSsorry for English... i'm nervous a bit ))
Aug 27, 17:47View profileMattias!It's always nice with duets! Maybe this time we'll do one with... Oops, almost said it smile
Aug 27, 17:48View profileGalinaMattias, du har all anledning att känna dig stolt!!! kissing
Aug 27, 17:48View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:IT'S A WANDERFUL ANSWER!! THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO HERE FROM YOU!! grin STAY CREATIVE!!
Aug 27, 17:48View profileMattias!The thunder is enormous!
Aug 27, 17:48View profileBrute_SSgrin
Aug 27, 17:48View profileNEOV//But where your friend Frederik Tomander
Aug 27, 17:48View profileMattias!It must be all the positive energy in here;-)
Aug 27, 17:48View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:say!!!
Aug 27, 17:48View profileJapaneseI am agane with you,sorry
Aug 27, 17:48View profileNEOV//Frencince
Aug 27, 17:48View profileaquariuzdo you like thunder or does it scare you?
Aug 27, 17:48View profileMattias!Sorry but we don't give away instrumentals!
Aug 27, 17:48View profileDoraWhen will we hear Your songs for other artists on vacuum-people? And lyrics may be...
Aug 27, 17:48View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Have You ever been in India?
Aug 27, 17:48View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:don't be afraid! we are here! with U! laughing
Aug 27, 17:49View profileBrute_SSTime is running to quick... soon it'll end...
Aug 27, 17:49View profileMattias!Don't be nervous Brute! We are all friends in here right!
Aug 27, 17:49View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:too much energy i think!
Aug 27, 17:49View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:thunderstorm is not so awful... smile
Aug 27, 17:49View profileDoraHow did You know about myspace?
Aug 27, 17:49View profileMattias!I like the thunder...and now the rain is pouring down! It's beautiful! The whole sky is almost yellow!
Aug 27, 17:49View profileWonderHave u any prize for winner in Vacuumvizn?
Aug 27, 17:49View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Can i buy instrimetal music? )
Aug 27, 17:50View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:but it's not good for the I-Net connection! hmm
Aug 27, 17:50View profileSvetlanaMattias, when You communicate with a person can You feel his/her energy? And in the distance?
Aug 27, 17:50View profileDoraSo go and paint this! grin
Aug 27, 17:50View profileMattias!Well Stranger, we are not doing music so we can be on TV! What happens, happens!
Aug 27, 17:50View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias!:don't tease with the thunder!!! i want to see it already! grin
Aug 27, 17:50View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Walking barefoot under the rain-it was recently! It was sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:50View profileJapaneseTo Mattias:How would you spen the best day in your life
Aug 27, 17:50View profileMattias!Kabooooooooooooom (in Stockholm)
Aug 27, 17:50View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:it's so beautiful now in Sweden! happy
Aug 27, 17:50View profileMattias!Thanx Ice
Aug 27, 17:51View profileaquariuzthis is strange... thunder starting here too. and i'm in the netherlands
Aug 27, 17:51View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:do You want to learn Russian?
Aug 27, 17:51View profileDoraWhat is Your favourite place in Stockholm?
Aug 27, 17:51View profilemilady777To Brute_SS:calm down,bro. Mattias should be nervous. he has to answer more than 50% of questions that were asked in previous chats thousand times...=|
Aug 27, 17:51View profileNEOV//But that happened to group Roxette...AceofBase. Where they.
Aug 27, 17:51View profileJapaneseTO MATTIAS:how do you see your future?
Aug 27, 17:51View profileFeuxthunderstorm is everywhere.... oops!
Aug 27, 17:51View profileMattias!I think You can always sense emotions. Even if it's over the internet. I think we have very highly developed skills in that! And we are getting better at it!
Aug 27, 17:51Stranger-7425To Mattias!: I know, but I think I would be very depressed after that..well, that's just me, thanks for your answer=)
Aug 27, 17:52View profileWonderBut Sid=beria
Aug 27, 17:52View profileFeuxit's magic... laughing
Aug 27, 17:52View profileBrute_SSTo milady777: kissing grin
Aug 27, 17:52View profileJapaneseJag mycket alskar du!!!! smile
Aug 27, 17:52View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:Do you like sports?
Aug 27, 17:52View profileMattias!My best day? All my best days are when I'm on tour. I live a little more then.
Aug 27, 17:52View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:iS Your flat big?
Aug 27, 17:52View profileDoraDo You describe Your mood last days,mounths...
Aug 27, 17:52View profileSvetlanaThe same feelings at the same time! Right here right now! Love!
Aug 27, 17:52View profileMattias!Well Stranger. You are not me! We are all different!
Aug 27, 17:53View profilehuginTo Mattias!:What are you afraid most of all?
Aug 27, 17:53View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:have You ever worked at other works?
Aug 27, 17:53View profileNEOV//You to like can to artist E-TYPE
Aug 27, 17:53View profileaquariuzokay mattias...i have to go now. wishing you lots of inspiration and spiritual growth
Aug 27, 17:53View profileMattias!I don't want to change my life. I feel very blessed!
Aug 27, 17:53View profileDoraHave You any ideas about a woman of Your dreams?
Aug 27, 17:53View profileJapaneseWhat's your favourite coulor?
Aug 27, 17:53View profileMattias!I have a small apartment! It's only me You know;-)
Aug 27, 17:53Stranger-7425To Mattias!: yep, it's good to be you then, I'm glad that you take it easy
Aug 27, 17:53View profileDarknessTo Myth:супер!!!!
Aug 27, 17:54View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:as much good or bad gave you this year?
Aug 27, 17:54View profileMattias!I'm afraid of not having people I like and who like me around me!
Aug 27, 17:54View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:your songs will do peiplr better! i' msure
Aug 27, 17:54View profileBrute_SSM, Ann asking you the following question: Do U wright new songs and Book text only when inspiration comes or you're working on it everyday?
Aug 27, 17:54View profileDoraHow many rooms have You got?
Aug 27, 17:54View profileMattias!See You dear Aq!
Aug 27, 17:54View profileKsushaTo Darkness:эх опять бы всем вмете
Aug 27, 17:54View profileWonderTo Mattias!:I am afraig it too
Aug 27, 17:54View profileFeuxI'm afraid of being disconnected...... unhappy
Aug 27, 17:54View profileDarknessTo Ksusha:да было бы классно unhappy
Aug 27, 17:54View profileMythTo Ksusha: laughing в парке? ;))
Aug 27, 17:55View profileMattias!I wouldn't say it's good to be me. I'm just saying, I'm happy for what I have and mostly for all the things I get to experience.
Aug 27, 17:55View profileAllaCherryTo Feux:hold on! smile
Aug 27, 17:55View profileJapaneseMattias,How can we translate your surname&?
Aug 27, 17:55View profileDoraHow is K?Don't You wanna collaborate again?
Aug 27, 17:55View profileNEOV//You help the advice a father...for group Vacuum
Aug 27, 17:55View profileGalinaMattias, tack för en trevlig kväll!!! Jag kan inte undgå att uttala min glädje!!! kissing kissing kissing
Aug 27, 17:55View profileFeuxTo AllaCherry: smile smile smile
Aug 27, 17:55View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:кошмар!!! не успеваю!
Aug 27, 17:55View profileAllaCherryаццкий отжиг.... laughing
Aug 27, 17:56View profileMattias!I try to work a little everyday Brute!
Aug 27, 17:56View profileJennyMattias what would You have been if You didn't do the singer?
Aug 27, 17:56View profileKsushaTo Darkness:может повторим шампусик был тогда кстати
Aug 27, 17:56View oss prata svenska.... grin
Aug 27, 17:56View profileMattias!But, most of the Vacuum-lyrics are bourne late at night...
Aug 27, 17:56View profileSatyriconTo AllaCherry:дамс, обидно что зажал инструментали... я даже деньги предлогал :)
Aug 27, 17:56View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Can You ski?
Aug 27, 17:56View profileFeuxTo AllaCherry:let's speak Swedish! grin laughing
Aug 27, 17:56View profileMattias!K is fine! I saw him yesterday on his bike!
Aug 27, 17:56View profilemilady777To Jenny:strawberry picker,hahah=)
Aug 27, 17:56View profileDoraWhat game do you play now?
Aug 27, 17:56View profileMattias!Kawroooooooom (thunder again)
Aug 27, 17:56View profileJapaneseMattias,when you usualy get up,in morning
Aug 27, 17:56Stranger-7425To Mattias!: and that is why I think it's good to be you, you've learnt to appreciate everything you have and ever had and I still didn't, so props to you for that
Aug 27, 17:56View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I THINK THE VACUUM IS THAT WHAT COMBINE YOU ANS US!! grin
Aug 27, 17:57View profileJennyTo milady777: dehehe
Aug 27, 17:57View profileMattias!I game right now! Waiting for the new Slipnter Cell!
Aug 27, 17:57View profileAllaCherryTo Feux:maybe next time! grin
Aug 27, 17:57View profileWonderIt is I am knoking on your door not thunder laughing
Aug 27, 17:57View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:I translated "Sea of silence" on French late at night!
Aug 27, 17:57View profilejuliaTo Mattias!:the this hurricane in stockholm.......:)...:)
Aug 27, 17:57View profileDoraK is on bike too! grin Now I understand why You are the friends! laughing
Aug 27, 17:57View profileNEOV//You will hear the people in Stockholm.
Aug 27, 17:57View profileBrute_SS))) Nice game!
Aug 27, 17:57View profileFeuxTo AllaCherry:why not now & here?? laughing
Aug 27, 17:57View profileKsushaTo Darkness:really?
Aug 27, 17:57View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Chaos Theory addon?
Aug 27, 17:58View profileSvetlanaMattias, do You think that on the picture of a person there's some energy of him/her. And if to hold and look at it one can even feel what's going on with this person
Aug 27, 17:58View profileDoraWhat musical instruments do You have at home?
Aug 27, 17:58View profileDarknessTo Ksusha:да даже с рифмами, за 10 мин, прикинь lost
Aug 27, 17:58View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THAT Kawroooooooom BUT IT'S TOO HOT FOR RAIN IN CRIMEA, UKRAINE grin
Aug 27, 17:58View profileAllaCherryTo Feux:better in english...really
Aug 27, 17:58View profileJapaneseI'm so worryng and happy!!!!!!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileMattias!You mean those colorpics? Well, maybe! The aura that is!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileMythTo Darkness:когда ждать твой кавер?
Aug 27, 17:59View profileNEOV//You threw to smoke happy
Aug 27, 17:59View profileBrute_SSTry the Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrengeit) It's an interactive movie. Really good quality game....
Aug 27, 17:59View profileShadowWell... It was amusing to spend some time among you, people... But I have to do much work and so I must go oops!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileMattias!Right now I have a drum! Got it as a gift from Belarus!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileWonderTo Mattias!:Siberia will waiting for u!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileDarknessTo Myth:когда Толя сподобится unhappy
Aug 27, 17:59View profileMattias!I smoke as little as I can!
Aug 27, 17:59View profileBrute_SSDo you know Silent Hill game/movie? What can you say about it?
Aug 27, 17:59View profileFeuxTo AllaCherry:better Russian ;-)
Aug 27, 17:59View profileBrute_SSBye, Shadow!
Aug 27, 18:00View profileDoraYou've told Your father was a pianist. Just hobby or what? blink
Aug 27, 18:00View profileShadowExcuse me for my silence... But here indeed is too noisy and I don't want to add any noise grin
Aug 27, 18:00View profileMattias!Siberia in my heart!
Aug 27, 18:00View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:yeah! It's better not to smoke at all. smile
Aug 27, 18:00View profileMythTo Darkness:придется поторопить?))) у меня есть запись того, как он обещал laughing
Aug 27, 18:00View profilenightingalTo Shadow:bey, Shadow1
Aug 27, 18:00View profileMattias!I love Silent Hill!!!! There's a new one soon!
Aug 27, 18:00View profileDoraI know You like drums! smile
Aug 27, 18:00View profileМаринаTo Shadow:Bye, dear
Aug 27, 18:00View profileAllaCherryTo Feux:better english so that Mattias could understand us! smile
Aug 27, 18:00View profileBrute_SSDrum is actually from Kiev unhappy
Aug 27, 18:00View profileMattias!He's a great pianist!
Aug 27, 18:00View profileKsushaTo Myth:когда я принесу микрофон grin
Aug 27, 18:00View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:have You ever read Dostoyevsky?
Aug 27, 18:00View profileMattias!No problem Shadow! Feel free to communicate!
Aug 27, 18:01View profileSvetlanaTo Brute_SS: may be it's one more drum?
Aug 27, 18:01View profileAllaCherrywow!!! it's fireworks outside!!!! happy
Aug 27, 18:01View profileMattias!Yes, but I got is as a present in Belarus!!!
Aug 27, 18:01View profileJapaneseTo MAttias:DOOOOO YOOOUUUUU SMOKE?I am in a shoke!!!WHy? Do not kill your voice,PLEASEEEEE!!!!! unhappy unhappy unhappy unhappy unhappy
Aug 27, 18:01View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:arrive In Moscow, we shall present for you hawaiian drum :)
Aug 27, 18:01View profileJennyMattias, have you watched any interesting movies recently?
Aug 27, 18:01View profileJapanesegrin unhappy oops!
Aug 27, 18:01View profileDoraHow do You think which dish You cook the best?
Aug 27, 18:01View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:YOU BETTER STOP SMOKE AT ALL smile smile
Aug 27, 18:01View profilemilady777To Mattias!: blink Sileny hill?? I couldn't complete even the 1st stage!it was so terrible!I was really afraid=))
Aug 27, 18:01View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:have You ever read Dostoyevsky?
Aug 27, 18:01View profileSpitzSilent Hill give to me much sarrow. In spring...
Aug 27, 18:01View profileMattias!A hawaian drum in Moscow! Interesting!
Aug 27, 18:02View profileShadowTo Mattias!:Good by, Mattias smile Have good days ahead smile
Aug 27, 18:02View profileMattias!I know Starlight! Thanx for caring!
Aug 27, 18:02View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:IT WILL BETTER FOR US ALSO
Aug 27, 18:02View profileShadowTo Mattias!:Thank you for encouragement smile
Aug 27, 18:02View profileDoraWhat's Your favoutite Swedish traditional dish?
Aug 27, 18:02View profileMattias!I was afraid too!!!
Aug 27, 18:02View profilemilady777To Mattias!:To Mattias!: what does Your "Dito" mean?=)
Aug 27, 18:02View profileMattias!See You Shadow!!!!
Aug 27, 18:02View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:YOU ARE WELCOME ANY TIME grin
Aug 27, 18:03View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:my mother say hello to You right now! cool
Aug 27, 18:03View profileBrute_SSM,sliped out ;-)
Aug 27, 18:03View profileSvetlanaMattias, how is that "to be down with God"? How does it feel?
Aug 27, 18:03View profileMattias!Dito means "the same"
Aug 27, 18:03View profileNEOV//Whom you dreamed to be in childhood hmm
Aug 27, 18:03View profileMattias!Say hello to Your mother and be kind to mother!
Aug 27, 18:03View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:
Aug 27, 18:03View profilemilady777To Mattias!:now I try not to play such games at night laughing
Aug 27, 18:03View profileMattias!If feels great!
Aug 27, 18:03View profilehuginTo Mattias!:What was the best present you've ever gotten?
Aug 27, 18:04View profilemilady777To Mattias!:thnx for enlightening=))
Aug 27, 18:04View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!: Anders Wol it realy him in this chat?
Aug 27, 18:04View profileVardaTO MATTIAS: Whether your treasured dream in a life was executed or she will still be executed? smile
Aug 27, 18:04View profileMattias!Me to! I try to play them when it's light!
Aug 27, 18:04View profileAllaCherryTo milady777: laughing
Aug 27, 18:04View profileDoraYour first band's name was Ceycamore Leaves.It's A-ha's song,right?
Aug 27, 18:04View profileSvetlanaYou know this is the best I've ever heard... To be down with God.
Aug 27, 18:04View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD MOOD RIGHT NOW!!! grin grin cool
Aug 27, 18:04View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:and my grandmother too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 18:04View profileAnders WolHi Everybody
Aug 27, 18:04View profilemilady777To Darkness:an old trick about mo'..btw, it's copyrighted by Cherry=)))
Aug 27, 18:04View profileMattias!You know! I like having dreams and goals! Every five years I think about them and see if I have fulfilled any!
Aug 27, 18:04View profileSatyriconTo Anders Wol:Hi
Aug 27, 18:04View profileMattias!Sometimes I have...sometimes I have not!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileFeuxTo Anders Wol:hej! smile
Aug 27, 18:05View profileSpitzHi, Andres!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileDoraHey,Anders! grin
Aug 27, 18:05View profileDarknessTo Anders Wol:Hello!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileKsushaTo Anders Wol:Hej Nice to see you there
Aug 27, 18:05View profileJapaneseOk, it time to go for me!!!!!Hope to get your letter in the nearest future!!!REally hope! unhappy unhappy unhappy
Aug 27, 18:05View profileMattias!YES! It's a very good A-ha song!
Aug 27, 18:05View profilenightingalTo Anders Wol:hI! THE GENIOUS MAN!
Aug 27, 18:05View profilemilady777To Mattias!:at night racings're more pleasant. Need for speed for ex=))
Aug 27, 18:05View profileWonderWhat is your heart wish?
Aug 27, 18:05View profileJapanesekissing hmm grin
Aug 27, 18:05View profilejuliaTo Anders Wol:JHello smile
Aug 27, 18:05View profileMattias!Wollbeck is here!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileToaddyTo Anders Wol:Hi!!! smile
Aug 27, 18:05View profileMattias!Surprise!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileSkylinesTo Anders Wol:HI!!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileNEOV//To Anders Wol:Wow
Aug 27, 18:05View profileSvetlanai wish You to release all Your goals and to make come true all Your dreams!
Aug 27, 18:05View profileAnders Wol..for a few minutes...
Aug 27, 18:05View profileBrute_SSAnders, did you get our present from Kiev?
Aug 27, 18:05View profileDoraAnd what's Your favourite A-ha's song?
Aug 27, 18:06View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:GOOD SURPRISE!
Aug 27, 18:06View profileAllaCherryTo Anders: hello! smile
Aug 27, 18:06View profilemilady777To Anders Wol:hello!!
Aug 27, 18:06View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:ANDERS IS HERE???? grin grin grin grin
Aug 27, 18:06View profileDoraHow are You,Anders?
Aug 27, 18:06View profileJennyHi Anders, how r u?
Aug 27, 18:06View profileSvetlanaAnders!!! What a lovely surprise for Vacuum people tonight!!!
Aug 27, 18:06View profileAdminThere was something wrong with your post, Shadow...
Aug 27, 18:06View profileJapaneseHi and by Anders!!!!You are a grete Man
Aug 27, 18:06View profileAnders WolI'm fine!!!!!
Aug 27, 18:06View profileShadowgrin grin grin kissing grin grin grin
Aug 27, 18:06View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:what is You favourite color? (Casual question:))
Aug 27, 18:06View profileSpitzAnders, to You like band Plasma?
Aug 27, 18:06View profilestarlightTo Anders Wol:NO,NO!! STAY WITH US!!!!! HERE IS SO GREAT EMOUTIONS grin grin grin
Aug 27, 18:07View profileBrute_SSSurprise!=Preved! actually grin (for Russians only)
Aug 27, 18:07View profileDoraMattias!Don't disappear! grin
Aug 27, 18:07View profileAnders WolThunder outside my window right now!
Aug 27, 18:07View profileSatyriconTo Anders Wol:What music do you like?
Aug 27, 18:07View profileSvetlanaAnders, thank You for everything You do in Vacuum! We love You!
Aug 27, 18:07View profileKsushaAndres please tell what do you think about Russia?
Aug 27, 18:07View profileJennyVacuum at is best tonight!
Aug 27, 18:07View profileNEOV//Talant
Aug 27, 18:07View profilenightingalWHERE IS MATTIAS?
Aug 27, 18:07View profileDarknessTo Dora:He is disconnected:)
Aug 27, 18:07View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias: Anders took all the attention!!! grin
Aug 27, 18:08View profileDoraAnders,You're very talented! smile
Aug 27, 18:08View profileSvetlanaAnders, it's a pity You weren't with Vacuum at Vitebsk concert
Aug 27, 18:08View profilemilady777Mattias went into the void grin
Aug 27, 18:08View profileMattias!I am still here!
Aug 27, 18:08View profileSatyriconTo Mattias: Do you know Devision band?
Aug 27, 18:08View profileDoraMattias!!!!!! cheerful
Aug 27, 18:08View profileAnders Wolmusic: right now Keane
Aug 27, 18:08View profileBrute_SSAnders, how about making a MySpace page?
Aug 27, 18:08View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:We know it!
Aug 27, 18:08Stranger-7425To Mattias!: do you party on weekends? go to bars etc? do you like to spend your time at public places at all?
Aug 27, 18:08View profileAllaCherryTo milady777:heeeeyyyyy
Aug 27, 18:08View profileMattias!I just don't want to disturn Your questions to Anders!
Aug 27, 18:08View profileAnders WolRussia: Have only been to St Petersburg - great
Aug 27, 18:08View profileNEOV//100% with GOD-CHAT
Aug 27, 18:08View profileWonderTo Anders Wol:We all wish to u happiness
Aug 27, 18:08View profileGalinaHej, Anders!!! Hur står det till?
Aug 27, 18:08View profileJennyMattias why there are some reversed verses on Vacuum songs (culture of night and YWLILUTT)
Aug 27, 18:08View profileSvetlanaAnders, how's Your family? Please, give them our kind regards!
Aug 27, 18:09View profileDoraYou didn't tell us abot Ander's visit!
Aug 27, 18:09View profileAnders WolMySpace: Maybe....
Aug 27, 18:09View profileNEOV//Mattisik grin
Aug 27, 18:09View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias!:now guys will ask Anders all those question... laughing
Aug 27, 18:10View profileDoraAnders, will You be on concerts in near future?
Aug 27, 18:10View profileOut!To Anders Wol:Anders, can you say something about you music projects? What new releases can we wait from you?
Aug 27, 18:10View profilemilady777To NEOV//:100% exactly! laughing
Aug 27, 18:10View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DO YOU LIKE TO COMMUNICATE BY SMS?
Aug 27, 18:10View profileJapaneseTo mattias: Love you all of everyone in this Universe!Wait you in Odessa!!!Get ready to listen to japanese on your consert!!!Learn japanese and be ready to speak with fans from Odessa!!!Love you!!!
Aug 27, 18:10View profileVardaMattias, your association with Dragons?
Aug 27, 18:10View profileFeuxTo Anders Wol:Thanx for the great songs! smileand not only those that are for Vacuum... cool
Aug 27, 18:10View profileAnders WolMusic projects: Vacuum...
Aug 27, 18:11View profileDoraMatti,what's Your favourite DM's song?
Aug 27, 18:11View profileSatyriconTo starlight:у него телефон сплавится :)
Aug 27, 18:11View profileKsushaTo Anders Wol:You wrirte wonderful music for Vacuum
Aug 27, 18:11View profilestarlightTo Anders Wol:HOW WAS YOUR WEAKEND?? grin grin grin grin
Aug 27, 18:11View profileAnders WolThank You for enjoying our music
Aug 27, 18:11View profileJapaneseGod bless you!!!Unswer me and I live!!!Please
Aug 27, 18:11View profileBrute_SS2Anders, and the question about present is still open.. I wonder, if one bearded man gave it to you? grin
Aug 27, 18:11View profileAllaCherryTo Anders Wol:Thank YOU!!! kissing
Aug 27, 18:12View profileAnders WolMy weekend was fine. Hot. Worked on my boat
Aug 27, 18:12View profilenightingalTo Anders Wol:YOU ARE WELCOME. THANK YOU!!!
Aug 27, 18:12View profileOlgaKhTo Anders Wol:god kvall smile
Aug 27, 18:12View profileJennyMattias are u still there? please don't leave
Aug 27, 18:12View profileDoraAnders,have You meet A.Bard with his BWO?
Aug 27, 18:12View profileMattias!I am still here!
Aug 27, 18:12View profileJapaneseMattias!!!!Please! unhappy oops! grin
Aug 27, 18:12View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:I have a cat, her pedigree is Russian Blue.She is 11 years old:))))))
Aug 27, 18:12View profileOut!To Anders Wol:Do you write something for but Vacuum?
Aug 27, 18:12View profilehuginTo Anders Wol:Do you always work with Mattias now or sometimes without?
Aug 27, 18:12View profilenightingalDO YOU HAVE A REST NOW, MATTIAS?
Aug 27, 18:12View profilestarlightTo Anders Wol:WE ARE STILL CANT WHAT FOR YOUR ALBUM
Aug 27, 18:12View profileNEOV//Andreas you have an animals
Aug 27, 18:12View profileSvetlanaMattias, I know it's too early to ask but still when are You planing to release Vacuum new album? Next year?
Aug 27, 18:12View profileKsushaTo Anders Wol:I know you hear album of russian band Plazma? What are you thinking about their music?
Aug 27, 18:13View profileDoraMattias,please.don't be silent! happy
Aug 27, 18:13View profileJennyphewww grin was starting to worry
Aug 27, 18:13View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:Do you like synthpop bands - Devision Iris - Mesh ?
Aug 27, 18:13View profileMattias!No me and Anders are busy in the studio!
Aug 27, 18:13View profileJapaneseTo Anders:by!!!!
Aug 27, 18:13View profilenightingalMAAAAAATIAS!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?
Aug 27, 18:13View profileBrute_SSMattias, I'd like to make you one present, it's CD's of one Ukrainian band, but it's lyrics is in Russian... is there any sens to do that?
Aug 27, 18:13View profileMattias!We will release a new album as soon as we have one! It's still a work in progress!
Aug 27, 18:13View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:how many songs will be in album?
Aug 27, 18:13View profileAnders WolThe new album will be fantastic. You are in for some surprises...
Aug 27, 18:13View profileJenny/me send lots of kisses and hugs to everybody
Aug 27, 18:13View profilemilady777To Mattias!:invited Anders in order to have a break yourself? grin
Aug 27, 18:13View profilenightingalYOU ARE HERE
Aug 27, 18:13View profileNEOV//Dj Mattisik
Aug 27, 18:14View profileDoraAre You happy,Anders, in general?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias!:how many singles will be on the album?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileGalinaMattias, hur hinner du med allt detta? Blir du aldrig trött ?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileMattias!I like Covenant!
Aug 27, 18:14View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:How mach time you spend in inet?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileFeuxMattias & Anders: Are you at studio right now??? blink
Aug 27, 18:14View profileMattias!You never know how many singles!
Aug 27, 18:14View profileDoraHas Anders gone?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileAnders WolI am in the studio!
Aug 27, 18:14View profileNEOV//Andreas you it is necessary more to help M in tour
Aug 27, 18:14View profileMattias!Jag blir visst tr?tt:-)
Aug 27, 18:14View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Why?
Aug 27, 18:14View profileSpitzDear, Mattias I wait You in Volgograd. Not angry about me
Aug 27, 18:14View profileMattias!I spend a lot of time mailing!
Aug 27, 18:15View profileSvetlanaAny ideas about the title of the album yet? What's the main spirit of it? Mood?
Aug 27, 18:15View profilemilady777To Anders Wol:we don't doubt that new album'll be great=)
Aug 27, 18:15View profileNEOV//I understand that family beside you
Aug 27, 18:15View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:yes, Mattias, are you tired already?
Aug 27, 18:15View profileMattias!Why would I be angry???
Aug 27, 18:15View profilejuliawe much ,much wait surprise..!!)) smile
Aug 27, 18:15View profileDoraMatti!Are You in home or with Anders?
Aug 27, 18:15View profileMattias!I'm not very tired! was a late saturday evening!
Aug 27, 18:15View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:are U at studio?
Aug 27, 18:16View profileNEOV//studio "HOME'"
Aug 27, 18:16View profileMattias!Anders is in the studio! I am at home!
Aug 27, 18:16View profileDoraDo You like Abba,M?
Aug 27, 18:16View profileBrute_SS2Dora, oh c'mon...
Aug 27, 18:16View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:working & chatting...
Aug 27, 18:16View profileMattias!Studio "Home"!
Aug 27, 18:16View profileJennyAnders why there are some reversed verses on Vacuum songs (culture of night and YWLILUTT)
Aug 27, 18:16View profileBrute_SSgrin about Home
Aug 27, 18:16View profileAnders WolReversed???
Aug 27, 18:16View profileMattias!I like Abba! Not a huuuuge fan but they are of course geniouses!
Aug 27, 18:17View profileMattias!geniuses?
Aug 27, 18:17View profileSpitzI is boring
Aug 27, 18:17View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR FLAT IN GREY AND BLUE COLORS? grin
Aug 27, 18:17View profileMattias!How do one spell that? grin
Aug 27, 18:17View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:has you not released songs, do you want to create of them sd or megamix
Aug 27, 18:17View profileMattias!No, new colors now!
Aug 27, 18:17View profileJennyyes at the end of the song there is a hidden message
Aug 27, 18:17View profileMattias!You are NOT boring Spitz!
Aug 27, 18:17View profileNEOV//Mattias and Andreas...You are our mentors! cheerful cheerful cheerful
Aug 27, 18:17View profileAllaCherryhey guys...what is happining here?
Aug 27, 18:17View profileBrute_SSShallow heart, for example. What are the lyrics?
Aug 27, 18:17Stranger-7425you mean genious?
Aug 27, 18:17View profileMattias!No megamix please;-)
Aug 27, 18:17View profileDoraAnd You are genious too!It's true! cheerful
Aug 27, 18:18View profileMattias!Yes stranger! Thanx!
Aug 27, 18:18View profileAllaCherryooops
Aug 27, 18:18View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:Oh, you change colours at home! It's cute! smile
Aug 27, 18:18View profileIceQueenHow about E-TYPE? I like so much!
Aug 27, 18:18View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:is What is Your favourite color?!
Aug 27, 18:18Stranger-7425no prob :D
Aug 27, 18:18View profileWonderYour song become more marvelos
Aug 27, 18:18View profileMattias!My favorite color is black!
Aug 27, 18:18View profileSpitzThank You!!!
Aug 27, 18:18View profileMattias!Thank You wonder!
Aug 27, 18:18View profileNEOV//Andreas..It is Difficult was work with Bard
Aug 27, 18:18View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:WHAT COLORS? DO YOU HAVE SOME NEW, MODERN COMBINATION? grin
Aug 27, 18:18View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:you find time to change your flat! cool
Aug 27, 18:18View profileMattias!What about E-type?
Aug 27, 18:18View profilemilady777To IceQueen:I llike E-type too! smile
Aug 27, 18:18View profileJennydon't remember something like "so you had the time to reverse this message" or something like that
Aug 27, 18:18View profileBrute_SSquite gothic person ;-)
Aug 27, 18:18View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:why you thing so?
Aug 27, 18:19View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:WHY BLACK? IT'S SO DARK!
Aug 27, 18:19View profileMattias!Just very earthy colors!
Aug 27, 18:19View profileIceQueenDo you like this music?
Aug 27, 18:19View profileMattias!Why I like black?
Aug 27, 18:19View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:do you like night life, disco and so on?
Aug 27, 18:19View profileDoraAnd do You like blue?It's so romantic colour! happy
Aug 27, 18:19View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:yep
Aug 27, 18:19View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:Dante wrote that 35 years old is the middle of a life. What do You think about it? I'm very interested about Your opinion!!
Aug 27, 18:19View profileMattias!I go out once in a while! But I enjoy calm a lot!
Aug 27, 18:19View profileNEOV//New album E-type...he is popular in Sweden
Aug 27, 18:19View profileAllaCherryTo nightingal:'coz black contains all the colours!! cool
Aug 27, 18:19View profileAnders WolMet E-type in february at the Grammy awards.He is still tall.:-)
Aug 27, 18:19View profileFeuxTo Mattias!:but earlier your fav colours were blue & grey...
Aug 27, 18:19View profileIceQueenTo milady777:do you speak russia?
Aug 27, 18:20View profilemilady777To Mattias!:never guess what Your fave color is..first it was blue,then grey,green and now black.I see it depends on Your mood or what??
Aug 27, 18:20Stranger-7425I'm sorry but I think that E-Type is crap, don't know why you girls mentioned them here
Aug 27, 18:20View profileKsushaTo Mattias!:do you what change something in your life?
Aug 27, 18:20View profileMattias!If it is the middle...well, then it's a great start of something!
Aug 27, 18:20View profilemilady777To IceQueen:yep=)
Aug 27, 18:20View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:YOU ARE LIKE A LIGHT, AND YOUR FAVOURITE COLOR IS BLACK. INTERESTING...
Aug 27, 18:20View profileKsushaTo Anders Wol:What is about Plazma?
Aug 27, 18:20View profileNEOV//God father...DENNIZ POP...YES, Mat
Aug 27, 18:20View profilelamiaTo AllaCherry:no, not black. white does smile
Aug 27, 18:20View profileMattias!Black is neutral and ALWAYS very stylish!
Aug 27, 18:20View profileAnders WolE-type told me he is opening a Viking theme park soon...
Aug 27, 18:20View profileSatyriconTo Mattias!:I see you photo on SPB (Sobaka) you in white dress vs guitar - its look great!
Aug 27, 18:21View profileDoraMatti,do You like to clean Your flat?
Aug 27, 18:21View profilemilady777To Anders Wol:tall and curly? grin
Aug 27, 18:21View profilenightingalTo AllaCherry:OOOOPS. THANK YOU
Aug 27, 18:21View profileMattias!White or black...the best ones!
Aug 27, 18:21View profileSpitzYes Yes. Plazma from Volgograd
Aug 27, 18:21View profileBrute_SSThanx a lot for a conversation! Silent Poems, Evolution (Back, Mia, and Brute) have to go now! Hope to see u all again! MEGAHUG to everybody!
Aug 27, 18:21View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:YOU ARE RIGHT!
Aug 27, 18:21View profileAnders WolPlazma had som good songs...
Aug 27, 18:21View profileWonderI agree
Aug 27, 18:21View profileMattias!I love to clean it! Rinses the mind!
Aug 27, 18:21View profileIceQueenTo milady777:ну и отлично, я думала E-type кроме меня уже никто не слушает
Aug 27, 18:21View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:agree about black cool cool
Aug 27, 18:21View profileDoraAnders,do You believe in God?
Aug 27, 18:21View profileOlgaKhTo Mattias!:what you prefer to sweem in ocean, or ski?
Aug 27, 18:21View profileAnders Wol...still curly
Aug 27, 18:21View profileMattias!See You all lovely ones!
Aug 27, 18:21View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE TO LIFE!!!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileMattias!I will also leave You now!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileSvetlanaTo Brute_SS:, Mia and FireBack> Good Luck!!! See you!!!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileNEOV//But M plasma to dislike oops!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileAllaCherryTo lamia: laughing just today i've polished my nail with black polish! looks cool! cool
Aug 27, 18:22View profileMattias!Be kind, stay indpirational and THANK YOU ALL!!!! Love You!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileWonderWe will miss u
Aug 27, 18:22View profileDarknessTo Mattias!:do You like Astrid Lindgren? hmm
Aug 27, 18:22View profilemilady777To Mattias!:i like white. it's very stylish too=) but black helps to hide some extra baggage of your constitution=))
Aug 27, 18:22View profileWonderLove u too
Aug 27, 18:22View profileGalinaMattias,tell me please,what is your streat name smile smile
Aug 27, 18:22View profilestarlightTo Mattias!:NO,STAY FOR A WHILE,PLEASE!!!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileMattias!See You soon my friends!
Aug 27, 18:22View profilenightingalTo Mattias!:hope to see you soon!!!!
Aug 27, 18:22View profileAnders WolLove to you all. Gotta go. (Work to do) :-)