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Aug 26, 17:57View profileMattias LHellooo
Aug 26, 17:57View profileolgakhTo chaosita: с прибытием на наш корабль
Aug 26, 17:57View profileMattias LMattias here!
Aug 26, 17:57View profileToaddyHello, Dear Mattias!!!
Aug 26, 17:57View profileMattias LHope You're great everyone!
Aug 26, 17:58View profileolgakhHIII
Aug 26, 17:58View profilekyksenokHi, dear Mattias!
Aug 26, 17:58View profileYrremHi Mattias!
Aug 26, 17:58View profileCthulhu=) Fhtagn!
Aug 26, 17:58View profileDarleneGood evening,Mattias and everybody!What a pleasure to be here tonight!
Aug 26, 17:58View profileBagheera52Hi! cool
Aug 26, 17:58View profileMattias LYeah, it's pretty cool this chat!
Aug 26, 17:58View profilereplikantTo Mattias L:Hi
Aug 26, 17:58View profileMargaritaHello! grin
Aug 26, 17:59View profileMattias LI'm just good! Relaxing at home on a sunday evening!
Aug 26, 17:59View profileMattias LWhat are You guys up to?
Aug 26, 17:59View profileBagheera52Sunday is a great day! You can relax just as much as you want!
Aug 26, 17:59View profileDarleneHow is the weather?
Aug 26, 17:59View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: how's weather in Stok?
Aug 26, 17:59View profileolgakhTo Darlene: кто то читает мои мысли)))
Aug 26, 17:59View profileMattias LWeather is ok! A little rainy but I think it cleared up now!
Aug 26, 17:59View profileCat7Hello to Mattias!
Aug 26, 18:00View profilechaositaHi to everybody!
Aug 26, 18:00View profileMattias LHello hello;-)
Aug 26, 18:00View profileMattias LLets not do private messages!
Aug 26, 18:00View profile-Out-To Mattias L:Hello, Mattias!!!
Aug 26, 18:00View profileMattias LLets keep it in the open:-)
Aug 26, 18:00View profileMattias LSo where are You guys?
Aug 26, 18:00View profilechaositaMattias what about weather in Stok?
Aug 26, 18:01View profileCat7How's my favourite singer?
Aug 26, 18:01View profileneov//Hello M! grin
Aug 26, 18:01View profileMattias LSome new names here right?
Aug 26, 18:01View profileDarleneHow are Your dad,sister,nieces?
Aug 26, 18:01View profileBagheera52Now, where's Blabla?! Blabla! Hey there! Bla-bla-bla!!
Aug 26, 18:01View profileMattias LHey there!
Aug 26, 18:01View profileCat7sorry about private question
Aug 26, 18:01View profileMattias LEveryone's good!
Aug 26, 18:01View profileCthulhuHave you bought any warm clothes for Salekhard? laughing
Aug 26, 18:01View profileCat7My name is Kate
Aug 26, 18:01View profileCat7I'[m for the first time here
Aug 26, 18:02View profileMattias LWell, I haven't packed yet for Salekhard!
Aug 26, 18:02View profileolgakhwe have a lot of new ppl, cool
Aug 26, 18:02View profileMattias LI'm really excited about going! I hear it's beutiful up there
Aug 26, 18:02View profileMattias LOh welcome Cat
Aug 26, 18:02View profileBagheera52I think it's a wee bit early to pack yet!
Aug 26, 18:02View profileBagheera52Ahahaha
Aug 26, 18:02View profileDarleneWill Anders chatting tonight or You don't know as usually? grin
Aug 26, 18:02View profilelleennaaTo Cat7:that's pretty clear, that your name is Kate grin grin
Aug 26, 18:02View profileAllaCherryHello everyone!!!
Aug 26, 18:02View profileCat7I'm glad to talk here
Aug 26, 18:03View profileolgakhTo AllaCherry: hi dear
Aug 26, 18:03View profileMattias LNo Anders can't come today
Aug 26, 18:03View profileBagheera52smile
Aug 26, 18:03View profileBagheera52Alla!
Aug 26, 18:03View profileBagheera52Hi!
Aug 26, 18:03View profileLOVErnaOOouuu.....Hi! smile
Aug 26, 18:03View profileMattias LHi there!
Aug 26, 18:03View profileAllaCherryTo olgakh: grin
Aug 26, 18:03View profileMattias LHihihi so we've said hi right?
Aug 26, 18:03View profileDarleneThen Olof or Kalle may be...
Aug 26, 18:04View profileAllaCherryso.....wassup???
Aug 26, 18:04View profileMattias LI actually asked Kalle! I'm having dinner with him later but he couldn't come here! Next time maybe!
Aug 26, 18:04View profileYrremMattias, are you planning any gigs in Sweden? It would be great to see you.
Aug 26, 18:04View profileBagheera52Alla: just chat away your life, maid! ;-)
Aug 26, 18:04View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:that was for me...i just came grin
Aug 26, 18:04View profileneov//As has had a rest this summer. On all of 100 %?
Aug 26, 18:05View profileMargaritaI glad to talk here too, but my English is some little bad! Sorry! oops!
Aug 26, 18:05View profileCthulhuwhos genius idea was to go to Salekhard, man?! you're going to freeze there =0)
Aug 26, 18:05View profileCat7do they have lyrics to the song "Lonelynight" on the site?
Aug 26, 18:05View profileMattias LNo gigs in Sweden right now!
Aug 26, 18:05View profileLOVErnaI have a question. When the Vacuum will act in Moscow?
Aug 26, 18:05View profileDarleneWhen re-released YWLILUTT will appear in Russia?
Aug 26, 18:05View profileMattias LI hope not! I have warm clothes!!!
Aug 26, 18:05View profileneov//When again to Russia you will arrive? happy
Aug 26, 18:05View profileMattias LI think Your english is just fine!
Aug 26, 18:06View profileMattias LWe are going to Moscow quite soon because we did music for a russian film that will have preiere soon
Aug 26, 18:06View profileMattias Lpremiere
Aug 26, 18:06View profileolga_qwnohhhh Mattias, hi, it's me, Olga, girl with a souvenir crown haha, do u remember me?
Aug 26, 18:06View profileDarleneAnd Peter?
Aug 26, 18:06View profileMattias LBut I don't have the exact date! Think it will be in october
Aug 26, 18:07View profileBagheera52That's good news! Hope the movie is just the same good!
Aug 26, 18:07View profileBagheera52LOL
Aug 26, 18:07View profileMattias LWe go to Germany all the time! But not for Vacuum yet!
Aug 26, 18:07View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: you will give a little show in Moscow?
Aug 26, 18:07View profileAlexHi everybody:)
Aug 26, 18:07View profileneov//At a new song "Only human" the big future!
Aug 26, 18:07View profileCthulhuIs it German film? 8)
Aug 26, 18:07View profilefotokisahi all smile
Aug 26, 18:07View profileBagheera52Because I don't doubt about the soundtrack... ;-)
Aug 26, 18:07View profileMattias LI have no idea Bagheera! But it seems like fun!
Aug 26, 18:07View profileMattias LIt's a russian movie
Aug 26, 18:07View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:Önskar Dig en trevlig resa till Salekhard.
Aug 26, 18:07View profile-Out-To Mattias L: Mattias, just heard Hot Sumer and Eurovision's Song by Monrose - they're soooo awesome, did you write something for their new album?
Aug 26, 18:07View profileMattias LI miss Peter lots! Waiting for an invitation to do a show!
Aug 26, 18:07View profileDarleneWhen do You plan to record a new album?
Aug 26, 18:07View profileoxygenBMattias, what music do you like at the moment? sorry for private - i am here for the first time
Aug 26, 18:08View profileLOVErnaTo Mattias L:In what clubs it will be possible to hear your performance? smile
Aug 26, 18:08View profileMattias LI wrote one song for Monrose!
Aug 26, 18:08View profileMattias LIt's coming out soon!
Aug 26, 18:08View profileneov//Single @nly HUMAN
Aug 26, 18:08View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Hi Mattias!Hope you are OK !
Aug 26, 18:08View profileMattias LLets just ignore Magrew now!
Aug 26, 18:08View profileCthulhuNika. are you Here..? if you are pls do something =)
Aug 26, 18:08View profileMattias LWhat do You mean Neov?
Aug 26, 18:08View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:come to Novosibirsk! I'm here till the mid of september! hihi laughing
Aug 26, 18:09View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: great idea
Aug 26, 18:09View profileDarleneWhat kind of Mac have You now?
Aug 26, 18:09View profileCat7and to Omsk too
Aug 26, 18:09View profileolgakhTo AllaCherry: когда успела уехать?:)
Aug 26, 18:09View profileMattias LThere have been many plans to go to Novosibirsk but it hasn't happened yet!
Aug 26, 18:09View profileolgakhfirst in kazan^)
Aug 26, 18:09View profileMattias LI have the blackbook
Aug 26, 18:09View profileCthulhuand Zimbabwe?
Aug 26, 18:09View profilechaositaand to Tambov too
Aug 26, 18:10View profile-Out-To Cat7:Wow! Фаны из Омска?
Aug 26, 18:10View profileneov//What songs are popular now in Sweden?
Aug 26, 18:10View profileAlexTo Cat7:Brother or sister in Omsk haha
Aug 26, 18:10View profileMattias LWell, nothing is really difficult to sing about as long as You can relate to it!
Aug 26, 18:10View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: Mattias hi again, happy to see u here!!!!
Aug 26, 18:10View profileDarleneI mean Macbook or MacbookPro...
Aug 26, 18:10View profileAllaCherryTo olgakh:at the beginning of August
Aug 26, 18:10View profileBagheera52Blabla: meditate, dear, that is the thing!
Aug 26, 18:10View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:Jag håller tummarna för att din konsert blir framgångsrikt
Aug 26, 18:10View profileBagheera52happy
Aug 26, 18:10View profileCat7hi to everybody in Omsk again!
Aug 26, 18:10View profileMattias LHmmmm, I don't know Neov. I don't really listen to the swedish chart-music. But I guess it's schlager as usual-)
Aug 26, 18:10View profilelleennaaTo chaosita: Tambov rules forever!
Aug 26, 18:10View profileMattias LMacbook Black
Aug 26, 18:10View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:"Only human" is excellent song! And how's about a new album?
Aug 26, 18:11View profileAllaCherryloads of Olgas here today! grin
Aug 26, 18:11View profileneov//Iam listen to new sing E-type "True beliver"
Aug 26, 18:11View profileolgakhTo AllaCherry: прикололась
Aug 26, 18:11View profileolga_qwnTo AllaCherry:yesss :(
Aug 26, 18:11View profileDarleneAnd what is the size of the display?
Aug 26, 18:11View profileCthulhuand so.... most popular question #1: When new album will be released?
Aug 26, 18:11View profileAllaCherrylaughing
Aug 26, 18:11View profilemilady777Hey, sweetiez, howdy? Miss You all! Hope, You, guys, had much fun this summerrr!=)
Aug 26, 18:12View profileblablaBagheera52 What are you about?
Aug 26, 18:12View profileLOVErnaTo Mattias L:Success and the big love. oops!
Aug 26, 18:12View profileMattias LWell, a new album will come but it will take some time! We are doing something quite special and we have around 7 songs written. But it will be something completely different!
Aug 26, 18:12View profilelleennaaTo neov//: so am I)))
Aug 26, 18:12View profileMattias LOk, I know Martin. He's a nice guy!
Aug 26, 18:12View profileAlexTo neov//:Where is possible to listen this song? I mean E-Type
Aug 26, 18:12View profileoxygenBwe'll be waiting for the new album!
Aug 26, 18:12View profileМаринаTo Mattias L: What about duets? :) You Have ideas? :)
Aug 26, 18:12View profile-Out-I'm a truuuuuuuuuuuuuue belieeeeeever...I'm with you through the niiiiight...
Aug 26, 18:13View profileMattias LWalk On The Sun was sort of an explosion! Just sometimes we just let go and let it all hang out!
Aug 26, 18:13View profileneov//In a new album on experiment a voice! hmm
Aug 26, 18:13View profileDarleneYour dad has two dogs,hasn't he?
Aug 26, 18:13View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: tomorrow is Marre's birthday by the way ;-)
Aug 26, 18:13View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:What a pleasant news! grin
Aug 26, 18:13View profileMattias LWe had just been in Germany working with a band called Cinema Bizarre and it was quite an inspiring trip!
Aug 26, 18:13View profileoxygenBwalk on the sun is a great song!
Aug 26, 18:13View profileCthulhu7 songs?! Wait a sec, you were telling us in your MS-blogs that you've recorded... more then hundred of songs =)
Aug 26, 18:13View profileAllaCherrynot many ppl please don't write in private...
Aug 26, 18:13View profilelleennaaTo -Out-: you're my inspiration in life!)))
Aug 26, 18:13View profileMattias LYes, the duet is already recorded! But it's a HUGE secret;-)
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMyrtohello all!!!
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMattias LThank You Ileennaa
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMyrtoMattiassss!!!
Aug 26, 18:14View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Mattias you are ignore so many questions about new album of Vacuum, cool
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMattias LNo, we have not recorded a hundred songs. When did I say that???
Aug 26, 18:14View profileCthulhuWhat about Tarja Turunen?!
Aug 26, 18:14View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:Why you do not write music without words?
Aug 26, 18:14View profileAllaCherryTo -Out-:hej Dee!
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMyrtoI cant believe you are here
Aug 26, 18:14View profileMattias LI don't have time to answer all here Alex!!! Fingers are burning!
Aug 26, 18:14View profileneov//You will write down new songs with Kristen Linder. At you well it turns out!!!
Aug 26, 18:15View profileBagheera52Mattias, all plans secret and hidden out there! ;-) That's just typical! grin
Aug 26, 18:15View profileMattias LTarja...oh Tarja! It will be amazing I promise!
Aug 26, 18:15View profileBagheera52Ahaha, but I bet it's worth the waiting!
Aug 26, 18:15View profileDarleneDo You use GarageBand on Your Mac for creating melodies or movies?
Aug 26, 18:15View profileMattias LNo there will be no songs with Krister this time!
Aug 26, 18:15View profile-Out-To lleennaa: ;)
Aug 26, 18:15View profileMattias LNo Darlene! We use Logic
Aug 26, 18:15View profileMyrtoMattias hello, it's Myrto from Greece, Athens
Aug 26, 18:15View profile-Out-To AllaCherry:Hi, dear)
Aug 26, 18:16View profileBagheera52Darlene: Fun time, GarageBand!
Aug 26, 18:16View profileMattias LTarja's album will be something quite amazing!
Aug 26, 18:16View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: näää, jag är lleennaa blink
Aug 26, 18:16View profileolgakhTo Myrto: Geia sou
Aug 26, 18:16View profileMattias LI think the first single will come soon! I Walk Alone! Guess who wrote it;-)
Aug 26, 18:16View profileMyrtoI've been a huge fan for so many years
Aug 26, 18:16View profileneov//Good remix @nly human! Iam listen!
Aug 26, 18:16View profileMattias LI'm very proud over our work with Tarja!
Aug 26, 18:16View profileMyrtoOlgakh kalispera!!!!
Aug 26, 18:16View profileDarleneWhat mobile phone have You at the moment?
Aug 26, 18:16View profilemilady777To Mattias L: grin sorry
Aug 26, 18:17View profileolgakhTo Myrto: ti kanies?
Aug 26, 18:17View profileCat7smile smile
Aug 26, 18:17View profileCthulhushe is very talanted person
Aug 26, 18:17View profilemilady777throwing 2 slipperz in Nika!!! unhappy
Aug 26, 18:17View profileMyrtomia hara alla o Mattias den mou milaei!!
Aug 26, 18:17View profileMattias LI had the Nokia 8800 Sirocco but it was crap!
Aug 26, 18:17View profileCthulhuut she has to find her new style after quitting Nightwish
Aug 26, 18:17View profileMattias LSo now I'm waiting for the iPhone
Aug 26, 18:17View profileМаринаTo Mattias L: Tell us about Tarja more :)
Aug 26, 18:17View profileoxygenBwhat music do you like at the moment?
Aug 26, 18:17View profileAllaCherryTo Myrto: blink
Aug 26, 18:18View profilemilady777To Mattias L: grin iphone is the same crap,dear
Aug 26, 18:18View profileDarleneAnd what about iPod video?
Aug 26, 18:18View profileMattias LHmmm, I actually listen alot to James Blunt! Am I booooring now;-)
Aug 26, 18:18View profileBagheera52I'm not sure about the iPhone... I suspect the first version is going to be all glitchy!
Aug 26, 18:18View profileMattias LI Phone will be mine!
Aug 26, 18:18View profileMattias LOne day
Aug 26, 18:18View profileMattias Lblink
Aug 26, 18:18View profileAllaCherryTo Darlene:iPod Video rules....that's all about it!
Aug 26, 18:18View profileCthulhuand we are waiting for iPhone holders to, in backstreets and dark corners =)))
Aug 26, 18:18View profileBagheera52cool
Aug 26, 18:18View profileAllaCherrylaughing
Aug 26, 18:18View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Have you some plans to pass the Cristmas vACATIONS? i HAVE SOME IDEA....TO INVITE YOU:)
Aug 26, 18:18View profileBagheera52One day is okay!
Aug 26, 18:19View profileBagheera52LOL
Aug 26, 18:19View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: Mattias do u sing songs written by you at home or while feeling like singing???????????
Aug 26, 18:19View profileMattias LI'm actually thinking about going to Thailand this winter!
Aug 26, 18:19View profileCthulhu2Alex, to sauna? like with Aniv? =)
Aug 26, 18:19View profileMattias LBut I have't decided yet!
Aug 26, 18:19View profilemilady777To Alex: coolwhat about me?)))
Aug 26, 18:19View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L:Mattias do u sing songs written by you at home or while feeling like singing???????????
Aug 26, 18:19View profileneov//Mattias tried to be engaged in meditation.
Aug 26, 18:19View profileDarleneDon't You plan to shot any clips?
Aug 26, 18:19View profileMattias LHahahaha, not really! When I come home from the studio I usually relax abit!
Aug 26, 18:20View profilemilady777To Mattias L: blink too...
Aug 26, 18:20View profileneov//cool
Aug 26, 18:20View profileMattias LVideo's are so expensive these days and with downloads going on it's hard for Vacuum to do!
Aug 26, 18:20View profileCthulhu2millady: Belorussian sauna is only for boys =0
Aug 26, 18:20View profileMyrtoMattias I saw that your last chat conversation with your fans was about a year ago. Have you any wonder if it's possipble for you to speak with us frequently?? Love, Myrto
Aug 26, 18:20View profilemilady777To Nika:ny ti hot' znaesh' gde,nadeus'))
Aug 26, 18:21View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Ok, Thailand is mor greater and more unforgetable then europian countries I think:))))
Aug 26, 18:21View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:Thailand... Massage, sir? :)
Aug 26, 18:21View profileMattias LWell, I try to do as much as I can but the last year we have been so busy writing! Many artists and songs + the new "Vacuum" material
Aug 26, 18:21View profileDarleneOnce You said You liked Erasure.What's Your favorite song?
Aug 26, 18:21View profileMattias LI blog a lot though!!!
Aug 26, 18:21View profileCthulhuho about making a German video? it will be SOOO popular! grin
Aug 26, 18:21View profileAlexTo milady777:To invite you to the sauna? Of course, dear! grin
Aug 26, 18:21View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:Thailand is perfect! I've just return from dive tour from there/// cheerful
Aug 26, 18:21View profileMattias LInto the sun?
Aug 26, 18:21View profileneov//When there will be new songs? lost
Aug 26, 18:21View profileMattias LHmmm
Aug 26, 18:22View profileMattias LWell, we just released two more:-)
Aug 26, 18:22View profileAlexTo Cthulhu:Not only for boys, dear
Aug 26, 18:22View profileMattias LSo where in Thailand did You dive?
Aug 26, 18:22View profilemilady777shite!! log is broken..i'm goin maaad...
Aug 26, 18:22View profileolgakhTo Myrto: den milo ellinikos kala smile
Aug 26, 18:22View profileBagheera52Some more emphasis on Russia now, Mattias! happy
Aug 26, 18:22View profileneov//BAMBUUUUUUUUCHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! cheerful
Aug 26, 18:22View profileDarleneCould You tell the address of Your blog on
Aug 26, 18:22View profileBagheera52:0p
Aug 26, 18:22View profileBagheera52*:-p
Aug 26, 18:22View profileMyrtowhere are you from Olgakh?
Aug 26, 18:22View profilemilady777To kyksenok:bebs,what place would you advise in Thailand?
Aug 26, 18:22View profileMattias LWould love to do a German video! In Berlin! That would be a dream!
Aug 26, 18:23View profileolgakhTo Myrto: smile russian, but with greek blood
Aug 26, 18:23View profileCthulhugrin grin grin
Aug 26, 18:23View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:You write music or only words?
Aug 26, 18:23View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:In Phuket
Aug 26, 18:23View profileMattias LThe blog can be found on or
Aug 26, 18:23View profileMattias LMusic and Words
Aug 26, 18:23View profileMattias LAh, nice!
Aug 26, 18:23View profilemilady777To kyksenok:thinking about Thai or India...dunno yet..
Aug 26, 18:23View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: what a nice rhyme: Berlin/dream :)
Aug 26, 18:23View profileCthulhuа он знает, какими видеофильмами славится Германия?)))
Aug 26, 18:24View profileDarleneWhat's Your favorite cat breed?
Aug 26, 18:24View profileneov//how is Andreas Wollbeck?
Aug 26, 18:24View profileMattias LI have been to Hua Hin
Aug 26, 18:24View profileMattias LAnders is fine!
Aug 26, 18:24View profilemilady777Alex:yez!sauna with hot handsome men is always good and fun))))
Aug 26, 18:24View profileМаринаTo Mattias L: When you will write music without words? :)
Aug 26, 18:24View profileMattias LWe are very busy in the studi as always:-)
Aug 26, 18:24View profilekyksenokTo milady777:Thai is better
Aug 26, 18:24View profileAllaCherryCthulhu likes german movies? laughing
Aug 26, 18:24View profileMattias LI like words;-)
Aug 26, 18:24View profileYrremDo you have any tips for writing music?
Aug 26, 18:24View profileMyrtoMattias I see an influence from greek mythology to teh
Aug 26, 18:24View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing undoubtedly knows))
Aug 26, 18:25View profileМаринаTo Mattias L: grin ok
Aug 26, 18:25View profile-Out-To Mattias L: By the way, about music of your country in September new single of Kent must be released - Ingenting ;) Remember you like them
Aug 26, 18:25View profileMattias LTips...hmmmmm, not really. I mean, feel alot!
Aug 26, 18:25View profileAlexTo Mattias L:But...By the way....we hope to know of nearest plans of songs? New albums? New videos...and new shows?
Aug 26, 18:25View profileDarleneHave You ever studied to paint professionally?
Aug 26, 18:25View profileMattias LI like Kent!!
Aug 26, 18:25View profileCthulhuTo milady777: Then popularity will come soon, very soon , very BIIIG popularity =)
Aug 26, 18:25View profileMattias LNo, but my dad paints!
Aug 26, 18:25View profilemilady777To Mattias L:So much time passed since the last chat. I hope, You had time to learn more 'bout Brezhnev & his rrromantic habitz:)) Besides, Moscow soon...grin
Aug 26, 18:26View profileneov//Mattias to choose a way of the Samurai!!!
Aug 26, 18:26View profileDarleneAnd You do great too! smile
Aug 26, 18:26View profileMattias LWell, the plan right now is to try and do some shows, plan, write and record for a new album! But it will be a while until' it's done!
Aug 26, 18:26View profilemilady777To Mattias L:Kent?? cigarettes??? blink
Aug 26, 18:26View profileWilwarinTo Mattias L: If to you have suggested to be the teacher you has agreed?
Aug 26, 18:26View profileMyrtoMattias I see an influence I see an influence from greek mythology to some of your lyrics. How did it come to you?? So impressed abbout that
Aug 26, 18:26View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:I had no chance to go to Hua Hin(( Is it good?
Aug 26, 18:26View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:Your father sells pictures or draws as a hobby?
Aug 26, 18:26View profileMattias LNo the band Kent!
Aug 26, 18:26View profileCthulhuHow about experimenting with music? some unexpected ideas?
Aug 26, 18:26View profileAlexTo milady777:I hope you will be not dissapoint in it, dear!
Aug 26, 18:26View profileMattias LHe sells them!
Aug 26, 18:27View profileMattias LYes, like I said the new stuff will be very different!
Aug 26, 18:27View profileDarleneWhat are You reading now?
Aug 26, 18:27View profileCthulhuethno?
Aug 26, 18:27View profileMattias LHua Hin wa nice! We stayed at a great hotel...hmmm, Sofitel?
Aug 26, 18:27View profileBagheera52'Different is good.' Copyright 'Groundhog Day'
Aug 26, 18:27View profileBagheera52:D
Aug 26, 18:27View profileMattias LI'm actually readin some Crowley! I was curious!
Aug 26, 18:27View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: grin such a good idea to shoot V/'s video according to all old good traditions of German video)))They Do It -2,for ex))
Aug 26, 18:28View profileMattias LBut I don't know...if it's any good!
Aug 26, 18:28View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:I wish to get one :)
Aug 26, 18:28View profileMattias LI read the biography of Bill Clinton! That was great!
Aug 26, 18:28View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:Alaister Crowley? wow i'm reading him too...very cool
Aug 26, 18:28View profileDarleneAnd what the last film You liked the most?
Aug 26, 18:28View profileneov//What basic ideas your new album should show? happy hmm
Aug 26, 18:28View profileBagheera52Mattias: Bet more, you'll win! smile
Aug 26, 18:29View profileoxygenBMattias, do you plan to put "walk on the sun" on the radio?
Aug 26, 18:29View profileMattias LWell, it's about getting to the core of music I guess!
Aug 26, 18:29View profilemilady777To Alex: laughing i prefer thai massage really))maybe we should move to this summer paradize all together?;)
Aug 26, 18:29View profileAlexTo Mattias L:What kind of music you listen right now? What bands or singers?
Aug 26, 18:29View profileMattias LI hope they will play it! I know Vlad is working on it in Russia!
Aug 26, 18:29View profileCthulhuTo milady777: How about shooting video with TaTu "They're doing smple movements "
Aug 26, 18:29View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: bwahaha, Bill Clinton... it was great to read, or it's a great person?
Aug 26, 18:30View profileMattias LAh, well, I might post a picture of him in the blog!
Aug 26, 18:30View profileDarleneWhat gigs of another bands You have visited this year?
Aug 26, 18:30View profileMattias LClinton was pretyy cool! God politician!
Aug 26, 18:30View profileMyrtoMattias which was so far your happiest time as an artist and a singer?
Aug 26, 18:30View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: dont forget to write on ur blog for which rus movie you wrote a song dear!!!
Aug 26, 18:30View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing Mattias always says he can't dance...but..maybe Wollbeck can participate in simple movementz?))kind of debute))
Aug 26, 18:30View profileAlexTo milady777:Maybe this autumn or winter, dear
Aug 26, 18:30View profileMattias LHmmmmmm, not much! I'm going to see David Sylvian in Stockholm soon! That will be magic!
Aug 26, 18:30View profile-Out-To Mattias L: Mattias, you were speaking about some promo in Russia in october, as I understand it will be something but not concerts for sure, right?
Aug 26, 18:31View profileMattias LI don't know yet!
Aug 26, 18:31View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:serious?
Aug 26, 18:31View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:have you read Mein Kampf by Hitler?
Aug 26, 18:31View profileMattias LI hope there will be a concert as well!
Aug 26, 18:31View profileMattias LNo, I think that's a crap book! Interesting but basically crap;-)
Aug 26, 18:31View profileneov//Mattias! You should release an album of your songs in the acoustic version. Under a guitar!
Aug 26, 18:31View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:I bet that a name of the film is a secret grin
Aug 26, 18:31View profilemilady777Peeeeople, did You watch the starfall in 20-es of august? Did anybody catch the star?=)
Aug 26, 18:31View profileneov//Mattias! You should release an album of your songs in the acoustic version. Under a guitar!
Aug 26, 18:31View profileBagheera52Oh, mine!
Aug 26, 18:31View profileMattias LWell Neov, lets see what happens!
Aug 26, 18:32View profileDarleneAnd what gig was the most memorial for You?
Aug 26, 18:32View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:haven't read it some days ago
Aug 26, 18:32View profilechaositaunhappy
Aug 26, 18:32View profilemilady777To neov//:change the vynil))))
Aug 26, 18:32View profileCthulhuTo milady777: and don't forget K he will add more popularity to the video =)
Aug 26, 18:32View profileMattias LIt's not a secret! I just don't know the title! It's in Russian!
Aug 26, 18:32View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: Mein Kampf is just a book - only this and nothing more
Aug 26, 18:32View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: i'm agree with acoustic songs
Aug 26, 18:32View profileMargaritaMattias, do you like any russian singers?
Aug 26, 18:32View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:Where you dream to live in an old age?
Aug 26, 18:32View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:and loads of Alaister Crowley and a book by Nick Cave
Aug 26, 18:32View profileMattias LOk, but there are many books to read before that one!
Aug 26, 18:32View profileneov//It is acoustic versions super. With yours that a voice.
Aug 26, 18:32View profileBagheera52Alla: Don't see ya in the Messenger! blink
Aug 26, 18:32View profilekyksenokTo neov//:very-very good idea
Aug 26, 18:33View profileDarleneHave You ever chatted with any famous artists?
Aug 26, 18:33View profileMattias LCrowley is interesting to me bacause Jimmy Page is such a fan!
Aug 26, 18:33View profileAllaCherryTo milady777: laughing you burn, J!
Aug 26, 18:33View profileMattias LAnd I want to know what the fuzz is all about!
Aug 26, 18:33View profileCthulhuwhat kind of Russian film? what genre?
Aug 26, 18:33View profile-Out-To Mattias L:Really hope after 10 years of waiting you'll visit Siberia (Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk,Tymen) smile
Aug 26, 18:33View profileneov//SWEDEN DREAMS & REAL!!!
Aug 26, 18:33View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing sort of group video))) well, the ratings will increase faaast))
Aug 26, 18:33View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:Sveakampen for example))))))
Aug 26, 18:34View profileCthulhuTo milady777: That's for sure!
Aug 26, 18:34View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:yes i like Crowley...but he's wierd a bit
Aug 26, 18:34View profileMattias LI hope so too! It was so fun to see Chabarovsk so now it's time to see the rest of Siberia!
Aug 26, 18:34View profileMyrtoMattias is in your plans to come again in Athens for another live show?
Aug 26, 18:34View profileMattias LCrowley was insane!
Aug 26, 18:34View profileMattias LOh I miss Greece!
Aug 26, 18:34View profileMattias LI would love too!!!!!!
Aug 26, 18:34View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L: laughing FACT!
Aug 26, 18:34View profilemilady777SO???NOBODY except me didn't watch the starfall this August???I'm appaled smile
Aug 26, 18:34View profileoxygenBMattias, what about the Ukraine?
Aug 26, 18:35View profileMattias LBut it seems to be very little Vacuum activity in Greece right now!
Aug 26, 18:35View profileMattias LI'm asking ALL THE TIME t go to Ukraina!
Aug 26, 18:35View profileDarleneWhere can we hear the songs You've written for another artists?It's so hard to find on Inet! hmm
Aug 26, 18:35View profileMyrtoI would love too Mattias!!!!!!
Aug 26, 18:35View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:And is there a place in the world you love best?
Aug 26, 18:35View profileneov//Mattias! You have a talisman? oops!
Aug 26, 18:35View profileAllaCherryTo milady777: i did yesterday!
Aug 26, 18:35View profileolga_qwnTo milady777: i saw!!! but didnt have time to make a wish :(
Aug 26, 18:35View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Have your some plans to visit Minsk or Moscow or Kiiv this autumn?
Aug 26, 18:36View profileMattias LWell, that changes a lot these days! I really got to love Ibiza this year! Very creative place!
Aug 26, 18:36View profilemilady777To Cthulhu:so,what we are waitin' for??gotta arrange a charity for savin' some buckz for this superb film...hmm..
Aug 26, 18:36View profileMattias LI hope so Alex!!!! Still waiting for an invitation to Minsk!
Aug 26, 18:36View profileMattias LNot really! I have a little golden pig I got from my mother!
Aug 26, 18:36View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias! You have a talisman?
Aug 26, 18:36View profileDarleneSo after hot Ibiza You're gonna visit very cold Salekhard! cool
Aug 26, 18:37View profileCthulhugood fridge "Minsk"... oh, i love it )
Aug 26, 18:37View profileMattias LExactly! Interesting! The pole circle mind You!
Aug 26, 18:37View profilemilady777To Mattias L: laughing oh yeah, very creative place...i would say, nights, dancefloor,minimum of the clothez)))
Aug 26, 18:37View profileoxygenBMattias, from what depends the choice of going on tour in a country? You never been in Moldova!
Aug 26, 18:37View profileAlexTo Mattias L:I still wait it too and i think i will do something for it in the nearest future I hope
Aug 26, 18:37View profileMattias LMy messenger is pretty overcrowded! But I could have someone from Greece!
Aug 26, 18:37View profilemilady777I even know, what 'cultural programme' expects Mattias on arrival at Salekhard:)))
Aug 26, 18:38View profileneov//To Mattias L:It is the truth. What did you wish to be the farmer?
Aug 26, 18:38View profileMattias LWell, Ibiza is so much more then parties!
Aug 26, 18:38View profileBagheera52Milady: little clothes is not an argument! happy Not for the creativity, at least!
Aug 26, 18:38View profileCthulhuTo milady777: i think we should ask ... stars, so to say, before starting all this process... =)
Aug 26, 18:38View profileDarleneWhat's Your favorite gem?
Aug 26, 18:38View profilegrimrockTo Mattias L:you like bwo?
Aug 26, 18:38View profileBagheera52*Not a reason, meaning
Aug 26, 18:38View profileBagheera52LOL
Aug 26, 18:38View profileAlexTo Cthulhu:ahahahahah it's not only the fridge
Aug 26, 18:38View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:For example?
Aug 26, 18:38View profileMattias LSo tell me Milady!
Aug 26, 18:38View profileAllaCherryOMG
Aug 26, 18:38View profileneov//To Mattias L:It is the truth. What did you wish to be the farmer? unhappy
Aug 26, 18:38View profile-Out-To Mattias L: Mattias, can we know the tracks you've written for Nouveau Riche but Oh Lord, Hardcore Life and Angels?
Aug 26, 18:38View profileMattias LA farmer???
Aug 26, 18:39View profilemilady777To Mattias L:i will only if you press this nick-name button grin
Aug 26, 18:39View profileMattias LIt's my Party, Alone Again
Aug 26, 18:39View profileMattias LHmmm maybe some more
Aug 26, 18:39View profilemilady777To neov//: laughing Milene Farmer???)
Aug 26, 18:39View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: who knows, maybe russian wodka is a kind of cultural programm
Aug 26, 18:39View profileDarleneHas Your dad got any pets at home?
Aug 26, 18:40View profilegrimrockTo Mattias L:where do you live?
Aug 26, 18:40View profileAlexTo -Out-:It'a Alone Again,Party and Wounds of love
Aug 26, 18:40View profileMattias LI love Farmer
Aug 26, 18:40View profileMattias Lok thanx Alex! So many songs!
Aug 26, 18:40View profileCthulhuTo milady777: You're reading my mind... wait, but i've to read yours!))
Aug 26, 18:40View profileneov//Nouveau Riche it is similar to the new ROXETTE
Aug 26, 18:40View profileolga_qwnTo milady777:it's u who'll organize the cultural programm ? blink blink blink
Aug 26, 18:41View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Wounds Of Love is Perfect! Very Wollbeck grin
Aug 26, 18:41View profilegrimrockTo Mattias L:how songs was new album?
Aug 26, 18:41View profilemilady777To Cthulhu:yeah,seems i'm becoming a pro telepath cool
Aug 26, 18:41View profileMattias LI can't say to much about a new album now
Aug 26, 18:41View profileneov//To Mattias L:It is similar to the new
Aug 26, 18:41View profileAllaCherryAlex knows everything! cool cool
Aug 26, 18:41View profileDarleneWhere does Your dad live?
Aug 26, 18:41View profileoxygenBMattias,do you believe in kindness?
Aug 26, 18:41View profileCthulhuМы поедем, мы помчимся, на оленях утром ранним и отчаенно ворвемся прямо на сцену О.о
Aug 26, 18:42View profileMattias LOf course I do! Saty kind! It's my motto. It's hard sometimes!
Aug 26, 18:42View profilemilady777ppl,come to Salekhard and maube there M will let you have a listen of some new stuff))
Aug 26, 18:42View profileAllaCherryTo Cthulhu: laughing what was it?
Aug 26, 18:42View profileMattias LNo new stuff!
Aug 26, 18:42View profileMattias LSorry!
Aug 26, 18:42View profilegrimrockTo Mattias L:mattias where new songs?
Aug 26, 18:42View profileCthulhuTo AllaCherry: Old, good soviet song about Tundra =)
Aug 26, 18:42View profileAlexTo AllaCherry:Or no...I'm just an uselles animal... grin
Aug 26, 18:42View profileMattias LI will add when I'm there
Aug 26, 18:42View profileolgakhTo milady777: dont afraid to freeze there?^)
Aug 26, 18:42View profileDarleneWhat is the biggest miracle for You in life?
Aug 26, 18:43View profilemilady777To olga_qwn:no, girlie, I'm justa pro predictor and telepath))with a licence,btw))
Aug 26, 18:43View profileMattias LNew songs are on myspace!
Aug 26, 18:43View profileCthulhuTo Alex: especially in sauna =)
Aug 26, 18:43View profileAllaCherryTo Cthulhu:ROFL
Aug 26, 18:43View profileMattias LHmmmm, I guess music! And You guys kissing
Aug 26, 18:43View profilemilady777guys,u'r killin me))))loool))
Aug 26, 18:43View profileDarleneDitto! grin kissing
Aug 26, 18:44View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:woooohooooo!!!
Aug 26, 18:44View profilemilady777To olgakh:WOTS will heat me up))))
Aug 26, 18:44View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L: kissing
Aug 26, 18:44View profileMattias LI saw...hmmm, Bourne Ultimatum. Pretty good but left no big impression. I liked Evan Almighty! I laughed a lot!!!
Aug 26, 18:44View profileAdminThere was something wrong with your post, olgakh...
Aug 26, 18:44View profileneov//To Mattias L:Tell what lyrics at song Only human? lost lost lost
Aug 26, 18:44View profileMattias LiTunes! That's the best!
Aug 26, 18:44View profilemilady777To Mattias L:have you seen "the simpons"??
Aug 26, 18:44View profileBagheera52Ahahaha
Aug 26, 18:44View profileolga_qwnTo milady777: i'll be glad Milady if u share some of ur telepath ideas with me one day lol:))))
Aug 26, 18:45View profileDarleneWhat's Your favorite place in Stockholm?
Aug 26, 18:45View profileMattias LYeah, I saw it! Love The Simpsons!
Aug 26, 18:45View profileneov//To Mattias L:Tell what lyrics at song Only Human?
Aug 26, 18:45View profilemilady777To neov//:you demand too much cool
Aug 26, 18:45View profileMattias LWell, Only Human is all about that! We're Only human!
Aug 26, 18:45View profileCthulhuhey, M, how about shooting video in Chernobyl?
Aug 26, 18:45View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Will be Vacuum in Moscow this October? I plan one show with MC and we would be very proud to invite you!
Aug 26, 18:46View profileAllaCherryTo milady777:YOU killing us!!! LOL
Aug 26, 18:46View profileMattias LBut it's also about relationships to our fellow people!
Aug 26, 18:46View profileDarleneWhat about I rise above You've written for Julie?
Aug 26, 18:46View profileMattias LMC?
Aug 26, 18:46View profilemilady777To Mattias L:actually,i expected more..too plain and simple jokes..too little wits..but nice although..
Aug 26, 18:46View profileMattias LI'm proud of Julie! She's a doll!
Aug 26, 18:46View profileCthulhuPJ)
Aug 26, 18:46View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Mmad Catz:)
Aug 26, 18:46View profileMattias LI agree Milady!
Aug 26, 18:47View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:what Swedish cartoon films You love ?
Aug 26, 18:47View profileMattias LYeah! Love computergames! Just got me the xbox Elite!!! And playing Bioshock
Aug 26, 18:47View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing ROTFL))))German video shot in Chernobyl??or it will be a siquel?)))
Aug 26, 18:47View profileMattias LI like our catoon DogBreff
Aug 26, 18:47View profileDarleneWhat do You think about all these streams:emo,goths,etc?
Aug 26, 18:48View profileBagheera52Blabla: Did TV drag you out of this chat? grin
Aug 26, 18:48View profileМаринаTo Mattias L: smile
Aug 26, 18:48View profileCthulhuTo milady777: while they will be ... acting in the video the rest of the world will die )))
Aug 26, 18:48View profileAlexTo Mattias L:We hope it will be at 24th october
Aug 26, 18:48View profilemilady777To Mattias L:YEZ!!! me likey it very much too! when will you release more series of DBreff??
Aug 26, 18:48View profileMattias LI like that! I bored of artists not saying anything. Bored out of my mind! I think this new Manga/Goth thing is pretty cool! A least they stand out in a crowd!
Aug 26, 18:48View profileMyrtoMattias which is the most exciting situation you've ever dreamed to occur in your whole life?
Aug 26, 18:48View profileMattias LNot right now Milady!
Aug 26, 18:49View profileblablaBagheera52 Nope, I'm still here
Aug 26, 18:49View profileneov//To Mattias L:Whether and there are at you soft toys?
Aug 26, 18:49View profileMattias LI used to play a lot online! But not now. I don't have the time!
Aug 26, 18:49View profileBagheera52Talk to me, don't die! You heeeear? Ahahaha! laughing
Aug 26, 18:49View profileMattias LBioshock is frikkin' awsome!!!!
Aug 26, 18:49View profileDarleneBut You're the best without being involved in stuffs like that! grin
Aug 26, 18:50View profileMattias LGTA4 is a big wait;-)
Aug 26, 18:50View profilemilady777To Mattias L:could you sing some first lines from the DB song?it's so kewl))smth like "it smells like DogBreff"..or i don't remember))
Aug 26, 18:50View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:Can your remember Your perfomance in Moscow in MHAT in 1998? It seems it was yesterday...
Aug 26, 18:50View profileMattias LHitman was nice!
Aug 26, 18:50View profileoxygenBMattias, is it truth that you like programming?
Aug 26, 18:50View profileCthulhuhow about some horror games?
Aug 26, 18:50View profileMattias LI remember! It was so nice! Although I have to say I have a bad memory blink
Aug 26, 18:50View profileBagheera52GTA is a good game, but guess, it's pretty much... hmmmm, a 'guy-game,' I think!
Aug 26, 18:50View profileMattias LLove the horror games!
Aug 26, 18:50View profileBagheera52So there you go! LOL
Aug 26, 18:50View profileCthulhu... in the Belorussian sauna =))))
Aug 26, 18:50View profileMattias LI like games!
Aug 26, 18:51View profileAlexTo Cthulhu:Не узнаю тебя в гриме:))))
Aug 26, 18:51View profileneov//To Mattias L:The true macho!
Aug 26, 18:51View profileMattias LI guess it's a bit childish;-)
Aug 26, 18:51View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing horror games in bellorusian sauna?)))
Aug 26, 18:51View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L:ooh u have a bad memory??? i have to remind u more often about me then haha
Aug 26, 18:51View profileneov//To Mattias L:The true macho!
Aug 26, 18:51View profileCthulhuTo milady777: yeah!
Aug 26, 18:51View profileDarleneDo You use Mac O X or Windows or from time to time what You wanna?
Aug 26, 18:52View profileAllaCherryand i like Frozen Bubbles! laughing laughing
Aug 26, 18:52View profilemilady777To Cthulhu:applauses there))'s another cool scenario for a new V/ video))
Aug 26, 18:52View profileMattias LWell, when we work with Vacuum, everything we do is so intense that it becomes a little blurry in the end
Aug 26, 18:52View profileMyrtoWhat kind is the car that you own Mattias? Excited about cars?
Aug 26, 18:52View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: childish horror games??? grin grin
Aug 26, 18:52View profileMattias LOnly mac
Aug 26, 18:52View profileMattias LI don't own a car any more!
Aug 26, 18:52View profileMattias LI don't need it in Stockholm!
Aug 26, 18:53View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias! You play what musical instruments? blink blink blink blink blink blink
Aug 26, 18:53View profilemilady777To -Out-: laughing laughing i can't get up from the floor coz of ur frikkin jokez)))
Aug 26, 18:53View profileMattias LAnd that's good for the enviroment!
Aug 26, 18:53View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:why? :)
Aug 26, 18:53View profileMattias LInspiration!!
Aug 26, 18:53View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:It was very-very nice! Hope you'll have some concerts in Russia soon(Salekhard is too far unfortunatly) unhappy
Aug 26, 18:53View profileMattias LI play the drums, some piano
Aug 26, 18:53View profileDarleneDo You like Mazda or Pigeaut?
Aug 26, 18:53View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias! You play what musical instruments?
Aug 26, 18:53View profileMattias LIt's not THAT far to Salekhard;-)
Aug 26, 18:53View profileMyrtoI agree with you Mattias
Aug 26, 18:53View profileAlexTo Mattias L:To be the owner of the car is terrible grin
Aug 26, 18:54View profileMattias LI like Smart and Fiat
Aug 26, 18:54View profilemilady777To Mattias L:do you have a bike?have anybody tried to steal it?i hear from one good gal that such kind of crimes happen there frequently
Aug 26, 18:54View profileCthulhuTo milady777: let's create new project: V/-scenarios )
Aug 26, 18:54View profileMattias LI know You have a nice car Alex! A red one!
Aug 26, 18:54View profileMattias LI love Pieter!
Aug 26, 18:54View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: Salekhard at the end of our world too far:)))
Aug 26, 18:54View profileDarleneBut You don't biking too or not now?
Aug 26, 18:54View profileAlexTo Mattias L:yes I have:))))
Aug 26, 18:54View profileMattias LI really want to go soon because I've been reading so much about the Romanov's and I want to see the places again with histry in mind!
Aug 26, 18:55View profileCthulhuwaht kind of presents do you prefer?
Aug 26, 18:55View profileMattias LI walk and I go by cab!
Aug 26, 18:55View profilemilady777To Cthulhu:i've already had it in mind! we must unite our great ideas))maybe something big will happen then)
Aug 26, 18:55View profileMattias LKindness!
Aug 26, 18:55View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: or better to say "I play drums, some piano and nerves"
Aug 26, 18:55View profileneov//To Mattias L:How you think? Why many people do not understand the Vacuum song! happy happy happy happy
Aug 26, 18:55View profileMyrtoI love your supernatural element that always brings you to these songs. What has influenced you more to come to this Mattias?
Aug 26, 18:55View profileAdminThere was something wrong with your post, neov//...
Aug 26, 18:55View profileAlexTo Mattias L:I love the red color VERY much!
Aug 26, 18:55View profileMattias LWell, I hope that Vacuum music can be interpeted in many ways (spelling=
Aug 26, 18:55View profileCthulhuTo milady777: or someone =)
Aug 26, 18:56View profilemilady777To Mattias L:so whatabout ur bike? happy
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMattias LI read Your blogs Alex!
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMattias LVery funny!
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMattias LI still have my bike! But it's in the garage!
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMyrtoneov, these songs are not for all people but they are for all people with open mind!!!
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMattias LGreat! It's a nice song!
Aug 26, 18:56View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: grin god forbid))
Aug 26, 18:56View profileMattias LStill like that one!
Aug 26, 18:57View profileDarleneHow do You think nowadays Depeche Mode differs from their drug past?I mean the sound,the lyrics...
Aug 26, 18:57View profileoxygenBDo you like the famous movie "Lost"?
Aug 26, 18:57View profileMattias LAre we running out of questions here;-)
Aug 26, 18:57View profileMattias LI think Mika's pretty cool!
Aug 26, 18:57View profilemilady777so,i gotta confess 'bout Vacuums plans in Salekhard))
Aug 26, 18:57View profileCthulhuTo milady777: hey, anyway we need someone to sing for our children ))
Aug 26, 18:57View profileMattias LDepeche we're better before! But that Ok, they've done like a thusand songs;-)
Aug 26, 18:58View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:hahaha
Aug 26, 18:58View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Thank You Mattias! I read and enjoy your blogs too!!!!it makes you more closer to my country now:))))
Aug 26, 18:58View profileMattias LWould be so cool to come back Alex! This time to Minsk!
Aug 26, 18:58View profileMattias LAnd Piter!!!!
Aug 26, 18:58View profileDarleneWhat's Your favorite A-ha's song?
Aug 26, 18:58View profileCthulhuM, what do you think about "bardish" projects of V-fans?
Aug 26, 18:59View profilemilady777and then he'll be presented by a small aquarium with this fish after what he'll have to carry it home, name as Zi-2 and keep it as a pet,hihi.
Aug 26, 18:59View profilemilady777happy end))
Aug 26, 18:59View profileDarleneWhy do You spell Piter? smile
Aug 26, 18:59View profileMattias LWhich riject is that?
Aug 26, 18:59View profileBagheera52happy Saint-Pete is one big soulful city! That I know for sure!
Aug 26, 18:59View profileMattias LI know the Madd Catz!
Aug 26, 18:59View profileMattias LBut they have their own sound!
Aug 26, 18:59View profilemilady777To Alex:hey!!enough of PR-ing ur blogz here grin
Aug 26, 18:59View profileMattias LI just like to say Piter!
Aug 26, 18:59View profileMyrtoMattias how many time have we here left with you?
Aug 26, 19:00View profileneov//To Mattias L:You listened to songs BWO. To mine it is very pops. laughing
Aug 26, 19:00View profileMattias LBlogs are fun and yes, we like Yours too Milady!
Aug 26, 19:00View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Thank your for your words...I hope to mmeet you soon on one of Slavic countries!
Aug 26, 19:00View profileMyrtoHow more do you stay here with us dear Mattias?
Aug 26, 19:01View profileMattias LI don't listen to BWO no. It's not my kind of music! But it's nice that it's going well here in Sweden!
Aug 26, 19:01View profileMattias LI hope so too!
Aug 26, 19:01View profileDarleneThank You for Your blogs!You're so open-hearted! cheerful
Aug 26, 19:01View profilemilady777To Mattias L:i never doubt in it))
Aug 26, 19:01View profileMattias LI will stay for a little while more!
Aug 26, 19:01View profileCthulhuM, what do you tjink about NEW Nightwish?
Aug 26, 19:01View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:the biggest question is "hur kan man logga in till "
Aug 26, 19:02View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: cause i can't do it :(
Aug 26, 19:02View profileMattias LI try to be in the blogs! Although sometimes people read it wrongly!
Aug 26, 19:02View profilemilady777To lleennaa:get the code,hehe
Aug 26, 19:02View profileMattias LYou have to register to Club Bizarre
Aug 26, 19:02View profileDarleneYeah,especially on! grin
Aug 26, 19:02View profileAllaCherryblink
Aug 26, 19:02View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Thank You Mmad catz will plan to present two new songs at September for public and for your judge!
Aug 26, 19:02View profilemilady777To Mattias L:there's always translation..maybe they just don't get ur sense of humour))
Aug 26, 19:02View profilelleennaaTo milady777: grin grin grin and where?
Aug 26, 19:02View profileMattias LI have not heard much of new Nightwish but I'm not a big fan of the new voice. To...regular!
Aug 26, 19:03View profileCthulhureally? sorry for wrong-reading your blogs... unhappy
Aug 26, 19:03View profileMattias LNononono
Aug 26, 19:03View profileMattias LNot You!
Aug 26, 19:03View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: always trying unhappy unhappy
Aug 26, 19:03View profileMattias LBut I do get some strange mail sometimes!
Aug 26, 19:03View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing put on glasses,retard)))
Aug 26, 19:03View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L:give us names!!!
Aug 26, 19:03View profileCthulhuM, yeah, completely agree with you about N
Aug 26, 19:03View profileMyrtohey people here, let's stop for a minute asking Mattias about a lot of things and let's dedicate him a song! I breathe and Icaros From me Mattias!!!!!
Aug 26, 19:03View profileAlexTo Mattias L:And we plans a show in Moscow at October!
Aug 26, 19:03View profileDarleneWhat kind of photo or video camera have You got?
Aug 26, 19:03View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: do u answer even the strange mails ???
Aug 26, 19:04View profileМаринаTo Mattias L:What can inspire you to write a song?
Aug 26, 19:04View profileMattias LI hope there will be
Aug 26, 19:04View profileMattias LGosh, it's been a long time since we had a concert! I wonder if we can do it;-)
Aug 26, 19:04View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias! Would like to act in a culinary duel. What meal is better Scandinavian or Russian?
Aug 26, 19:04View profileMattias LNo, I don't answer all mail. I can't!
Aug 26, 19:04View profilemilady777To Mattias L:strange msgs,ha..that's why it's a blessing that you still haven't learned russian))
Aug 26, 19:04View profileMattias LI answer as often and as much as I can!!!
Aug 26, 19:05View profileCthulhudon't worry, we will be there, in our mind)
Aug 26, 19:05View profileDarleneHow many e-mails have You?
Aug 26, 19:05View profileAlexTo milady777:It's no any promotion dear grin
Aug 26, 19:05View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L:thank u for that!!!!!!!!!
Aug 26, 19:05View profileMattias LWell, it was the end of a period for us! So collected thoughts and feelings from the last, at the time, 33 years!
Aug 26, 19:05View profileMattias LYou mean adresses?
Aug 26, 19:05View profilemilady777To Alex:i don't care, pay me 5 bucks 4 each word somehow relating to promo))
Aug 26, 19:06View profileMattias LYou can write me on myspace always!
Aug 26, 19:06View profileDarleneWell,addresses if You like!
Aug 26, 19:06View profileCthulhuTo Alex: and me too!
Aug 26, 19:06View profileMattias LJust a couple!
Aug 26, 19:06View profileAlexTo milady777:No problems it's not so much:))))
Aug 26, 19:06View profilemilady777To Mattias L:You always write the word ‘You’ in capital. I wonder why, is there some story concerning such a habit? cool
Aug 26, 19:07View profileMyrtoMattias which is your birthday??
Aug 26, 19:07View profileCthulhuM, what about USA???
Aug 26, 19:07View profileMattias LI guess it's just a way of showing respect!
Aug 26, 19:07View profilemilady777To Alex: grin well,at least i'll be able to buy an ice-cream))
Aug 26, 19:07View profileMattias Lfeb 19th
Aug 26, 19:07View profileDarleneFor the work and private?
Aug 26, 19:07View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias come to Russia as the tourist. Will have a rest.
Aug 26, 19:07View profilemilady777To Alex:and remember 'bout good and kindkittyz))
Aug 26, 19:07View profileMattias LI hope to go to NY this year! They actually asked us to come and play!
Aug 26, 19:07View profile-Out-To Mattias L:If you will forget how to perform on concert, we'll help you, just don't perform in so far places ;)
Aug 26, 19:07View profilelleennaaTo milady777: это уважительное обращение к собеседнику на Вы)))
Aug 26, 19:08View profileAlexTo milady777:And some ice-drincs, i remember
Aug 26, 19:08View profileMattias LI have only been to Russia for music! But someday I need to go and just look!
Aug 26, 19:08View profileMashaHi everone ! smile
Aug 26, 19:08View profileCthulhuSalekhard, NY... no matter, it SOOOO far ...
Aug 26, 19:08View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L: then you are Aquarius
Aug 26, 19:08View profileAlexTo -Out-: grin
Aug 26, 19:08View profileMattias LWe perform where they ask us to, if it's a nice place! Promise!
Aug 26, 19:08View profileMattias LYups!
Aug 26, 19:08View profilemilady777To lleennaa:and it as kind of trick,really:P
Aug 26, 19:08View profileolga_qwnTo Mattias L: tell me about ur coming, i'll prepare excursions for You hihihi
Aug 26, 19:09View profileDarleneIt will be only Your gig or with any artists in NY?
Aug 26, 19:09View profilelleennaaTo Masha: hi!
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMattias LJust Vacuum I think!
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMyrtoMattias you'll be excited in New York. It's such a fabulus place
Aug 26, 19:09View profileAlexTo Masha:HI
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMattias LThere's a russian club in Brooklyn!
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMattias LVery cool!
Aug 26, 19:09View profileCthulhuMaybe at least SOME promo at the place of your old glory?
Aug 26, 19:09View profileCat7Hi, Masha!
Aug 26, 19:09View profileoxygenBMattias, come in Moldova as a tourist! You'll like our contry!
Aug 26, 19:09View profilemilady777To Alex: laughing cheerz))))goin' to add some ice)
Aug 26, 19:09View profilelleennaaTo milady777: aha
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMyrtomilaei kaneis ellinika edo?
Aug 26, 19:09View profileMattias LI know very little about it!
Aug 26, 19:10View profileDarleneSo You'll have an audience!
Aug 26, 19:10View profileCthulhuare you going to sing old Russian song Hava Nagila?
Aug 26, 19:10View profileMattias LHihhi, no that I know of!
Aug 26, 19:10View profileAllaCherryTo Cthulhu:this one is not russian
Aug 26, 19:10View profileCthulhugrin
Aug 26, 19:10View profileneov//To Mattias L:Mattias! You should write the book... How to be the fair actor... Without star fever.
Aug 26, 19:10View profileneov//cheerful
Aug 26, 19:10View profileMattias LOk people! I'm off to dinner so lets have 5 more questions! Love chatting with You!
Aug 26, 19:10View profilemilady777To oxygenB:yeah,esp.when almost all Moldavian guys moved to live at the reality-show The House-2))
Aug 26, 19:11View profilelleennaaTo Mattias L:pussar o kramar
Aug 26, 19:11View profilekyksenokTo Mattias L:Bye, dear Mattias! Don't forget about us! unhappy
Aug 26, 19:11View profileAlexTo Mattias L:Tell to everybody please:"Vacuum for me now it's...."
Aug 26, 19:11View profileAllaCherrylaughing
Aug 26, 19:11View profileMattias LThanx!
Aug 26, 19:11View profileMattias LAnd dito!
Aug 26, 19:11View profileMyrtoabout what you know a little mattias?
Aug 26, 19:11View profileCthulhuGood luck where ever you go and what ever you do!
Aug 26, 19:11View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: laughing it's the same as: have you ever read Rembrendt?)))
Aug 26, 19:11View profileMattias LVacuum relation to You guys!
Aug 26, 19:11View profileDarleneRussians stay Russians whereever they are!
Aug 26, 19:12View profileAllaCherryTo Mattias L: kissing See Ya soon!
Aug 26, 19:12View profileneov//To Mattias L:Badly you works a record the company.
Aug 26, 19:12View profileMattias LHmmmm, lots dear! LOTS;-)
Aug 26, 19:12View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: we hope you will came with concert, and soon
Aug 26, 19:12View profilemilady777To Mattias L:what dinner???late supper,eh!;)
Aug 26, 19:12View profileAlexTo Mattias L:I now your answer:)))
Aug 26, 19:12View profileoxygenBMattias, thanks for your answeres! You are so kind! Fans from Moldova loves Vacuum music! Have a nice evening!
Aug 26, 19:12View profileMattias LLove You guys too! Keep posted in the blogs!
Aug 26, 19:12View profileMattias LThanx dear!
Aug 26, 19:12View profileToaddyGoodbye, Dearest Mattias!!! Thank You very much!!! Be full of Light Energy, healthy, joyful and successful!!! And let the God helps You!!!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileMyrtoMattias thank you so much for being here . It was a realy pleasure to speak with you!! Take always care !!!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileMashabut I thought I'm only late 10 minutes ... blink when did chat begin
Aug 26, 19:13View profileAlexTo Toaddy:Привет, Полина! не заметитл тебя сразу!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileDarleneMattias,stay for a while!Please! unhappy
Aug 26, 19:13View profilemilady777To Mattias L:cheerz and bon appeti!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileMattias LThanx!!!! And remember, stay kind! Not only in the chat but everywhere You may go!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileneov//To Mattias L:We lease a train.... And with a concert in each city. Total vacuumision.
Aug 26, 19:13View profileBagheera52OK, byyyyyyyye, everyone!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileBagheera52cool
Aug 26, 19:13View profileToaddyHello Dear Alex!
Aug 26, 19:13View profileCthulhuAmen!)
Aug 26, 19:14View profilelleennaaTo Cthulhu: жжошь!
Aug 26, 19:14View profilemilady777To Toaddy:da,Polinka,chei-to ti priytihla?hi))
Aug 26, 19:14View profileneov//To Mattias L:We lease a train.... And with a concert in each city...
Aug 26, 19:14View profileAlexTo Toaddy:hello hello
Aug 26, 19:14View profileCthulhugrin
Aug 26, 19:14View profileMyrtoYou are such an ispiration Mattias!!! Keep on !!!!
Aug 26, 19:14View profileoxygenBgood bye, dear Vacuum fans!
Aug 26, 19:14View profileolgakhTo Mattias L: thx Mattias for chat, and bon appetite
Aug 26, 19:15View profileDarleneHope to see You in Russia soon,especially in Piter! grinGood luck to You! grin
Aug 26, 19:15View profilemilady777To Cthulhu: grin yeah,a real burnin' man kissing
Aug 26, 19:15View profileAlexTo Toaddy:Hope to see you next week end:))))
Aug 26, 19:15View profilekyksenokgood bye everyone!