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Jan 02, 17:03View profileMattiasSTOHappy New Year!!!! laughing
Jan 02, 17:03View profileMattiasSTOIt's me!
Jan 02, 17:03View profileDashenkaHurrah,Mattias is here! grin
Jan 02, 17:03View profileVenusdoomHAPPY new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jan 02, 17:04View profilejuliaHi, Mattias:))) Happy New Year!!!
Jan 02, 17:04View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO: grin Happy new year!))
Jan 02, 17:04View profile~Wilwarin~Happy New Year Mattias!
Jan 02, 17:04View profileMattiasSTOThanx. How are You guys??
Jan 02, 17:04View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: Really?:)
Jan 02, 17:04View profileSvensson84God Jul!
Jan 02, 17:04View profileAllaCherryHi everybody and Happy New Year! grin
Jan 02, 17:04View profileMattiasSTOThat too!
Jan 02, 17:04View profileDashenkaHello,the dearest M!Happy New Year to You too! grin
Jan 02, 17:04View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: Happy New Year
Jan 02, 17:05View profileMattiasSTOYou had a good time?
Jan 02, 17:05View profileМаринаHey :)
Jan 02, 17:05View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:What plans for this year?
Jan 02, 17:05View profileMattiasSTOLoads of plans!
Jan 02, 17:05View profileVenusdoomTo MattiasSTO: we still celebrate))
Jan 02, 17:05View profileDashenkaWe're happy coz' You're with us.And what about You?
Jan 02, 17:05View profileMattiasSTOStarting tomorrow actually!
Jan 02, 17:05View profileMattiasSTOI'm just fine!
Jan 02, 17:05View profileMattiasSTOA little tired after our show on New Years eve in Moscow!
Jan 02, 17:06View profileMattiasSTODidn't sleep for 28 hours You know!
Jan 02, 17:06View profileAllaCherryhappy
Jan 02, 17:06View profileDashenkaHow's Moscow?
Jan 02, 17:06View profileMattiasSTOSo we're all pretty tired!
Jan 02, 17:06View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: What does it mean - "STO"?
Jan 02, 17:06View profilejuliaHow there has passed a meeting of New year in Moscow?
Jan 02, 17:06View profileMattiasSTOMoscow was great! But it was quite hectic! We didn't have much time for anything!
Jan 02, 17:06View profileMattiasSTOStockholm
Jan 02, 17:06View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: You are in Stockholm just?
Jan 02, 17:07View profileMattiasSTOWe had a great time! It was a nice club and nice people.
Jan 02, 17:07View profileMattiasSTOBut a short concert!
Jan 02, 17:07View profileMattiasSTOOnly 5 songs!
Jan 02, 17:07View profileDashenkaAnd what about Marc Almond?
Jan 02, 17:07View profileMattiasSTOI'm in Stockholm now!
Jan 02, 17:07View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:I understand:) As for me, I didn't sleep yet at all in this year grin
Jan 02, 17:07View profileoxygenBTo MattiasSTO: What the weather is like in Stockholm?
Jan 02, 17:07View profileMattiasSTOI just saw a little bit of Marc. He sang much earlier then Vacuum.
Jan 02, 17:08View profileMattiasSTOIt's quite cold and no snow!
Jan 02, 17:08View profilejuliaIn Stockholm there is no snow?
Jan 02, 17:09View profileDashenkaWas it Your first time when You were celebrating NY away from home?
Jan 02, 17:09View profileMattiasSTOIt was my first time celebrating New Years with Vacuum I think!
Jan 02, 17:10View profileMattiasSTOWhich was great because it's always panic on New Years on what to do etc.
Jan 02, 17:10View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:This year the exit of a new album Vacuum is planned ? New clips?
Jan 02, 17:10View profileMattiasSTOSo for me it was perfect!
Jan 02, 17:10View profileMattiasSTOI hope so!
Jan 02, 17:10View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:In Vacuum now a new member of group? The fourth?
Jan 02, 17:10View profileDashenkaSo may be You'll choose Piter next year...
Jan 02, 17:10View profileMattiasSTOIt's so difficult getting stuff out in Russia these days You know!
Jan 02, 17:10View profileMattiasSTOBut we are working on it!
Jan 02, 17:10View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: Come in Peter to selebrate next NY in the Palace Square) It was fantastic!
Jan 02, 17:11View profileMattiasSTOI would LOVE to come to Piter this year! I have a good feeling soooo:-)
Jan 02, 17:11View profileMattiasSTOThat would be great! I hope someone invites us!
Jan 02, 17:11View profilelamiawill we see video of your performance? parts, at least?
Jan 02, 17:11View profileMattiasSTOThe only members in Vacuum is me and Anders!
Jan 02, 17:11View profilelamiaNY, I mean
Jan 02, 17:12View profileDarknessI INVITE YOU! Isn't it enough? kissing
Jan 02, 17:12View profileMattiasSTOThere was no video from our show on New Years! Sorry!
Jan 02, 17:12View profileMattiasSTOI didn't film anyways! I was singing:-)
Jan 02, 17:12View profileMattiasSTOHehehehe maybe Darknes!
Jan 02, 17:12View profileDashenkaPiter loves You,dear! kissing
Jan 02, 17:12View profileDarknessOk, let's go grin
Jan 02, 17:13View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO:all regret that u don't come to Chelyabinsk unhappy
Jan 02, 17:13View profileoxygenBnot only Piter :-)))
Jan 02, 17:13View profileMattiasSTOYou know! This year I hope to come much more! To both Russia and Ukraina! + I want to go back to Belarus!
Jan 02, 17:13View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO:at this autumn
Jan 02, 17:14View profileMattiasSTOBut it's not only up to me like You know!
Jan 02, 17:14View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:big plans :)
Jan 02, 17:14View profileMattiasSTOAlso we have some amazingly cool projects coming up this year!
Jan 02, 17:14View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: unfortunately unhappy
Jan 02, 17:14View profileMattiasSTOAlways BIG plans;-)
Jan 02, 17:14View profileMattiasSTOAim for space and You might touch the moon!
Jan 02, 17:15View profileDashenkaWill "You open my eyes" be the next Vacuum single?
Jan 02, 17:15View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:We too very much hope Vacuum to see in Odessa. smile
Jan 02, 17:15View profileMattiasSTONo, Open My Eyes wil not be the single! It's just a demo and someone leaked it to the internet!
Jan 02, 17:15View profileMattiasSTOMiss Odessa!!!
Jan 02, 17:16View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Do you have a plans to visit Nignij Novgorod or Kazan?
Jan 02, 17:16View profileDashenkaIt's a wonderful song!
Jan 02, 17:16View profileMattiasSTOTell You what! I will go to wherever we are invited and if it's possible! That's a promise!
Jan 02, 17:17View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:You already had a concert in New York or it is cancelled?
Jan 02, 17:17View profileMattiasSTOThanx!!! I love Tarja! I didn't know much about her before we wrote for her but now I love it! We went to see her in Germany in concert! It was magical!
Jan 02, 17:17View profileoxygenBI am for VACUUM concert in Odessa!! :-)))
Jan 02, 17:18View profileMattiasSTOThe New York gig didn't happen unhappy . But maybe next year!
Jan 02, 17:18View profileMattiasSTOI hope so anyways!
Jan 02, 17:18View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO: than was a presentation audi and u was invited unhappy
Jan 02, 17:18View profileDashenkaTarja's great!What a voice!And Your songs for her are magic!
Jan 02, 17:18View profileMattiasSTOI KNOW
Jan 02, 17:18View profileMattiasSTOBut it wasn't my fault it didn't happen! I promise!
Jan 02, 17:18View profilelamiaI hope you mean this year! I would love to see you in New York )
Jan 02, 17:18View profileMattiasSTOI'm so tired of all these cancellations!
Jan 02, 17:19View profileMattiasSTOI would love to one form or another;-)
Jan 02, 17:19View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO:it's true&&& smile
Jan 02, 17:19View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO: smile
Jan 02, 17:19View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO: Album Tarja is Great Work!
Jan 02, 17:19View profileMattiasSTOWe worked very hard on those songs!
Jan 02, 17:20View profileMattiasSTOAnd they mean a lot to me!
Jan 02, 17:20View profileDashenkaIs "Our great divide" about lost or yet not found love?
Jan 02, 17:20View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: what was the best gift for You on this New Year?
Jan 02, 17:20View profileMilady777Happy New Year to all of you, people!!! kissing hope, you're having a grreat time! smile
Jan 02, 17:20View profileMattiasSTOOur great divide is about over-bridging difficulties
Jan 02, 17:20View profileDarknessTo Milady777: привет:)
Jan 02, 17:20View profilejuliaTo Milady777:happy NY))))))))))
Jan 02, 17:20View profileMattiasSTOMs Milady!
Jan 02, 17:21View profileMilady777Nikysya, vot vidish', vse ok!=)
Jan 02, 17:21View profileMilady777To Darkness: kissing
Jan 02, 17:21View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:What do you plan to do with a site vacuum-people?
Jan 02, 17:21View profileMattiasSTONo russian please! I don't understand that well!:-)
Jan 02, 17:21View profileMilady777To julia: kissing any neeews?;)
Jan 02, 17:21View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: kissing
Jan 02, 17:21View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:You did remixes on single "I Walk Alone"?
Jan 02, 17:22View profileMattiasSTOWell, we shut it down for now since we haven't updated for a while! We need to figure out what should be on the site!
Jan 02, 17:22View profileMattiasSTONo, we didn't do remixes! It was some guy from Marilyn Manson I think!
Jan 02, 17:22View profilejuliaTo Milady777:not news yet(
Jan 02, 17:22View profileAllaCherryTo Milady777:Yo! cool
Jan 02, 17:22View profileDashenkaAre You gonna buy iPone?I've heard it's just a crazy boom about them all over the Europe and USA.
Jan 02, 17:23View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: cool Bara tjuvkikar lite
Jan 02, 17:23View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:wht was the best gift for You on this New Y?
Jan 02, 17:23View profileMattiasSTOI so want to get an iPhone but I refuse to buy a a hacked one! I think it's so strange Apple haven't released it in Sweden. But we are a small country:-)
Jan 02, 17:23View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: how are you, my friend? so, you had a russian NY night? did you like it?? still lying in the bed like melting butter?)) that's a completely exact state of mine right now=)
Jan 02, 17:23View profileMattiasSTOHey Olya is here!
Jan 02, 17:24View profileoLyaHej everybody laughing
Jan 02, 17:24View profileMattiasSTONew Years was great Milady! Still a little tired!
Jan 02, 17:24View profileAllaCherryTo oLya:Hellooo there! smile
Jan 02, 17:24View profileMilady777To AllaCherry: kissing how are thingz? long time no hear from ya, babie!
Jan 02, 17:24View profileMattiasSTOHmmmm, the best gift was the show but I didn't get gifts for New Years! I got some pretty good christmas presents though:-)
Jan 02, 17:24View profilelamiahavn't heard 'our great divide' (( is this a new song?
Jan 02, 17:24View profileDashenkaIt's really strange!If I'm not mistaken they'll appear soon in Russia.
Jan 02, 17:24View profileDarknessTo oLya: hello
Jan 02, 17:25View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: You don't get gifts??? Why???
Jan 02, 17:26View profileMattiasSTOOur Great Divide is a Tarja song we wrote!
Jan 02, 17:26View profileDashenkaWhere did You spend Xmas?
Jan 02, 17:26View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:ohh, no presents?that sucks!it's unfair! but there's only you to blame on this time! no v/-people could get to that Mscw concert and as a consequence, no gifts,hehe))
Jan 02, 17:26View profileMattiasSTONo pyjamas!
Jan 02, 17:27View profilelamiaiPhone is so expensive... and in US only AT&T carries it... I don't like their service...
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOBut I can tell You what I got...if You want to know:-)))
Jan 02, 17:27View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO: grin yes!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOYeah, Apple are pretty greedy!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOOk!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOI GOT:
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMilady777To oLya:hej Swedish princess!:) did you enjoy your holidayz?;)
Jan 02, 17:27View profileDashenkaYes,tell us! grin
Jan 02, 17:27View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: yes of course!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOA remote controlled miniature Helicopter!!!!!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTO:-)
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOFrom my dad!
Jan 02, 17:27View profileMattiasSTOVERY COOL
Jan 02, 17:28View profileDarknesswow grin
Jan 02, 17:28View profileМаринаgrin
Jan 02, 17:28View profileoxygenBTo MattiasSTO: :-))))
Jan 02, 17:28View profilejuliaIPhone rulezzzzz!!!)))))))))) best cellphone)))))))))
Jan 02, 17:28View profileoLyaTo Milady777: Oh yes, no stress this year! Just a couple of good friends and a lot of food smile You?
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOI got a Moulinsart Tintin collective car! I collect them! I got so excited about that one!
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOLOVE THOSE MOULINSART THINGS!
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOI'm a total nerd by the way!
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOhahahahaha
Jan 02, 17:28View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:Your father knows than to please you ;-)
Jan 02, 17:28View profileDashenkaThat's great!How's Your dad by the way?
Jan 02, 17:28View profilelamiagrin I bet you had a lot of fun with it! they are SO dificult to operate!
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOAaaaaaaand
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMilady7772Julia: so, you mean, me agan will have to deal with calls to one Ms?))
Jan 02, 17:28View profileMattiasSTOI got some books!
Jan 02, 17:29View profileMattiasSTOAaaaaaaand
Jan 02, 17:29View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: and what about Easter eggs? Do You still collect them?
Jan 02, 17:29View profileDashenkaWhat kind of books?
Jan 02, 17:29View profileoxygenBTo MattiasSTO: what books? :-)
Jan 02, 17:29View profileMattiasSTOHmmmm
Jan 02, 17:29View profileMattiasSTOSome drawings from the kids!
Jan 02, 17:30View profileMattiasSTOI still collect the eggs! I haven't bought any lately because I haven't been to a new city! I buy one egg from every city!
Jan 02, 17:30View profileDashenkaYour nieces,right?
Jan 02, 17:30View profilejuliaTo Milady777:net, net))) chto vi)))))))))))))))
Jan 02, 17:30View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:I think, this most important :)
Jan 02, 17:30View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:nothing weird, on my book. many folks of mine collect some things, it's cute. everybody should have some exraordinary hobbies...
Jan 02, 17:30View profileMattiasSTOThat was the best present!
Jan 02, 17:30View profileMattiasSTONoooooooo, the Tintin car! Who are we kidding here!:-)
Jan 02, 17:31View profileBagheera52WOW! I remembered my password!
Jan 02, 17:31View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: it's a pity. I work in a souvenir shop and can give You tonnes of eggs laughing
Jan 02, 17:31View profileBagheera52Hi to all!
Jan 02, 17:31View profileMattiasSTOI will remember that Darkness!!!
Jan 02, 17:31View profileMattiasSTOI'll bye the whole stock!
Jan 02, 17:31View profileMattiasSTOhahahaha
Jan 02, 17:32View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:What else you collect?
Jan 02, 17:32View profileDashenkaThey should be drawing well,coz You do and Your dad too.
Jan 02, 17:32View profileMilady777To julia: what "chto vi"?? it's like 1 day left and we have nothing definite yet!! will roam along the streets like bums, yeah?=)
Jan 02, 17:32View profileDarknessOk, "Nevsky Souvenir", near the Palace Square))) I'll wait!
Jan 02, 17:32View profileMattiasSTOI collect eggs, Tintin moulinsart stuff (have my eyes on the new shark-submarine right now;-)) aaaaaand...that's it!
Jan 02, 17:33View profileBagheera52K, so what's going on here?
Jan 02, 17:33View profileMilady777To julia: laughing laughing try it urself!)))
Jan 02, 17:33View profileBagheera52laughing
Jan 02, 17:33View profileMilady777To julia:use the power of ur semi-german english!))
Jan 02, 17:33View profileDashenkaWhat kind of phone have You at the moment?
Jan 02, 17:34View profileMattiasSTOSo what did You guys do for New Years?
Jan 02, 17:34View profilejuliaTo Milady777:NOOOO!!!! I'm fear)))))))
Jan 02, 17:34View profileMattiasSTOI have an old Nokia! Works very well!
Jan 02, 17:34View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: drink. sing, bellydance:)
Jan 02, 17:34View profileBagheera52I'm paaaartying, today even more than during the NY
Jan 02, 17:34View profileBagheera52;-)
Jan 02, 17:34View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: drink, sing, bellydance:)
Jan 02, 17:35View profileBagheera52Have IM here... ;-) LOL We're havin' pretty good time, ey!
Jan 02, 17:35View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: laughing you'd better not to know about this)) I started celebrating NY since 29th december grin
Jan 02, 17:35View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52: laughing still?
Jan 02, 17:35View profileDashenkaWatching TV,eating and so on... grin
Jan 02, 17:35View profileBagheera52Otherwise, a cosy eve in a family circle
Jan 02, 17:36View profileBagheera52Alla, baby, I am having my birthday 2nite! grin
Jan 02, 17:36View profileBagheera52Now, where're all the congratulations? I can't heeeeeeeaaaaaaar!
Jan 02, 17:36View profileBagheera52LOLOLOL
Jan 02, 17:36View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:i have new LG! Works very well! grin
Jan 02, 17:36View profilejuliawe'll have vacuum meeting in Moscow! Mattias ))
Jan 02, 17:36View profileMattiasSTOAh bellydancing! I know You do that from Your pictures on myspace!
Jan 02, 17:36View profileDashenkaHow's Your dad,sister,nieces?
Jan 02, 17:37View profileVenusdoomTo Bagheera52: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY kissing grin
Jan 02, 17:37View profileMattiasSTOGREAT! Say hi to everyone who shows up!!!!!
Jan 02, 17:37View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: wow oops!
Jan 02, 17:37View profileSvensson84To Bagheera52: Happy birthday to you!
Jan 02, 17:37View profileMilady777To Darkness: drank, drank, ate, drank, sang, danced, drank, danced, mmm, what else? walked the night away, danced, and ate allot! and now cure postholidays state of the body)) hate NY)))
Jan 02, 17:37View profileMattiasSTOEveryone is just fine! It was sooooo nice to hang with the kids on christmas! I saw them sing in church!
Jan 02, 17:37View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:yes I know that, BABY! kissing kissing
Jan 02, 17:37View profileBagheera52Venusdoom: Thanks, thanks (bows)
Jan 02, 17:37View profileBagheera52cool
Jan 02, 17:37View profileMattiasSTOHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Jan 02, 17:38View profileDarknessTo Milady777: я вообще ещё не спала в этом году! Хотела сейчас лечь, но узнала про чат:))
Jan 02, 17:38View profilejuliaTo Bagheera52:Happy BD!!)
Jan 02, 17:38View profileMattiasSTOkissing Birthday kisses!
Jan 02, 17:38View profileBagheera52Thanks a bunch, Wolf! ;-)
Jan 02, 17:38View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:I sent you greetings! Sorry for not answering you home just today
Jan 02, 17:38View profileDashenkaThey should be singing well like You!
Jan 02, 17:39View profileoxygenBNew Year... watching fireworks at midnight!!!
Jan 02, 17:39View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:And you sang in the childhood in church?
Jan 02, 17:39View profileMilady777To Darkness:a y menya dryz'ya tol'ko chto yshli. shas bi toje privalit'sya otdohnyt')) a tyt v chat pozvali=)
Jan 02, 17:39View profileMattiasSTOYes I did!
Jan 02, 17:39View profileMattiasSTOI sang the Staffan sing at christmas!
Jan 02, 17:39View profileMattiasSTO:-)
Jan 02, 17:39View profileBagheera52Great honour, buddy! Kiss ya back! How was the trip to Moskva? Good, I hope? kissing
Jan 02, 17:39View profileMattiasSTOsong that is...
Jan 02, 17:40View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO: smile I would like to see it :)
Jan 02, 17:40View profileMattiasSTOMoscow was just great! The tempo was pretty tough though! We had the concert very late so we didn't have time to sleep before going to the airport!
Jan 02, 17:40View profileoxygenBTo MattiasSTO: what kind of song is taht?
Jan 02, 17:40View profileDashenkaWhat kind of photo or video camera have You got?
Jan 02, 17:40View profileMattiasSTOI got the kids a Playstation and Singstar for christmas so now they can rehers!!!
Jan 02, 17:40View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: Julia is afraid of asking it herself. but it worries her much. the question is: did you like the song that the toy you were preseted in Salekh sings?:)
Jan 02, 17:41View profileMattiasSTOI got a small casio exilim camera! Very nice I think!
Jan 02, 17:41View profileBagheera52Well, you can rest now! smile I very much hope you'll do a gig very soon though! Do that! ;-)
Jan 02, 17:42View profileTanya_I on work hitherto... shall go home! bye-bye to all!!!! good luck for everybody!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I miss u all)))))))))))) kissing kissing
Jan 02, 17:42View profileMattiasSTOI listen to the toy quite often to be honest! I play it to all friends and I love it! I think it's an old childrens song! They sang it in Shindlers List You know! The kids! Very sad but beautiful!
Jan 02, 17:42View profileBagheera52You know, we shot heck alottof pictures tonight. Gotta put 'em up on MSpace soon enough! cool
Jan 02, 17:42View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: blink what a cruel management...they even didn't book hotel rooms for you to rest for a while after the gig??
Jan 02, 17:42View profileMattiasSTOHugs to Tanya!!!
Jan 02, 17:42View profileBagheera52Hey, Alla, baby, thanx!
Jan 02, 17:42View profileDashenkaSome years ago You were wearing the ring on Your finger.Had it any meaning or was just for fun?
Jan 02, 17:42View profileBagheera52For the congrats, I mean
Jan 02, 17:42View profileMattiasSTOYes we had hotel! BUT we didn't have the time to sleep!
Jan 02, 17:43View profileTanya_To MattiasSTO:Hugs u! a'm glad to see u!!! bye-bye kissing kissing
Jan 02, 17:43View profileMattiasSTOIt had a meaning! Bought it in Hawaii!
Jan 02, 17:43View profileDashenkaWhat the meaning if it's not a secret?
Jan 02, 17:43View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52: kissing
Jan 02, 17:44View profileMilady777To julia: laughing at the momnet i'm quite hard in distinguishing jokes and serious requests,you must understand)) but anyways, get a dictionary and translate the answer,hihi happy
Jan 02, 17:44View profileMattiasSTOWell, it had a small salamander so it was my old friend Lionel!
Jan 02, 17:45View profileMattiasSTOMiss him!
Jan 02, 17:45View profilejuliaTo Milady777:I'm understand))))))))))))))
Jan 02, 17:45View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: smile ohhh, so you were partying for the whole night?;-)
Jan 02, 17:45View profileBagheera52Alla: Hugs in toooooons!
Jan 02, 17:46View profileDashenkaSorry,I've remained You... unhappy
Jan 02, 17:46View profileMattiasSTOWell, since we played at 2 o clock in the morning we had to wait to party unitl' after! But then we partied until 5 o clock and the we had to go to the airport!
Jan 02, 17:47View profileMattiasSTONononono, it's only happy memories with Lionel!
Jan 02, 17:47View profileMattiasSTOHe was a cool little guy!
Jan 02, 17:47View profileBagheera52Mattias, let me guess... You forgot your password to your nick-name, huh? I can tell! ;-)
Jan 02, 17:47View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: "was"??
Jan 02, 17:48View profileDashenkaAnd what's Your favorite animal?
Jan 02, 17:48View profileMattiasSTOYeah, Lionel passed away
Jan 02, 17:48View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO:Your ring is golden?
Jan 02, 17:49View profileMattiasSTOMy favorite aimal...hmmm, I love all animals but I have a sof spot for the french bulldog!
Jan 02, 17:49View profileKsushaHi nice to see you
Jan 02, 17:49View profileMattiasSTONo, silver
Jan 02, 17:49View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: til 5 o'clock! well done:) hope, since it was NY you, guys, were partying in all meanings of this word, i mean, not only drinking but dancing a little too happy
Jan 02, 17:49View profileKsushaHappy New Year~!
Jan 02, 17:49View profileМаринаTo MattiasSTO:What kind of your favourite meal? Right now :)
Jan 02, 17:49View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:You have thought of many desires in New Year or one, but big?
Jan 02, 17:49View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: oh, sorry...
Jan 02, 17:49View profileMattiasSTOI never drink much! But I did a little "raising the roof"
Jan 02, 17:50View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: cool
Jan 02, 17:50View profileMattiasSTOChicken Kiev!
Jan 02, 17:50View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:dancing Mattias is a very rare event)) btw, will be there any pics from the concert?
Jan 02, 17:50View profileMattiasSTOWell, I just hope 2008 will be a nice year!
Jan 02, 17:50View profileDashenkaHas Your dad or sister got any pets at home?
Jan 02, 17:50View profileMattiasSTOWe took no pictured from the show as I was singing but I hope someone did!
Jan 02, 17:51View profileMattiasSTOMy dad has two dogs!
Jan 02, 17:51View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: yes, the 2007 was TOO different...
Jan 02, 17:51View profileMattiasSTO2007 was great I think! I just wish I could have done a few more shows!
Jan 02, 17:51View profileDashenkaWhat are their names and breed?
Jan 02, 17:52View profileMattiasSTOWell, one is called Ida and the other one Simon!
Jan 02, 17:52View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:... different, happy and unhappy, but not boring anyway!
Jan 02, 17:52View profileMattiasSTOIda's a labrador and Simon...I don't know! But he's chinese!
Jan 02, 17:52View profile~Wilwarin~To MattiasSTO:The main thing a good spirit and is more than fire in eyes and all will be excellent in 2008!
Jan 02, 17:53View profileMattiasSTO2007 was certainly not boring!
Jan 02, 17:53View profileMattiasSTOI hope so!
Jan 02, 17:53View profileDashenkaThe boy and the girl!Wonderful!
Jan 02, 17:53View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Sorry for political questions, but your opinion is very interesting for me. What do you think about situation in Kosovo?
Jan 02, 17:53View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: as I see, Ida is a girl and Simon is a girl, so they might had some pups?;) why doesn'y ur Dad present you with one little doggie?:)
Jan 02, 17:54View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:oops, Simon is a boy, sorry)postNYear satet,you know))
Jan 02, 17:54View profileDashenkaAnd have You any plants at home?
Jan 02, 17:54View profile~Wilwarin~To Svensson84:Political questions 2 January???
Jan 02, 17:54View profileMattiasSTOHe got me a helicopter instead;-)
Jan 02, 17:55View profileMattiasSTOKosovo???
Jan 02, 17:55View profileMattiasSTOWhat's happening there now?
Jan 02, 17:55View profileMattiasSTOTell me please!
Jan 02, 17:55View profileMattiasSTOI have one plant!
Jan 02, 17:55View profileMattiasSTOAn orchid! And I love that plant!
Jan 02, 17:56View profileDashenkaWhat kind of?
Jan 02, 17:56View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Independence a part of the country
Jan 02, 17:56View profileMattiasSTOok!
Jan 02, 17:56View profileMattiasSTOHave to read up on that!
Jan 02, 17:57View profileDashenkaAnd have Your dad or sister any plants?
Jan 02, 17:57View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: happy is that orchid from Ikea mall by any chance?))
Jan 02, 17:57View profileBagheera52An orchid? Wow, never knew
Jan 02, 17:57View profileMattiasSTOHell no!
Jan 02, 17:57View profileMattiasSTOIt's a gift from a friend!
Jan 02, 17:57View profileBagheera52How's it growing in cold Sweden? ;-)
Jan 02, 17:58View profileoLyaTo Milady777: ja zh tebe otvechaju, ti ne videla navernoe. Otmetili xorosho, s druzjami. Objelis' silno pravda laughing
Jan 02, 17:58View profileMattiasSTOIn my warm kitchen!
Jan 02, 17:58View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: seems that You don't like Ikea:) Im I right?:)
Jan 02, 17:58View profileoLyaTo Milady777: a ti kak?
Jan 02, 17:58View profileMilady777To Bagheera52:how d'u think it might grow in a warm flat?;)
Jan 02, 17:58View profileMattiasSTOI love IKEA
Jan 02, 17:58View profileDashenkaHow's Anders?
Jan 02, 17:58View profileBagheera52LOL, good place to keep up the warmth! :-)
Jan 02, 17:58View profileMattiasSTOBut I don't buy plants there
Jan 02, 17:59View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:ok, good, sorry grin
Jan 02, 17:59View profileMilady777To oLya:da!tyt tak bistro vse obnovlyaetsya)) ya ne yspevau, vashe ya v astrale eshe)) ny vrode othojy,kak ya..poslezavtra prodoljenie v Moscow.ti ne sobiraeshsya?;)
Jan 02, 17:59View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: Gotta go back there and buy more candles!
Jan 02, 18:00View profileoLyaTo Milady777: Net, k sozhaleniju. Y menia mama suda priezhala nedavno, tak chto ona opiat letom planiruet. Ne znaju kada do Moskvi doedem.
Jan 02, 18:01View profileDashenkaWhat do You think of Erasure?
Jan 02, 18:01View profileMilady777Nika is getting bored, nobody calls her. Let's call our Net-Snegurochka!:) NI-KU-SE-CH-KA!!! Spasibo that you are here and do all this stuff for us! kissing
Jan 02, 18:01View profileBagheera52Milady: cool
Jan 02, 18:01View profileMattiasSTOThe candles are great! I went with Olya to IKEA the last time!
Jan 02, 18:02View profileMattiasSTOLove Erasure! I met them once!
Jan 02, 18:02View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:I like candles from Ikea:)
Jan 02, 18:02View profileAdminThere was something wrong with your post, Venusdoom...
Jan 02, 18:02View profileMattiasSTONika is the Queen of Vacuum relations!
Jan 02, 18:02View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Jag vill fråga dig om Skansen. Arbeter det i vinteren?
Jan 02, 18:03View profileMattiasSTOSkansen is open all year round I think!
Jan 02, 18:03View profileoLyaTo Svensson84: Det gör det, vi har precis varit där.
Jan 02, 18:03View profileMilady777To oLya: :) y nas tyt vse v Ikee posydoi zatarivautsya, a ne svachkami))
Jan 02, 18:03View profileDashenkaIn my top list of best voices in the world Andy Bell is the second after You... grin
Jan 02, 18:04View profileMattiasSTOIn english so everyone understands please;-)
Jan 02, 18:04View profileMattiasSTOWow, thanx.-)
Jan 02, 18:04View profileKsushaSkansen is wonderful place and very intresting
Jan 02, 18:04View profileoLyaTo Milady777: kazhdomu svoje :) mi tseluju telegu svechek nakupili v posednij raz, uzhe vse potratili. Temno y nas tut laughing
Jan 02, 18:04View profileMattiasSTOIt is! And You get to pet the mosse!
Jan 02, 18:04View profileMattiasSTOMoose!!!
Jan 02, 18:05View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: 70%of russians are already Ikee-ized, or how it's called. everyone has this bamboo plant and square plates from there:))
Jan 02, 18:05View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: Ooops.
Jan 02, 18:05View profileBagheera52We understand, no matter, Mattias! ;-)
Jan 02, 18:05View profileMattiasSTOI love the cows and the moose!
Jan 02, 18:05View profileMattiasSTOHehehehe
Jan 02, 18:05View profileBagheera52Who's Moose, where and why? smile
Jan 02, 18:05View profileMattiasSTOIKEA is crazy!
Jan 02, 18:05View profileBagheera52Bugaga
Jan 02, 18:05View profileMattiasSTOMy cousin works at the head-office!
Jan 02, 18:06View profileBagheera52Moose are great, are they not? happy
Jan 02, 18:06View profileDashenkaWhat's Your cousin name?
Jan 02, 18:06View profileAllaCherryTo Milady777:Squarepants from Ikea? laughing
Jan 02, 18:06View profileMilady777To oLya: laughing aga, tipa pasmyrno, sveta ne hvataet) vi elky naryajali?
Jan 02, 18:06View profileMattiasSTOHer name is Lotta
Jan 02, 18:06View profileMattiasSTOOk friends!
Jan 02, 18:06View profileMattiasSTOAn hour goes by soooooo fast here!
Jan 02, 18:06View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: You visiting ikea near Skärholmen ?
Jan 02, 18:06View profilejuliaTo Milady777:And I have my bed from Ikea)))))))))))))
Jan 02, 18:06View profileBagheera52I guess, it's time to part!
Jan 02, 18:06View profileBagheera52happy
Jan 02, 18:06View profileMattiasSTOLets do some more questions and then I need to get some food!
Jan 02, 18:07View profileMattiasSTOVery nice chatting to You!
Jan 02, 18:07View profileMilady777To AllaCherry: laughing well, may be someone buys and this stuff too))
Jan 02, 18:07View profileoLyaTo Milady777: Nope, bought a light cone instead! Too lazy this year! blink
Jan 02, 18:07View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:no, don't tell that You have to go unhappy
Jan 02, 18:07View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:bed time! laughing
Jan 02, 18:07View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: Ses rå! smile
Jan 02, 18:07View profileMattiasSTOWell, I'm always on spirit:-I
Jan 02, 18:07View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: blink don't mention food, plz. i'm allergic on it since last 2 days. too much food, oh my...
Jan 02, 18:07View profileDashenkaAre You hungry?
Jan 02, 18:07View profileDarknessTo Darkness: my question: what are You going to eat? laughing
Jan 02, 18:08View profileMattiasSTOhehehehe
Jan 02, 18:08View profileoLyaByeee, kids! smile
Jan 02, 18:08View profileMattiasSTOYes a little!
Jan 02, 18:08View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Hej Hej!
Jan 02, 18:08View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:my question: what are You going to eat?
Jan 02, 18:08View profileMattiasSTOI had a wrap with Olya and Tobias earlier, but now it's time again!
Jan 02, 18:08View profilejuliaTo MattiasSTO:Bye-bye!
Jan 02, 18:08View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: oops! grin
Jan 02, 18:08View profileMattiasSTOHmmmmmmm, I don't know to be honest! Have to think of something!
Jan 02, 18:08View profileDashenkaPlease,visit Your blog on more often!
Jan 02, 18:08View profileAllaCherryTo Milady777:we're having Ikea opening here soon....guess I'll get some squarepants from there laughing
Jan 02, 18:08View profileMilady777To oLya: grin seems like a real tendency this year! i didn't arranged it too! offerred my budz to arrange an artificial palm instead))
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOThe blog on is so that russian speaking can read my myspace blog!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileBagheera52Whoah, IKEA there? Cool!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOI think that's great!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOThanx Milady!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileKsushahej do
Jan 02, 18:09View profileBagheera52We have two here, I guess! No, I know for sure! laughing
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOOk!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOast question now dears!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileDashenkaAnd hope we'll chat many many times this year!
Jan 02, 18:09View profileMattiasSTOLast
Jan 02, 18:10View profileMattiasSTOI hope so too
Jan 02, 18:10View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: they do it agaaaan, so ordinary:) hanx?for what?))but anyways,u'r welcome:))
Jan 02, 18:10View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: not a question, but: BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile
Jan 02, 18:11View profileNuke13HURRAH... why does everyone hate Apple taken me 20 mins to log in... Hello and Happy New Year to everyone
Jan 02, 18:11View profileMattiasSTOWhat do You mean what?
Jan 02, 18:11View profileMattiasSTODAVID!!!!
Jan 02, 18:11View profileMattiasSTOThat buys another 5 mins:-)
Jan 02, 18:11View profileMattiasSTOHow is my favorite englishman?
Jan 02, 18:12View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:arh,I got! don't pay attention;)
Jan 02, 18:12View profileDashenkaWhy almost all of Your songs are sad?Is it Your state of heart,soul,mind?
Jan 02, 18:12View profileMattiasSTOhehehe ok
Jan 02, 18:12View profileMattiasSTOWell, I don't think sad! Maybe...melancholic?
Jan 02, 18:12View profileoLyaHeeeey David!!!! Been ages!!! laughing Happy New Year!!
Jan 02, 18:12View profileMattiasSTOThought-provoking?
Jan 02, 18:13View profileMattiasSTOYeah, we've al missed David!
Jan 02, 18:13View profileMattiasSTOl
Jan 02, 18:13View profileBagheera52Can it be David? My, so long
Jan 02, 18:13View profileNuke13A nightmare getting here and better to see my fave Swedish man
Jan 02, 18:13View profileoxygenBmelancolic and profound :-)
Jan 02, 18:13View profileMattiasSTOAre You still here D?
Jan 02, 18:13View profileMilady777To Nuke13: ditto, friend! jolly NY week to you too!
Jan 02, 18:13View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: as for me, I adore this kind of songs... melancholic... sad... depressive...:)
Jan 02, 18:14View profileNuke13and all my wonderful Russian friends
Jan 02, 18:14View profileMattiasSTOExcellente D!
Jan 02, 18:14View profileBagheera52Dashenka, artistic people, you know! cool Takes them much to get the right mood, but once they get it, they create masterpieces
Jan 02, 18:14View profileToaddyTo Nuke13:Happy New Year to You!!!
Jan 02, 18:14View profileMattiasSTOhehehehe, spot on!
Jan 02, 18:15View profileMattiasSTOSo D, tell us! How was New Years?
Jan 02, 18:15View profileoLyaTo Milady777: Nea, I am not too crazy about that guy! blink
Jan 02, 18:15View profileNuke13Hope you all had wonderfull holidays sorry I have been so quiet but vacuum are always in my heart and I hope to be around more now
Jan 02, 18:16View profileMattiasSTOvacuum-people are just not complete without You D!!!
Jan 02, 18:16View profileoLyaTo Nuke13: Never see you on MSN anymore! blink
Jan 02, 18:16View profileAllaCherrycheerful
Jan 02, 18:17View profileDashenkaYou know,I study at the university almost near Hermitage and can visit it absolutely free!So You can go there with me,probably free too... grin
Jan 02, 18:17View profileMilady777To oLya:mee to! but it was just interesting to know how it's going with him after so much time passed by, besides,he wrote first. just curious:)
Jan 02, 18:17View profileNuke13sorry I am in the process of selling my home and moving so I have not been on line so much... but now I am back and so look out for me on msn... spreading the vacuum word
Jan 02, 18:18View profileMilady777To Nuke13: where are you planning to move???
Jan 02, 18:18View profileoLyaTo Nuke13: Good luck with it! Hope too see you there soon then! smile
Jan 02, 18:19View profileMattiasSTOI would love to visit the hermitage!
Jan 02, 18:19View profileMattiasSTOStrange we haven't been there yet!
Jan 02, 18:19View profileNuke13for any of you who remember Des he hopes to join you in chat next time also... 2 englishmen then... wll one english and one scot
Jan 02, 18:19View profileBagheera52Mattias, you just have to take yourself there!
Jan 02, 18:20View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: but instead of that you managed to visit Moskva club and Parkking, which isn't less cool too!=))
Jan 02, 18:20View profileNuke13have you found any time to Paint Mattias?
Jan 02, 18:20View profileDashenkaI haven't been there yet too.Let's go together! grin
Jan 02, 18:20View profileBagheera52smile
Jan 02, 18:21View profileMilady777To Nuke13: grin we painted him already! 2 years ago)and Wollbeck as well))
Jan 02, 18:22View profileMattiasSTOI remember Des
Jan 02, 18:22View profileDashenkaWhat was the last film You liked the most?
Jan 02, 18:22View profileMattiasSTOParkking???
Jan 02, 18:22View profileMattiasSTONO! But I miss painting!
Jan 02, 18:23View profileNuke13Fantastic but I meant has Mattias found any time to paint.... I was in The tate Modern in London yesterday and was thinking how great to see a Lindblom there
Jan 02, 18:23View profileMattiasSTOI need to get some painting done!
Jan 02, 18:23View profileMattiasSTOI saw The Firm again with Tom Cruise! You know, from back when Cruise was really cool:-)
Jan 02, 18:23View profileMattiasSTOExcellent movie!
Jan 02, 18:24View profileNuke13well stick a reserve on one for me... would look fabulous in my new house
Jan 02, 18:24View profileDashenkaAnd what book are You reading at the moment?
Jan 02, 18:24View profileMattiasSTOYeah, that's my next step! The Tate!!!! hahahahaha, yeah, that'll happen!
Jan 02, 18:25View profileMattiasSTOI need to paint something for David and his new place!
Jan 02, 18:25View profileoLyaBye everyone! It's food time! Thanks for a nice chat! smile
Jan 02, 18:25View profileMattiasSTOI'm reading Woody Allen's latest "Mere Anarchy". Woody's my idol!
Jan 02, 18:25View profileBagheera52I gotta see all the great museums whilst in London!
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMattiasSTOSee Youz neighbur!
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMattiasSTOneighbour!
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMattiasSTOneighbor!!!!!
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMattiasSTOhahahaha
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:yeah, the club with a strip-pole and stuff))
Jan 02, 18:26View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: neighboor
Jan 02, 18:26View profileMattiasSTOThere was no strip pole at the club!
Jan 02, 18:26View profileDashenkaAnd what's Your favorite smell?
Jan 02, 18:27View profileDarknessTo Milady777: да ладно))) Это правда?))))))))
Jan 02, 18:27View profileMattiasSTOno, not two o's! A little help here D!
Jan 02, 18:27View profilenuke13I'll hold you to that Mattias,,, I'll reserve a space on the wall in The Lindblom room
Jan 02, 18:27View profileMattiasSTOHahahahaha, my scented candy-candle by the bed!
Jan 02, 18:27View profileoLyaTo MattiasSTO: neighbooohre
Jan 02, 18:27View profileoLyahehehe
Jan 02, 18:27View profileMattiasSTOI need to frikkin' do it! I will D! Hmmmm! Great inspiration actually!
Jan 02, 18:28View profilenuke13If any of you come to ~London I'm available to be your gallery
Jan 02, 18:28View profileMilady777To Nuke13: laughing that's what an absence of punctuation leads to)
Jan 02, 18:28View profileMattiasSTOMight take You up on that D! Maybe London this year! Fingers crossed!
Jan 02, 18:28View profilenuke13LOL
Jan 02, 18:28View profileoLya*out* cool
Jan 02, 18:29View profileBagheera52Mattias, man, I beat ya! I've got London planned this January! ;-)
Jan 02, 18:29View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:don't insist it was the strippole but there was a scene with some kind of poles..according to the snap)but i might be mistaken,of course)
Jan 02, 18:29View profilenuke13Mattias will walk on the Sun get a physical release?
Jan 02, 18:30View profileSvensson84To MattiasSTO: Thank you for beautiful song Only human - i am listening it from morning and tonight!
Jan 02, 18:30View profileDashenkaDo You like gems?If so what's Your favorite one?
Jan 02, 18:31View profileMattiasSTOThere might have been! Didn't see it!
Jan 02, 18:31View profileMattiasSTONo, I'm afraid not! It's just too expensive right now!
Jan 02, 18:32View profileMattiasSTOThank You! I like it too!!!
Jan 02, 18:32View profileMattiasSTODon't know much about gem's to be honest!
Jan 02, 18:33View profileDashenkaWhen re-realesed of YWLILUTT will appear in Russua?
Jan 02, 18:33View profileBagheera52I bet you'll see loads of different places while your trips in the next year, Mattias!
Jan 02, 18:33View profileMattiasSTOI hope so! I really like to travel!
Jan 02, 18:33View profileBagheera52I know! ;-)
Jan 02, 18:34View profilenuke13Any Plans to Take vacuum to the Far East mattias?
Jan 02, 18:34View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:next year? )
Jan 02, 18:34View profileMattiasSTOI don't know! It's so hard getting stuff released! The industry is bonkers right now! But we are doing everything we can!
Jan 02, 18:34View profileMattiasSTONest year we will do some sort of 10-year anniversary thing!
Jan 02, 18:34View profileMattiasSTOBut i will tell You all about that when it happens:-)
Jan 02, 18:34View profileBagheera52Well, people, guess, it's time to say good-bye! Kind of being in this party-mood... And, I have to stop, otherwise I'll be partying till morning. Staying up late, I mean :-)
Jan 02, 18:34View profilenuke13so much for the internet making everything easier
Jan 02, 18:34View profileDashenkaIt can be DVD!
Jan 02, 18:35View profileoxygenBDear Mattias! Thanks for the chat! It was nice! :-))) Enjoy your meal! VACUUM people you are cool! Bye to everybody! ;-)
Jan 02, 18:35View profileMattiasSTOThat would be awesome D! But nothing planned right now!
Jan 02, 18:35View profilenuke13Yeah a Vaccum 10 year anniversary DVD would be so cool
Jan 02, 18:35View profileMattiasSTOSome other great stuff in the pipe though:-)
Jan 02, 18:35View profileBagheera52Bye, Oxygen!
Jan 02, 18:35View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: I've got a question at last grin Do You like the music and the songs of Scorpions?
Jan 02, 18:35View profileMattiasSTOSee You Oxygen!!!
Jan 02, 18:35View profilenuke13a Little TOO metal for me
Jan 02, 18:36View profileMattiasSTOHehehehehe, well, I like Scorpions as much as the nex guy! I like Holiday!
Jan 02, 18:36View profileMilady777HOLD ON! If somebody doesn't know yet! WE'RE HAVING A BIG NY MOSCOW MEETING ON 4th- Jan! if you wanna join us, see the foruum!!
Jan 02, 18:36View profileBagheera52That's interesting with that anniversary... Hmmmm! happy
Jan 02, 18:36View profilenuke13lol
Jan 02, 18:36View profilenuke13I've just rediscovered Julie Cruise
Jan 02, 18:36View profilejuliaThanks for very nice chat! Bye-bye people!)))
Jan 02, 18:37View profileBagheera52Bloody interesting if I may say so!
Jan 02, 18:37View profileBagheera52laughing
Jan 02, 18:37View profileDashenkaI know it'll be great anyway!You can't do anything bad!
Jan 02, 18:37View profileMattiasSTOJulie Cruise????
Jan 02, 18:37View profileBagheera52Bye, Julia
Jan 02, 18:37View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: las time I fell in live with their songs, especially "Love is war"... It's really something extraordinary!
Jan 02, 18:37View profileMilady777To julia: kissing reach Olga and let me know!
Jan 02, 18:37View profileAllaCherryTo julia:see Ya, J!
Jan 02, 18:37View profileMattiasSTOWho are You Марина???
Jan 02, 18:38View profilejuliaTo Milady777:ok:)
Jan 02, 18:38View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: fell in love
Jan 02, 18:38View profilenuke13Yeah she did a lot of soundtrack for Twin Peaks
Jan 02, 18:38View profileMattiasSTOAhhhhhhhhhh, OK!
Jan 02, 18:38View profileDashenkaWhat's Your favorite Erasure song?
Jan 02, 18:38View profileMattiasSTOCheck!
Jan 02, 18:38View profileBagheera52Марина is... well, Marina!
Jan 02, 18:38View profileBagheera52smile
Jan 02, 18:39View profileMattiasSTOHmmmm, Run To The Sun
Jan 02, 18:39View profileBagheera52Well, I am afraid IM and I will not say anything smart this eve, so we'd better be off! LOL
Jan 02, 18:39View profilenuke13Blue Savanah song for me
Jan 02, 18:39View profileBagheera52Ship Of Fools of Erasure is great!
Jan 02, 18:39View profileDashenkaHave You got their mp3?
Jan 02, 18:40View profileMattiasSTOHahahaha! You don't have to say something smart!!!
Jan 02, 18:40View profileMattiasSTOAll good songs!
Jan 02, 18:40View profileBagheera52Ahahahaha! 10 points! I just have to stay, right? ;-)
Jan 02, 18:40View profileMattiasSTOThey actually called me a long time ago and we hung out in Stockholm! Nice guys!
Jan 02, 18:40View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:still drunk, Cat? laughing
Jan 02, 18:41View profilenuke13I think its great that we all manage to converse in English at all... lets save smart for another time
Jan 02, 18:41View profileBagheera52K, k, I'm deeply apologetic
Jan 02, 18:41View profileBagheera52laughing
Jan 02, 18:41View profileBagheera52Hahaha, Alla, weeeeell, we did have some great champagne at Zoom!!!!
Jan 02, 18:41View profileMattiasSTOExactly D!
Jan 02, 18:41View profileMattiasSTOALEX IS HERE!!!!
Jan 02, 18:41View profileBagheera52But I'm not drunk! I never am
Jan 02, 18:41View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:yeah,that's right!sometimes it's just impossible to recall every band's song you like. they have lots of interesting material.
Jan 02, 18:41View profileMattiasSTOFinally!
Jan 02, 18:41View profileMattiasSTOEveryone is LATE
Jan 02, 18:42View profileMattiasSTOPunishments all around!
Jan 02, 18:42View profileAlexHappy new Year to everybody!
Jan 02, 18:42View profileMattiasSTO:-)
Jan 02, 18:42View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:champagne is a dangerous thing! grin
Jan 02, 18:42View profileDashenkaI love Erasure,especially Andy,but You're my number one anyway... oops!
Jan 02, 18:42View profilenuke13Happy New Year Alex
Jan 02, 18:42View profileDarknessTo Alex: Hi! Happy New Year!!
Jan 02, 18:42View profileBagheera52Mattias, the second of January. What'd you expect? :-)
Jan 02, 18:42View profileAllaCherryTo Alex:Hey! Happy NY!
Jan 02, 18:42View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:I'm really sorry but i wasn't know:)
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMilady777To Alex: kissing kissing Heavingly hot NY to ya too, bro!
Jan 02, 18:43View profileBagheera52We're having quite a jam here! Join in!
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMattiasSTOTo be alive:-)
Jan 02, 18:43View profilenuke13Think NIka has gone "into the vois" again blink blink
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMattiasSTOYou are forgiven Alex!
Jan 02, 18:43View profileAlexTo Milady777:Yes sister it was really hard:))))
Jan 02, 18:43View profilenuke13sorry VOID... sleppery fingers... should never eat and type at same time
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMattiasSTOYou know we love You!
Jan 02, 18:43View profileBagheera52LOL, fine! ;-)
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMattiasSTOWe bored Nika!
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMattiasSTOhahahah
Jan 02, 18:43View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO: laughing you rock!
Jan 02, 18:44View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:Oh, thank you:))))You are so kind!
Jan 02, 18:44View profileMattiasSTOI try to Milady!
Jan 02, 18:44View profileMattiasSTONo, YOU are Alex!
Jan 02, 18:44View profileMilady777To Alex:did you spend a cat-ishly MAD night on 31st?))
Jan 02, 18:44View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO: grin
Jan 02, 18:44View profileMilady777To Alex:drank much valeriana? laughing
Jan 02, 18:44View profileMattiasSTOGo MaddCatz!
Jan 02, 18:45View profileDarknessWe all arw very kind))))))))))))))))
Jan 02, 18:45View profileAlexIt was VERY nice to meet New Year in forest:))))
Jan 02, 18:45View profileDarknessDon't argue))))))))))
Jan 02, 18:45View profileAlexLike a wild CAT
Jan 02, 18:45View profileMattiasSTOAlex is a real woodsman!
Jan 02, 18:46View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO: grin
Jan 02, 18:46View profileMilady777To Alex: blink wow! interesting! demanding the details then!
Jan 02, 18:46View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:I walk alooooooooooooone
Jan 02, 18:46View profileAllaCherryv-ppl are waking one by one. laughing
Jan 02, 18:46View profileMattiasSTOAlex was running naked in the woods shouting in the new year grin
Jan 02, 18:46View profileAlexTo Milady777:You will see it in my next blog smile
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOLike the woodsman he is!
Jan 02, 18:47View profileDashenkaWill You come to Sochi in 2014? happy
Jan 02, 18:47View profilenuke13why? was I chasing him
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOI'm just joking Alex!!!
Jan 02, 18:47View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:You're almost right:)))
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOhehehehehehehe
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOHAHAHAHAHA I KNEW IT
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOD, Visa wored out alright then!
Jan 02, 18:47View profileAllaCherrylaughing
Jan 02, 18:47View profileMattiasSTOworked
Jan 02, 18:48View profileMattiasSTOWe have it planned for 2016 actually:-)
Jan 02, 18:48View profileMattiasSTOHopefully sooner!
Jan 02, 18:48View profileMattiasSTOYou like in Sochi?
Jan 02, 18:48View profileMattiasSTOSupposed to very nice there!
Jan 02, 18:48View profileAllaCherryROFL
Jan 02, 18:49View profileAlexyou know, people winterforest is great and full of fairys
Jan 02, 18:49View profileDashenkaNo,I'm from Piter!Come to us!
Jan 02, 18:49View profilenuke13grin
Jan 02, 18:49View profileMattiasSTOWow! You have snow Alex?
Jan 02, 18:49View profileAlexnaked fairys of course...
Jan 02, 18:49View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:Yes
Jan 02, 18:49View profilenuke13I SO hope we get some snow this year
Jan 02, 18:49View profileMattiasSTORaunchy Alex!
Jan 02, 18:49View profileMilady777hey, folks, are people outside also constantly doing these firework displays in ur cities? I'm so tired of all this bomb-like noise...
Jan 02, 18:49View profileMilady777seems like we experience the second assault of the Winter Palace))
Jan 02, 18:50View profileMattiasSTOThere should be one! An assault of kindness!
Jan 02, 18:50View profilenuke13we have had fireworks in the street since October here
Jan 02, 18:50View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:we have lots of snow too! -13 outside, dammit!
Jan 02, 18:50View profileMattiasSTOThe problem is all the animals! They get sick worried about the fireworks! We need to think about the poor dogs!
Jan 02, 18:51View profileAllaCherryTo Milady777:we did 3 fireworks at NY night!
Jan 02, 18:51View profileBagheera52I'm afraid St Pete ain't got that much kindness in it right now... Though, coming to think about it, maybe it does
Jan 02, 18:51View profileMattiasSTOLovely! Like snow!
Jan 02, 18:51View profileAlexit was no so many snow there but it was beautiful
Jan 02, 18:51View profileMattiasSTOSounds great Alex!!!
Jan 02, 18:51View profilenuke13and thats without the mindless hooligans who tie fireworks to animals... I know what I'd like to do to these people
Jan 02, 18:52View profileDashenkaYou know,a lot of people compare Piter with Stockholm.So You can feel a bit of home there...
Jan 02, 18:52View profileMattiasSTOReally D? I lost my words here...
Jan 02, 18:52View profileBagheera52I can tell for a fact that Stock and Pete are two cities in a row
Jan 02, 18:52View profileBagheera52Very much alike!
Jan 02, 18:52View profileMattiasSTOIt's very much alike!
Jan 02, 18:53View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:You are always welcome in Belarus!I will show you snow in our forests smile
Jan 02, 18:53View profileBagheera52Mattias, similar words here... ;-)
Jan 02, 18:53View profileMattiasSTOYou know Alex, just said I want to go back!
Jan 02, 18:53View profileMattiasSTOHope it can happen this year!
Jan 02, 18:54View profilenuke13Yes I witnessed a car in front of me 3 years ago... they threw a cat from the car tied to a rope with fireworks on it and dragged it... I reported it to the police and got them prosecuted...
Jan 02, 18:54View profileBagheera52K, Mattias, I am heading home now! So, everyone, take best care in 2008!
Jan 02, 18:54View profileMattiasSTOTake care friend!
Jan 02, 18:54View profilenuke13Just TOO horrible, people can be SO cruel
Jan 02, 18:54View profileMattiasSTOI have to get something to eat! We're up to two hours here now!
Jan 02, 18:54View profileBagheera52You have to be happy and have fun! And THAT relates to everyone, especially those with that melancholic mood! :-)
Jan 02, 18:54View profilenuke13Bye Bagheera52
Jan 02, 18:54View profileMattiasSTOI would seriously loose control if I saw that! I would end up in jail!
Jan 02, 18:55View profileAllaCherryblink
Jan 02, 18:55View profileBagheera52Bye, Nukie!
Jan 02, 18:55View profileBagheera52Or Nukleopatra! happy
Jan 02, 18:55View profileMilady777To nuke13:yeah, drunk people sometimes don't realize what they're doing... but this is not the most awful thing..heard, some teens killed about3 30 people not so long ago. teens, pupils!
Jan 02, 18:55View profileMattiasSTOCruelty to animals is the worst...
Jan 02, 18:55View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:see Ya, Cat!
Jan 02, 18:55View profilenuke13Well I almost had to be restrained... but was told if these poeple can be so cruel to animals what could they do to a human
Jan 02, 18:55View profileBagheera52Alla, see ya 'round, baby-doll!
Jan 02, 18:55View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:It will be this year I'm sure...I remember about fishing
Jan 02, 18:56View profileBagheera52oops!
Jan 02, 18:56View profileAlexgrin
Jan 02, 18:56View profileMattiasSTOI remember too Alex!!!
Jan 02, 18:56View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52: kissing
Jan 02, 18:56View profileDashenkaThey say where You meet NY there You spend a lot of time.So it means You'll visit Moscow quite often. cheerful
Jan 02, 18:56View profileMattiasSTOA promise is a promise!
Jan 02, 18:56View profileBagheera52K, take care and stay in your best of moods!
Jan 02, 18:56View profileBagheera52Cheerio to all!
Jan 02, 18:56View profileBagheera52cool
Jan 02, 18:57View profileMattiasSTOI heard that saying! They also say, how You spend NY is the way there year will be like! So I was very kind!!!
Jan 02, 18:57View profileBagheera52*Gone hugging IM*
Jan 02, 18:57View profileDarknessTo Alex: grin Good luck:)
Jan 02, 18:57View profile~Wilwarin~All only good mood!!! grin
Jan 02, 18:58View profileDashenkaI can't imagine You angry!Really!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileBagheera52Mattias, it's our regular saying here in Russia. Strange you haven't heard that one!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileMattiasSTOWell, kick a dog and I'll show You!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileBagheera52Okay, see you all in 2008!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileAlexTo Darkness:Thanx Sofia smile
Jan 02, 18:58View profileMattiasSTOlost
Jan 02, 18:58View profileBagheera52Mattias, cool down, man
Jan 02, 18:58View profileMattiasSTOI heard it on NY!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileMattiasSTOJust joking!
Jan 02, 18:58View profileBagheera52No one kicks a dog here ;-)
Jan 02, 18:58View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:are you still here? laughing
Jan 02, 18:58View profileMilady777To Alex: laughing Alex is still hoping!ahhaa,well,maybe when Mattias retires on pension he will have time to do some fishing with you, bwahaha)
Jan 02, 18:59View profileDashenkaI never do!I love dogs!
Jan 02, 18:59View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: we won't do it, and You know it. e love animals and don't want You to be angry!
Jan 02, 18:59View profileMattiasSTOBut I guess that's what makes me really angry!
Jan 02, 18:59View profileBagheera52Alla, yoy, people, arew
Jan 02, 18:59View profileBagheera52Alla, you, people, are so gr8 I can't unglue off the screen! LOL
Jan 02, 18:59View profileMattiasSTOI actually stopped the car at christmas when I saw an old lady pulling a puppy around! I had to tell her to cool down!
Jan 02, 18:59View profileBagheera52*Sorry, reeeeeal bad spelling!
Jan 02, 19:00View profileBagheera52K, bye! Happy... dogs... eeeh, holidays to everyone! LOL
Jan 02, 19:00View profileBagheera52LOL
Jan 02, 19:00View profileMattiasSTOPoor puppy!
Jan 02, 19:00View profileBagheera52See ya! happy cool
Jan 02, 19:00View profileMattiasSTOBuy Baghera!!!
Jan 02, 19:00View profileMattiasSTOBYE that is
Jan 02, 19:00View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52: laughing
Jan 02, 19:00View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: I don't understand such people...
Jan 02, 19:01View profileBagheera52Bye, Wolf... Wolf? laughing
Jan 02, 19:01View profileDashenkaIt's awful when people show their force on poor animals!
Jan 02, 19:01View profileBagheera52To AllaCherry: oops! cool
Jan 02, 19:01View profileAlexTo Milady777:The hope dies last as it is sung in a song
Jan 02, 19:01View profilenuke13If people had more compassion for anumals they would have more compassion for humans and the world would be a better place
Jan 02, 19:01View profileAllaCherryTo Bagheera52:bye bye baby
Jan 02, 19:01View profileDarkness... who are cruel to animals... That poor cats and dogs...
Jan 02, 19:02View profileMattiasSTOI agree D!!!
Jan 02, 19:02View profileMattiasSTOYou can always judge people by how they treat animals!
Jan 02, 19:02View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: You're right:)
Jan 02, 19:02View profileMattiasSTOBut lets be positive! 2008, everyone will love animals!
Jan 02, 19:02View profilenuke13absolutely
Jan 02, 19:02View profileDashenkaHave You ever studied latin?
Jan 02, 19:02View profileMattiasSTOLove love love!
Jan 02, 19:03View profileMattiasSTONo never! So pax eh?:-)
Jan 02, 19:03View profile~Wilwarin~Animals in what are not guilty unhappy
Jan 02, 19:03View profileDarknessTo Darkness: I'always kiss my cat and sleep with her... Oops... oops!
Jan 02, 19:03View profileDashenkaWhat means pax? oops!
Jan 02, 19:04View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO:I'always kiss my cat and sleep with her... Oops...
Jan 02, 19:04View profileMattiasSTOCats are great! Met a really cool one in Cologne! His name was Gremlin and he was from Turkey!
Jan 02, 19:04View profileMilady777To MattiasSTO:dunno what's going on with this world. so much agression in growing generation..they not only torture animals but they kill parents for money, can you imagine??
Jan 02, 19:04View profileDarkness:))))))))
Jan 02, 19:04View profileMattiasSTONo, I can't! Horrible!
Jan 02, 19:04View profileMattiasSTOWell, dear friends!
Jan 02, 19:04View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:Will Vacuum makes us happy with a new album in 2008?
Jan 02, 19:04View profileMattiasSTONow I really need to go!
Jan 02, 19:04View profileAlexcool
Jan 02, 19:04View profilenuke13OH PLEASSSSEEEEE
Jan 02, 19:05View profilenuke13new album
Jan 02, 19:05View profilenuke13Ow
Jan 02, 19:05View profileMattiasSTOI love You all of course!
Jan 02, 19:05View profileMattiasSTOAnd hope You'll have the best 2008!
Jan 02, 19:05View profileToaddyGoodbye, Dearest Mattias! Thanks a lot for this Great chat!
Jan 02, 19:05View profileDashenkaBut promise You'll be back! grin
Jan 02, 19:05View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: best wiches! Be happy and positive! As You are!!
Jan 02, 19:05View profilenuke13Havea great evening mattias and as always thatnk you for taking the time to come and chat to everyone... we ALWAYS apreciate it
Jan 02, 19:05View profileAlexTo MattiasSTO:I hope you so:)))
Jan 02, 19:05View profilelafayettethanks for coming :)
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOAnd that all Your dreams and expectations will come true
Jan 02, 19:06View profileToaddyLet the God blesses You!!! Be healthy, happy, joyful, inspired, creative and full of Energy of Love in 2008!!!
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMilady777To Alex: smile at least Vacuum 2008, the best of, yeah?at least re-edition)
Jan 02, 19:06View profile~Wilwarin~Thanks all for the chat happy
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOI really do too D!
Jan 02, 19:06View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: mutually:)
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTONo THANK YOU!!!!!
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOOk, take care!
Jan 02, 19:06View profilenuke13see you all in the forum soon I hope Big Hugs
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOuch love!
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOMuch
Jan 02, 19:06View profileDashenkaWe love You forever! kissing
Jan 02, 19:06View profileDarknessTo MattiasSTO: Bye!!!
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOI'm out like last years eurovision
Jan 02, 19:06View profileMattiasSTOHUGS!
Jan 02, 19:07View profilenuke13and always
Jan 02, 19:07View profileAlexTo Milady777:ahahahahaha
Jan 02, 19:07View profileMattiasSTOKisses!