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The Bengals went young at head coach ... ber-jersey , and aren’t straying from that path in their search for a defensive coordinator.According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Bengals have a long list of candidates for their lead defensive job under new coach Zac Taylor.Among the names expected to get interview requests are just-fired former Falcons coordinator Marquand Manuel, Texas A&M coordinator Mike Elko, Florida coordinator Todd Grantham, Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn ... ock-jersey , and Rams defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant.If you think that’s a list short on experience, you’d be correct.The Bengals spoke to both Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers about the job, but both apparently passed according to multiple reports. That’s possibly a worrying sign for Taylor as he assembles a last-minute staff (yet another reason the league should consider letting new coaches become official before they’re officially official).Taylor’s 35 years old, and has never been a head coach. He hasn’t been an assistant that long (seven years in the NFL). Having a veteran on staff with some knowledge can help, as Wade Phillips was a good hire for Sean McVay when he was in the same spot with the Rams. But the Bengals apparently either can’t or don’t want to provide Taylor with the same kind of safety net.Bengals WR A.J. Green reveals his superstitions Womens Nick Vigil Jersey , biggest fear, and more with the Players’ Tribune The Players’ Tribune is nothing new to wide receiver A.J. Green by now. In the past year he wrote about the five toughest cornerbacks he’s faced in the NFL and went on a live interview a few months later on the website’s twitter account. A few days before his eight year begins, he took the time to answer some fan questions in the website’s latest mailbag session. His answers were quite revealing.Do you have any superstitions?If you want to really get Green out of his mind, all you have to do is make sure he only has one pair of gloves to use. Defensive backs, take note.5 words to describe Andy Dalton?Really riveting revelations and descriptions there. I personally have no idea what Green means by “Red”. Maybe he’s always mad or something and his face turns into a tomato. Your guess is as good as mine.What is your daily routine?.........Oh i’m sorry I was just trying to avoid crying on my keyboard like a normal human being would do after reading that.Best coverage corner in the game?Green stays consistent here and keeps the same answer he had last year. Peterson truly is a freak of an athlete John Miller Jersey White , and praise directed towards him has come from plenty more than just Green.What career will you pursue after your NFL days are over?It should come as no surprise that Green, who is always family and football, wants both of his main interests to be the center of his life after he retires. He’s been adamant about playing for a considerable amount of time beyond this year, and there’s no reason to think why that won’t happen.Your top 3 best WRs in the league?If you polled 100 football fans off the street and asked them who are the best three receivers in the league, the top three answers would be the three Green mentioned. Humble as ever Geno Atkins Jersey , Green fails to mention him as one of the three, but that’s okay. Because we know he is.What is your biggest fear?Not all football players had the easiest time in the classroom. Sports in general can serve as an escape from troubles in school or at home. Green’s openness about his struggles with reading is extremely admirable, and his fear of failure has lead him to accomplish things not many on this earth can say they have done.How hard was making a college decision? The bolded part of the answer I think applies to 95% of college students.Green’s comments regarding his former coach Mark Richt really gives you a sense of how Green came into the league so mentally prepared. The impact our mentors can have on us at such a pivotal time in our lives can truly shape us into the people we become.Favorite cereal!?? Acceptable answer, but fruity pebbles would like a word.Who is the biggest prankster on the team? Let’s just hope no one puts anything heavy in their bag so Eifert’s back won’t be the one that’s being pranked.

11-07-2019 21:36
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