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13/October/2004 - New photos of Mattias Lindblom
There were added 2 photos of Mattias, singing hockey hymn in Globen into Live Photos rubric & one photo of Mattias' paintings.
Also don't forget to keep voting for Vacuum on MTV and ZTV, please :)

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  • David:
    I really LOVE this painting.... abstarct is my fave type of art and this is the type of thing i would LOVE to have hanging on my wall.... The great thing about art is how we all get to interperate it in a different way.. I see touches of geiger here but just my opinion... LOVE it. David
    comment was posted at 15/October/2004
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  • Vlora:
    I love reading these articles because they're short but inotemafivr.
    comment was posted at 20/May/2016
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