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24/November/2004 - Fan videomix for They Do It (updated)
Fans Videomixes rubric has been updated with the next videomix: new Vacuum video They Do It + Jesus Christ The Superstar, kindly provided by The God.
PS: Fixed the problem with the broken link of the video.

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  • Alex:
    Не грузится, Ника!
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • The God:
    Since I have heard “They Do It” I was asking myself “what exactly do they do?” many times. And I have seen some people asking Mattias the same question at Vacuum’s official site.

    Seeing the video did not help me much. Video is perfect, brilliant and really stylish. But the questions “what did the
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • The God:
    “what did they do?” and “why a Hell do they do it again?!” remain. And I think these questions are rather stupid to be answered. It’s up to everyone to find the right answer for him(her)self.

    So this cover video is a kind of my answer to my question. A trial to show one of the possibilities. I
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • The God:
    I state that it is not exactly my vision of “what they do”, but just a visualization of my top of mind reactions. Sharing it with all of you.

    I am not pretending to understand “what do they do”. It is up to Vacuum guys to judge if (absolutely by chance) I can be close to any of their ideas.

    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • The God:
    And finally I apologize to all the religious people if this video can hurt them.

    My best regards,
    “The God”
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • Brute:
    ... I can't download it....
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • Vacuum Music:
    Oh, sorry! The problem with the broken link has been just fixed.
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • Marina:
    Я знаю, что каждый понимает по своему эту песню. Но эта попытка объяснить для себя что есть "They do it" меня поразила. Очень глубоко и очень точно. По крайней мере для меня это близко. Спасибо за прекрасный ролик. Трогает до глубины души.
    comment was posted at 25/November/2004
  • ~Power~:
    Wonderful video! Dear God, u ve answered on my question! I m shocked... Only now I understand what deep meaning the video has. It touches my soul and my mind. This version is absolutely mine. Thank u very much, friend!!!
    comment was posted at 26/November/2004
  • Alex:
    очень хорошая работа! просто очень!!!
    Наверное, лучшая из всех на сайте.Очень концептуально, заставляет по иному взглянуть на песню! Спасибо за доставленное удовольствие!
    comment was posted at 01/December/2004
  • The God:
    Спасибо вам всем за теплые отзывы. Я действительно рад, что хоть кто-то разделяет теперь со мной мои мысли. Постараюсь и впредь радовать вас новыми идеями. Хотя конечно же более концептуальных работ, чем аллюзий с Христом не обещаю... А впрочем, кто знает?...
    comment was posted at 03/December/2004
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  • Loran:
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  • Malinda:
    IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thigns like that?
    comment was posted at 21/November/2016
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