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18/February/2005 - Happy Birthday, Mattias!
A special Birthday wallpaper from Teddy and Vacuum MusicToday has come, and Mattias' Birthday is the fact of the day.
Lets wish him everything, he wants to get in the new year of his life!
Health, energy, love colours, good memoirs, emotions, answers, contacts, inspiration, searches, aspirations, new roads, new starts, new songs. The Life. Continue in this way.

"Go paint the scenes you see
Write down the words you hear
Live inside your dreams, go levitate, be clear.
Go climb the mountains high
Make room for more designs
Reach out and touch the sky
The mind behind."

More wishes.
Click the image to see the special Birthday wallpaper from Teddy & Vacuum Music.

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  • TachileikCity:
    I cant believe its been alsmot 3 years since we got married. We looked at this pictures and reminds us again of that special day. You guys are awesome and did an amazing job, we really love the work you guys did. I dont know if you guys remember but you sold me one of the biggest picture frames you
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Nodin:
    Sharp thingink! Thanks for the answer.
    comment was posted at 29/April/2017
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