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16/March/2005 - Chat log with Mattias #5
It took quite a lot of time to put the lines in order and publish online, sorry, but now you can read the log of that december chat!

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  • Caiden:
    Holy Todole, so glad I clicked on this site first!
    comment was posted at 01/September/2014
  • Ryo:
    Despite all the big campaign talk, I don't believe that Republicans TRULY want to accomplish all the big promises they put out there. It all sounded like rhetoric spewed in an effort to gain seats which is fine, and typical of all politicians but the difference is that the American people rea
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Makaela:
    This arilcte went ahead and made my day.
    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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