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02/May/2005 - New Vacuum single - The Void (updated)
The Void has been chosen to be the next Vacuum single to release this summer - in the 6th of June. THe sleeve and the preview of DoubleN remix are already available on Vacuum People.

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  • The Terminator:
    The Void is not good thing for a single as I think.It would be better to make next single Mind Your Mind
    comment was posted at 04/May/2005
  • Masha:
    YES !!! The Void is the best choice for next single !!! I'm so looking forward for The Void remixes !!!
    comment was posted at 04/May/2005
  • The God:
    Not the one I would choose...
    But defenitely good one for wide promo. Dance remixes will probably be done for radio and disco.
    Agree with The Terminator. Mind Your Mind could be better...
    comment was posted at 04/May/2005
  • David Haglund:
    Yay! Just what Vacuum needs. And what I need. :-)
    comment was posted at 04/May/2005
  • Annette:
    You are right, The Terminator!!! But "The Void" could be quite popular...
    comment was posted at 04/May/2005
  • Antonio:
    , ?
    comment was posted at 05/May/2005
  • michael:
    I'm absolutely agree with Vacuum choice - The Void is my favourite one from YHLILUTT and finally it's a single! Go Vacuum Go!!
    comment was posted at 14/May/2005
  • crorkservice:
    CPSYQQ Major thanks for the blog article. Great.
    comment was posted at 19/July/2014
  • Keiffer:
    A minute saved is a minute eardne, and this saved hours!
    comment was posted at 30/November/2017
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