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12/May/2005 - The concert in Greece
The date of the concert in Athens has just been set to the 22nd of June. Everybody welcome to see Mattias and Anders on stage. :)
Also some actual mp3 samples have been added into Download singles.

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  • Марина:
    Никусяяя!! Не качает. Больше 30% не идёт.
    comment was posted at 12/May/2005
  • Vacuum Music:
    Только спокойствие, я уже всё исправила! Качай сейчас, должно идти!
    comment was posted at 12/May/2005
  • Марина:
    :( а что ты исправляла? У меня ремикс не качает. Я щас пробовала ..........
    comment was posted at 12/May/2005
  • Марина:
    Сорри! Это у меня проблемы сервера
    comment was posted at 12/May/2005
  • Valeria:
    Ma-a-a-a-a-a-tti-i-i-i-a-a-a-s!!... Oh please, don't let us die here in Italy! We still hope and pray;-) I would like to be in Greece on June...sigh...sigh... Ok, we're waiting for you!
    Mi sa che dovremo aspettare ancora un po'... ma lo fa apposta?
    comment was posted at 14/May/2005
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  • Irene:
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