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09/June/2005 - New by Wollbeck/Lindblom
Solo carreer rubric has been updated with 2 song samples for Alcazar (Nothing But The Video On) and Salome Clausen (Adrenalin) by Wollbeck/Lindblom.

comments (3)

  • The Terminator:
    Alcazar nothing good. Poor music,poor text

    Salome song is good. Very intersting. Euroreggae...
    comment was posted at 10/June/2005
  • high quality backlinks:
    xliz1K Really enjoyed this article.Much thanks again. Great.
    comment was posted at 19/July/2014
  • Kassi:
    The voice of raayintlito! Good to hear from you.
    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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