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21/February/2006 - Recent chat log with Mattias
The chat log with Mattias has been published at this page!
Also you can read a personal message from Mattias!

Dear beloved, beloved friends,

There's just no way for me to answer all the beautiful mails, postcards, pictures, poems, webcards You sent me for my birthday. To be quite honest, it was not one of my happiest days until' I opened the computer and got my snail-mail. I was completely overwhelmed with all these emotions and the love that You showed me. There are hardly words to express my gratitude and how much it means to me! All the beautiful pictures and mails. The heart of faces picture etc etc. I will keep them forever! I will look at them from time to time. You are truly inspirational to me and if it wasn't for You, well, there would be no point to do what we do really. So, humbly, I thank You all and send You the biggest hug ever, straight from my kitchen here in Stockholm, straight to Your hearts! I hope You can feel it!



comments (4)

  • Lamia:
    Thank you SO much, dear Nika!
    That was really quick too!
    I had a great time experiencing all the emotions I had during the chat again as I was reading it!
    Mattias is the best!
    comment was posted at 21/February/2006
  • Veanna:
    These topics are so cnofusing but this helped me get the job done.
    comment was posted at 29/July/2011
  • Jiwa:
    Не съм приел временния редакторски пост на селскостопанския вестник без известни опасения. Както и един човек, който живее на сушата, не би поел контрола над кораб
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Chuckles:
    Good to find an expert who knows what he's takling about!
    comment was posted at 29/April/2017
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