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27/February/2006 - New videomix
A little update in Fans Videomixes rubric. A new videomix "Che Gevara - Tears of a nation" by The God appeared there.

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  • Blanca:
    Спасибо за дань уважения памяти Команданте Че Гевара, ЧЕловека высокой душевной чистоты и беспримерного мужества!
    comment was posted at 28/February/2006
  • Blanca:
    А по этой ссылке можно скачать видео на песню Натали Кардоне "Hasta siempre Comandante"
    comment was posted at 28/February/2006
  • Blanca:
    Seguiremos adelante
    Como junto a ti seguimos,
    Y con Fidel te decimos:
    Hasta siempre Comandante!

    Aqui se queda la clara
    La entranable transparencia
    De tu querida presencia
    Comandante Che Guevara!
    comment was posted at 01/March/2006
  • Mia:
    Яника! Ты просто ошеломляющая личность!
    comment was posted at 06/March/2006
  • Vanessa:
    Keep it coming, wrretis, this is good stuff.
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Jodie:
    Coincidentally, we had crepes (savoury and sweet) for dinner last night! With strawberries, though, as blueberries aren't quite here yet. But these look scmisptuoum!Hmrm... I don't think my husband and I will call each other "Mom" and "Dad"
    comment was posted at 29/April/2017
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