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08/March/2006 - B-side track from Six Billion Voices single
It's available at the updated in "Six Billion Voices" style Vacuum-People. The track is called "Preview" and can be listened in the flash player. Hope, you'll like the track and a new design :)

   comments (11)

  • Masha:
    Oh My God ! It's the wolf from my The Void video imagination !!! It was such a pleasant surprise to see it there, so Big Thanks to whoever made that new design ! :))
    comment was posted at 09/March/2006
  • Mia:
    The wolf is amazing! Great idea! We can understand each other without any word!
    :)! But if to be honest : as for me I miss Mattias`photo!
    comment was posted at 09/March/2006
  • Annette_:
    Oooh, how nice!!!!:) To be honest I don't like straight lines so this new site is muchbetter and it's full of life!!! Just great!!!
    comment was posted at 09/March/2006
  • Ak-86:
    Design is wilder & wilder :-)
    I like it .
    comment was posted at 09/March/2006
  • Brute:
    about sound. Strange, but i like it. It's in its own new, but close to YWL. Light romantic-gothic, as for me... something very close to Temp Solution..
    about image. Oh, 'cmon People! Mattias is there, but he forgot what does word "to shave» means, that's why you can see a wolf t
    comment was posted at 10/March/2006
  • The God:
    No, ppl, it's a werewolf. Probably shooting session was done when Mattias was not that stable and had a wolf guise.
    Is it a kinda nostalgy after A-ha's "Cry Wolf" - "a shape in the dark"?

    "now he's come where no heart beats"

    "The sunken - in eyes and
    comment was posted at 10/March/2006
  • Anna Mark:
    Before updating was better! Music is the only.
    comment was posted at 10/March/2006
  • Morris:
    Lycanthropy :-P
    Wollbeck runs away?? ;-)
    comment was posted at 10/March/2006
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  • Lynn:
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