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25/March/2006 - Vacuum in "Moscow" restaurant: The concert
The concert has been successfully conducted too (it lasted 1 hour). Here's the freshest short report from the concert, kindly provided via phone call by Alex. Mattias has been performed 12,5 songs + 2 songs to sing an encore. Among old songs there were performed "Preview" and "Six Billion Voices". Mattias weared black stripped jacket, military trousers and white running shoes. He came to the tables with microphone, and the fans sang with him. Also, after the concert there was the second meeting of Mattias with the fans! They got their new Vacuum singles and again communicated with Mattias. More detailed reports with photos will come as soon as the fans recover from the happiest emotions :)
Special thanks also go to Aniv and Una Ragazza O.

The list of the perfomed songs:

  1. Six Billion Voices
  2. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
  3. Fools Like Me
  4. Power
  5. Mind Your Mind
  6. In The Dirt
  7. Starting Where The Story Ended
  8. Icaros
  9. Let The Mountain Come To Me (acoustic version) (9.5 Hava Nagila)
  10. The Void
  11. I Breathe
  12. Six Billion Voices (again)
  13. Preview
  14. Fools Like Me (again)

   comments (11)
  • Alex:
    The detailed report will come as soon as possible. Thanks to Mattias for the wonderful evening and Icon Management for helping to organise the meeting.
    Also thanks to Nika for her brilliant support.
    comment was posted at 25/March/2006
  • Zaratustra:
    Пардон, а причем здесь Hava Nagila????
    comment was posted at 26/March/2006
  • Una:
    Да Маттиас рассказывал, как он был в русском ресторане, где это пели.
    comment was posted at 26/March/2006
  • Alex:
    И не просто рассказал, но и напел:)))
    comment was posted at 27/March/2006
  • Out:
    А я говорил, что без "шаломалехем" не обойдется...
    comment was posted at 27/March/2006
  • Alex:
    как в воду глядел:)
    comment was posted at 27/March/2006
  • Darkness:
    "Six billion voices" is very-very touching!!!!!!!!!Mattias is great and beautiful.Thank him.
    comment was posted at 27/March/2006
  • Ak-86:
    to Out => здорово ! :)
    А ты случайно экстрасенсом на пол ставки не подрабатываешь ? :-))
    comment was posted at 27/March/2006
  • GRIH:
    А что это за Preview такое?
    Песня или что? Где её можно скачать???
    comment was posted at 01/July/2006
  • Philinda:
    Full of salient points. Don't stop beiilveng or writing!
    comment was posted at 02/September/2014
  • Keesha:
    It's a plaesure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly
    comment was posted at 30/November/2017
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