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27/March/2006 - More reports from Petersbourgh
You can read Ksusha's report from the Vacuum concert in Petersbourgh now (the report is in Russian).
Unfortunately because of some reasons, Vacuum could not shoot the videoclip in Petersbourgh, but Mattias took part in the shooting of youth serial "OBZH", so we hope to see Mattias-actor on TV soon :)

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  • Alex:
    умница Ксюша!:)
    comment was posted at 28/March/2006
  • kus:
    Класс!! Столько эмоций!
    comment was posted at 28/March/2006
  • Ak-86:
    Спасибо Оксан :-))
    comment was posted at 28/March/2006
  • Algida:
    Репортаж о концерте просто супер! Ребята, как я вам завидую (побывавшим на концерте)! Когда же Вакуум приедут в Молдову!?
    comment was posted at 30/March/2006
  • nbvnbvn:
    <a href="suntanned'>">suntanned natural tit</a>
    comment was posted at 21/April/2006
  • gdfgdfg:
    comment was posted at 21/April/2006
  • Liza:
    Funny you should mention Lahore - I visited a few weeks back to see if the rumours about their chops were true, and wasn't impeessrd at all at the time (quite greasy). But then at my last visit to Tayyabs I thought theirs were slightly below par too! Maybe it just depends on lots of factors
    comment was posted at 30/April/2017
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