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13/July/2006 - Vacuum photos from Vitebsk: SoundCheck
All the photos from Vacuum visiting Belarus consist of 4 parts: the soundcheck, the meeting in the hotel, the concert and the meeting in the airport. Today you can see the photos from the soundcheck, kindly provided by Brute, f/c Evolution.
PS: if you have some photos from Slavic Bazaar, please send them to

Also check a fresh cover at our VacuumVision page! This time there's a single "Zai Si" ("Dead" in Chinese), presented by "Silent Poems" band from Ukraine.

   comments (11)

  • Alex:
    Great covers! Espesally ethno version!
    comment was posted at 14/July/2006
  • Power:
    comment was posted at 14/July/2006
  • spitz:
    очень очень большой спасиб!
    comment was posted at 15/July/2006
  • Супер Паша:
    Класно, молодца! так держать.
    comment was posted at 16/July/2006
  • Svetlana:
    I like Your works, ! "Dead" is a good choice to my mind as it was first performed at Chaika-5 and then this song had been alive in f/c's activity for a year so it's always connected with memories... And I'm in love with Your voice since You first called me by the phone
    comment was posted at 21/July/2006
  • Darkness:
    Ребят,простите,что не там пишу,но форумом пользоваться не умею(как-то пыталась зарегистрироваться,но до сих пор нахожусь в неведении, получилось или нет). В общем,я тоже хочу участвовать!!!Но нет никакой аппаратуры,а какая нужна-не знаю:(... Кто из Питера,
    comment was posted at 27/July/2006
  • Darkness:
    помогите, а?.. Микрофоном, что ли, заделитесь:) (Потому как и его в наличии не наблюдается.)Плиз!
    comment was posted at 27/July/2006
  • Vacuum Music:
    Drakness, честное слово, жила бы в Питере - пришла бы к тебе с микрофоном и записали б мы тебе хит! А так.. :( Ну разве что ещё кто откликнется...
    comment was posted at 27/July/2006
  • Alice:
    Hi! I like this site!!!!
    comment was posted at 28/April/2007
  • Brandi:
    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this aretilc.
    comment was posted at 01/September/2014
  • Woods:
    Son of a gun, this is so hefllup!
    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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