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16/July/2006 - Reports about Vacuum in Vitebsk
In our Reviews and Reports rubric you can read a report by Svetlana Pleskachova (f\c "eV/olution") in English, and another report by Milady777 in Russian. Thank you girls very much for them!
Also, there were added some photos to the Live Photos rubric, kindly provided by Mila and Galina.

   comments (11)

  • Alex:
    Big thanks to girls for the wonderful reports! I as if have gone through all anew!
    2Sveta:"nice flat" - it's too strongly told:)
    And "fight at station" actually was similar to show, at least public has collected.
    To Milady:
    Спасибочки за приятные воспоминания и неповт
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Alex:
    и неповторимый стиль их изложения:)
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Brute:
    "...FireBack..." :-D
    Lol... Backfire, Sveta, B A C K F I R E...
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Alex:
    ну бывает...эмоции у девушки...и Анжелику непрально назвала, но это мелочи, вбабруйск Анжелику
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Svetlana:
    Ребят, я еще кое-что исправлю в рапорте:) Кое-кого рассекретили ЦРУ:) Прошу прощения за казусы.
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Кто надо КТО:
    Агурбаш это ужос!
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Milady777:
    да,тут народ,кто не нашел мой репорт...я его тоже сначала не обнаружила.=))надо в разделе этих самых репортов жать ссылку вверху Russion version.
    to Alex: ;) not at all =)
    comment was posted at 17/July/2006
  • Alex:
    Толегу вчера рассказал, как его упомянули в репортах. Смеялся он:)
    comment was posted at 18/July/2006
  • Svetlana:
    The review's been updated a bit. Nika, thanx for that!
    comment was posted at 02/August/2006
  • Kiran:
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    I am from Zealand and now teach English, give please true I wrote
    comment was posted at 18/December/2009
  • Nyanna:
    A simple and inelgeiltnt point, well made. Thanks!
    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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