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24/October/2006 - Interview with Mattias for Bobrujsk newspaper
You can read the interview with Mattias, taken by Vladimir Repik, at our Interviews rubric (currently in Russian only). The interview was taken from Evening Bobrujsk newspaper.

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  • Milady777:
    Хе-хе.какой у нас Мотя выдумщик оказывается.не первый раз ужо привирает=))
    comment was posted at 24/October/2006
  • Brute:
    Что-то я не помню ни одного фана с Хабаровска и Швеции в Вицебске, ну да и ладно)
    comment was posted at 25/October/2006
  • Alex:
    шведы были точно. В первом ряду сидели. Я,правда, их за немцев принял
    comment was posted at 25/October/2006
  • Mike:
    Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Kayli:
    Exmeterly helpful article, please write more.
    comment was posted at 30/November/2017
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