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29/October/2006 - At last! Vacuumvision ended.
So, we are finishing VacuumVision with the 4 new works from Out, Aveguardro, Mmad Catz and Oxana. You can download them at VacuumV!sion page! In a couple of days the voting will be opened and you will be able to vote for the best cover and voice.
Also in Fans videomixes rubric you can see new update, kindly provided by Fallen angels and in Wallpapers you can see a pack of new wallpapers from Olga Khramli!

   comments (3)

  • ~Power~:
    Yessss!!!! The contest is ended!! Very good!=)
    comment was posted at 02/November/2006
  • Maxim:
    спасибо за прекрасные обои, очень понравились. Спасибо за них, Оль
    comment was posted at 04/November/2006
  • Out:
    Воистину талантливый человек - талантлив во всем! Какие еще таланты у тебя имеются, Оль? ;)
    comment was posted at 04/November/2006
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