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20/February/2007 - Vacuum Challenge has been ended
The songs have been just sent to our jury to Sony, and the results will be available in the beginning of the next week or (who knows?) in the end of this week :)
PS: Happy Brithday to Mattias Lindblom (for the 19th of February)!

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  • AT:
    great news... happy birthday Mattias!
    comment was posted at 21/February/2007
  • Поттер:
    and the oskar goes to...
    comment was posted at 21/February/2007
  • Power:
    Goes to me! =)))) Lol
    comment was posted at 21/February/2007
  • Power:
    It was a joke about Oskar ofcorse. And when will we see the results of the contest? It would be nice to read сritical remarks what is very useful for me and for other participants.
    comment was posted at 02/March/2007
  • AT:
    Yep, I can't wait to see them, too. Been checking several times a day for the last week...
    comment was posted at 03/March/2007
  • ~Power~:
    Что происходит? Так долго нет никакой информации. Это очень странно....
    comment was posted at 05/March/2007
  • Milady777:
    Паврусег, ну что ж ты так переживаешь?? понятное дело, что запись кучи новых песен, организация промо для России и концертов в US всё-таки трудоёмкий процесс, в который прослушивание фановских творений пока,видимо,ну никак не влезает=) Так что, надейся и жди;))
    comment was posted at 05/March/2007
  • ~Power~:
    Мне думается все результаты есть, просто по какой-то важной причине задерживается их публикация.
    comment was posted at 05/March/2007
  • Alice:
    Hi! I like this site!!!!
    comment was posted at 28/April/2007
  • Addrienne:
    I'm shkecod that I found this info so easily.
    comment was posted at 29/April/2017
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