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05/March/2007 - Finally SBV is released to radio!
More than 30 Russian radiostations picked up SBV today. Six Billion Voices is going great on radio in Russia but now we need the support from the fans to request it on radio! Support Vacuum and vote for it on your radiostations (These willing to participate will have to send a SMS to the following short number #2337 with the following text: tophit 7669. Each SMS cost 2,5 USD + VAT). The song is on and availiable to all radio.
Also, check out the latest interview with Mattias at MFinfo.

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    Major thanks for the article post. Much obliged.
    comment was posted at 09/October/2013
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    Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stngiulgrg
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
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    That's the best answer by far! Thanks for cortbinuting.
    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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