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11/February/2003 - Vacuum has been in Sankt-Peterbourgh
Yesterday Vacuum performed at Sankt-Peterbourgh at that show, we've written before. Unfortunately there was no much information about the performance, but basically Mattias came to SPB on Saturday (alone, without Marina), was going to perform in Ledovy Palace, but performed at some corporate party in one of SPB night-clubs.
Performed songs were "Starting where the story ended" and two more unknown songs. Then, on Monday he returned home, but said, Vacuum would come there again soon.
Special thanks to Bagira and Olya Maximenko.

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  • crorkservice:
    mCs5Nj Thanks so much for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on...
    comment was posted at 18/July/2014
  • crorkz:
    lhWHSD I loved your article.
    comment was posted at 05/August/2014
  • Doc:
    Geez, that's uneaeibvebll. Kudos and such.
    comment was posted at 01/December/2017
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