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25/March/2007 - Vacuum's Interview on radio "Promin"
Svetlana Pleskachova kindly recorded, transcripted, translated and provided Vacuum's interview on Ukrainean radio "Promin" (thanks a lot!). You can read English version and Russian version, and also listen to the original source in mp3 (4,9 mb) in Ukrainean.

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  • Out:
    Большое спасибо, Свет)
    Только странно, с чего они взяли, что Армия учавствовала в Мелодифестивалене)
    comment was posted at 25/March/2007
  • Milady777:
    thanx a lot, Svetik!;-)
    comment was posted at 25/March/2007
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  • Retta:
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