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26/April/2003 - Vacuum's play-set in Golden Palace
Yesterday Vacuum visited Moscow and had 2 events there: taking part in the show Star Factory on ORTV, and playing in the club "Golden Palace". In the club Mattias Lindblom with his musicians Olaf and Fredrik played 50 minutes long set and performed 3 new songs. More you will be able to read soon at
Information was kindly provided by Olya Maximenko

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  • Svetlana:
    It was Super/// She was so kind and realy/// But why so little and only a few new songs
    comment was posted at 26/April/2003
  • Kati:
    I too think it was super!!! Mattias was so handsome and the musicians who came with him were nice too. Unfortunately I coudn't remember the titles of the new songs but they sounded very well! Mattias, you played great concert! It's a pity the audience was so dull though
    comment was posted at 26/April/2003
  • Kati:
    Sorry, me again! Just to tell you if you get chance to see Vacuum live, will use it!
    comment was posted at 26/April/2003
  • Gergana:
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    comment was posted at 01/September/2005
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  • Jetsyn:
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