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27/April/2003 - More about the concerts
In the rubric "Reviews and fans reports" you can read detailed report in English and Russian about the recent Vacuum performance in Golden Palace, provided by Dmitry S.
Also here is an info about Vacuum concert in Sankt-Peterburg, kindly provided by Tonchik. Vacuum performed there 4 songs:
1. Power
2. Let The Mountain Come To Me (sounded in another way acoustically)
3. Starting (Where The Story Ended)
4. I Breathe
There were not so many people to support Vacuum, but in the end the public recognized "I Breathe".
Many thanks to Dmitry S and Tonchik for provided information!

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  • Cactus:
    I was there in the Ice Palace to see Vacuum. Guys performed great! I liked Let The Mountain..., which Mattias performed acoustically! And really, I Breathe was a grrrrreat hit there!
    comment was posted at 28/April/2003
  • crorkservice:
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  • Zayn:
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  • Tallin:
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