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20/March/2009 - Wollbeck/Lindblom update: Wild at That
A song Wild at That written by Anders Wollbeck, Mattias Lindblom and Daniel Presley and three more songs produced and mixed by Vacuum have been released on a brand-new album "Undress to the Beat" by Jeanette Biedermann.
Check it out on our Wollbeck/Lindblom page!

   comments (6)

  • Alex:
    Тут есть намек на мелодию...очень легкий
    comment was posted at 19/March/2009
  • V/ov/A:
    Лёгкий, буквально, невесомый.
    comment was posted at 19/March/2009
  • Milady777:
    Smth like Infernal, a bit of Escada, a bit of smth else that already exists, but worse. I mean, nothing special.
    comment was posted at 22/March/2009
  • Aniv:
    Waiting for the album arrival to listen to the full version of the song.
    Don't want to make my decision based on such short snippet.
    comment was posted at 26/March/2009
  • crorkservice:
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    comment was posted at 18/July/2014
  • Lavon:
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    comment was posted at 30/November/2017
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