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28/April/2003 - Vacuum performed at Stars Factory show.
Yesterday in the evening serie of "Stars Factory" on Russian TV there was Vacuum appearance. Mattias came with his guitarist Fredrik and had a talk with the "future stars". He answered the questions about changings in Russia, how he writes songs and if he writes for other artists. In the end he sang new song "Fools like me" (uncompletely). Unfortunately through the troubles with our server we can't upload this video for you yet, but maybe you will see it at other Vacuum sites. In the meantime you can download just complete audio version of his interview (Mattias's speaking English, and then interpreter's translating his words into Russian) and the song right here (mp3, 5:38, 3.304 mb).
upd: The short info about Vacuum appearance you can already see at "Stars Factory" site.

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