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10/June/2003 - Updated Live Photos and Lyrics page
22 photos of Vacuum from their April performance in Moscow club Golden Palace were added in Live Photos department. Special thanks to Dmitry S for them.
In Lyrics page there were added the lyrics of "Overcome", "Ana's Song" and "What kind of fool", kindly provided by Anatoly Ivanov and Marianna. Also there were added word for word translations of Vacuum songs into Russian as the auxiliary handbook for Russian version of Vacuum Glossary.

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  • Marianna:
    To be exact, only the lyrics "What Kind of Fool" is placed here due to Marianna, who has found the original text (and arranged it in accordance to how Mattias sings it) about a year ago and put to the mailing-list then. The rest of songs publishing is not my service. :blush::blush::blush:
    comment was posted at 14/June/2003
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  • Sol:
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