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27/July/2003 - Happy Birthday
Just a lot of congratulations and best wishes for the woman, who brought her talent, creativity and proffecional keyboard sound to Vacuum. Happy Birthday to Marina Schiptjenko!

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  • Ripples:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARINA!!!!!!!! I still miss her in Vacuum...
    comment was posted at 27/July/2003
  • Irina:
    Ripples, I also miss her!
    Marina if you read these lines, know I wish you all the best in your Birthday!
    comment was posted at 27/July/2003
  • Anatoly:
    Fans, lets wish Marina to return in Vacuum as Birthday wish!
    comment was posted at 27/July/2003
  • Buried Alive:
    I join to all warm words and the best wishes for Marina :-)
    comment was posted at 27/July/2003
  • Brute:
    Dear Marina, I'm sanding you a best wishes from your father's homeland. I wish strong family, good health and years of endless happiness. And I want you know, that Marina Schiptjenko is always welcome in Ukraine! Happy Birthday!
    comment was posted at 28/July/2003
  • Andrew Volkov:
    I too join to all the wishes here for Marina! And also wish her the success with her art gallery and much love!
    comment was posted at 28/July/2003
  • Arthur:
    I like Marina very much and wish her to stay such a wonderful person as she is! Happy Birthday, dear!
    comment was posted at 28/July/2003
  • Kate:
    Shame on me! I almost forgot about it!!! Of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARINA! I hope she had lots of fun celebrating her Birthday :)))
    comment was posted at 28/July/2003
  • Cactus:
    I specially have come here now to join all the best wishes to Marina! Greetings from Nizhny Novgorod, where Vacuum fans still love u!
    comment was posted at 28/July/2003
  • Bagira:
    I wish Marina all the best and hope to see her in Stockholm very soon. I'll tell her about these congratulations. 'Vacuum' with her used to be great!
    comment was posted at 29/July/2003
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