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16/August/2003 - Added Vacuum live photos and some other stuff
In Live Photos department there was added a pack of photos from Vacuum concert in Plaza club 2003, taken and kindly provided by Olga Yastrebova.
Also there you can download the next videomix from Brute, called "Starting where the story about ring ended" (Strarting WTSE + Lord of the rings").
And at last there were added some translations by Valenok of Vacuum interviews into English part of this department.

   comments (7)

  • Toaddy:
    Видео "Starting where the story about ring ended" очень понравилось.
    К видеоряду хорошо подходит музыка песни. Каким-то порывом, экспрессией,
    драматизмом. Текст тоже ложится неплохо, особенно, там, где поётся о глазах! :)))
    comment was posted at 20/August/2003
  • Brute:
    Thanx... 8)
    А ещё кто-нить скачал это видео ?
    comment was posted at 21/August/2003
  • Anatoly:
    Я скачал. Мне понравилось.
    comment was posted at 22/August/2003
  • Brute:
    Люди, а новое видео хотите?
    comment was posted at 22/August/2003
  • Resham:
    I can't believe I've been going for years without knoiwng that.
    comment was posted at 15/July/2012
  • Buddy:
    Heck of a job there, it abolustely helps me out.
    comment was posted at 02/September/2014
  • Gwenelda:
    Woah nelly, how about them appsle!
    comment was posted at 30/November/2017
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