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05/September/2003 - The death of black design
There were removed all the black/grey colours from this site (at last!). The current design was made under "Ripples On The Surface" style, which you can see in the upper flash movie. Probably it is more suitable for neoVacuum..

comments (23)

  • Brute:
    I like it very much!
    Good Job!
    comment was posted at 06/September/2003
  • Shadow:
    :-)New design!!! I feel like stepped on a fresh wind out of a gloomy lumber-room :-)
    comment was posted at 06/September/2003
  • NERON:
    BEST, BEST!!!!
    comment was posted at 07/September/2003
  • :
    At first VACUUM had started to kill me & finally YOU've killed me. As I see, YOU moov parallel with VACUUM... to the end:
    VACUUM have became pale and YOU too
    comment was posted at 07/September/2003
  • Vacuum Music:
    To Kacya: what exactly killed you in the design? Explain please.
    comment was posted at 07/September/2003
  • Fiona:
    Perfect design, perfect!!! it fits Vacuum music as well as previous one thought.
    comment was posted at 08/September/2003
  • Svetlana_P:
    comment was posted at 08/September/2003
  • Dread Knight:
    Brilliant! I loved previous design... but this is! Fantastic!
    - interesting :{ ?
    comment was posted at 09/September/2003
  • Bagira:
    Alex, Nika, I like the design, but, please, move my old banner from the page, if it's possible. Nika, I DO promise to send You the whole site.
    comment was posted at 10/September/2003
  • Vacuum Music:
    Bagira, you probably didn't know, that Alex is not admin anymore.
    I WILL WAIT FOR YOUR SITE! I need just a couple of pics to finish it. The flash is already done completely!
    comment was posted at 10/September/2003
  • OrganGrinder:
    Great design! Crisp, clear and futuristic -- just like Vacuum! A real improvement. Now, if you would only clean up the English spelling and grammar on these pages, your site would be truly professional. (A "carrier" is something very different from a "career", for example
    comment was posted at 14/September/2003
  • Vacuum Music:
    OrganGrinder: Yes, English grammar leaves much too be desired :( Thank you very much, that you informed me about "carrier", really!
    comment was posted at 14/September/2003
  • Mattina:
    Wow! Mattias' faces in the up-right corner are so cute :)) And my eyes are resting at least!
    comment was posted at 24/September/2003
  • rustam:
    Well ...I feel blue without Marina . She made everything seem more exquisite. Anyway , this one makes room for more imagination . Hello Mattias . When is your next message due? We miss ya badly !!!!! Write back soon .When are you coming back to Russia .
    comment was posted at 24/December/2003
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