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18/December/2003 - CHAT WITH MATTIAS LINDBLOM - 2
Dear fans, our Chat-Room is opened again for your real-time talk with Mattias Lindblom as a pre-gift for the coming Winter Holidays. See you there tomorrow in the 19th of December at 18:00 Swedish time (20:00 Moscow time - 19:00 Kiev time - 17:00 GMT time). Don't miss a big deal of fun! Enter to chat from here or from

   comments (11)

  • Svetlana Pleskachova:
    Espacialy to our dear singer Mattias!
    comment was posted at 18/December/2003
  • Marina:
    Увидимся в чате! See ya!
    comment was posted at 18/December/2003
  • Svetlana Pleskachova:
    Yep! I'll be looking forward to the chatting!
    See You soon!
    comment was posted at 18/December/2003
  • Brute:
    Thanks to Mattias and organizators of the chat!
    comment was posted at 20/December/2003
  • Ann:
    Можно будет архив чата почитать?
    comment was posted at 20/December/2003
  • Vacuum Music:
    Сейчас выложим :))
    comment was posted at 25/December/2003
  • Ekaterina:
    А когда следующий раз случиться?
    comment was posted at 30/December/2003
  • Vacuum Music:
    Для Ekaterina:
    Вот как только Маттиас согласится придти в чат, так следующий чат и случится. Мы его постоянно приглашаем..
    comment was posted at 13/January/2004
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