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13/January/2004 - Updated Live Photos
There was added a new album with the photos from Vacuum press conference in Sankt-Peterburg in 1999 into Live Photos department.
A small update in Official Videos department: 3 missed videos are at last online to download in high quality.
Also, there was added a new rubric to the navigation, called "Fan Clubs", where you can find the site of Sankt-Peterburgs fanclub "Tears" and link to Kievs Vacuum fanclub. More links are wellcome.

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  • Frenchie:
    Ah, i see. Well tha'ts not too tricky at all!"
    comment was posted at 01/September/2014
  • Ricardo:
    Saludos:Soy coleccionista de crvaezes en San Fernando ( Ce1diz ) y me ha gustado mucho el etiquetado que habe9is hecho. Se que es sf3lo para socios pero, bf cabreda la posibilidad de conseguir un par de botellas en intercambio de algo , jejeje, con algfan socio o recibirlas normalmente ?. Ya me dir
    comment was posted at 27/September/2015
  • Lnwglxwo:
    comment was posted at 04/October/2016
  • Rwpwcuxu:
    comment was posted at 04/October/2016
  • Shiaxrcd:
    comment was posted at 04/October/2016
  • Liwxipfl:
    comment was posted at 05/October/2016
  • Qkdqjkxz:
    comment was posted at 05/October/2016
  • Dayanara:
    lebih baik bg kek/ makanan drp bg bunge kan? akak selalu tgk org main campak2 je bunge2 tu.. pdhl bukan murah LaiyBdrd recently posted..
    comment was posted at 30/April/2017
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