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19/April/2004 - BWO photos
Yes, this is again BWO update... This time you can see live photos of BWO from SAMA 2004, kindly provided by -Daniela Vorndran and taken from Zero and Metica magazines. And also there was added a beautiful promo photo of BWO, kindly provided by Alexander Bard, into the recent BWO interview at the Press interviews page.

   comments (12)

  • Valenok:
    Oh, my God!!! I feel de-javu, when small pictures started to appear on the page I thought that I made a wrong click, and at the moment I was watching at old Vacuum photos. I'll better keep quiet about Martin - his t-shirt, his long blond hair and rising hands...
    comment was posted at 19/April/2004
  • Valenok:
    To say I'm shocked is to say nothing. Who could think that they will make full copy of old Vacuum? However, they will never sound like Vacuum, and only it comforts me. Marina and Alex look tired and old next to Martin. They didn't take any award there. It says by itself.
    comment was posted at 19/April/2004
  • al-wizard:
    Nothing sounds like vacuum anymore ... but those photos at least remind it ... good times ... great music.
    comment was posted at 19/April/2004
  • Алекс:
    comment was posted at 20/April/2004
  • Shadow:
    Интересно, как долго Барду пришлось натаскивать своего нового юного фронтмэна принимать в точь такие же позы и жесты, как господин Линдблум во времена присутствия Барда в составе Вакуума?
    comment was posted at 20/April/2004
  • Алекс:
    Shadow ты же умная девушка, не говори, пожалуйста, глупостей! Этот жест характерен для 80% фронтмэнов групп мира и не уникален!!!!
    comment was posted at 28/April/2004
  • Говнюшка-очаровательная:
    Глядя на Мартина можно подумать, что Маттиас побрился и одел новую майку ;))
    comment was posted at 01/May/2004
  • Dillian:
    Check that off the list of thgins I was confused about.
    comment was posted at 29/July/2011
  • Maledetta:
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    comment was posted at 23/April/2012
  • crorkservice:
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    comment was posted at 18/July/2014
  • Brysen:
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    comment was posted at 02/September/2014
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    comment was posted at 21/August/2016
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