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18/June/2004 - New in Solo Career rubric
A new song by Lindblom/Wollbeck "Shoo Shoo" has been added into Solo Career department.
Special thanks to Arkana for the song
Also there were added verse translations of Vacuum songs into Russian by Alex Skorx into Lyrics and translations department. More translations are welcome, by the way :)
And finally for the fans of it was made a special button for Internet Explorer to easy access to our site.
Special thanks to +mh for the button.

comments (3)

  • al-wizard:
    It's a really usfull thing that button, cos I always had to open 25 menus from favorits/vacuum/vacuum-music/.... now it's just a singl click! Cool, Thanks Simargl!
    comment was posted at 20/June/2004
  • kristina:
    comment was posted at 21/June/2004
  • Buddy:
    Not bad at all fellas and galasl. Thanks.
    comment was posted at 29/April/2017
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