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22/June/2004 - Photos from the studio
In our Press photos rubric you can see 2 pictures of Vacuum in the mastering studio, kindly provided by Mattias Lindblom.

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  • Valenok:
    I guess, guys have much fun:-)))
    I like this pics.
    comment was posted at 24/June/2004
  • Brute:
    yeah, I agree with you, ValenOK!
    comment was posted at 24/June/2004
  • Svetlana Pleskachova:
    Funny photo! As Mattias said "The album sounds great and we just smile all the time now". Wollbeck looks cool in a blue shirt! Lifting up picture:)
    comment was posted at 25/June/2004
  • Valenok:
    and isn't this sport jacket that Matt was dressed on the Stars factory - I like it :-)
    comment was posted at 29/June/2004
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