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24/August/2004 - More live photos and a report
New high-quality photos by Mathias Bohman have been just added into our Live Photos rubric. Special thanks to David Haglund for them!
Also Stas'L kindly provided his report about Vacuum concert in casino "SOL". Russian and English versions are available in Reviews and reports rubric.
And also you can find a new thing in Singing Fans Show. This time it's Culture Of Night in French by Satellite.

   comments (4)

  • Alex:
    Или я чего-то не понимаю или фоток еще нет...:(
    comment was posted at 25/August/2004
  • Alex:
    А отчет о концерте - супер! Мне очень понравилось. Ох, чует мое сердце и мы оторвемся в этом году :)
    comment was posted at 25/August/2004
  • Shadow:
    Фотки есть. Они в разделе, где прежние, присланные Дэвидом и Никуумом. Класс фотосъёмки, кстати, превосходит всё, что из концертных фоток было прежде.
    David, the photos made by your friend are GREAT! High Quality!!!
    comment was posted at 25/August/2004
  • Lorrie:
    Good to see a taelnt at work. I can't match that.
    comment was posted at 20/May/2016
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