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10th 2008f September, 2008, 10:35
Irina Female
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28th 2008f August, 2008, 08:39
Vadd Male

In childhood i was in love in your music! Recently i remembered that feelings and now i have a wish to remix your "I Breathe". Where can i get it's acapella ? (Or I can't?)
Current mood: Trance music fan
Current fav. Vacuum song: All of the old songs.
22nd 2008f July, 2008, 06:34
Приветик! Классный сайт! :hug: :love: :wink:
Обожаю VACUUM!

Current fav. Vacuum song: I BREATHE
28th 2008f May, 2008, 08:54
Юля Female
Спасибо за такой замечательный сайт! Хожу, не нарадуюсь!:love:

Current fav. Vacuum song: Prussia
22nd 2008f April, 2008, 02:00
Masha Female
Dear Nika, just to say hello to You !! It's a beautiful thing, after some time, to see this great site still standing ... ("The monument I (You-in this case :wink: )made ..." :smile: ) with Time adding some new lines ...
HUGE REGARDS !!! :hug: :love:

Current fav. Vacuum song: Prussia
Vacuum Music:
HUGE REGARDS, MASHA!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have MSN messenger? We could chat there.
21st 2008f April, 2008, 12:37
X-style Female (Spain)
:hug: :hug: Hi! When I discovered VACUUM(I was 10 years old) I wasn't able to stop listening to them during months. But then I lost the cassette (good god!)and I really lost every contact with their music (my friends didn't like it) and as I didn't have internet I couldn't find any info about them and I was relly frustrated!! Then I moved to Spain (i was born in Siberia)and here there is no one who knows them. What a shame!! so this week I listend to their songs after 10 years and I was happy!!! I didn't really expected them to exist yet(I'm sorry) and I was very surprised at how things have changed. Although I have to recognize that the essential thing that i liked so much was presisely their oddity and space and mystic themes that made me think about the existance and so on, i can must say that i like very much their new songs and also i like their normal(sometimes too much :)) appearance because the only important thing for every artist/singer... is to express his ideas and not to do smthing strange to make the audience love him!! Viva VACUUM and thank them for their beautiful songs!!! and also thank you for making so useful a site!!!

Current fav. Vacuum song: POWER
Vacuum Music:
Thank you for such a wonderful comment! You should visit our foruum for sure, there are lots of fans to communicate and discuss Vacuum creativity.
19th 2008f February, 2008, 05:15
Rocky Female
Happy birthday, dear Mattias! I wish you happiness, health, love, creative successes and all everything, that it is necessary for your soul. I would like, that you continued to create, and that songs Vacuum scattered in million circulations worldwide. Let the Vacuum lives, do not throw it, please!!!

Vacuum Music:
Mattias says thanks :wink:
12th 2008f January, 2008, 07:43
anna doering Female
found out about you via army of lovers. Very nice layout and i have to mention you guys in the pic for NY are hot. Sorry for that ,but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. All the best for 2008
x a

Vacuum Music:
All the best for 2008 to you too! :smile:
02nd 2008f January, 2008, 12:25
Ekaterina Female
 ICQ: 400670239
Сайт - супер! Респект создателям!

Current fav. Vacuum song: Starting
Vacuum Music:
Взаимный респект посетителям от создателей :hug:
26th 2007f December, 2007, 16:39
Ola Lindström Male (Sundsvall)
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Current fav. Vacuum song: Chasing rainbows???!!!
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