Credits & thanks

Vacuum Music thanks the following Vacuum fans for their help and content contribution:
Alexander Fastum for midi stuff contribution
Alex Tiuniaev for remixes contribution
Alexey (Satellite) for remixes contribution
Al-Wizard for remixes contribution
Andre Oscarsson for photos contribution
Anatoly Ivanov for Wollbeck/Lindbom collection
Anatoly Savenkov for remixes contribution
Anders Nicolaysen (Nico) for photos contribution
Ann for press interviews contribution
Bo Magnusson (& Subspace) for news
Brute for Vacuum video from Ukraine and videomixes
David Haglund for news, reports and photos contribution
Diana Tatsoha for interviews translations
Dmitry M (Valenok) for remixes contribution and interview translations
Dmitry S for photos and report contribution
Irina (Iracus) for her remixes contribution
Irina Isaeva for photos contribution
Lisa Thornlei for reports, live audio and video contribution!
Marianna for photos and reports contribution, and the help with video
Marina (Bagira) for content contribution
Marina Schiptjenko for photos and news
Maxim Zemlyanski for news from Ukraine
Michael Trishkin for help with Vacuum Glossary
+mh for live photos contribution and the help with video
Nicolas Gerin (Nicuum) for remixes and photos contribution
Niklas Nillsson for news, photos and video contribution
Olga Maximenko for photos and reports contribution
Olga Yastrebova for help with video and interviews
Pavel Yaroshchic (p.a.s.a.) for help with video
Peter Helsing for videos contribution
Sveta for report contribution
Svetlana Plescachova (Sweetlana) for her great contribution in site content: poems, novels, translations.
Tatiana (Tanita) for help with video and interviews
Toaddy Frog for Vacuum video from Ukraine
Tonchik for help with the news from Peterburg

And all those visitors, who take a minute to surf to our site (what we would do without you!)
  Thank you all very much!

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