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Extreme Vacuumist
Registered: 10-06-2004
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Black widow, ENI?   :bigeyes:

28-06-2004 03:21
From: KIEV/
Registered: 30-05-2004
Posts: 313
2Nuk: thank you for this topic!

Aniv wrote:

Perhaps, finally it's time for me to introduce myself.

You aren't last, I am.
So...My name is Ann, I listened Vacuum in 1999, then I wasn't interested in it but nearly year ago I found it for myself again! Now I can't live without it  :lovevac: :lovevac: :lovevac: I live in Kiev I know some members of Ev/olution and maybe I'll become a member of the fan-club.

We travel different roads, but we are still the same

05-07-2004 13:15
Svetlana Pleskachova
From: KieV/
Registered: 26-01-2004
Posts: 72
Dear Annette! Kiev fan-club ďEvolutionĒ would be happy to have You as a member! Though weíve already met up with You and had got a good time together, Annette! So, all of us is looking forward to Your joining V/ fan-club! We promise Youíll have fun!
With Love and Care   :flower:

Last edited by Svetlana Pleskachova (07-07-2004 03:54)

06-07-2004 05:06
Registered: 17-07-2004
Posts: 102
Hello, everybody!
Well, what can I say... Iím Lita. Vacuumís in my life more than 6 years. Now I even can say that itís a part of me. Iím not interested in: what Mattias wears or how often he goes to the dentist... As for me, itís not important. But Iím interested in Vacuumís songs, video... And itís interested for me what the members of the group  think about their own creations. Iíve come at the forum Ďcause I want to associate whith the persons of like mind. I hope weíll become good friends :) Oh, now I also like Dominance. So... thatís not all... :) 
Good Bay!

Chromium is in my blood
Christopher, don't pacify me
Cinnamon is in my heart
Circus is life, clowns are we.

03-08-2004 13:29
From: N.Novgorod
Registered: 28-12-2005
Posts: 1555
Hi ppl! :winky: My real name is Joan. I'm from Nizhniy Novgorod. I recently became a Vacuum's fan again. I was about 10-11 y.o. when I liked this group. :biggrin: And the main reason for my like was Mattias Lindblom, of course. I'm grateful to this man for that he was the object of my first love in life :wub: Yes,I realised what love is due to him. I experienced strange pleasant feelings looking at his photos, I denied existence of love before him. I remember listening to "Seance at the Chaebol" every day again and again. I collected every article with every information about them. I admit, it was silly but I was just a little girl. Several months later my obsession about Matt had been over and I had lots of other obsessions after that. :rolleyes: I regret that I hadn't been allowed to buy a ticket for their concert that time. I had to be content with a short report from local newspaper... :pity:
Seven or eight years passed and only 3 days ago I felt a sudden desire to listen to "I breath", what I did immediately using one exellent site. :music: Then I listened to all demo-tracks from "Seance at the Chaebol", "Culture of Night","YWLILUTT" and was influenced by strong nostalgia for past, for happy, naive and carefree adolescence... Moreover now I appreciate Vacuum's creation not because of the only liking for Mattias (now I like other types of men ;) ) but because these songs really arouse feelings in my soul. Matty's voice is one of the divinest, lyrics are deep and meaty, music is great. So I'm very glad to find many intelligent and jolly fans here with whom I can share my interests and support one of the best groups ---> VACUUM!!! :lovevac: :app: :mattiasa: :claps:

V/ox emissa v/olat, litera scripta manet...
Russian V/Community

29-12-2005 17:56
Sacred Vacuumist
From: Italy
Registered: 30-03-2005
Posts: 185
Welcome here Milady!

(I even ignored the existence of this introducing thread...)

I was born king and hero, I have seen more than most :king:

30-12-2005 04:33
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