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Question  Are you going to have it one day?
Actually, I've already got/ordered my copy of CDS.    5 38%
I haven't yet ordered it, but I gonna buy it soon.    4 31%
No, I'm not doing to buy it.    4 31%
Total: 13
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Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
Let's find out, how many of us gonna have "They Do It" not only in mp3 ;)

Sorry for spelling error :unsure:
third option should be read like this: "No, I'm not going to buy it."

Last edited by Aniv (28-08-2004 13:34)

28-08-2004 10:29
From: Valhalla
Registered: 24-01-2004
Posts: 576
Iím going to buy as well as all previous Vacuum stuff. Iím just waiting when it will be offered on Skivhugget. Unfortunately thereís no TheyDoIt single on yet. I canít use CDON since they donít deliver CDs to countries like Ukraine or Russia. So, I should be patient.

Last edited by Shadow (28-08-2004 18:01)

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28-08-2004 18:01
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
same as before.. I already have my copies from CDON.Com...... GREAT overseas service.....   can I just ask a question also?  For those who said they were NOT gong to purchase the single can i ask Why?


David x

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31-08-2004 09:11
Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
David, I suppose people could have different reasons for not to buy this single:
- some could not like remixes
- some could be disappointed with this song
- some haven't got enough money to buy not only album but singles as well

31-08-2004 10:57
From: KIEV/
Registered: 30-05-2004
Posts: 313
I agree about remixes. In general I don't like them. But the song is really good! I don't think it's the best but it's enough beautiful!

We travel different roads, but we are still the same

10-09-2004 10:24
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