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Registered: 27-01-2004
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Vacuum album  "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" has got the high marks in the reviews of different magazines. 9 of 10 points or 5 of 6 points. How do you think, why Vacuum didn't receive the highest points (10 of 10, or 6 of 6)?

What has been missed there in the album for the highest mark?

Альбом Вакуума  "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" получил высокие оценки в различных журналах. 9 из 10 баллов или 5 из 6 баллов. Но как вы думаете, почему Вакуум не получил наивысшие оценки (10 из 10 или 6 из 6)?

За что альбому сняли один балл?

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10-10-2004 08:22
From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
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Personally I agree with mind of one critic, who’s review we can find on, it sounds something like that :”New album of Vacuum “Your Whole Life is Leading Up To This”  is toooooo good to be a hit”. (It’s not a direct quotation). As another example: world most genius musicians weren’t accepted at once, after their masterpiece was heard. IMHO Vacuum is different from others, who have reached the top of charts; Vacuum is beyond the formats of modern pop-music, that’s why critics are scared to give them the highest mark.

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10-10-2004 16:42
Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
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Практически все песни из нвого альбома великолепны, за редким исключением(типа "Temporary Solution"

Almost all songs of the new album are beautiful an great, excluding some songs(PE "Temporary solution")


11-10-2004 02:52
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Agree with Alex that songs are beautiful and great! And "Temporary Solution" is my favourite Vacuum song! Since I've heard it for the first time (only yesterday night) I just "can't get it out of my mind". It's so cool, special, with unique sound and wise phylosophycal lyrics. Listening to it I just feel like coming on a trip to the Ancient Egypt, observing it's dark mysteries, the Book Of Dead, pyramids, slow dancing... It's relaxing and lifting up music to my mind. Just LOVE that song!  :heart:

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12-10-2004 06:30
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