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From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757
Ladies and gentlemen!
Еxactly this great day, was signed in history as the day of Birthday. Birthday of one beautiful, talented, genius woman! Our Administrator!  :kiss:

:colpac:   :baloon:

Dear Nika!  

I would like to congratulate you with your Birthday!
I wish you perfect health, neverending happiness, success in all your cases, peaceful harmony and good luck!

:claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:  :claps:   
P.S. Подробности письмом, и не только ;-))

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Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

14-10-2004 17:36
Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
Nika, congratulations on your birthday, my love!

:heart:  :flower:

14-10-2004 17:52
Extreme Vacuumist
From: Stockholm | Sweden
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 65
Heeey baby!

May all your dreams come true. I also wish you loads and loads of *health*, happiness, luck and new friends.

Your site is fantastic! My absolute favourite!

Much love,


-:|:|:- I am one in a million, but everyone's the one -:|:|:-

14-10-2004 18:04
~the shining spirit~
From: Moscow
Registered: 31-07-2004
Posts: 2651
Wish to our dearest administrator happiness, love, health!!! U are the best admin what I ve ever knew! :colpac:

Be happy, Nika!!! And happy birthday!!!  :flower:  :guitar:
:heart: :heart: :heart:


All secrets u will find Beyond the human mind.

14-10-2004 18:14
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
Happy Birthday to my DEAR and special friend Nika.... The Queen of the internet....   We thankyou for all the hard and dedictaed work and many hours you spend to make this one of the most exciting places on the internet :flower:  :grouphug:  :heart:

Dont walk in front of me.. or lag behind,
walk beside me, FOREVER my friend.

May all your dreams come true Nika.

Much love always

David xx

I've said I believe that the world is a ship
and the sea that it sails is a cloth with a rip
and the cloth is still tearing and rotting away
with the children who play with tomorrow TODAY....

14-10-2004 18:49
From: Valhalla
Registered: 24-01-2004
Posts: 576
I join to all the best wishes and warm words to Nika. Happy Birthday, dear friend, and be happy always!  :flower:
Thank you for all and forgive me this short message (you know that I'm too ill to write more).
Wish you all the best for future. :flower:  :flower:  :flower:


Last edited by Shadow (14-10-2004 19:28)

"I'll take the shot for you/I'll be the shild for you/Needless to say - I'll stand in your way/I'll take the shot for you..."

:whistle: I will talk and Hollywood will listen :tongue:  [RW]

14-10-2004 19:28
From: KIEV
Registered: 27-01-2004
Posts: 92
Dear Nika!!!!   :flower:

Happy Birthday to You!!!  :claps :claps :claps

I wish to You all best in this World!!! Perfect health, happiness, gladness, success, good luck, inspiration in creativity!!!   :flower:

Let in Your Way always there will be Light of Love!!!  :heart:

Thank You for all!!!  :heart:

With Large Love,  :heart:

Toaddy  :wub:

:heart:  :heart:  :heart:

Last edited by Toaddy (14-10-2004 19:57)

14-10-2004 19:40
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Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
Happy Birthday dear Nika!

Love, happyness, good health and faith in all your life!!!


15-10-2004 03:46
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David Haglund
Sacred Vacuumist
From: Sweden
Registered: 04-03-2004
Posts: 133
Best wishes from me too!

Cut off my nose to spite my face

15-10-2004 04:17
Shining Vacuumist

From: Moscow
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 677
Dear Ника!  happy birthday!!  :flower:

15-10-2004 06:47
Highest Vacuumist

Registered: 23-09-2004
Posts: 43
Dear Nika,

Happy Birthday to You!  :biggrin: Let Health, Love and Happiness be always with You! Thank You very much for Your hard work on creating a perfect Home for Vacuum Family and keeping it clean, light and friendly!!!  :grouphug:

       With Love&Care  :heart:

        Unexisted Brother

Keep love close and don't ever let go

15-10-2004 10:47
Registered: 17-07-2004
Posts: 102
Happy Birthday! You know everything what I can say, so - don't worry & be happy!!!
I wish You everything what You want and even more!!!
Much love  :heart:,  Lita :angel:

Chromium is in my blood
Christopher, don't pacify me
Cinnamon is in my heart
Circus is life, clowns are we.

15-10-2004 14:08
Extreme Vacuumist
From: Sweden|Bollnäs,
Registered: 27-09-2004
Posts: 80
HAPPY B-DAY!!! :baloon:

I really have nothningelse to write, so, hope you'll have a great day^^

Counting the scattered flowers, this pain that has started to ache again...

Unforgiven - BLOOD

15-10-2004 16:54
From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253
Sorry, Nika, I couldn't tell you these words yesterday, but I hope it's still not too late. Though this poem will never can be compared with your ones.

Don't you want get out of bed?
Do you feel so bad, so sad?
Just remember about Nika -
These things will fly out of head.

If tomorrow looks like hopeless,
And black line for you have come,
You just should remember always
Vacuum-music, dot and com.

You remember always that
If now is the worst your day,
Best way is go out to net -
Nika will drive all away.

Guestbook? It's the place, she visits.
Messenger? She spends there time.
And however she is busy,
She'll be there till  youl'll be fine.

I congratulate you, honey!!!
I just want your life to be
Brightest, happiest, even funny
And the main's it must be free.

Make the best your virtual city.
I think you know what I mean.
And I quess there's no more pretty,
Clever and kind site's admin!!!

Last edited by Valenok (16-10-2004 10:01)

16-10-2004 01:53
Vacuum Music
Registered: 11-01-2004
Posts: 558
Thank you Brute, Aniv, OLya (favourite site? WOW!!  :blush:), Power, Masha (thank you for the verse!), David (ah, my friend  :rolleyes:), Shadow ( :flower: for flowers too), Toaddy ( :heart: for lots of heart smileys as well), Aleks, David & Breathe (our Svenska friends), Marina, Unexisted (Brotherhood sent  :wink:), Lita and Valenok (the poem made me :blush:).
Thank you all for your congratulations.  :colpac:


17-10-2004 07:46
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