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Question  What is Your favourite style of Mattias?
Astronaut from local mental hospital.    8 31%
Barbie.    3 12%
Personal Jesus.    6 23%
Daddy.    1 4%
National symbol.    1 4%
I have different opinion.    7 27%
Who is Mattias?    0 0%
Total: 26
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From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253
From the begining of its existance Vacuum was created performing ideals of new styles and trends of fashion. As we see now, everything's changing, and Vacuum had time to change different images. Of course here we should talk about Mattias as about a front-man of the band, person who presents by his look changes in band's points of view. View to the music, to fashion, to culture and to everything that band is interested in(as we remember, Vacuum was always interested in many different things, but boring tales about who sleeps with whom). I present to you some stages of Mattias's evolution, those I have noticed, but it doesn't mean, you can't offer another kind of Mattias. And I'd like you to vote for certain image of Mattias, image that you like, and that is closer to you, and your feeling of Vacuum.
To exclude some inaccuracies I'll give some comments to chosen images:
Mattias - Astronaut from local mental hospital(we was able to see this kind of image in period of "Plutonium Cathedral" and on covers of attendant singles, Mattias has straight long hair, looking exotic, but there are also coat, making his look official, muddling everybody who he really is - either most crazy or most clever person in the world(one doesn't hinder another)).
Mattias - Barbie(this image came to take place of previous one with a few changes, those made it very different though. I mean leather, long nails, plenty of make-up, very successfully and clever decision to attract attention of gay-audience to project(maybe from "Army Of Lovers" fans)).
Mattias - Personal Jesus(when Bard have become disheartened to the project, Mattias made songs more romantic and sensitive and image required the same changes, so Matt let his hair curl and let his beard grow. We've got absolutely new Mattias, we've got absolutely new Vacuum, no way back. It would be undoubtly ok, if Mattias wouldn't make some mistakes, as to perform in T-shirt, being not fit at that moment or something like this, though it can seem to be nothing in comparison with more earthy effect that he's got, this brought new potential to his image).
Mattias - Daddy(this is the most sad image in Vacuum's evolution, that we can watch sometimes, when we can see that Mattias refuse to keep his body fit, and refuse of help of style masters and trainers. He is satisfied by his way of look, satisfied by those stripy coats those don't have anything to contrast with. Mattias seems to be stopping his evolution, he's tired of this all. Sad, sad, sad... But however it gives him a chance to make people concentrating to his music and voice only, I can't imagine some others advantages, maybe you will...)
Mattias - National symbol(actually I don't know what is this nation, strange sleeves and cap made me think, that this is so unusual to any new fashion style, and to old styles too... to any style, that I can't express my opinion about that as this - veeeeeery original. I won't hide that new image made good impression to me, because it was NEW, and I hope it will be new stage of Vacuum's evolution, and Mattias will never want to come back to his previous style).

These are my opinion, and now I want to know yours, please, accept my opinions with humour,be correct and don't offend Mattias, if you don't like some of his styles. Remeber that we always loved him and always will, whoever he will be, even if sometimes you'd like more to listen to him then to see.

20-10-2004 17:13
From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757
Val, something happened with my imagination…
Could you post photos here, for each style… it would be more understandable…

Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

21-10-2004 02:58
Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
Astronaut, of cours ^)

Nice poll!


21-10-2004 03:01
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Shining Vacuumist

From: Moscow
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 677
I voted for "I have different opinion". I like everyone on the style. Each style has taken the place in history of Vacuum. And it now history.

22-10-2004 04:30
Highest Vacuumist

Registered: 23-09-2004
Posts: 43
Valenok, very funny poll! (Poor Mattias :biggrin: ) I share the opinion that all this stlyles are a history of Vacuum band now, but I voted for "I have different opinion" too, because I like his present style - it's natural, it's "real Mattias" without all that masks and roles. And honestly, Vacuum for me is MUSIC first of all, so I don't pay much attention on his style (I am sure it's his own business). And to my mind in the V/ clips Mattias looks great and natural. "To be Yourself" sometimes it's harder than "to look like..."  :biggrin:

Best Wishes


Keep love close and don't ever let go

22-10-2004 06:32
From: KIEV/
Registered: 30-05-2004
Posts: 313
I had to choose between Astronaut and Jesus. He was really nice in that roles! Like Daddy he was awful(excuse me please!!!!, but I think his appearence didn't harmonize with Vacuum songs) and now he looks better....:good:

We travel different roads, but we are still the same

22-10-2004 10:37
High Vacuumist
From: Saratov
Registered: 21-10-2004
Posts: 28
But I liked tired Mattias, smoked after concert. That is to say the real Mattias!  :tongue:

Last edited by Irene (22-10-2004 18:25)

~Fools like me can change~

22-10-2004 18:12
Registered: 17-07-2004
Posts: 102
Very-very nice poll, Valenok! What's my opinion?..

Mattias - Astronaut from local mental hospital

Ooh, it was the time when everything was starting... Good time, but it's past nowadays :( That kind of image was nice for that time, but it isn't my favourite one.

Mattias - Barbie

Matt's looking like a girl - no, it's not his style. But it was soooooo sweet.   :tongue:

Mattias - Personal Jesus
...It would be undoubtly ok, if Mattias wouldn't make some mistakes, as to perform in T-shirt, being not fit at that moment or something like this, though it can seem to be nothing in comparison with more earthy effect that he's got, this brought new potential to his image).

I agree!!! It's my choice  :angel:

Mattias - Daddy

It seems to me I was the first to call Mattias 'Daddy' :) (but I may be wrong, may I, Valenok?)
Mattias - National symbol

It's really new - what can I say more..?

So, I think, that 'Mattias - Personal Jesus' is the best image for Vacuum, but Matt can be (& I hope he will be different) - 'cause Vacuum is Vacuum, but Lindblom is Lindblom - he's a person and every person must change during the life - it calls evolution :)


Last edited by Lita (31-10-2004 01:03)

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31-10-2004 01:01
Кавайные Ушки
From: Russia, Volzhskiy
Registered: 11-12-2004
Posts: 1257
Gm... Mattias is Mattias O.o
He's a man, personality like each of us. But there is a little difference between us and him. We know somethings about him, his life... He don't know the main part of his fans. Becouse he's single, but a lot of people love his music.
Hm... It's offtopic may be...
But I can't choose any answer... He's a singer.
Deification of him... It's not right...  Daddy... ^_____^ no
Astronaut from local mental hospital... I havn't notice some crazy in his behaviour :D
National symbol??? And what nation has so nice symbol... ^^''' May be the nation of V/acuuum's fans =)
Barbie.... No!!! He's a boy!!! And he's a real, not a beautyful toy.
So Mattias is....


06-01-2005 04:10
Vacuumist in the Void
From: Moldova
Registered: 30-03-2006
Posts: 561
Ха , смешно-Матти барби!!!НЕт, и всё таки период 1997-98гг ЛУЧШИЙ В ЕГО ЖИЗНИ!Блина, я када увидела клип "I breath" мне 7 лет было,7!Но я до сих пор идеально помню раскошное белон каре, голубые глаза...А щас я его увидела-апупела до калачения!!!Не верю что это он!

~Impossible is Nothing~

30-03-2006 17:49
From: N.Novgorod
Registered: 28-12-2005
Posts: 1555

Alina wrote:

апупела до калачения!!!Не верю что это он!

то что ты опупела- это точно. точнее будет, если убрать из твоего "апупела" все "п" и второй поставить "икс(x)", "хэ" по-нашему, если что... :suk:

V/ox emissa v/olat, litera scripta manet...
Russian V/Community

31-03-2006 06:11
~the shining spirit~
From: Moscow
Registered: 31-07-2004
Posts: 2651
Мне в 98 побольше было

All secrets u will find Beyond the human mind.

31-03-2006 06:27
From: Родина-Мать {Новград}
Registered: 16-10-2005
Posts: 1062

Milady777 wrote:

Alina wrote:

апупела до калачения!!!Не верю что это он!

то что ты опупела- это точно. точнее будет, если убрать из твоего "апупела" все "п" и второй поставить "икс(x)", "хэ" по-нашему, если что... :suk:

Началося  :teeth:
Ё-моё !  Уже почти 10 лет прошло !  Так что всё нормально, по законам природы :whistle:

Vae Victus !

31-03-2006 08:31
Registered: 19-01-2005
Posts: 1348
В 98 году Вакуум слушали школьники, а сейчас серьезные люди..

31-03-2006 08:46
From: Родина-Мать {Новград}
Registered: 16-10-2005
Posts: 1062
Не только школьники, не только . :smile:

Vae Victus !

31-03-2006 09:14
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