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Vacuum Music
Registered: 11-01-2004
Posts: 558
Today BWO have been interviewed on Europe+ radio. Here you can download their interview, including Living In The Fantasy and Sixteen Tons Of Hardware songs :cool:
BWO Interview (9,5 mb, 26:30 min, WMA)
I have to say, that the interpreter of BWO was terrible. The Russian translation is wrong sometimes, so listen to English version carefully with your dictionaries.  :blink:
The funniest mistakes:
"Bears" word was transformed to "Beers" and "16 Tons of Hardware" to "Tonnes Of Attraction"  :hmm:

So... What do you think about new BWO song?

28th of October - broken link of the interview is repaired.


22-10-2004 09:32
Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
Ou! Interwiew Is Wonderful, and the new hit....I have no words! It's very beautiful and bombastic hit in AOL style, but more modern. Martin very powerful sings there :)
Я восхищен:)


22-10-2004 09:51
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